DearMzElizabeth 48 / T
"wanting my own Christian Grey, just saying"
Somewhere, Ohio, United States
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DearMzElizabeth 48/T
Somewhere, Ohio
What's Up?
UPDATED- 07/09/2016 I don't impress easily. Putting up walls is the only way I know how to protect what's going on inside this place I call, "my life". I'm so sick and tired of always being the loyal, faithful, dedicated and trusting one, in relationships. For once it would be nice to have man do that first. For a man to chase me for a change. For once it would be nice to have man in my life who is more focused on what they can give rather than what they can take. I've given too many wrong men the best parts of me. So if I'm not emotionally available the way you would like me to be, there are many reas why. I need security--a sanctuary, if you will. Not in the form of secret service or military style. I need someone who can build a safe haven tailored for all of my fears, thoughts, doubts, concerns and anything else that may scare me. I need someone I can emotionally run to and feel completely safe within an endearing embrace, hug, intimate moment, or any other moment in time. So if you can't provide me with that, you will just end up abusing my time, my mind, my soul and my heart--and I don't need you! Thanks...Gents! {heart}{kiss} UPDATED- 11/02/2014 Still single...and looking for something real. [U][COLOR darkred]Men (25-50)[/COLOR][/U] I am really tired of the wannabe's and fake people on here. i want a real man... not necessarily one that's been craved from cream cheese. but one that takes pride within themselves. works yes, doesn't live with mommie. i'm nearing 42 and i haven't got time for sophomoric high school games anymore. So... let's not waste each other's time here. If you can't be real...SOD OFF please. Updated-4/12/2012 Hello boys... i am recently single... and looking for the right man...a real man... not a trannie, CD, or any man who wears women's clothing or wants to be bottomed. i AM NOT a top in ANY SENSE of the word. so please.. don't ask. i am looking for everything that my profile states and looking for [B][U]LTR[/U][/B] i am faithful, loyal, honest, caring, loving, communicative, trustworthy, i don't lie, cheat or steal. i just wanna love and be loved in return. u will not use me as a "stepping stone" to determine ur sexuality status. i am a real per with real feelings. if you cant be real....then SOD THE HELL OFF!!!! i'm looking for a man who knows how to treat a lady such as i, with dignity, respect, compassion, sincerity, and the lot. if my being intelligent intimidates you, i appreciate ur time, but bugger off... i have been burned too many times for bullshit, for games and the like. if u cant handle me as i am... then i don't need you. Updated- 12/4/10 if you know who this man is "Clitus Vitellius of Ar" this is the exact man i need to have, that i craved, that i desire. Okay boys here it is. Recently I was asking to define the parameters of my outlook on life. Well here it is. However, please be advised that this outlook is of mine and mine alone. There are two basis' that i have used to define the parameters of my outlook on life, both in general and in more intimate detail. Basis One: Most of my life I was raised by my grandparents, who were, (lord rest their souls), old school. They believed that women should stay home and perform her wifely and motherly duties, which included, but not limited to, the cooking, cleaning and tending/raising the ren. Not to mention performing her wifely duties as depicted in the heavenly body of marriage. As we (as a nation) were closely gaining speed on the new millennium and I turned 21 (which was the summer of 1994), these present values and views on life would ultimately become extinct. So with that in mind, I came to the careful conclusion that these installments had to be modified and/or upgraded to fit into a world that was fast approaching a new century. So with that in mind, I came up with Basis Two. Basis Two: As stated above, I had to alter/modify my values, morals and views on life to fit into the new century and i believe that I have come to the perfect compromise! 1. I think that a woman of the new century should be a formidable woman in a career or work. That the economics of today require a two income household in order to make it in this day and age. That in this workforce, man and woman should be of equal parts in the job market, should be both given the same advances, positions, treatments as once were given only to men. Now hold on... I'm by NO means a feminist! 2. To me, I feel that a woman's work is the home. Since we (us women) have a lot more impeccable taste than do men, but nonetheless, we should be in charge of the home. This should include, working outside the home, but still maintaining her presence at home too. 3. If the woman in a marriage works outside the home and brings in an income, it is my belief that the home life should be slip 50/50; however, the yard-work and dirty outside jobs (which includes the gross trash detail) should remain a man task! both the man and woman of a marriage to divide the tasks evenly amongst them. however it is also my belief, that if a woman should find herself a man (though as rare and extinct as they are, still exist) that does NOT like his wife to work, then should do all the home life task (minus the gross trash detail and yard-work, since these should be man's work no matter what!) She should do all the cleaning, cooking and rearing and maintain the inside of the home. As to me, it is only fair, since the man of the marriage is busting his hump to provide for his wife (or his family, whichever the case may be) 4. Now in today's lifestyle and corporate world, marriages don't seem to last more than (at max, 5 yrs) a few years. Which is sad really, since marriage is a great thing in my book. With today's marriages, i find that 1. there is no give and take, no compromise, no communication. Instead I have found dishonesty, cheating and above all mutiny. People don't have "time" to work on their marriages. They get marriage at whim and expect the marriage to sustain itself. Well I'm sorry... NO marriage has ever done that. Marriage has to be worked on constantly. Both have to give and take, trust each other and above all others..., COMMUNICATE!!! Which most couples OPT out of. Thus the divorce rate gains momentum. 5. Cheating on one's spouse these days is far easier than once was. With the advent of the internet, one is bitten by that "oh will I be caught doing this" syndrome. Even dating has resorting into cyber dating. Which to me, is mundane! In my life, I have had my share of downs, where men are concerned. In the past 14 years since I started dating, I found myself with 2 ex-boyfriends, whom were beaters, and one failed marriage due to abuse as well. But I learned from those past failures and familiarized myself with the tale-tell signs of a "wife-beater" just to coin a phrase. However, the thought of being single for eternity, scared the hell out of me as well. Which now leads me to the final sub-section of Basis Two. 6. The year was 2000, I was single and working in the Corporate accounting area. I went for a night on the town to "let loose" some, but needless to say, i came home with a boyfriend that same night. I wasn't at all looking for a man, nor a boyfriend for that matter. I was 27 and he was 19 (talk about snatching the cradle!) My previous relationships involved courting and dating; however, this time I choose to take a different approach. That being..., I jumped right in. It didn't make sense to me, (at the time) to date someone only to find out, down the road when it came time to move in together, that we couldn't stand each other. I am a novelist and i work from home, as yes, i still do ALL the wifely duties, even though I bring an income in, I still find the DNA programmed need to do this. I have published 3 novels, with a 4th and 5th on their way. I do not, by any means, have the picture perfect marriage. We have our ups and downs as most long term marriages do, but at day's end, we are still as much in love with each other as when we first said to each other way back when. We communicate, trust and believe in each other as married people should do, but don't. And yes, he does do the yard-work and takes out the trash. The only thing i have to complain about..., is that he still doesn't pick up his gross nasty socks off the floor! So there you guys have it. My outlook on life. Best Wishes and Good Health, Elizabeth My favorite Uniformed Men list: 1. Marines 2. Army 3. Navy 4. Air Force 5. Police (only the hot looking ones) Favorite Men list: 1. Muscle Hunks 2. WWE Wrestlers (YUM) 3. Ghetto Rats aka Hood Rats (those hard ass punks) 4. Construction Men (jeans and t-shirts daddy!) 5. Hot men with Tattoos (not even man looks hot w/ tats 6. Men with big dicks, huge cocks,monster cocks etc. 7. British, Irish, and Scottish men. (sweet mercy!) 8. Firemen (the hottest of the hot men) 9. Bodybuilders... ( ooiii my stars!!!) i have been told that i am some what high maintenance. as i do like my nails done nicely, my hair has to be perfectly arranged and my clothing has to be perfect or as close to it as i can achieve. i see nothing wrong with wanting to look my best. my face (i.e. my make-up) has to be flawless and perfect. i do love the finer things in life. i have expensive taste in perfumes, home furnishings, yachts and traveling. i love EMERALDS, RUBIES, DIAMONDS, SAPPHIRES. i clean up quite attractively, meaning usually dress casual, but when i'm to the "nines" its impressive. i don't have pictures of me wearing slut wear, stockings, heels, or any other clothing of such type. i'm NOT a TOY after all! if you want that type of image, buy a barbie!


and... its seems that men do not like reading my profile... "its too long" end quote. well that's not my problem. if ya cant read it, then more on. also,


I am very open minded and i have some limits as you will find out if you choose to read more. To me cock does not have limits.. i like cock period... no matter the color, race or anything else. small peepee need not apply. PLAIN AND SIMPLE! and I WILL NOT FUCK ANYONE, AT ANYTIME FOR ANY REASON. I AM NOT A TOPPING TRANNIE..., I'M A BIG...REALLY BIG BOTTOM! SO DON'T EVEN FREAKING ASK ME TOO. CUZ YA WILL JUST ME OFF.

PLUS: I love big cock... huge cock and huge balls. I have size that i stick to.
the scale of size that you must fall into is 7 and up.
Anything under that really cant tickle my fancy. however, if u have a size 7 and its really really thick then we can chat. also... i have age requirements as well. which is 18-30. anything over 30 is at my discretion.

i like very over dominate men. i love aggressive, rough, muscle, dominate men. ones that aren't afraid of getting rough or physical. i love being forced, (fantasy)sex,etc.

i love forced sex...
example: being pushed against the wall... one leg held up and having his hung, thick cock being forced into my tight hole while he chokes me with the other hand and says..."take it bitch... shut the fuck up and take it!" as he thrusts it deeper as i squirm.

not girly boys which means... if you wear panties, any women clothing, you ARE NOT FOR ME. if you email me and ur wearing panties in ANY OF YOUR PHOTOS... your email will be deleted after i view your profile.

I have been in several physically abusing relationships that i have feared for my life. however there is still the fear addiction is what i got used to and now still crave. i don't know why, however i just do.

Please Read On if I haven't Scared You So Far!
My Ideal Person:

i can handle a firm hand (when out of line)
i can handle other such actions as the line above states

this is all about me...LITERALLY...

Some have told me that i am a formidable woman when it comes to business and my professional life... however true that might be..
i'm very very submissive when it comes to the bedroom and personal life.

yes i have limits...

5. I DON'T DO SHARP ITEMS (i.e. knives, etc.)
7. I DON'T DRINK PEE (eeww, as if)
8. I DON'T USE MY PENIS!!! (what little of it there is)

The things (sexually) i have had done to me in my life:


DILDOS (though i much prefer the real thing)

More about me:

Q. Do I work?

A. Yes, i do.. i am also a full time student (wont provide school's name) and getting a double PhD..first in Computer Science and second in Spatial Science with minors in Astrophysics, Astrology, Chemistry, Physics and Astronautics.

I am also a 3 time published author/writer. for details about that, send an email.

Q. What's your ambition? What do you hope to achieve in your life?
A. i hope to achieve my doctoral (PhD's) in Computer and Spatial Sciences, and work for my favorite company... NASA!

Q. What are your pet peeves? What really ticks you off?
A. indecisive men and men who say.. "i don't know"

Q. What are your turns you off?
A. stupidity (male species) and ignorance (generalized)

Q. Anything else you'd like to add?
A. Um no... the above pretty much sums it up.

Any Questions?

I thank you for reading my profile.

Good Day To You.

Tell one of your favorite sexual fantasies. Don't hold back!:
Below is my most memorible dream: <br><br>
P.s. Just a little something to show you how my mind works
and the thoughts that i encounter... <br><br>
Picture it... the countryside, huge grey-ish castle,
mid summer large open land surrounded by woods... <br><br>
The night air was thick with mist and fog... as the wolves
howled at their moon. The hotness of the summer air was balmy
and sticky. A poor slave girl is running from her hunter.
Through the woods she runs. Ever so frantic and out of breath
from running so vigorously. In the distance, she hears
the faint sound of footsteps tramping through the woods.
She knows it is her hunter hunting for her. For she knows
that the hunter is accurately determined to claim his prize.
She pauses only for a moment as the far foot steps grow closer.
She continues to run and comes across an old castle that
she can see faintly through the trees and branches of the
forest. She muttled her way through the remainder of the
forest and heads for the huge old grey castle. She frantically
runs to the front door... panically turning the knob for
just the chance of the door opening. With no luck, she runs
around back to see if she can hide from her ever-perusing
hunter. Just as she rounds the corner of the back of the castle,
she runs right into her hunter whom is just standing there
with aggression of his face. For though he enjoyed the hunt
for her, he grew tired of chasing her. He walked up to her,
grabbed her aggressively by the arm, and then spoke...
"I have caught you my future slave, he said and now
you shall serve me for the remainder of your days, he added.
The out of breath slave girl struggled and resisted her
capture and begging him for her release. <br><br>
Even though the slave girl knew that she had been caught,
she knew that the worst was yet to come. For in her life, even
though she had never been hunted herself, she knew others
slave girls that had been hunted many times before, and
she knew exactly what would come next. BEING CONQUERED.
For this was her first time being hunted, and as well as being
conquered. She was pure, untainted, and fresh and hand
never been touched. The hunter pulled her along into the castle as she still
pleaded for her release. For the hunter knew that she was
pure and knew that she would be very special to him. Inside
they walked as the other slaves of the castle came to the
master as they heard him arrive. "Take the slave girl,
he commanded, wash her, cloth her properly for this night
is very special indeed, he added as he caressed his new prize's
cheek. The slaves took the newest addition to the master's
household. They all walked into the kitchen where the new
prize was to be bathed, clothed, and prepared for the master's
delight. Please the new slave girl begged to the other slaves,
please let me go, she pleaded. No, said the head slave, the
master will punish us all if we let you be. The master is a
master above all others and we wish not to feel his wrath
upon us. Through the slave girl's crying, the busy
slaves bathed her, they clothed her, as the master liked
his slave to be clothed. In silks and veils. The Cleopatra
look was pleasing to the master. The slaves dabbed a bit
of perfume on the new slaveís neck. By this time, the newest
slave of the house had stopped crying and whimpering for
she now knew that there was no way out. She would be owned,
and she dare not even think about escaping. For she knew
others that had, and the punishment was not pleasant. Now
said the head slave, go to the master. His room is just down
the hall to your left. He waits you there. The new slave girl
just stood there, saying nothing. Make hast slave, insisted
the high slave, the master does not wish to be kept waiting.
The new slave walked towards the masterís room. She stood
outside the door for a brief moment. She then knocked and
waited for the masterís reply. You may enter, she heard
the master say. She opened the door and walked in. The room
was scented from the oils and candles that were lit around
the room. She saw the master sitting on a huge four poster
bed with red, blue and green veils draping from it. The masterís
hand reached through the veils for her hand. The slave girl
held out her hand for him to grab onto. The master gentle
pulled her on to the bed. Now, he said, you shall be mine for
ever. For on this night, your pureness with leave your body
and shall run all over me. For your sweetness shall be mine
forever. I shall be your first master as well as your last
and for your pureness and beauty I shall name you Elizabeth
he said as he stroked her soft white tender flesh. The new
slave trembled slightly with the masterís touch. He placed
his big manly hand on the back of her neck and with his other
hand, slipped off her clothing to reveal her breasts. He
then untied the string that held her clothing to her body.
Her body was soft indeed as it glowed softly in the candlelight.
He lowered his new slave to the bed. He massive hands stroked
her body with lush in his eyes as the master was well endowed
himself. He moved her arms above her head and slowly moved
his huge hands down her arms&#65533; her body shivered
and tingled with the masterís touch. He opened her legs
to reveal her pureness. With two of his massive fingers
he gently caressed her pureness. Her back arched with his
touch. She could feel the masterís manhood bumping up against
her leg. She was frightened for she never had man before.
The master could not hold back any longer. He placed his
manhood to her pureness and pushed with aggression&#65533;
Slave Elizabeth cried out loudly as the master took her
pureness. She squirmed and moved about on the bed for it
hurt. The master pinned her to the bed as he aggressively
pounded his mastery into her again and again. He grabbed
her breasts and toyed with them as he kept pushing deep into
her. She moaned louder with each hard and abusive thrust.
For the pain of it all. She tried to push him away from her
body, but the more she tried the more aggressive and abusive
his thrust became. He could feel her pureness running over
his manhood. He knew that she was no longer pure; however,
he also knew that she would never again forget who took her
pureness. <br><br>
With each push and thrust the new slave cried out in pain
and pleasure. It had seemed like forever. The master whispered
to her&#65533; you will remember this day my slave, as you
will know who took your pureness and with aggression. She
begged him to stop. And the master replied, oh no my beautiful
slave girl Elizabeth, I shall not stop, for you will know
that I am your master. He paused&#65533; grabbed her ankles
and wrists in his massive hands, and then rammed his manhood
deep into her bleeding and bruised pureness. She couldnít
move. For having the position of this hurt and hurt badly.
The master grunted and moaned with aggression. His sweat
dripping onto his newly taken slave. The more she struggled
the more forceful he became. He had ripped her open from
the force of his mastery. He released her arms and legs,
and lay on top of her. He kissed and bit her neck with the same
aggression he was using to take her pureness from her. He
grabbed her shoulders and pushed harder then he had ever&#65533;
she let out a loud scream of pain and dug her fingers into
his back. Her body moved from the slams and forceful thrusts
as the master took his prize. As the master was about to release
his manhood, he laid completely on her so as she couldnít
move. No, she cried; please do not do this to me. Oh yes my
slave, he laughed, I am your master, and I will do as I wish
to you. As you have no say in anything anymore. The closer
he got to Cumming the faster he pounded her sore, bleeding
hole. He braced all over himself on her and grabbed her shoulders
tightly in his massive hands and let a huge moan as he rammed
his manhood completely and utterly all the way in as he shot
his manliness deep within her. Ouuuucchhhh. the slave
cried out in pain as he shot his mastery into her. There my
slave, said the master, you are now mine and in this room
you shall remain. You will never leave my sight nor will
you ever leave this castle. For the moment you do, you will
feel the wrath of your master fall upon you to the likes to
which you have never known. Know that gor slave girl and
know that well. <br><br>
if that didnt melt your butter, then i dont know what will

What location do you fantasize about for a sexual encounter?:
No particular place

What types of sexual activities turn you on?:
Giving Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sadomasochism, Urolagnia (Water Sports/Urine), Light Bondage, Hard Bondage, Spanking, Role Playing, Threesomes, Slave/Master, Voyeurism, Handcuffs/Shackles, Blindfolds, Leather, Fisting

What factors are most important to you when looking for a sexual partner?:
Sexual experience, Physical attraction, Same/similar fetishes, Experience in a certain role (top/bottom; master/slave), Sexual appetite, Willingness to freely discuss and try anything

Have you ever had cybersex?:
I've tried it, but it's just not the same.

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  • 48 / TS/TV/TG (Transgender)
  • Somewhere, Ohio, United States
Sexual Orientation:
Looking For:  Men or Couples (2 men)
Birthdate: July 4, 1974
Relocate?: Maybe/Yes
Marital Status: Single
Height: 5 ft 4 in / 162-165 cm
Body Type: A little extra padding
Smoking: I'm a light/social smoker
Drinking: I don't drink at all
Drugs: I don't use drugs
Education: PhD/MD/Post doctorate
Occupation: Writer/Screenwriter/
Race: Caucasian
Religion: Atheist
Have Children: No
Want Children: Yes
Male Endowment: Prefer not to say/Prefer not to say
Circumcised: Prefer not to say
Bra Size: 38 / 85 B
Speaks: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish
Hair Color: Red/Auburn
Hair Length: Long
Eye Color: Brown
Glasses or Contacts: Either
My Trophy Case: