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Neighborhood Cougar Catches Me Watching Porn
Posted:May 25, 2020 3:32 pm
Last Updated:May 28, 2020 2:13 pm

This happened when I moved back to Denver from California when I was 26. I moved back to my Mom's house to try and figure out where I was heading next. I was pleased to see the woman across the street, Darla, was still in her house. The front of my moms house faced her backyard across the street. I'd been ogling her since I was a and she was the center of a few of my masturbatory fantasies growing up. A few weeks after I moved back my mom went on a trip to go and see one of her aunts and I had the place to myself. One afternoon I saw Darla doing yard work across the street in a tank top and shorts and I got so turned on. I dug out an old porn VHS that I'd had stashed since high school and headed to the living room to try and take care of the tent in my pants. I popped it in and glanced across the street at Darla here and there. It was an old tape I'd taken from a friends house and some of the moaning and screaming was pretty loud. I sat there stroking my cock trying to keep he volume at a reasonable level even though I'd closed the house up tight...…..at least I thought. I was into the 4th scene on the tape and glanced over and saw Darla wasn't working outside anymore. So I really started concentrating on the screen. I was in ecstasy watching the woman on the screen get fucked by a couple when I heard a noise outside. It startled me and I grabbed the towel next to me to cover up and looked over to see Darla standing outside on the porch leaning over and looking in the window. She said I heard the screams coming from over here and wanted to come make sure everything was alright. Embarrassed I said hey I'm sorry, I thought I'd closed everything off and kept it quiet enough. She just smiled and asked if I was home alone and laughed. I said yeah my moms on a trip right now then I asked how long she'd been there walking up with the towel on in front of me. Then I realized the front of her shorts was undone and her nipples were noticeably hard through her tank top. Then she put her hand down the front of her shorts and said please don't stop what you were doing...…...please. So I opened the front door and she came inside. She sat down on the couch in front of me and I dropped the towel. I started stroking my cock watching her lick her lips and play with her pussy down her shorts. I asked if I could see more and she took off her top. Her tits were incredible, exactly as I'd imagined all those years. She sat at the edge of the couch looking like she was starving so I reached down with my other hand and put in under her chin and guided her mouth to the end of my cock. Immediately she grabbed my ass with both hands and started sucking my cock. When she'd done that for a while she stood up and dropped her shorts on the ground and pushed me onto the couch and started riding my cock. We fucked for hours and were certainly louder than the porn still playing on the television. We actually made it to the end of the tape before we finished
Caught a Cougar in the Parking Lot
Posted:May 24, 2020 1:26 pm
Last Updated:May 28, 2020 2:13 pm

This happened last summer at Park Meadows. I'd gone the food court and had dinner and after a couple of laps around the mall I started head home. It was a Monday night and slow so no one was around. Then I thought well maybe I'll head over the row of restaurants outside the mall. I drove over where the Yardhouse was and parked. I walked and down the row looking in each window and seeing that there really wasn't anyone at any of the bars and it appeared they were all closing for the night. well I thought, another time it'll be better out. I walked my car and as I put my key in the door I heard something behind me so I turned around just in time make eye contact with a woman in her 50s deep throating a younger guys cock the way down. I'm pretty sure what I heard was him grabbing onto the door handle to brace himself. She froze down for a minute looking at and I'm not sure if it was because she was caught or that's what she was going do anyways. I stared at her and watched her release the cock out of her mouth looking at the whole time. I turned around get in my car when I heard the door pop open behind and she said sorry you took us by surprise. I said its cool, you guys have fun and then she asked right out would you like to watch...…...please watch it would be so much fun. So I turned around and jumped into the back seat of her SUV. They slid the passenger seat back and she repositioned so her knees where on the drivers seat and started sucking his cock again. She kept asking if I liked it and how I thought it felt. I could tell he was having a hard time maintaining himself. and was frozen . So I reached over the seat and started playing with her ass and rubbing her pussy over her pants. I could tell she was soaking wet from everything that was happening. I also realized she had a butt plug in so I started concentrating on that listening her moan while she sucked. Then out of no where he lost it and popped. She stopped, opened the door and spit out and said really dude geez, we've been here a whole 5 minutes. Then he sat there for a second and she said to him well, get out we're done. He jumped out and she said I'm sorry about that I thought it would last longer, he's a friend of my sons home from college. I laughed and said its cool. She rinsed her mouth out with a drink she had in the cup holder then looked back at me and said get your cock out I'm not going home yet. Then she crawled through the space between the seats and did it for me. She started sucking me deep and wet, coming up to spit on it and then go back down again. She unbuttoned her top and took it off and said this is what I was hoping fuck my mouth. I thrusted my cock between her lips listening her moan. She slid my cock between her tits and started telling about how she loves finding young guys suck off at the mall or at the gym. About 40 minutes later she asked what it would take finish and I told her you had do is ask, I started jacking off and then told her here it comes and she jumped her mouth the way down my cock and I came into her throat. She just kept sucking while I was cumming going and down and I started shaking because it was so good. She swallowed the whole thing and said you I'll swallow because that was great. We exchanged numbers and got together a few more times after that
Shopping Mall Cougar
Posted:May 23, 2020 6:57 pm
Last Updated:May 28, 2020 2:13 pm

This one happened the fall when my friend Stephanie was moving back Florida. She had taught that there were women out there and that I preferred them the girls that I'd been with at that point. So with my new found desire for women older than me I tried figure out where go meet cougars. It was before she signed me here so I really had think and I was too young to get into bars. I decided the places I'd see them were at the golf course, the grocery store, the park, and at shopping malls. Armed with that knowledge I drove down to Park Meadows mall and started walking around. Its amazing how many beautiful women were there. I decided this had potential. So about the 3rd trip down there I was determined speak one, but wasn't sure what say. I didn't think hey do you like younger men was a good way walk someone. It turns out I really didn't have do anything at , I didn't realize it at the time but I get approached more than I approach at the mall. This was the firs time something like that happened. Her name was Cayla. I could see her walking down the other side of the upstairs walk way and I couldn't take my eyes off of her. I think she noticed too because she crossed over to the side of the mall I was and started walking down that aisle. I wanted her before even getting close her and when I looked down I noticed my shorts had tented and I knew I couldn't say hello like that. I tried hide it by pressing my front against the hand rail over seeing downstairs. She kept walking closer and I kept glancing knowing I'd fucked this because I couldn't stop my cock from going . I watched her walk by and when she crossed behind I turned my head the other way and she looked back and stopped and started walking towards . Hi she said. Can I ask you a question, I saw you looking at . I said hello, sure. Then she asked so is that down there you're hiding because of . I felt my face get red and I said yeah it is. Well lets go sit one of the couches over there and talk about that. There was a group of couches over by the Nordstroms there. On the way the couch I thought she was going read my the riot act and its not like it wasn't unfounded. But instead she just started with so do you always have hide your hard ons when you're out at the mall. We both laughed. She put her coat between us as a barrier on the couch. We chatted for a bit and she asked why she got so excited so I told her a less detailed account of what had happened with Stephanie. She was surprised, but said you like older women and laughed. She said she had just gotten divorced and her had just moved out after college, he was a few years older than me at the time. We talked for about half an hour or so and then she slipped her hand under the jacket between us and into the pocket of my shorts and wrapped her fingers around my cock through the shorts. She made eye contact with me the whole time she did it and had a smile on her face from ear to ear and said I couldn't help it. I've been wondering what it feels like since you were trying to hide it, it looked hot. We sat there talking for another few minutes while she started jerking my cock through my shorts and looking around to see if anyone noticed and then she said can I see it, lets go to my car I'm parked outside Nordstrom. So we got and I followed her her car and got in the passenger side seat. She immediately started unbuttoning her blouse and asked if I liked her lingerie. Then she started rubbing the top of my shorts and said please take it out. So I took my cock out of my shorts and her eyes were fixated on it. She was licking her lips and fondling her breasts. She took my hand and started moving them on her tits over the lingerie and asked me to start playing with it. I started to masturbate while she was rubbing her pussy in the drivers seat. She said she couldn't take it anymore and leaned over the center console and swallowed my cock into her mouth. She sucked my cock while I played with her incredible tits and then she looked at and asked if I had anywhere I had be. I said no and she said we're going my place I live close. We drove off back her house and there we proceeded fuck for the next 2 days. We both called into work and the 3rd night she gave a ride back the mall get my car.
My First Older Woman
Posted:May 23, 2020 12:01 pm
Last Updated:May 28, 2020 2:13 pm

This happened 2 months after my 18th birthday. I worked at a golf course when I was younger in Denver. I parked golf carts and worked in the pro shop, but I also loved helping at the bar over in the restaurant. Especially when a bartender named Stephanie was working. We joked around and she was a lot of fun. She was also gorgeous! Blonde with an incredible body and she wasn't shy about showing it. She was also 43. One day she was cleaning out a cooler crouched down behind the bar and a regular asked if she could change a television for him. She asked if I could do it so she could finish her cleaning. I walked behind the bar and leaned back against the bar looking for the channel, but also looking down and seeing that she had on a G-string and it was coming out over her pants as she was crouched down. I was beyond turned on, but thankfully she was crouched down with her back and the bar was behind so no one noticed. Then suddenly she stood up and accidentally stepped on my shoe and fell back into . My hard cock pressed up against her she reached behind her back and said what's that the remote. My cock filling up her hand she turned around and looked down and I retreated back the cart garage embarrassed. I kind of avoided the bar the rest of the day, but still had close the place up. Later that night when everyone was gone Stephanie asked if I could go the walk in cooler downstairs and help her carry bottles of beer up stock the bar for the next day. We walked downstairs and just as we were walking up to the cooler she pushed up against the wall next it and said you know I've seen you watching and I know you're old enough now. I liked what I felt earlier when we were upstairs and as she said this she started feeling my cock through my pants, rubbing it up and down. She came in closer and kissed me and then started unzip my pants. She asked how long I've been waiting for this and I said forever. She crouched down in front of and pulled my pants down and felt my cock through my boxers smiling and licking her lips. Then she pulled down my boxers and in one fluid motion took my cock into her mouth and started sucking. It was the most incredible blowjob I'd ever had. Looking up at with her pretty blue eyes I could see them water as she would gag on my coc She took her shirt off and pulled her tits out of her bra. She wrapped her tits around my cock while she dirty talked. Saying she couldn't believe how big my throbbing young cock was and that there is so much she could teach . After about 15 minutes of that she said she couldn't believe I'd lasted that long. So she stood up and led by my cock over a golf cart. She slipped off her pants and told kiss her and suck on her nipples while I rubbed the top of her g string. I did it and then started to slowly slip the underwear down as she gasped and her eyes rolled into her head. She laid down on the seat and said put your tongue here softly pointing to her clit. She taught how exactly eat her pussy until she came in my mouth and then said I need that cock in me. Slide that hard cock into me slowly at first she said. I started to push into her hearing her gasp and tense up. Slowly at first and I could feel how her pussy would tighten around me when I did. Then she said harder and I started to thrust faster. I fucked her faster and faster until she was moaning and screaming. I could feel her cumming on my cock as I fucked her. Suddenly she sprang up and pushed me back and started riding me, grinding and rubbing her clit I could feel her cum again. After about an hour she said she asked if I was going to cum and I said in your mouth so she started to suck my cock again. She started to give me a really sloppy wet blowjob again tasting her cum off my coc Finally she pulled it out and said she could feel the cum pulsing, waiting shoot out. She sucked harder and harder and then took my cock out of her mouth just as I was about to cum and shot it all over her face. It was the most incredible sexual encounter I'd ever had and still one of the best. For about a year and a half after work Stephanie and I would either fuck at the golf course all night, some times having to sneak out while the morning crew came in, or just head back to her apartment and fuck all night. She's actually who showed me Black Sex Match.

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