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2/9/2022 9:29 am

He gave me a love so beautiful to hold
He awakened my heart when it had grown cold
His kiss felt like magic, his love left me breathless
He never saw his worth, but to me, he was precious

Moments of joy, I clung onto so tight
The world made more sense when he slept next to me at night

When I cradled his face in my hands, I felt beauty in his soul
His touch gave me goosebumps
Together, our broken pieces became whole

Staring at him while he’s sleeping, I felt the softness of his
Embracing each other to music, my injured heart he did lift

He healed me when I felt hopeless, he helped me see the light again
He took the loss so devastating & showed me how to ease the pain

I’ll hold on to what you showed me
I’ll remember what we tried to build
I’ll keep going so I can try
to see the parts of my soul that it filled

I still love you so much that it hurts -
A love that truly did bless us
I’ll keep holding onto that tightly
And remember our love was so precious.

~ Dedicated to J.S.K.

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