To Write A Script. A Poem  

yesmamallthetime 55F  
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11/14/2019 4:42 pm
To Write A Script. A Poem

I want to hear you say Hi again.
How simple a wish is that?
I remarked how I found
It endearing
And you wondered
If I was kidding
But I was serious.
It showed you were friendly
Wanted to put people at ease
It was quite charming
And with me
Quite effective.

I wonder if I ever will
Hear that word again
Uttered from your lips
I have a mind to write
A whole new script
In which we get together
Take up where we left off
Before you fell ill
And then disappeared.

Do I seem desperate?
Or just fanciful?
Thinking of a man
Who probably never was?
But that's the point.
In this script
I can write of my heart's content
And not it's broken shell.

Independently Romantic Sounds Better Than Lonely

Livin_my_Life14 52F

11/14/2019 5:41 pm

oh, I love this poem!!!

Write your script as you desire.

I'd write about fun adventures, laughter and the most passionate love making everyday. I want the roller coaster ride- that can be so thrilling~~

Enjoy writing yours

stopbyandsayboo 50M
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11/14/2019 6:39 pm

Once again a beautiful poem hun


14861 posts
11/14/2019 7:19 pm

Hey, Friend.

*You and Livin_my_Life14 Are Quite The Poets*
(Both Of Yous Have Your Own Unique Styles)


h4rry66 55M

11/14/2019 8:17 pm


Paulxx001 65M  
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11/14/2019 10:53 pm

Fanciful? Nah... Go ahead. 👍🤔❤️

citizen4722 64M  
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11/16/2019 3:52 pm

So, this man that never was,
Is he now more like a ghost?

HermanG67 55M
8464 posts
11/19/2019 9:42 am

it is your script... to write... to live

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