Friends, Yes, Friends A Poem  

yesmamallthetime 55F  
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11/26/2019 9:46 pm
Friends, Yes, Friends A Poem

He and his girlfriend are over
He is looking for a new lover now.
I have not offered to be one
Take up where we left off.
I have some pride left
I would rather we stay friends.
I would rather him have
Some respect for me
Considering in the past
He obviously thought
I was not good enough
For a relationship
Of any longevity.

The sex was always good.
It felt wonderful every time.
He knew I had quite the libido
Kissing and touching
Would inevitably lead
To greater and more intimacy.

I never asked him
What he found so unacceptable
About me
The truth too harsh
For me too see.
I know I am not perfect
I know my faults
All too well.
His not divulging them
Perhaps meant
He was a gentleman.
He did not want to hurt
My feelings.
After all he did say
He loved me but
Was not in love with me.
Whatever that meant
I did not want to dig too deep.
I took solace in knowing
He did not hate me
Or wish me ill.

Friends, yes, friends
That is what we can be.
We can discuss things
We have in common.
Our love of sports and pets.

I might dream about him
Like I have many an ex lover.
I don't have a current one
Who can occupy my waking
Let alone my sleeping moments.

Independently Romantic Sounds Better Than Lonely

Paulxx001 65M  
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11/26/2019 10:15 pm

Here's something weird.
I've never slipped into a 'new' vessel, without remarking how "great" it felt.
I imagine that sensation was mirrored by her.
Creates a false illusion, doesn't it? 🤔
Albeit... a REALLY great one.. for a while! 👍😊✳️💦🔥😮

guitar9919 51M
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11/26/2019 10:44 pm

i like your comments

easyrider4008 65M
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11/27/2019 2:06 am

Interesting reflections.

stopbyandsayboo 50M
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11/27/2019 4:59 am

As always hun.. A poem that comes from your fragile heart..Thank you for sharing that XOXO


author51 59F  
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11/27/2019 5:20 am

We have all been at one time put into the friend zone with one we thought we a love interest..It hurts when it happens, yet opens the door eventually for others to enter our lives..Beautiful poem still my friend...

travellerabc123 52M
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11/27/2019 9:11 pm

Perhaps you need someone to bring you new dreams...

Embrace the suck

guitar9919 51M
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3/17/2020 9:21 am


yesmamallthetime 55F  
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3/29/2020 8:12 pm

Thank you for reading and commenting. I am glad you found it sweet.

Independently Romantic Sounds Better Than Lonely

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