Explaining My Poetry Style  

yesmamallthetime 55F  
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3/14/2018 9:39 pm
Explaining My Poetry Style

Critical Poetry Thoughts

Someone criticized my poetry,
He said he could not understand it
He said that it did not make sense
He said that it is kind of juvenile
As I make it like a conversation.

Oh really well let me tell you what I really think!
I don't really know why I write poetry this way.
I just began and it is hard to change.

This person suggested I need to add description
That I had to add visuals
That I had to describe the senses
That I had to let people feel for themselves
And not tell them only how I feel.

But like a zebra
If I were to be covered in white paint
Eventually the stripes would reappear
As the paint would fade.

Nature has many an animal that has spots
Supposedly they cannot change them
Should I count myself in their kingdom?
But I have many more facets as I am a human.

Oh then there is that lizard
Made famous by Boy George and Culture Club,
Come on and sing it!
I know you want to!
quot;Karma, Karma, Karma, Karma, Chameleon".
Its skin changes with its surroundings.
Oh were I that adaptable!
Perhaps some day I will be.

But now that I have vented,
Now that my pot has gone from boiling to simmering,
I will just tell myself in a soft whisper.
It is all good.
It is actually constructive criticism.
It is just an added piece of wisdom
To which I can pick at as I please.

I may one day write a poem with just imagery.
I may one day write a poem that does not voice,
the way I speak,
I may one day write a poem that does not rhyme at all.
Who would I be then?
Would I still be me?
Oh seriously,
I am not that dense
I am just going through the motions
Until this poem ends.

Independently Romantic Sounds Better Than Lonely

author51 59F  
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3/15/2018 1:38 am

For me while I read your work,how can one criticize perfection in my eyes.I love how they all make sense.Easy to read and I can relate to many of them,down to earth and I often wish I could write like you my friend...Write for yourself and no one else.

proteus_2a 56M
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3/15/2018 1:54 am

Follow your path my lady
- everybody's else is already too beaten

Here's to Steel Chameleons


positively4you 72F  
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3/15/2018 6:32 am

I am not big on poetry yet I do read yours. So, to mr expert, what does that say?
It works for me, ergo, your writing style is good. If it touches anyone, rhyme, visuals, senses, all that stuff or not, then it is worthy.
But, with creativity, we all have opinions, art, music, poetry, books.
I do not like Picasso art yet look how popular it is. One man’ beauty is another man’s
eyesore. Keep on.

citizen4722 64M  
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3/15/2018 1:30 pm

It's your unique style that I like.
Don't change it just for the sake.
Tell your critics to "go fly a kite".
Keep it as real as yourself mate.

guy03234a 53M
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3/16/2018 1:50 am

I feel bad for those who feel that they need to criticize everyone... They complain that some women are too slutty, then order others to show more on cam... or degrade the appearance of others. Even criticizing poetry?

Actually, I don't feel bad for them, it's not worth my time. Do things that make you happy, and let others do their own happy things!

MulleenofMelb 57M
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3/18/2018 5:09 am

If all poetry reached everyone
succeeded in communicating everytime
might well not be poetry at all
be a speech tight and small
and your voice is never that
a storm of emotion never flat
talks of where you are and heart's desire
keep writing and keep soaring higher
if they are unable to fly up and look down with you
then all you can do is keep describing your view....

Thoughts in sensual pleasure to erotic writing writ.

Feel free to travel - click - to my blog: An exploration introduction

lindoboy100 59M  
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3/19/2018 11:46 am

Mellifluous, I;ve always enjoyed that word, very onomatopoeic.......and so, your new name is McMell! Or maybe McMelli on occasions!

I also enjoy your poetry, it often flows, like the onomatopoeia of your blog name!

rick315875 64M

3/28/2018 3:54 am

You are simply expressing yourself in poetic form. What's so hard to understand about that. I do it myself. If anything it is a form of creative writing.

Here is an example.

this guy can take
a leap off
Mount Rushmore
this guy can take
a long walk
off a short peer

happycharmer 62M
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4/15/2018 9:02 pm

Your free verse reminded of me of the critical, judgmental people (of which I am one) who love to fix others and others' poetry. Thy suggest, recommend, judge in arrogant tones and point to things that need changing (for their comfort). They "should on" the daring writer. They are so attached to being right and they think they are helping you, but all they are doing is refraining from listening to you, and taking time to become you, to feel your thoughts and feelings, to enjoy your introspection and appreciation for the healing attributes of writing, to walk in your moccasins. I enjoyed the voices in your poem and the dialog, characters, drama, and wisdom, the resolution that anything in life can teach us something and even if it i painful at least is educational. As I read it I laughed at the arrogant, kno-it-all in me. I laughed at the ego in myself. Being with the other, having an open mind and loving oneslf and the other as yourself is hard for righteous people to do. Righteous people want to change me and the only thing that will change my Karma is the Karma Chameleon, sung by Boy George.:

alx1664 64M

4/25/2018 4:20 am

Poetry is of the heart and emotions.
Prose is communications or reporting
We should never mix the two.
Keep writing as you feel and with the freedom form grammar.
I enjoyed your poem

rick315875 64M

5/1/2018 4:09 pm

I hear
all voices
I see
all things
I evolve
into more
of who I am
I discover
who I am

rick315875 64M

5/1/2018 4:20 pm

no need
to explain
either they
or they

a_man_2_lic_u 65M
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5/18/2018 8:05 am

Your voice is quite eloquent "just the way it is" and you don't have to splain shit to anyone. I happen to find my self wanting to "catch up" with you as I would anyone I read on the written page. Sorry to be behind but I have to admit my use of this site is mainly to cum and go as my life is always on the run it seems. But, as you say, "it's all good".

rick315875 64M

5/25/2018 9:09 am

when you
understand it
without explanation
that's when
you know
a connection

Paulxx001 65M  
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10/30/2018 3:31 am

I hardly think that you care what HE thought . . and the proof is evident.

scoupe42 59M  

11/18/2018 10:26 am

Your a great poet, and you know it! But get to know more people, maybe through the chat rooms, or viewing their blogs, you would get more views!

Mand1959 62M  
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11/18/2018 4:00 pm

You just wrote a poem with imagery. And metaphor. And personification. And point of view. That is 4 of 12 poetic devices.

I think you've got it covered.

Apollorising58 61M

2/7/2019 8:45 pm

Just keeping writing as long as your like it in your unique style and don't worry about the critics they would not know really good poetry if it bit them in the ass. I enjoy reading it because I can tell you wrote about your emotions or point of view in your own unique style.

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gardenboy321 58M  
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3/23/2019 7:43 pm

As a poet you have the right to write it as you please.

Thoughts from the Garden...

Jrod_153 37M

7/1/2019 9:34 pm

Very Lovely

China is creating the first artificial moon


HermanG67 55M  
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7/4/2019 7:36 am

ALWAYS ALWAYS just be YOU my friend...

Blondshell469 39F  
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7/16/2019 12:57 am

This is really Good!!! I agree with u tototaly

yesmamallthetime 55F  
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7/16/2019 2:00 am

    Quoting Blondshell469:
    This is really Good!!! I agree with u tototaly
Thank you for reading and commenting. I appreciate your feedback.

Independently Romantic Sounds Better Than Lonely

mia871000 35F

7/30/2019 12:55 am

yeah! yeah! yeah!

mia871000 35F

7/30/2019 12:55 am

As a poet you have the right to write it as you please.
Thoughts from the Garden...

pickapiedpiper 35M
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8/20/2019 10:11 pm

why are people so mean? constructive criticism is ok

yesmamallthetime 55F  
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8/24/2019 7:16 pm

    Quoting pickapiedpiper:
    why are people so mean? constructive criticism is ok
Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I appreciate your feedback. I also agree that it is a question why people have to be so mean.

Independently Romantic Sounds Better Than Lonely

easyrider4008 65M
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10/7/2019 12:08 pm

Enjoying what I have read so far, looks like there is a book to catch up with.

yesmamallthetime 55F  
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10/7/2019 3:05 pm

    Quoting easyrider4008:
    Enjoying what I have read so far, looks like there is a book to catch up with.
Thank you for reading my blog. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Independently Romantic Sounds Better Than Lonely

stopbyandsayboo 50M
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11/13/2019 10:55 am

Hi there

I always look forward to reading your posts. Your a sincere and real lady. You have a heart of gold. To bad most on here cannot see that in your writing


rick315875 64M

2/22/2020 2:35 pm

Felt the same way
When I was criticized
I felt for a moment
Less than someone else
But I'm not
I am who I am
I express myself
Like any other songwriter
Like any other poet
Words come pouring out
From my heart and my soul
Who else could I be
But myself

yesmamallthetime 55F  
11278 posts
2/24/2020 11:14 am

    Quoting stopbyandsayboo:
    Hi there

    I always look forward to reading your posts. Your a sincere and real lady. You have a heart of gold. To bad most on here cannot see that in your writing
Thank you so much for reading my posts. I appreciate that you think I am a sincere and real lady with a heart of gold. I am glad that comes through in my writing because I believe that about myself as well.

Independently Romantic Sounds Better Than Lonely

billyray234 58M
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4/2/2020 6:36 am

Your poetry is awesome. No need to explain.

Apollorising58 61M

4/13/2020 3:05 pm

I like your poetry so write on love!

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69ereatwetpussy 59M  
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1/23/2022 4:44 am

Well written
Be yourself
Write how ever you want
People will read
Like or not
Does it matter

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