A Woman He Has Yet To Get A Poem  

yesmamallthetime 55F  
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11/12/2019 9:27 pm
A Woman He Has Yet To Get A Poem

He surfaces now and then
To tell that I was on his mind.
He was thinking about
Some aspect about me.
Usually my breasts.
Or my big behind.

I appreciate the compliment.
For truly there are so many
Other women he could have.
So many other women
In his past.
What makes me special?
That I have not cut ties?
That I am open to communicating?

He and I have never even met.
Perhaps it is just that.
I am a woman he has yet to get.
I don't know if we will ever
Take the next step
And meet in real life.
Fantasy is so full of desire.
Will real life measure up?
I know I would do my darndest
To make sure.
Why waste each other's time?
Why not try to fulfill those scenes
That he and I described?

I am a woman he has yet to get.
I am not sure we will ever meet.
But when we ?
We are transported to places
Where fulfillment of our desires
Is achieved.
If only briefly...
And then we end our conversations.
Until he surfaces again.
When he remembers who I am.
Or some facet of my body
That he appreciates.

Independently Romantic Sounds Better Than Lonely

yesmamallthetime 55F  
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11/12/2019 9:29 pm

Some would say why bother? What can I say I am a sucker sometimes.

Independently Romantic Sounds Better Than Lonely

TattedH0tRod8069 42M

11/12/2019 11:04 pm


dogslife2live01 70M

11/13/2019 2:02 am

such a sweet fruit
such a bitter fruit

there is a world of difference between insanity and stupidity

scoupe42 59M  

11/13/2019 3:34 am

My friend, you are one hell of a poet! Might be time for another book!

hertiage93 65M
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11/13/2019 3:37 am

that is pretty deep

69ereatwetpussy 60M
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11/14/2019 4:43 am

I am till here
So far away
Here o stay
So don't go away
It time to play

Your touch I desire
You set me on fire
I'm growing so fat
You know where it's at
I want you to feel
For it is so feel
I want you alone
Not on the phone
Hope you are wet
Something I'll never forget
To here you moan
As we are alone
Cum for me
As I cum for you

Enjoy your day in many ways.

citizen4722 64M  
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11/16/2019 4:02 pm

You have many fine assets
And one magnificent mind.
Yes, you're as good as it gets.
I'd treasure a wonderful find.

travellerabc123 52M
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11/17/2019 6:04 am

Hope springs eternal.
Nothingness is vast!

Embrace the suck

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