wickedcat2006 45F  
537 posts
7/28/2020 4:31 am

i read an article online that the Canadian government recommends that canadians should use glory holes for sex during this pandemic. That means there should be lots of glory hole in every town.
is there a glory hole near you?
have you been, tell us about the experience.
yes ...there is one within driving distance
i dont know..

zeke53028 61M  
1108 posts
7/28/2020 5:15 am

I've never been to one but would love to go sometime. I think they're illegal in Wisconsin. But to me it doesn't make sense to think that they're safe from disease.

fisherman5999 57M  
656 posts
7/28/2020 6:48 am

Yes, adult store, but video booths are closed.

Vader0967 53M
432 posts
7/28/2020 7:34 am

glory holes are the best thing out there and sadly there isnt one with-in 50 miles of where i live

looking4u69ca 60M
4251 posts
7/28/2020 11:34 am

Calgary has masks. British Columbia has glory holes.
I am sure there are some here if you we interested. I am not.

bloody_angel1 36M
116 posts
7/28/2020 12:32 pm

I don't know, and even if I did, I wouldn't go because I don't have any desire to have a man suck my dick.

suesteve14 46M/43F
8 posts
7/28/2020 6:11 pm

the unknown of whats on the other side does it for me

undercover_bi469 55M
622 posts
7/28/2020 6:56 pm

Unfortunately the nearest one to me is over 200 miles away, still driving distance I guess. I find them to be hit or miss, sometimes lots of fun, other times a wasted day.

sussi1028 59F
789 posts
7/29/2020 2:14 pm

I wanted to, but I couldn’t vote !!!
Do they really exist anywhere?
Why would a woman want to be of help?
Why would a man use on, if they exist, not knowing the other person?
I always thought this was more for adult parties or entertainment purposes on clips or some women to get more attention

My new dream man roughboy4slutmombut I also like Yardstick236& Greatwhitecock4 despite their age, just watch the videos and you know why
My Favorite Way To Play [group_post 2309728] Continued atWhat an exciting weekend, what an awesome night Part II

Open2Fun2020 53M
28 posts
7/30/2020 8:54 pm

Pretty sure they're all over the place here. Easy to find them advertised. But...I've never been to one.
As for the recommendation of using them during the pandemic, I think they also said to use condoms, so I guess it would be at least a bit safer.

tdw720 60M  
30 posts
8/1/2020 4:48 pm

Been many time, some times they are great other times not so much

resant78 41M  
2795 posts
8/2/2020 7:53 pm

I can't wait for government issued glory holes, kinda like a DMV.

Teyjj 53M
4064 posts
8/11/2020 6:14 pm

People a yaad know bout Ketch mi by surprise. There are a few in Ohio, Never been though.

Looking4FWB19801 40M
19 posts
8/23/2020 1:21 am

No clue

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9/16/2020 3:18 pm



ChuckUFarlie2020 46M
58 posts
9/18/2020 7:27 pm

Not a thing in Trinidad as far as I am aware.

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