A few Views *Curvy Women*  

vopesahe 60F
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3/31/2020 12:50 pm

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A few Views *Curvy Women*

For Your Day...

Do You Have A Favorite Of These Ladies?

10 images

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wewantursquirt 57M/65F
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10/30/2020 6:16 pm

we want to see you like this

bbuckwwheat 63M
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3/31/2020 9:22 pm

Sheridan Love- 4'11", natural and a nice smile in the first photo

Ellis Rose -5'9", natural. A nice smile at boobpedia-

Lovely Vanessa- 5'6", natural. A nice smile in the second photo

Terry Nova- 5'8" and natural. My favorite from the get go. The smile in the first photo grabbed me at first sight. That she looks tall with lovely long legs also attracted me. Breast size unimportant.

Karina Hart- 5'5", natural. A nice smile at boobpedia

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lonlyforlove2 79M  
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3/31/2020 6:00 pm

I think RED makes a curvy look real good, thanks for sharing

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wewantursquirt 57M/65F
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3/31/2020 2:32 pm


coolpoolguy3 55M
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3/31/2020 1:22 pm

Some lovely looking women!

Dtts43rt35 63M
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3/31/2020 1:21 pm

My favorite#1#3#7#8#9#10#Vope!

Rio flows in its bed and goes around with its waters!

billyray234 58M
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3/31/2020 12:54 pm

Super sexy ladies

vopesahe 60F
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3/31/2020 12:53 pm

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vopesahe 60F
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3/31/2020 12:52 pm

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