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PART 6 How it all started.8/4/2022  0  
New job7/22/2022  0  
A Bitten Bottom Lip7/20/2022  0  
Intense intent causes a tense tent7/8/2022  0  
RU looking for Love or Lust?7/8/2022  0  
R U looking for Love or Lust?7/8/2022  0  
R U looking for Love or Lust?7/8/2022  0  
R U looking for Love or Lust?7/8/2022  0  
R U looking for Love or Lust?7/8/2022  0  
"Nothin' But A Heartache..."7/5/2022  0  
Looking for a Daddy who shares my desires6/23/2022  0  
FUN DAY6/17/2022  0  
Didn’t see myself here6/3/2022  0  
Why We are seeing an explosion in Swinging and hotwife5/20/2022  0  
tiny bubbles5/19/2022  0  
The general consensus5/12/2022  0  
Looking For A Pillow Princess5/10/2022  0  
4/26 Are You Swinging to Enhance or Fix Your Relationship?4/26/2022  0  
Why I do cam shows & why I rarely watch others4/19/2022  2  
Six reasons younger men like older women4/17/2022  0  
Small town observations in a big world4/16/2022  2  
Enjoying being a TV4/9/2022  1  
Spring Kick Off Dance / Play Party April 2nd3/31/2022  1  
Bucket list: an evolving story3/29/2022  1  
I am open to any offers3/10/2022  0  
am i the only one who feels like this endless racetrack of meaningless sex is just emptiness?3/7/2022  2  
The Five Pros Of Swinging3/7/2022  0  
We are done here3/2/2022  0  
A blog? What is a blog? 3/1/20223/1/2022  0  
This is harsh. Sorry, not sorry.3/1/2022  5  
So, what is on offer?2/27/2022  0  
My Recent Dreams/Sometimes Intimate/Secret Thoughts, part 32/24/2022  0  
True Story2/21/2022  1  
A Slave For Consideration2/21/2022  1  
First Translesbian Experience2/18/2022  8  
Jake's and Jolyne's Wild West Adventure - Chapter 32/17/2022  0  
My Favourite Things2/17/2022  5  
I feel trapped2/16/2022  0  
Mr. P and me2/15/2022  8  
Limp Dick: The Perils of Writer’s Block on a Sex Blog - 2.15.222/15/2022  2  
My Foray into BDSM! Part 2 of 4.2/14/2022  5  
Happiness2/14/2022  0  
Covid Fallout.2/13/2022  0  
When to turn fantasy into reality?2/12/2022  0  
~~~~ Loving You ~~~~2/12/2022  20  
I tease Anon after she messages me while riding the bus to work2/11/2022  0  
If you're a lucky one keep him2/9/2022  0  
My desires2/9/2022  16  
The Massage2/9/2022  0  
MOMMY MOMENTS2/8/2022  5