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Looking for a hot live in submissive must be generous10/5/2022  0  
Submissive to it..makes me be submissive to her10/3/2022  0  
We are in the mood for filth9/28/2022  0  
Need someone naughty that give me rough sex I'm very submissive and loyal I love to be wiped and9/24/2022  0  
I’m asked all the time what I’m looking for?9/21/2022  0  
Updated my profile photo to show my progress9/19/2022  0  
Commitment is key and permanent is needed9/18/2022  0  
Don’t dabble in Chastity!!9/17/2022  0  
I am looking for a new slave9/16/2022  0  
So strange on the other side9/16/2022  0  
I’m a blank canvas what’s next for me?9/11/2022  0  
2girls 1stud9/10/2022  0  
burdizzo9/7/2022  0  
Castration seems to be a dirty word9/6/2022  0  
Not sure I ever had a plan this just developed9/5/2022  0  
Into transition9/4/2022  0  
bdsm lifestyle8/25/2022  0  
Don’t know what you expect?8/4/2022  0  
I’m as ready as I can ever be8/3/2022  0  
Looking for a little spice in my life maybe you're the cure <38/3/2022  0  
how many people ar doms/subs???8/2/2022  0  
Come on this journey with me ?8/2/2022  0  
Do we understand each other?7/27/2022  0  
what i desire is a sissy slave to be trained and owned as my property.7/26/2022  0  
anal sex7/9/2022  0  
Intense intent causes a tense tent7/8/2022  0  
RU looking for Love or Lust?7/8/2022  0  
R U looking for Love or Lust?7/8/2022  0  
R U looking for Love or Lust?7/8/2022  0  
R U looking for Love or Lust?7/8/2022  0  
R U looking for Love or Lust?7/8/2022  0  
Conyers, Georgia is my location. I'm a dominant searching for my submissive deepthroat princess!😛7/7/2022  0  
Render me neither7/6/2022  0  
So I have no desire to be totally female6/27/2022  0  
Looking for a Daddy who shares my desires6/23/2022  0  
what ever you want6/18/2022  0  
Her being submissive is a turn on6/11/2022  0  
Not sure what to offer6/5/2022  0  
Didn’t see myself here6/3/2022  0  
Chastity is a cruel Master5/31/2022  0  
Chastity is a drug you can not get enough off5/30/2022  0  
DebbieHoliday-Guide How to eat pussy5/19/2022  0  
Road to discovery5/17/2022  0  
Submissive Male5/17/2022  0  
playfulnesstonewall5/13/2022  0  
Do you have the balls?5/2/2022  0  
If I were to write a NEW bio...5/1/2022  0  
Looking back4/28/2022  0  
Please don't tell me you are a Dom if you are not4/19/2022  0  
Why I do cam shows & why I rarely watch others4/19/2022  2