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A good guy with a dark side1/7/2022  0  
i need a dirty woman1/7/2022  0  
Mexicos finest1/6/2022  0  
Errands, Errands, Erradns1/5/2022  0  
A visit to the cinema.1/4/2022  5  
"I Should've Walked Out On The Date" Stories1/3/2022  4  
Got it done...almost.1/3/2022  2  
Happy New Year repost all in one1/1/2022  4  
Real fantasy1/1/2022  0  
My first bi experience1/1/2022  0  
Music12/30/2021  1  
First Date With My Gay Boyfriend and Start of My Affair12/30/2021  2  
please forgive me.... bonus two, at least part of it. unedited12/28/2021  3  
So many gurls12/26/2021  0  
No Rhinoceroses ;)12/24/2021  2  
Waste of a hard huge dick12/23/2021  0  
Happy Holidays12/23/2021  1  
The end of a hard day12/22/2021  0  
Mistress of Fun w/pics12/21/2021  4  
Stinky Pussy12/20/2021  9  
WOW bullshiters12/19/2021  0  
How many house maids do you need this Saturday?12/18/2021  3  
wont to be strip12/16/2021  15  
TOTAL BLOG UPDATE - A Bit Long, but descriptive.12/16/2021  4  
take me part 511....edited12/15/2021  0  
&*(@ Ladies, Meet the Lumbersexual12/15/2021  10  
BDSM NAUGHTY KINKS12/15/2021  0  
want big dick to suck and smoke crack12/15/2021  0  
Lick12/14/2021  2  
Lusting…12/14/2021  0  
How she became a Hotwife12/13/2021  0  
Treat me like a lady (most of the time)12/13/2021  1  
Benefits of Having Sex More Often12/12/2021  0  
Dirty Talk for a rainy Day Sunday!12/12/2021  3  
Delivery Lady. (Roleplay scketch)12/10/2021  0  
Puffy Boobs12/10/2021  0  
A Romantic Night12/10/2021  0  
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Call and talk dirty .get me off12/9/2021  0  
Ready to suck and fuck ur tyt little pussy until you cum so hard u pass out!!12/8/2021  0  
TALK TO ME HERE!12/8/2021  0  
The people above me....12/8/2021  5  
The REAL Christmas Story12/7/2021  0  
take me part 477....edited12/5/2021  0  
Btm slut unleashed12/5/2021  0  
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