19th century erotic poem - book of life  

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9/10/2020 4:25 pm
19th century erotic poem - book of life

I have recently read a book with Swedish title "K├Âttets poesi" containing erotic poetry from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.

Most of the texts are either hard to understand or perhaps not so exciting for the contemporary audience. I have picked out a poem for you, apparently published in 1839. Author unknown I guess. I have made an attempt to translate it for you, but some parts I couldn't understand and much less translate. Some parts I also made a guess and some parts I couldn't understand but translated directly anyway (maybe someone else will understand).

I think the poem has a teasing symbolism of our innate male desire for the opposite sex that transcends the ages (although I am sure several of you readers could make an equally good attempt using the same "book" symbolism) . I think the poem primarily catered to the male reader, but I'd like to know from both men and women if and how you appreciate it.

The book of life

It is often said that "If you want to become wise,

you must read the book of life."

Then what is that book? Listen my friend,

as I will try to describe it.

It is published in millions of copies,

and it is republished every day.

It only has two purple pages

The slit is the pleasure of man.

It is appreciated in all countries

and is eagerly read, day and night.

A translation is not necessary,

a different kind of appreciation is needed.

Thousands of variantions should exist,

but the main content is always the same.


This book is sweet, clear, and light,

and is reread over and over again.

It can easily be understood without a bright head,

but a head is required. [Not sure if there is symbolism here that I don't get]


Its ink is not black as well known,

and its style is pretty hot.

Quite a few hold a copy of their own,

those who don't, they borrow, poor men.

Its cover may be German, English or Danish,

its contents is French though.

I have tried as good as I can,

to make it clear to you.

But if you are still confused,

I can only say, "Go read the book!"

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