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This is my very first attempt ever at making a blog. I'll try to make it not suck.
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Email buddy, finally found ... and lost (part 5)
Posted:Feb 17, 2011 10:00 pm
Last Updated:Aug 10, 2022 1:30 am

Continued from the last blog entry: (getting tired of these yet?)

A while ago I was lucky enough to find someone else that was interested in swapping back and forth on an email story. It went well for a while, then she evaporated and her email account is gone.

Here's how things started for us:

(I am "M," she is "Em." Confusing?)


....I lean you back until you're laying down on the couch, crotch high up on the arm of the couch, inches from the tip of my rock hard cock. I lean forward and keep kissing you up and down your stomach, taking turns to suck on each of your nipples now and then, the head of my cock, just brushing against your pussy now and then. Each time it does I hear you gasp a tiny bit, and I feel a shock of electricity run through my whole body. I pause for just a second, the head of my cock hovering just over you, when you....

reach down and guide your giant cock into my awaiting pussy. I love kissing you and you licking me, but right now the only thing I want in the world is to have you inside me.

You catch my eye and look surprised. I wink at you. Before I know it, you're on top of me on the couch thrusting your cock into me over and over again. When I moan in pleasure you...

...close my eyes and concentrate on the sound. A moan like that* is so sexy to me, and erotic enough to send me over the edge all by itself. The world shrinks around us and nothing exists except each other's bodies, the sounds we're making, the feel of skin on skin, and heat generated by our fucking. Each thrust is an experience by itself; I love the feel of my dick sliding right through your pussy, stopping when I reach full thrust, and then the feel of the head of my cock dragging along inside you as I pull back out. I pull out just far enough each time to feel your pussy close up around me and then expand again as I push my way back inside you again. Your pussy trembles around my cock while I'm inside you and the intensity almost makes me deaf to your moans until I snap out of it and do it again, over and over and over. After either a few minutes or an eternity, I can't tell which, you look into my eyes with a smile and say, "...

"That's what I've wanted since you left this morning. Thanks for making my wish come true, handsome"

It's tough with the two of us on our small couch, but I spread my legs wider to give you more room. I grab your shoulders tighter, raking my nails across your back. "Go deeper," I whisper in your ear. You look at me and then...

...push my way into you as far as I can. I can feel my balls pushing against you as I try to find strength to push harder. My hips dig into your thighs and I hold that as long as I can, the tiny movements each of us making feeling like an enormous wave of pleasure. I can feel the head of my cock reaching deep inside you and can feel you grip me all around. Your arms have a deathgrip on me, and I can feel your nails digging in.

I hold that a moment, and it feels like forever. Then I slide out almost all the way, and do it again. And again. Each time I can feel my balls bump into you and I know I'm going very deep inside.

Feeling your balls bump against my lips, I realize how far you're going inside me and I love it. With my arms wrapped around you and my nails digging into your back, I want you so bad right now. I'm also going crazy with your massive muscular body on top of mine, feeling you push deeper and deeper again and again until I can't hold it anymore.

When I start to squirm and buck under my impending orgasm, you realize what's coming and...
Email buddy, finally found ... and lost (part 4)
Posted:Feb 5, 2011 10:34 pm
Last Updated:Aug 10, 2022 1:30 am

Continued from the last blog entry: (getting tired of these yet?)

A while ago I was lucky enough to find someone else that was interested in swapping back and forth on an email story. It went well for a while, then she evaporated and her email account is gone.

Here's how things started for us:

(I am "M," she is "Em." Confusing?)


....carry you into the living room. I put you down on the arm of the couch, but when you reach out to pull my face up to yours for another kiss I tug away gently. I start kissing your jawline, down your neck, down your chest between your breasts, down your stomach, down....

just skipping my pussy and landing on my inner thighs. You place one hand on each leg and push my legs further apart so you can tease me with kisses even more. I love having you down there and the kisses feel great, you see me get wetter, and start kissing harder simultaneously massaging my ass. I moan in excitement and impatience. Wrapping my arms around your neck, I pull you back onto the couch on top of me. "What do you want me to do before you get in me?" I whisper in your ear

You respond...

... by pushing you back onto the couch, your ass still sitting up on top of the arm of the couch, me kneeling down off to the side. This gives me a perfect view of you; leaning down across the couch, from my perspective your eyes glowing just over the mounds of your breasts, which are just visible past your glistening pussy. It's just inches from my face, the smell alone is about enough to drive me over the edge. I haven't done so yet, but I can almost taste it, can almost see the look in your eyes as my tongue slides around, can almost remember what you feel like on the inside to my fingertips until you unexpectedly...

...your tongue on my pussy drives me over the edge. I start squirming on the couch and you feel my thighs tighten. You put one strong hand on each thigh and push them apart as far as they will go so that you can have your choice of angles. My moans turn to screams. Finally I beg you, "Fuck me now, I'll do anything you want." Before I know what's happening, you have me by the wrists and...
Email buddy, finally found ... and lost (part 3)
Posted:Jan 30, 2011 3:34 pm
Last Updated:Jan 31, 2011 4:01 pm

Continued from the last blog entry:

A while ago I was lucky enough to find someone else that was interested in swapping back and forth on an email story. It went well for a while, then she evaporated and her email account is gone.

Here's how things started for us:

(I am "M," she is "Em." Confusing?)

...hurridly busy my hands removing every stitch of clothing either one of us was wearing before.

"Right here, baby. Why go anywhere?" I whisper in your ear between nibbles.

There's a clean stretch of countertop right behind you....just between the sink and where you were cutting up vegetables. I grab you around the waist and toss you up on the counter. You lean back a bit, and I start kissing you down your neck, rubbing your nipples, kiss you down your chest, run my tongue down between your breasts, slowly, slowly, down towards your navel - the whole time, my hands exploring your breasts, neck, hair, running through your hair, down your neck, back down your chest..


I'm surprised when you thrust a finger into me. It feels so good the way you rub me and carress me from the inside that we both notice a wet spot rapidly forming on the counter. I wrap my legs around your waist and pull you closer to me feeling your bulge it me on the inner thigh. You come closer and suddenly we are intertwined, my mouth on yours, your hand on my breast, my hand in your hair and on your ass. Looking down at the counter out of the corner of my eye, I realize that it isn't big enough for us to lay on. To fix this problem, you pull me toward...

I lift you up off the counter to carry you elsewhere I put one hand on each side of your butt and lift, holding you tight to me. For just a second I am tempted to drop you straight down, right on my dick, and fuck you standing there in the middle of the kitchen, dropping you onto my cock over and over again, but I don't. I can feel every nerve ending on the tip of my penis light on fire when it brushed against your skin. I want to shout out, but girp you tighter instead, and kiss you hard. I want to save this second for as long as possible.

By now I can smell how wet you are. You're practically quivering in my arms, and ...

When you pick me up off the counter, I wrap my legs around your waist and feel your strong hands cupping each side of my butt. The dinner I was working on before you came home is a distant memory. The only thing I want is you, and I am quivering in your arms with excitement when I think about how it will feel to have you inside me. I wrap my arms around your head and lean in whispering, "I need you inside me now."

You look at me with wide eyes, my forwardness surprises you but in a good way. With your face buried in my breasts, you quickly carry me to....
Email buddy, finally found ... and lost (part 2)
Posted:Jan 25, 2011 9:47 pm
Last Updated:Jan 27, 2011 2:44 pm

Continued from the last blog entry:

Once I feel my pants drop I can't resist any more. I take my hands out and start to unbutton your shirt, peel it back off your shoulders, and unhook your bra. I turn you around again, feeling my cock slide across your jeans, then cup both your breasts in my hands again. Still rubbing with one hand, I let my other hand slide down your stomach slowly, slip my fingers between your warm, smooth skin and your pants, and slowly start reaching lower....

I shake off my shirt and bra watching them out of the corner of my eye as they hit the floor. Your strong hands on my hip bones turn me around so that our hips are touching. I feel your cock going hard, knowing that you're turned on makes me incredibly turned on. Your hands on my free breasts make me want to melt into you automatically. You glance at me surprised when you feel my nipples go hard. Slowly your hand drops from my breast down my stomach into my jeans. I love your hand in there.

You drop your hand lower, from my waistband, to my inner thighs and up to my pubic bone. Teasing me through my panties I feel you start touching my lips, first playfully touching with your fingertips moving all around the area. Then cup it all in your hand and pull me closer to you. You look at me as if to get permission, I wink at you and you smile. Suddenly your fingers start slipping underneath my panties; incredibly turned on, I wrap an arm around you and pull you closer to me and force my tongue in your mouth. Your tongue responds automatically diving into my mouth like you're looking for a lost breathmint. Kissing me deeper, you almost put me over the edge when I feel your hand push my panties aside and you plunge your fingers into me stroking me from the inside. I moan with intense pleasure, and you...

...kiss you back with so much passion your hands stop moving up and down my body for a moment. I think maybe you've forgotten; as our kiss goes on and on, and intensifies, and then when I feel your hands tearing off my shirt and then tugging at your own jeans I realize you're even more turned on than before.

I'm rock hard now, I know if I don't concentrate that simply the right look from you might send me to the edge of orgasm, but I'm determined that I'll keep my focus to make these moments last all night if I need to. You look so sexy standing there in my arms; feel so amazing with your body pushed up against mine, taste so incredible as I kiss you and kiss you and kiss you....

I love kissing you but being in your arms with our bodies pushed together is absolutely driving me bananas. II'm standing in the kitchen in only my underwear right now after kicking away my jeans. I'm tired of waiting and I have to have you. I put my hand on your pec and pull back from the kiss. "Where should we take this party?" I whisper looking up at you with big eager eyes. You grab me and..
Email buddy, finally found ... and lost (part 1)
Posted:Jan 24, 2011 9:25 pm
Last Updated:Aug 10, 2022 1:30 am

A while ago I was lucky enough to find someone else that was interested in swapping back and forth on an email story. It went well for a while, then she evaporated and her email account is gone.

Here's how things started for us:

(I am "M," she is "Em." Confusing?)


Hehee....ok, I like to start things up every so often...for instance on those days when I come home from work, and it's been one of those frustrating, long, days, and all I've been thinking about is the girl at home waiting for me to come back for the day. Finally my job stops owning my soul for the day, and I find myself sneaking in the house looking for that girl, not sure what's going to happen when I find her.

I find you in the kitchen, working on something, and so I slide up and wrap my arms around you, You're a little startled for a second, but you recognize me right away, possibly due to the familiar bulge of my rapidly hardening cock trying to escape my jeans pushing into your back. I start to kiss the back of your neck, and at the same time reach up under your shirt with both hands. I'm not surprised to find a pair of very stiff nipples, and you let out a little gasp the first time I brush against them.

I'm surprised when you sneak up behind me. As per my usual, when I'm working in the kitchen I like to have the music up loud so I didn't hear your car in the driveway or the key in the door.

Your strong arms around me feel immediately safe and comforting, and I automatically recognize the growing bulge pushing out of your jeans into my lower back. I start to get wet. And then you reach your big cool hands underneath my shirt and cup my breasts in your hands. I think I'm going to lose it. I've been home all day waiting for you to get back, so I turn around so I can show you how excited I am. With your hands still up my shirt, I push my body into yours wrapping my arms around your waist and my lips on your mouth. You feel me start pulling at the back of your shirt, I'm so excited that once it's free from your belt I shove both of my hands into your pants and grip your ass. After a moment, I pull my hands back out knowing that me teasing you with that will only make you more excited. Your hands are still up my shirt, drawing circles around my nipples and massaging my boobs. Plunging my tongue in your mouth, I struggle to loosen your belt. You feel me tugging on your pants but it only makes you harder. Finally I get rid of the belt and your jeans drop around your ankles. Once those are free, I plunge my hands into your boxers and pull you closer to me. I whisper in your ear how much I want you and you...


More to come....
Still forgotten...
Posted:Aug 27, 2010 9:49 pm
Last Updated:Aug 5, 2012 1:37 pm

I have been offline for a long time. I should update some stuff here, but don't know if it's worth the effort.

Since my last post (which was a very long time ago, I'll admit) I've had some interesting adventures. I've met some interesting people. I've had some good sex. I've let my imagination run, and have some fiction floating around that I've not typed out yet.

Anyone interested?
Blowing off the dust....
Posted:Mar 26, 2010 1:22 pm
Last Updated:Aug 10, 2022 1:30 am

Gah! I forgot I had a blog here....I should add stuff to it someday soon!
Living all alone...
Posted:Sep 19, 2007 8:34 pm
Last Updated:Sep 22, 2012 10:58 am

So, for the first time in a very long time I've got my very own apartment! No more roommates!

Who wants to come over and help me not have to worry about keeping my roommates awake?
I guess I'm back online
Posted:Sep 12, 2007 3:58 pm
Last Updated:Sep 12, 2007 10:42 pm

Well, I've kind of wandered back to now. I've updated where I live currently, and brought my profile a little more current. I guess I should find some new pictures to add, though.

Other than that...I don't really have anything new to say, mostly I guess I'm just posting here to remind myself how to write a blog entry.

Did it work?
First Part, shall I continue?
Posted:Jun 21, 2007 8:03 pm
Last Updated:Jan 4, 2013 2:18 pm

I arrived a little bit early, and had just sat down with a beer when I felt someone sit down on the stool right next to me. I looked over and there you were - looking at me with a little smile and a quick wink.

You ordered a beer, too, and we sat and chatted briefly. I moment later I felt your hand on my leg under the table. I reached under and put my hand on your knee, and slowly ran it up and down your thigh; the slightly rough fabric of your light dress felt good on my palm.

Where we were sitting nobody else in the place had a very good view of us so I decided to be a bit daring and ran my hand down between your thighs. You gave me a little smile and didn't miss a beat in our conversation. Instead, you put your hand over mine when I removed my hand and quietly placed my hand between your legs again.

Your legs were only slightly spread, but I could feel the edges of your panties under your thin dress. You smiled a bit more, and before I knew it, I felt your hand on cock, which was getting a little hard at the thought of where my hands were roaming. You slowly rubbed my hardening cock, feeling it become more and more defined under my jeans, the whole time never taking your eyes from mine or pausing in our small chatter.

I found an excuse to reach across the table to my side and made a point of brushing my hands across both your breasts, lingering for a slight second when the opportunity presented itself. I heard the slightest gasp escape your lips and before I knew it I felt your lips brush right against my ear, and felt your hand tighten suddenly between my legs.

I noticed that from where I was sitting nobody would be able to see if I reached over and started fondling one of your breasts. I slowly started drawing little circles around your nipple, and felt it grow firmer and firmer through your top. Once in a while I'd give it a little squeeze just to feel your reaction.

By now both of us had finished our beers and I mentioned that I was going to make a quick trip to the restroom before I left. I also mentioned that it was a single bathroom here. I walked down the hallway, hearing your footsteps following me a few seconds later.

Locked in the restroom together it was all I could do to restrain myself. We locked in a tight embrace, kissing like a couple passionate teenagers, hands groping and tugging at clothing. You had my pants down in a matter of seconds and I turned you around and lifted your skirt exposing your somewhat damp panties to me. I reached around from behind you and fondled your breasts, kissing the back of your neck and lightly pinching your nipples and nibbling your ears while you tugged down at your underwear, my now rock hard cock pressing against your back.
Been gone.....
Posted:Dec 22, 2006 11:21 pm
Last Updated:Dec 22, 2006 11:27 pm

I'm back. I've been on the east coast for a couple months, and pretty busy, but now I'm back "home" and back to my normal routine for a little while. It's good to get away once in a while and have an adventure or two. I recommed it to everyone.

Go out and have fun!

Right now. Go. Come back with stories.
So, I want to take some pictures of myself....
Posted:Aug 17, 2006 9:00 pm
Last Updated:Aug 10, 2022 1:30 am

Well, I have no pictures of myself here. The problem is that I don't really have anyone that would take any for me. I could set some up myself, but I'm totally uninspired on what or how to do that.

Any ideas?
I'm not dead, and I haven't dissapeared
Posted:Aug 16, 2006 3:33 pm
Last Updated:Aug 10, 2022 1:30 am
2005 Views I haven't been online very much the last month or so, but I don't really have a good reason for that. I guess I just got kind of bored.

Hey, if you're reading this, post something. I'm really looking for something new and interesting here, and am having no luck attracting attention from others.

I guess that might be my fault for not adding pictures and videos and the like, but yeah, I have a hard time taking pictures of myself.

Ok, hopefully I haven't bored you yet....

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