Happy Thanksgiving w/pics  

scottv69 59M
3692 posts
11/25/2021 7:57 am
Happy Thanksgiving w/pics

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!

I just wanted to wish everyone

a very Happy Thanksgiving.

May your new year also

be blessed and wonderful.

scottv69 59M
5316 posts
11/25/2021 7:58 am

I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

coolpoolguy3 55M
3309 posts
11/25/2021 8:19 am

Lovely images, enjoy your American Thanksgiving.

scottv69 replies on 11/25/2021 9:58 am:

canplease4u2 63M  
4 posts
11/25/2021 8:20 am

And a happy Thanksgiving to you!

scottv69 replies on 11/25/2021 9:59 am:
thank you

CleavageFan4U 64M  
68421 posts
11/25/2021 8:38 am

Adoring those basted butterballs here.!

Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving, on HNW
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scottv69 replies on 11/25/2021 9:59 am:
I hear that. Happy Thanksgiving!

Luv2bottom4u2 64M  
1832 posts
11/25/2021 8:53 am

Different approach i must admit !

scottv69 replies on 11/25/2021 10:00 am:
for sure. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

13616 posts
11/25/2021 9:59 am

I don't why I'm hungry


scottv69 replies on 11/25/2021 11:33 am:

crosstraining 68T  
7440 posts
11/25/2021 11:04 am

Fantastic , Favs # 4 # 9 # 10 , Happy Thanksgiving to you Scot , XOXO

scottv69 replies on 11/25/2021 2:53 pm:
thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to you.xoxo

LadiesR2B1rst 58M  
1818 posts
11/25/2021 11:37 am

Have a Great Thanksgiving as well.

scottv69 replies on 11/25/2021 2:54 pm:
thank you

author51 58F  
126433 posts
11/25/2021 12:03 pm

Happy Thanksgiving my dear friend. I wish you nothing but health and happiness and Love not just for today but for always..xoxo

scottv69 replies on 11/25/2021 2:54 pm:
Thank you very much my favorite friend. Have a great Thursday.

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