Our very naugthy lady's night with Ray and Steve on her own  

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9/17/2018 3:57 am
Our very naugthy lady's night with Ray and Steve on her own

Hi, this is T, the lady of our couple. I have been extremely naughty. I happened this past Thursday night. And I loved it, even more so that I did what I did with the permission and encouragement of my husband, P.

A few weeks back we became friends with a couple on BlackSexMatch.com from Australia: Glen and Shaz. Really hot couple. And I developed a crush on Glen’s cock. Go figure since he is thousands of mile away! At first, P was communicating with them, but soon enough I ended up exchanging emails with him. So much so that, during one of P’s business trip, I made myself come reading his messages and looking at pictures of his awesome cock. So much so that, not long ago, I was so horny thinking about him that I asked P to invite our long-time swingers friends, Ray and Joy, for an orgy (it was awesome, read about it in one of our previous blogs). P is well aware of my crush on Glen’s cock and does not mind.

Things got a bit more heated when Glen suggested I fucked a man without P being present. We have always swung as a couple and I have not made love to another man without him being around (or him fucked another woman without me being around). That idea was teasing me. But then Glen suggested I should fuck not one, but two men! Oh my! I discussed it with P who has always encouraged my sexual drive. He said he would be OK with it but one of the men would have to be someone we knew and that I had sex with before. Oh my! I had the permission from my husband to fuck without him.

So I called Ray and told him about my “project”. I called him because I trust him and really like having sex with him. He told me that he and Joy had recently had sex with another very nice couple. The husband’s name is Steve. So I asked him first to ask if this was OK with Joy and second to send me a picture of Steve and of Steve’s cock. Joy agreed to it all under one condition: that P and another man would fuck her as well without me or Ray being around. Ray was OK with that. Ray sent me the pictures I requested. Steve is a handsome man. He had send a picture of himself masturbating to one of my pictures and what I saw was a very nice cock spilling its seed on a table in my honor. I was very flattered and horny at the thought of it.

P was scheduled to leave on a business trip so I decided that I would had my private orgy when he was away at our home where I would feel secured. I was not sure about the whole thing. I exchanged several email with Glen who told me to go ahead with it. Still, it was a big step for me to take, even though I have fucked with other men before. We first scheduled the party for the Friday but then it got changed to the Thursday. It was coming fast and then Thursday arrived.

I had spent the day quite nervous. Some excitement and some anxiety. I had never fucked a man, let alone two, without Philippe being present in the room. And we had only played as a couple, until that night. I almost cancel the whole thing. Only thing that kept me from doing it was that I know Ray and I love to fuck Ray so it was reassuring. Truth being told, P and I once had an orgy with two other couples before and I have been fucked by two men other than P at the same time. Still, I was a bit nervous.

Ray and Steve (his friend) were scheduled to come at 8:00 pm. So about an hour before they arrived I showered, freshly shaved my pussy, perfumed myself, put on a very revealing thong (which, I believe, highlights my ass) and simply my red kimono (see my pictures on BlackSexMatch.com for the thong and kimono). I had champagne in the fridge…I told myself that if I was going to fuck two men that night, it was worth a celebration! Then I waited, a bit anxious though my pussy was getting very wet as I sat on one of our couches, mindlessly watching TV.

At 7:45 the doorbell rang. They were early. My heart stopped for a moment then I went to open the door. Ray and Steve were there. I let them in. Ray immediately took me in his arms and caressed me. When he was done, Steve kissed me on the lips and it was electric. He explore my body but not in the same way Ray had done. I guess he was asking for some kind of permission to go further.

We went to the living room. I got the champagne and glasses. Steve sat on one of the couches and Ray and I sat on the other. Ray served us all and we drank. I was still very nervous. Understand I have fucked Ray many times but I did not know Steve and I was alone with two men in my house without my husband, two men who were present because I had asked them to come fuck me. OMG!

We chatted a bit and Ray asked me what had gotten into me. I told him about Glen’s cock and told him the last time, Joy, Ray, P and I had fucked, it was because of the pictures of Glen’s cock. He laughed and said we all had a good time. Very true. But here we were and it was clearly the next step. Steve said that he was married and he and his wife were swingers and had played with Ray and Joy. Ray opened my kimono and said to Steve to look at my beautiful boobs. He placed a hand on my breasts and he kissed me. Let me tell you that my pussy got even wetter and I was so excited. I reached down to his cock which was rock hard. Then he said: “Look at Steve”. I turned my head and on the couch Steve had unzipped his pants, taken his cock out and was masturbating. So Ray said: “You should suck his cock”. I was still unsure of the whole thing but seeing this stranger’s cock exposed while one of my lovers encouraged me to suck on him was very arousing. I just let the heat of the moment take over me.

I kneeled down in front of Steve and asked him to stand up. I took his cock in my hands and wrapped my lips around his cock. Delicious I must say. Steve put his hands on my head and guided my sucking. I really got into it. Steve was gentle not wanting to force anything. Then I felt a presence behind me. It was Ray. He help me take my kimono off and I had only the thong left. He also had dropped his pants and placed himself next to Steve. His intentions were clear so I started to suck on both men’s cock. I helped them out of their pants, socks and they took the rest off while I was sucking on them. By that time, there was no turning back. I knew they were going to both fuck me soon. And I had no second thoughts about it.

Ray said: “Let us go to your bedroom”. I got up and he took me by the hand, Steve following us. I briefly thought about P and about Glen. They had me doing this, the devils! It was too late to back off. Once in the bedroom, Ray facing me, he stuck his body to mine and kissed me while Steve was behind me, pushing his cock in my ass cheeks and starting to finger my pussy. I reached back for Steve’s cock and also for Ray’s cock. I had only once been with two men of which one was not P. And I just let myself loose and gave myself to the two men.

We made out for a while. I still had my thong. Then Ray pushed me on the bed. When I was comfortable, he placed himself between my legs, pushed my thong to the side and entered me. I have fucked Ray many times and I love his cock. It was so pleasurable. Meanwhile Steve had placed himself by my face and offered his cock to suck which I did while Ray was fucking me. By that time, I had lost all control, all shame and all reservation. I just wanted to fuck and be fucked by these two men.
Ray left my cunt and signaled to Steve that it was his turn. So they switched place. I first took Ray’s cock in my mouth while Steve was teasing my clitoris with his penis while keeping my thong out of the way. I realized that I was seconds away from being penetrated by another stranger’s cock. Then he pushed and I had him in me. I moaned of pleasure. Steve is a lover full of attention. He began to come in and out of me slowly to make me appreciate the length of his cock. Meanwhile I sucked on Ray’s cock lovingly (as I have done many times). Then Ray said “My turn” so they switched place again. Before he entered me, Ray finally took my thong off. When he entered me he said: “Do you like it”. I was in such heat, I responded: “Oh yes, you guys are so good, I love it. Don’t stop”. So Ray fucked me for a while as I sucked on Steve’s cock. He lifted my legs to my shoulders for better access and that made me even hornier. I was licking Steve’s precum, he was so hard and so sweet. He was also playing with my boobs and my nipples. Then Ray said to Steve: “Come in her”.

So they switched place again and Steve penetrated me and started ramming his cock in me with big thrusts. I took Ray in my mouth because I love so much to be fucked and have a cock in my mouth. Then Ray reached down between Steve and I and massaged my clitoris. That sent shivers of pleasure to my body. Ray is so good at it and he knows all my “hot spots”. So while I received Steve’s cock and was sucking on Ray’s cock, Ray was rapidly bringing me to orgasm. It did not take long. I came so hard it was incredible. Steve accelerated his motions and I encouraged him. “Yes, yes, fuck me, come in me” which he did with a long last thrust. I felt all his seed pour into me and I received him with intense pleasure. He stayed in me for a short time, then Ray left my mouth, and Steve left my cunt. Steve offered his cock, still spilling sperm, to my mouth and I took it. Ray entered me and fucked me for a while until he also came, getting lots of moans from my throats….Ray stayed in me until he was all spent. Each men then laid down on each side of me. I was in sexual heaven.

As I rested between my two lovers, I could feel their sperm dripping out of me. They explored my body, my boobs, my sex. I turned towards Steve and kissed him with passion. Ray asked me how I felt and I told them that I felt horny and like a slut. I also told them I loved it. I did not think of P or Glen’s cock any longer. I just wanted to enjoy the moment. They continued to explore my body. I would kiss them turning myself to one and the other. They kissed my nipples. I reached down and grabbed both cocks who were full of my juices and masturbated them. Then Steve put a finger in my cunt to feel my wetness. Then I felt Ray’s fingers joining Steve’s in my pussy. I had both men’s cock in my hands and it was so hot. For the next little while, they continued to finger my sex and excite my clitoris. I felt the orgasm building again in me and it suddenly exploded while I was kissing Steve. I came and came and came. I held on to their cocks. It was amazing. OMG! My orgasm had been so strong after the fucking I had received.

I got up to go to the restroom to freshen up and came back to the bedroom. I looked at myself in the mirror and surprised myself how horny I looked. Both men followed me in turn. Then we snuggled together. I was in Ray’s arms while Steve had stuck his body to my back. Then I turned around and snuggled with Steve. I fondled his cock and I could feel it was regaining strength. Ray let me enjoyed Steve for a while, just caressing my ass and gently fingering my pussy. I was horny as hell, wanting more cock. I lowered my head to swallow Steve’s cock and made him hard again. Then he grabbed me and placed me over him, in a 69, me on top. His cock is very nice, somewhat of a white complexion but delicious to suck and fuck. He put his hands on my ass and pushed my sex towards his mouth. I could not get enough of feeling his cock in my mouth and grinding my pussy on his lips. I reached out to Ray’s cock and found out that he was hard again too. So for some time, I 69ed with Steve while masturbating Ray. I was so horny that after long minutes of getting licked and sucked by Steve, I came again. I almost bit Steve so intense was the orgasm. Ray then came behind me and simply enter me with his cock.

WOW! I was in a 69 with a stranger, his cock in my mouth, and my lover had just penetrated me while I was being orally pleasured by this stranger. Ray made me push my sex onto Steve’s lips even closer while I felt Ray’s beautiful cock come in and out of me. And I came again (I can have many orgasms in a single night of sex and men love that )

I was so lost in lustful pleasure. My nipples were hard. My sex pulsating with each orgasm. Ray came out of me and asked me to put myself on my knees with my head in the pillows (he has asked me to do that many times and I have been so ready to please him). He knows what I like. So I offered my ass to both lovers and waited for their cock to use me. Steve entered me and fuck me for a while. Then he left his place to Ray. I could not count the times they switched place, I was simply enjoying their cocks coming in and out of me, both different, both fucking me in different ways, me simply enjoying the moment like a slut I felt I had become. When it was Ray’s time, he reached out around me and excited my clitoris. When it was Steve’s time, he fucked me slowly, taking his cock out of me gently then putting it back in as gently as he could while Ray was playing with my boobs.

For long minutes it was Steve, then Ray. “Oh yes, fuck me both. It is so good. I want your cock in me. I want your seed in me”. I am not usually very verbose, although I am a loud moaner. But I could not help myself. When it came to Steve’s turn to fuck me again, I asked Ray to come in front of me and offer his cock to be sucked and he did not hesitate. I so relish his cock. Then I said: “I want both of you to come at the same time and fill me”. So Steve continued to fuck me while I sucked Ray. I was trying to figure out when one was too close to coming while the other was not. Then I said: “I want you to cum now”. So I sucked on Ray’s cock passionately while encouraged Steve to fuck me harder. I could feel them both being very close and, sure enough, within a few seconds, both men exploded in me, one in my sex and the other in my mouth. I simply went crazy so intense the feeling was. I hung on to Ray’s cock to take as much of his seed as I could while he moaned of pleasure while Steve was moaning as well as he filled my cunt of his sperm. It was not the first time that I had sucked on a cock while being fucked by another but it was the first time they had come in me at the same time. A night of firsts! And what a night!

We all needed some rest. So we went back to the living room and had a few drinks. I would sit on one of the men’s lap, sipping my drink while he would explore my body and we chatted and talked about the night so far. I told them how hard I came and how good they had fucked me. They told me they had loved the experience and what a hot woman I was. Ray told me that Joy was anxiously awaiting P’s return so he could come with a friend to fuck her as well. I said I would discuss with her how great that was going to be. I showed them my ass as a teaser. And asked them to kiss my boobs. I also kissed them and kissed their cock as tenderly as I can.

I was not done, though. Nor were they. So I wickedly asked them to sit side by side on the same couch while I laid done on the other couch and asked them to masturbate while talking dirty to me. I was still horny and I wanted to explore and enjoy as much as I could, though I have had many sexual adventures in the past (all with P so far). They obliged, asking me to exhibit my pussy, show my ass, and finger myself which only exacerbated my excitement. I rubbed my clit and began to moan. At the same time, I could see that the two men were getting hard again. So I came and laid face down on both of them. My breasts and face on Steve laps while my belly was on Ray’s. I took Steve’s cock in my mouth and asked Ray to finger me. He opened my legs and put his fingers in me while I swallowed Steve’s cock. It went on for a while. Ray is so gentle and after a while he gave me a very sweet orgasm. I could feel his hard cock on my belly and I had Steve’s hard cock in my mouth. When my orgasm was finished, I simply placed myself between Ray’s legs and sucked his cock while Steve watched. Then I moved to Steve and sucked his cock while Ray watched. That being said, my pussy was craving a cock and I wanted to be fucked again.

So instead of getting between Ray’s legs, I straddled him and rode him. Steve was next to us, caressing my boobs and my ass. I wanted to be in control this time. So I rode Ray like I know how to. He let me be in control, he too caressing my boobs and my ass. I rode Ray for long minutes. Steve was robbing his cock, mesmerized by Ray and I fucking. I kissed Ray then turn to Steve and said: “I will do you next”. I rode harder and felt the moment when Ray was about to come and I made him come inside me. He had not much seed to spare but still I felt his cock pulse into me. As soon as I felt he was satisfied, I dismounted him, straddled Steve and started to fuck him. “See, you just had to wait your turn”. Since it was the first time we were fucking together (although for the third time that night), our fucking was a bit more intense, more animal. I really like his cock and I could see he enjoyed my sex and my body. I grinded his cock, reaching back for his balls. He kissed my boobs and we kissed passionately. He started to moan so I kissed him even harder, not letting his lips leave mine, I rode faster and he too came in me with a big motion of his body grabbing my ass as he came. We stayed connected for a while. Then I dismounted him, asked the two men to make a place for me between them and asked them to get on their knees and to suck me together.

Again a first. It seems that this orgy was giving me all sorts of ideas to get more pleasure. So they both came down on their knees and managed to suck my clit and sex, taking turn. They reach for my boobs as well and fingered me together. Then I asked Steve to make me come and asked Ray to offer me his cock to suck. So Ray stood on the couch, I took his limp cock in my mouth while Steve, between my legs, was enjoying giving me oral pleasure. It was not long before I came again, keeping Ray’s cock in my mouth and pushing on Steve’s head to continue triggering orgasm after orgasm.

Needless to say, I was spent. And the men were spent to. We snuggled on the couch together for a while. They caressed me, fingered me gently, I stroke their cock but we were really tired and it was getting late. So after a while, we decided to call it a night (and what a night!).

I accompanied them to the door, naked, when they were ready to leave. My sex was still pulsating with horniness but it was time for them to go. They both kissed me and caressed me and fondled me. I told Ray we should get together with Joy and P sometimes (after Joy’s orgy). As for Steve, I had really loved him as a lover and had really loved his cock. So I told him I would like to fuck with him again. May be with his wife and Philippe or may be by himself or may be with Ray. Time will tell. But I told both how much pleasure I had had, how wonderfully sluty I felt and how much I would like to do it again. They said: “Any time”.

Then I went to bed exhausted but still feeling some sweet sensations in my sex. I had done it: fucked two men without my husband, one being a total stranger. I could not sleep that night. I relived the orgy I had had and it made me restless. In the morning I wrote down the whole thing and sent an email to Philippe and Glen. Glen said he was “proud of me”  and sent me a nice picture of himself ejaculating at the reading of my adventures. Philippe came back from his business trip. I was a bit nervous of his reaction but he was very loving as always. That night, he devilishly asked me to wear the same thong and kimono I had for my two lovers. And he fucked me crazy. While he did, he asked me to tell him about my night, about how good I had felt, how sluty I had been. I was more than willing to oblige as I received his cock where those two other cocks had been. We made love for a long time very passionately.

We now have to organize Joy’s orgy and P has to find a nice friend to accompany him. I have thought about Steve. And Glen. I do not think I would fuck Steve all by myself but I would not mind having Ray and him fucking me again like they did a few days ago. It had been such an exhilarating experience and I felt my sexual self completely satisfied. Time will tell but just at the thought of it, I feel very horny and wet so it may only be a matter of time 

And that’s the true story of a very naughty and very sexual wife.

I will post pictures of Steve’s cock and Glen’s cock ejaculating in my honor! Again a first...and I would not mind receiving more

phiemicol 60M/60F  
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9/17/2018 5:04 am

This is P, T's husband. Over the years we have met and have had sex with a number of couples. And I heve seen my wife fuck men in front of me (and she has seen me fucking women inches away from her). It was quite a step for her to invite two men to fuck her while I was away. I was OK with the whole thing as long as I knew one of the men. If she had this desire, then so be it. Actually, I felt she had to push her sexuality wherever it might lead. She did what she wanted to do. When I returned we made love with intensity. Now I have a treat waiting for me: Joy Where we will take this next, we shall see but at least my dear wife experienced the pleasure of being pleasured by two men. She is such a hot woman and I love her so!

LakeRidgeBBWSeek 62M
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9/17/2018 10:19 am

Well You had a good time, the guys had a good time, so all sounds pretty good. Wish I knew someone like you near me.

bmritu 48M/43F
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9/21/2018 4:31 am


beadsandbikes1 62M/F  
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9/24/2018 8:36 am

What a hot night. Wish my cock could have been in that mix...!! Well who know one day.

phiemicol 60M/60F  
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9/24/2018 2:10 pm

Yes, who knows one day Our lady is looking forward to it!

gowandahotwife 64M/53F

1/24/2019 3:30 pm

Awesome story! Sexy!! Sexy!!
I actually very much enjoy it when my wife fucks without me being there. But then again...I'm a cuckold. I vividly remember the first time she called me to say she would be home late from work as she had met a guy and was going over to his house to fuck him!!! I was in HEAVEN!!

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