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Happy sexy and slutty new year..
Posted:Jan 1, 2022 11:42 am
Last Updated:Jan 6, 2022 11:35 am

all our friends!

Hope 2022 will bring all that you want and none of what you do not want.

And we certainly hope we can get rid of this nasty virus once and for all so we can all go back having as much sex as we want with as many people as we want.

We had an orgy in late December, right before they shut everything down here. It was a blast. 4 couples and a single (black) men.

I (T, the lady of the couple) got enjoy all five men, with 4 at the same time...

Now we are looking forward our next adventures. And I can wait live them and write about them.

Kisses all (especially my fan club

T and P
Applications being considered for our 1st orgy post covid
Posted:Jun 10, 2021 12:50 pm
Last Updated:Jan 1, 2022 11:38 am

So far, we are 4 couples (us + 3 couples we have known for a while). Then 2 single men that we have known for a while as well [one BBC and WBC . We are still looking for another couple and a single man. Most likely early July for the party...anxiously awaiting very naughty propositions
Planning our post covid confinement orgy!
Posted:May 24, 2021 10:15 am
Last Updated:Jun 10, 2021 12:47 pm

Hi Friends, soon now. Very soon, we will have our 1st post confinement orgy. Invited of course are all our good friends (couples and a few handsome single men that we know and appreciate a lot). Non negotiable condition of "admission": tested for STD and fully covid vaccinated. That being said, our friend and us were discussing this party with a lot of anticipation and are willing to consider a couple of additional couples and a couple of additional single men. That would make 5-6 couples (3 are our friends, ourselves + an additional one or two) and 4-5 single men (three that we know [2 x BBCx] + one great WBC and then an additional one or two]. We think we can fit everybody in our condo..but if not, we are moving to a gigantic house very soon [with a pool] and that would be perfect. Of course, all the regulations about indoor meeting have to be lifted. In the meantime, we will meet in very close group [We are having our 1st 3-some with Julian, Teresa's favorite BBC - see the pictures and video - very very soon and she cannot wait]....if you want to be considered for our mega orgy, just let us know with pictures, etc. Thanks. Be safe!
Looking for a lover!
Posted:Sep 13, 2020 7:34 am
Last Updated:May 24, 2021 10:08 am

Hi. Our lady is looking for a hot lover for a one night stand ( begin with). Will fuck her in front of husband, A female friend may be part of that orgy. Must have a great body, a great mind and an awesome coc He must be able make her come over and over and over. Require STD and covid test. Must demonstrate stamina and the artfulness of making a woman come repeatedly. In exchange: a lot of cock sucking and cock fucking. Barebac The lady is raging have a new cock in her and for her. Applicants need convince her. She is very picky and has had a fair share of wonderful lovers....she is waiting!
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Happy new year to all!
Posted:Jan 1, 2020 11:59 am
Last Updated:Dec 28, 2020 6:38 am
Happy new year all our sexy friends. We (P and had a lot of fun in 2019. I continued enjoy the hot wife lifestyle and even convinced a girlfriend (Claudine) accompany on this extremely erotic journey of sexual liberation). As for P, my husband, he has enjoyed my experiences and had a few of his own (including with Claudine!). We just spent a few days at Claudine and Gerard *her husband)...oh my! Sex non stops . You may read about some of my adventures in Erotic Stories section of this site. Thery are all true. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed living them We (P and wish you all the best.. and we wish for you all a very naughty 2020. We already have a few ideas in mind Cheers to all! I have attached a picture of me riding Julian...what a great lover he is
Gang bang with friends
Posted:Oct 10, 2019 4:44 am
Last Updated:May 27, 2021 7:21 pm

We recently realized a fantasy of our lady: a gang bang. But we did that with trusted friends (husbands of swinger couple friends we have known for years). She thus had the pleasure to have sex with 6 men in one night (5 friends + hubby). It was absolutely wild (and she will write about the experience soon). Question: as a couple would you consider living such an experience.
Absolutely not.
Yes, with trusted friends.
Yes, with friends and even strangers.
Yes, with strangers,
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Hot wife 2nd photo session
Posted:May 7, 2019 5:15 am
Last Updated:Nov 2, 2019 1:28 pm
Our lady had a second photo session (she wrote all about it in a posting in Erotic Stories). This is one of the pictures taken during that memorable session. We hope you like
Hot wife and girlfriend do a very hot video session with two men
Posted:Feb 18, 2019 7:09 am
Last Updated:Dec 2, 2019 3:31 am
Hi, this is T, the hot wife from phiemicol on

Following my steamy photo session (organized by P, my loving husband), Melanie (my friend and sometimes lover) and I decided to organize another steamy session with 4 men, had it video tape so we could watch it with our friend couples (Ray+Joy, Steve+Melanie, P and myself). This “plan” of ours had prompted a lot of enthusiasm from all involved.

Unfortunately, Julian and Andrew, my occasional black lovers, could not make it. So it was down (so to speak) to Gilles, the photographer (who I had fucked during my boudoir photography session and what a session it was!) and Marc, the man I had met at a bar before xmas and who had masturbated me while I did the same to him (under the table at the bar).

Marc had been a bit ambivalent about the whole thing but the idea of fucking with me had won him over, so to speak. I had also sent pictures of Melanie and that pretty much had finished to convince him. The date was set for last week!

Melanie picked me up at home and we drove to Gilles. Along the way, we were like naughty girls ready to do some naughty deeds. Laughing and already getting horny. I must say that I was really excited to fuck with Marc. Any new lover is exciting to me. This was a bit special given the circumstances.

We arrived at Gilles apartment and he opened the door. He only had a nice bathrobe on. He kissed me a fondled my ass. Then he also kissed Melanie who let him have his way. He guided us to the large bedroom where our orgy was to take place. A very large bed and a couple of chairs. He had installed two video cameras to record what we expected to be a very hot session. The two cameras were placed so that whatever happened in the room would be recorded for posterity 😊. He said he was going to start the recording. And we said “We feel like porn stars” with a big laugh.

While Gilles was explaining all of this, Melanie and I got naked, jumped on the bed and cuddled. Gilles dropped his bathrobe and revealed a beautiful erection. I guess he was as excited as we were 😊 He asked if he could join us on the bed but Melanie said: “No fucking until Marc arrives”. Then she reached down for my sex and I did the same. She kissed my boobs, caressed my sex. She is the one who has initiated me to lesbian sex and it always feels nice to make love with her, though I am not sure how I would react with another woman.

[A little note now: I absolutely prefer men. I love making love and fucking with men. I love to suck a hard cock. I love a cock between my boobs. And I love a cock in my sex (and sometimes in my ass though it is only on occasion). I also delight in receiving the attention of two (and sometimes three) men. I am a cock worshiper 😊. That being said, thanks to Melanie, I have discovered that making love with a woman is also delicious. And giving pleasure to a woman is delightful].

Gilles was content to simply watch both of us making tender love while he was stroking his cock. Then we heard the door bell ring. Gilles left the room while Melanie and I continued to kiss and caress. I was very wet and Melanie was too. We hoped it would make for a nice section of the video.

Marc and Gilles entered the room. Marc had a moment of delightful surprise when he saw me naked and he saw Melanie naked as well and the two of us in each others arms. “Wow, quite a party already” he said. I got up to greet him. At that moment, I tried to exude as much sexuality as I could. I got close to him. I felt again the sexual desire I had felt when we had met at the bar. He took me in his arms and we kissed while he was caressing my ass. “I have been waiting for that moment since you made me come at the bar” he said. “Humm, me too” I responded. I was so horny! Then I dropped to my knees, opened his zipper, helped him get rid of his pants and briefs, then without hesitation, I took his cock in my mouth. Instant sensation of engrossing sexual pleasure. He felt even better in my mouth than he had in my hand at the bar. He finished to undress while I was sucking him.

Meanwhile, Gilles checked his video equipment to make sure everything that needed to be recorded was indeed recorded. Then he climbed on the bed and got into Melanie’s arms who was waiting for the fucking to start. Marc made me stand up and he stuck his body to mine. We kissed passionately. I had an urgent desire to feel his cock inside me. His cock was hard against my belly and I stuck my body even closer to his.

Then Marc pushed me on the bed next to Melanie and Gilles who were getting into a 69, he opened my legs and penetrated me with one thrust. What a feeling it was to receive his cock! I had dreamed of this moment ever since we had danced at the bar. He stayed in me without moving for a while, looking at me in the eyes. “I have wanted to fuck you so bad!” “Me too” I replied. He kissed me, bit my nipples then started to come in and out of me. I crossed my legs over his hips. He moved slowly in and out of me and I was in heaven, feeling my new lover enjoying my cunt and me enjoying his cock.

I turned my head to where Melanie and Gilles were. Melanie had laid down on the bed and Gilles was between her legs, pushing his cock into her. She turn to me and we smiled to each other. We are so complicit in our enjoyment of our naughty adventures. It was too bad that Joy was not with us (our other partner in sexual crimes 😊). Gilles entered her and she moaned. We were actually very close to each other, almost touching.

As Marc was coming in and out of me and Gilles was doing the same with Melanie, her hand reached for my breasts. I did the same. Our heads got closer and we kissed. Then my hand descended along her belly and I reached her sex, started massaging her clitoris while I felt Gilles’ cock pounding her. She did the same. For a while the two men simply invaded our sexes while we played with each other’s clit. It was so raw and sweet at the same time. The men were also very aroused by what we were doing because each of us were touching the cock that penetrated the other.

Melanie accelerated her fondling of my clit and I panted. “Oh yes, yes. I am going to come”. She triggered my orgasm. I rolled my hip feeling my sex contracting on Marc’s sex in me. It was awesome. So much so that I left Melanie’s clit and push Marc inside me closer. Mark was panting as well, enjoying my love tunnel. Then he left my sex, turned me around, put a pillow underneath my belly and re-entered me. I felt very submissive and simply focused on my sex and the sweet invasion I was the subject of. Again I turned my face to Melanie. She was kissing Gilles as he was fucking her. It was very erotic to see. It was also extremely erotic to let Marc have his way with my cunt. I let my hand explore the space between Melanie and Gilles. Found the place where their sex were joining. Caressed Melanie’s clit while Marc was continuing his exquisite fucking of me. As soon as I touched Melanie’s clit, she came. I continued caressing her, even to the point were she could not stand it. Then with my other hand, I reached down for my own sex. And I made myself come. [As I said, at the height of sexual arousal, I can come almost non stop and the slightest touch will trigger an orgasm].

Both men were on the edge of coming too. Gilles came first. He and Melanie kissed passionately while he poured his seed in her. Marc was taking his time but did not resist the sweetness of my cunt very long. I could feel it coming. Then he exploded in me in a big roar and I welcome his load with a very sensual moan. “Oh yes, let it go. I want to feel your cum in me” I said. Then he collapsed on my body and Gilles and Melanie hugged tightly. The thought of how it would all look on the video briefly came to my mind but evaporated quickly while I still felt my new lover’s manhood in me.

Marc left my cunt and I was sorry to not feel him inside me. I turned around and snuggled in his arms. It was like with each new lover: I want to be fucked then I want to be hugged. Melanie and Gilles got into a little shatter about how the video would look like and that made me laugh. Melanie and I stepped out of the room to go to the bathroom. We were languid and giggly at the same time. “So, did you like fucking Marc” Melanie asked. “Oh yes, I wanted it so much. You should try him”. That is when we decided that our video session should go on a bit longer. I had wanted Marc very bad but that thought of having Gilles was very appealing to me. Melanie wanted a taste of Marc.

When we got back in the bedroom, we told the men we wanted a bit more video taping (we said with a wink). So Melanie and I asked the men to make room for us on the bed. We faced each other and Gilles stuck his body to mine and Marc to Melanie’s. I felt Gilles fingers explore my cunt and they were soon joined by Melanie’s while my fingers joined Marc’s fingers in Melanie sweet sex. Both men played with our boobs. I reach for Gilles limp cock at my back.

After a while Melanie said we should make the video as explicit as possible (after the fucking that we both had, I was not sure what more explicit it could get though). So we had the two men lay down side by side. I kneeled besides Gilles and Melanie next to Marc. Then we plunged on their cock and took them in our mouth, making sure that we looked directly into the optics of one of the cameras while exposing our asses to the other. Marc and Gilles fingered us. I also took Gilles cock between my boobs (I so love fucking a cock between my boobs). Melanie imitated me with Marc’s cock. Then we both straddled our lovers faces, pushed down our pussy to their mouth and let them eat us while kissing and looking again at the camera. We then got down into 69 with our two lovers who were more than happy to indulge into our exhibitionist displays.

It was sexual, sensual, fun. I was very horny and it was clear that Melanie was too (I wonder when she is NOT horny). We then asked the men to make room for us, we laid down side by side and asked the men to eat our pussy. Gilles got between Melanie’s thighs and Marc between mine. He took my entire clitoris in his mouth and it felt divine. He also put two fingers into my cunt. Melanie reached for my body and I did for hers. We simply let our lovers give us oral sex while we caressed each other.
I looked down at Marc’s head between my legs and looked at him in the eyes. I said “Make me come”. That got him excited and he worked his tongue on my pussy.

Meanwhile Gilles was also taking good care of Melanie’s pussy. I soon lost touch with reality under the oral caresses of Marc and his fingers in me. He brought me up to orgasm. A very intense, full orgasm. I could feel his mouth all over, around and in my sex. Yes! Sex, I love sex so much. I heard and felt Melanie also coming to my side.
We asked both of our lovers to stand on their knees and we took them in our mouth to make them hard again. We rolled our hips to make sure it was a good shot captured by one of the cameras. Soon, Marc got hard under my expert sucking. Then Melanie got Gilles hard again. All the while the men played with our bodies, our breasts, our nipples.

The Melanie said: “We need to make a nice scene where we are all involved”. She laid down on her back and told me. “Get on top of me” I did not understand what she wanted but she pulled me over her body in a 69 and pushed my head to her pussy and pushed my pussy to her mouth. Oh my! Then she said: “Marc, fuck me”. So Marc got between her legs, put his cock at the entrance of her vagina and entered her. My mouth was going between Melanie’s clit and Marc’s cock coming in and out of her. And I felt the tip of a cock at the entrance of my sex. It was Gilles entering me (I remember his cock from my boudoir photography session). Soon he was in me. And I felt Melanie’s tongue on my pussy.

The 4 of us just copulated this way for a long while. I licked the tip of Marc’s cock when he was out of Melanie while Melanie was licking Gilles’ balls when he was all in me. You can imagine how sexual this entire moment was. Melanie’s tongue accelerated his motion on my clit and I came. I came as Gilles was coming as well and it was awesome. He pushed himself hard in me as he was coming. So I took Melanie’s clit in my mouth and made her come as well. She rolled her hips, arched her back but Marc did not give her any reprieve, coming in and out of her until he too came.

I collapsed on Melanie’s body. I felt Gilles leaving my cunt and Melanie sucking him off. Then Marc left Melanie’s cunt and I captured his cock in my mouth to lick the few drop of sperm he could spare. We soon found each other hanging around in bed after intense sex. Lots of idle chatter and touching and sucking and licking. Melanie and I wanted to take a shower so we again went to the bathroom. We thought our video session had been a success and we wanted to go home. We were also sexually satisfied as much as we could be (for that amount of time).

Going back to the bedroom, we found the men waiting for us. We told them we wanted to go home. Marc seemed slightly disappointed but all decided to end our session. Gilles went to the cameras and stopped the recordings. He went to his office with the cameras to prepared USB keys for Melanie and me. Meanwhile we snuggled with Marc. We sandwiched his body with ours. He really liked it. Gilles came back some moments later and handed Melanie and I a USB key. “Here you are ladies. Your own personal orgy on video”. We laughed.

As we were all getting dressed, Marc said to me: “I can take you home if you want”. That was very unexpected. Melanie looked at me with a smile as if saying: “This one has really a thing for you”. I was not really sure what to do but absentmindedly I responded: “Don’t worry, Melanie can take me back”. But Melanie said “That would be great if you can take her home because I have some errands to run”. I guess she was pushing me to ride back home with Marc. Oh well! “Ok, then, take me home”.
We left and I got in the car with Marc. I was not sure why I had accepted his invitation and what he was expecting. On the way to our place, I felt my horniness rushing back to me. I had not bothered putting my underwear on. My nipples got hard and my pussy got wet. Then at a red light, Marc put his hand on my knee. Actually, a bit above the knee.

Truth be told, I had spent the past couple of hours fucking with two men, one of them being Marc so I had no real reason to be shy. Still, it was a bit unexpected to take one of these men back home. I did not know if P would be there and if not, at what time he would come back. After a while, we arrived at our condo. Marc parked the car. And I had a decision to make. I guess my hard nipples and wet pussy made that decisions for me. “Do you want to come upstairs and have a drink”. “Yes, that would be nice” Marc said.

We got into our large apartment and went to the living room. I asked him what he wanted to drink and served him and myself. I had him sit on one of the large couches and I sat on the other one. “You are quite a woman” Marc said “and your friend too. What a session we all just had. I wonder how the video will be like”. “We are going to watch the videos with our friends I said and Melanie and I promised to not look at them until then”.

It was a bit awkward. Then he said: “Do you have some music?” Again, I was not sure what to do or what he expected. I went to the sound system and put some music on. I picked a slow (I guess I was not completely in the dark as to what he wanted 😊). As I was doing that, I felt Marc behind me. He stuck his body to my back and we started dancing to the music. Soon enough his hands were exploring my body, my boobs. From what I could feel, he had regained a nice hard on. I let myself go to the sound of the music and the caresses of my lover (yes, he was now one of my lovers after our afternoon orgy).

I turned around and we embraced and kissed. Then I felt his hands underneath my dress. As I said, I was naked underneath so I felt his hands on my ass and this contact removed any thoughts of resisting his desire. We danced for a while. As we did, I got even hornier. Then he simply took my dress off. And I started taking his clothes off. No words were exchanged. It was raw sexual desire. In spite of the fuck fest we had participated in, we had not had enough of each other.
We danced naked, body against body. We kissed, he played with my boobs. I grabbed his hard cock, fondled it. Then I simply could not stand it any longer. I guided him to one of the couches, had him sit, I straddled him and impaled myself on his cock with a big sigh of pleasure.

“Oh yes, I want your cock” I said. “I want to fuck you again”. I went up and down on his member, sometimes staying down to feel him whole. He was caressing my ass all along and biting my nipples. He is a very good lover (as I had already experienced during the afternoon). We made love as much as we fucked. It was intense, each trying to give and receive as much pleasure as possible.

And then I heard the door of the apartment open. I had not expected P to come back this early. Certainly not while I was fucking a man in our place. A man who I had fucked, along with another, during a video session orgy. I stopped my motions and was almost ready to get up but Marc prevented me from standing up, pushing me down on his cock which sent a wave of pleasure in my body.

P entered the living room and saw what was happening. He was a bit surprised though he had known of what Melanie and I were doing this afternoon. As a matter of fact, he had helped planned the whole thing. I turned to him. I was impaled on Marc, riding him, obviously in the throws of a sexual coupling I was enjoying. P did not say anything. He simply took off his clothes. He exhibited a wonderful hard on (I love his cock before any other).

He then sat on the other couch and started masturbating and said “Continue the party”. That was all I needed and I resumed my motion on Marc’s cock. I let it all out, fucking like I do when I am in sexual heat. Then P said: “Come suck my cock while Marc fucks you from behind”. It was not an order but a gentle request and the least I could do was to do what he asked. So I got up, kneeled between P’s legs and took his cock in my mouth, lovingly. Then I felt Marc behind me and soon I had his cock in my sex.

It was raw and intimate. I sucked on Ps’ cock with all the love I could show while receiving my lover’s cock in my womanhood with all the slutiness I could show. Marc was working me hard. All the while I looked P in the eyes who was playing with my boobs. I reached down to my sex to caress my clit. I do that often when I am in an MMF. The three of us went at it for a while.

P asked: “How was your video session”. I was busy with being fucked and sucking on his cock but said: “It was wonderful. I can’t wait for all of us to watch the video”. P asked: “Do you like Marc’s cock”. “Oh yes I do, I love his cock”. Hearing that, Marc pounded me even deeper. So much so that he came inside me with a loud roar which made me roar of pleasure as I came feeling him throbbing inside me. Marc continued his motions inside me while I try to concentrate on my pleasure and on P’s cock.

Then with some expert tongue caresses, I made P come as well. I took his seed in my mouth, relishing his taste while Marc’s cock continued to work my cunt. After a while, Marc left my cunt. I stood up and P did too and he took me in his arms and we kissed. “Wow, that was hot” he said.

I left his arms and went to kiss Marc. “Thank you for fucking me so well” I said. Then Marc got dressed and it was time for him to go. He said he would love to get together with me again. I told him I would enjoy that but it would have to wait. He left.

During the evening, P and I talked about the afternoon and my impromptu fucking session with Marc at our place. It got us both excited and we made love couple of times that night. I was thoroughly exhausted from all the sex I had received and given that day. I slept like a log.

Now, we have to organize our party with Ray, Joy, Melanie and Steve to watch the video we recorded that afternoon. As promised, we will wait to watch it until we are all together. I can’t wait.

And that is the latest adventure of a hot wife who finds more and more ways to enjoy her sexuality.
Hot wife does a very hot boudoir photo session!
Posted:Jan 21, 2019 5:23 am
Last Updated:Nov 2, 2019 1:29 pm

Hello again! This is T, the lady of the “phiemicol” couple on, recently turned “hot wife” and enjoying it a great deal (as you may have read my other blogs).
Before Christmas, I asked P, my loving husband, what he wanted as a gift. He named a few things but one in particular was to be very special. “I want to have boudoir photos taken of you in various sexy underwear or nude”. Wow, that was very special.

I asked him how I would go about doing that and he said he knew of an amateur photographer who specialized in this kind of photo session. I guessed he had it all planned (though I did not realize then how much of a plan it was!). He told me the name of the photographer was Gilles.

I contacted Gilles via email and we agreed on a date (it was last Thursday). P told me that he would select the sexy underwear he wanted me wear for the pictures. He put them in a small bag and told me there was a note as to the order in which I was to wear them for the photo shoot. Interesting, I told myself!

On the day of my photo shoot, P left for work and I prepared myself. A shower and a clean shave. Some make up (but not too much). And the bag that P had prepared for me with the various underwear he wanted me to wear during the photo session. As he had asked me, I did not look, trusting he had picked those that he liked and made me look as sexy and desirable as possible. I put on the nice white body suit that he had selected as my first outfit and only a loose dress. Off I went.

I arrived at Gilles place, a nice apartment building on Nuns Island. I felt excited as much as apprehensive. Mainly excited I must say. Gilles’ apartment is on the 12th floor of a nice condo complex. Took the elevator, rang the bell with a bit of a twitch in my throat. The door opened. Gilles is a nice-looking gentleman, mid 40s, a bit of gray hair, nice smile. He was dressed in a nice silk pajama. “Hum”, I told myself, “interesting”.

“Hello, T, how are you? A pleasure to have the opportunity to take pictures of you. I saw some of your pictures on You are a beautiful lady”. I then realized that P had directed Gilles to our account and he had already seen all the part of my body that can be seen and much more. I blushed a bit. He kissed me on the cheeks. “Hello Gilles, I have never done this before. I hope to be a good model”. “I am sure you will” he said with a smile.

A wonderful view of the city can be seen from his place. Large and comfortable. He offered me a drink which I accepted. I asked: “So how do we do this”. “Let us go to the boudoir, as I call it” he replied. We went to one of the rather large bedrooms that he had arranged as a studio. There is a couch, a bed and a chair and various lighting equipment. Several cameras and a video equipment (that I noticed but did not pay too much attention to…much more on that later).

“P told me that he wants me to take sexy and sensual pictures of you in various underwear. Are you comfortable with this?”. “I guess I am. We will see how it goes” I replied. “Where is the changing room” I asked naively. “Well, you can go in the bathroom or change here” he said with another smile. “Let us start”.

He guided me to the couch and asked me to take several pauses. I complied, trying to look as sensual as I can. I still felt a bit awkward though. Then he said: “Take off your dress”. Oh my! I then realized that I had to undress in front of this complete stranger which was an odd feeling since I have gotten naked in front of many men, just before fucking with them. I felt shy. But I took my dress off. And took a sip of my drink. My white bodysuit is very revealing, half cut bra exposing my boobs and a snap on crotch. I kept my heels on. “Wow, you are beautiful. What a gorgeous lady you are” said Gilles. “Thank you” I responded. Then he asked me to go back to the couch. He then asked me to take more provocative pauses. “Grab your breasts and look at me”, “Open your thighs and look away”. “Turn around and show me your ass”. He took lots of pictures, some from a distance and some very close. As this went along, I could feel some sexual tension rising in me. After all, I was exhibiting myself to this man who was asking me to take on the most suggestive pauses in a skimpy body suit. When he was up close, the tension rose. Then he said: “OK, let us move on to the next piece of lingerie”. And with that he poured me another drink.

I grabbed the small bag prepared by P and found a note: “First, your black full body suite, then your red thong, then your purple garter belt with hoses”. That was the “program” he had imagined! It was easy for me to realize that I was going to be exposed to an increased level of nakedness in front of Gilles who will take the pictures. More sexual tension.

Then I had a choice to make. Either go to the bathroom and change and change in front of him. What the hell? He was going to see me naked anyway so I decided to change in front of him. Gilles looked at me but did not stare at me. I took my white body suit off and here I was naked in front of him. Then I put the full body, black, sheer, and crotchless body suit on. “P, you devil” I thought. I don’t wear this often but I must say it is extremely sexy and sexual. I was ready.

“OK, gorgeous! Let us get this new round of pictures going”. Gilles then got closer to me, asked me for even more suggestive pauses. “Humm, I’d like you to open your thighs and bend your head backward”. That was obviously going to exposed my pussy in full view. And I got very horny at that point. “Reach down for your sex”. I got even hornier. “Lick your finger and caress your sex”. Even hornier. For a full ten minutes, Gilles took pictures. As he got close to me, I felt an urge to reach out for his body. I was in heat and when I get to that level of sexual arousal, I cannot be stopped.

Then Gilles said: “You can change in your next outfit and we will take a short break”. So I went back to my bag and took out my red thong. The one I had wore when I had my first night alone with Steve and Ray. I love it because it really shows off my ass. I took off the bodysuit, put on the thong and I was gloriously near naked in front of Gilles. We both sat on the couch. “P is a very lucky man” Gilles said. “Thank you!” I said with my nipples getting extremely hard and my pussy now extremely wet. I looked down a Gilles pajama pants and it was obvious he had a hard on. “Do you do that often” I asked. “Not very often. I do boudoir photography for friends. They seem to like my work”. We chatted for a while. I was getting increasingly horny, and increasingly comfortable being in front of this man who was taking pictures of me. Then he said we should continue the photo shoot.

“Get on the bed and lay on your belly, raising your ass”. I did while grinding my sex on the bed. I was getting so hot. Gilles was very close taking picture of my body, my ass, my face. I could feel his body close, his scent and could not help but look at the space between his legs where his cock was bulging. Still he kept taking pictures, every so often showing them to me on the small camera screen. I saw myself in the most provocative pauses taken by this man who has a keen eye to bring the most sexual energy from the pictures he takes.

“Arch your body as if to beg for sex”. He was asking to take on more and more sexual positions. As he did, I wanted to fuck more and more. It dawned on me that I was alone with Gilles with a serious desire to fuck and I did not know if I could resist much longer. Hot wife I was. P had arranged the whole thing. I wondered if he knew what he had done. Probably so. My loving husband had provoked me into this situation but had left me to decide what the outcome would be. Over the past two months I had experienced new level of sexual freedom, thanks to my husband. We had wild parties with other and I had wild parties with two, then three men. My first, then 2nd black men, love with another then two other women. Now I was alone with a stranger….I felt completely engrossed in my sexual fantasies.

“OK, we just have one more set to go” Gilles said. I got up, very languid. Took my thong off and put my purple garter belt with black hoses. I was gloriously exposed and glad to be. Gilles asked me first to pause on the sofa. My breasts were swollen, my nipples hard. Until then he had not touched me but he proceeded to help me with the positions he wanted me to take. Electric chocks went thru my body when he gently spread my thighs, or pushed my back or position my hands on my boobs.
“Go back to the bed”. I laid down. He was above me. “Grad your breasts again and make your nipples hard”. There were already so hard I did not think I needed to do anything but I did anyway. “Grab your sex”. He got even lower, taking shots of me while I was clearly into pleasuring myself. I had begun to moan. I wanted his cock. Very badly!

He was on his knees next to me. His cock within reach. I suddenly let it go and reached for it. I began to fondle it thru his pajama while he continued to take pictures. Then he took his top of, unbutton his trousers and his cocks emerged in all of its glory. I did not resist my desire and took him in my mouth. What a relief! What a pleasure! I almost came at that instant. I devoured him. He let himself be pleasured, having dropped his camera and simply looking at me with a smile. “I want your cock so badly” I said. “It is all yours” he said. Then he started caressing my body, reaching down for my sex which made me moan even louder. His fingers were in me. What a feeling!

From that point on, I just wanted to fuck. His cock is very nice, long and thick, he is shaved (as I like). I pushed him on my body and we got into a 69, him on top. His mouth engulfed my sex while I had his cock in my own mouth. Heaven. The thought of fucking him alone briefly crossed my mind. What was I doing? Simply enjoying the moment my husband had created for me. That thought went away, under his expert caresses and my own desire to eat as much of his cock as I could.
I came. Really really hard. Trashing but not letting his cock leave my mouth. He made me come very long, several times. Then he left my mouth and placed himself between my thighs, looking at me, teasing my clit with his cock. “Do you want it?” he asked. I was so horny that the answer was obvious though I had still some reservation about copulating with him. He places his manhood at the entrance of my cunt and pushed a little. I placed my hands on his ass and pushed him into me. He was all in. I felt a rush of pleasure. He lowered his body to mine and started fucking me with long strokes, the way I like it.

I simply wanted to fuck and be fucked. Gilles is a very good lover and he knew what I liked (more on that later). Long strokes. Sometimes coming out of me. Then re-entering me with one thrust. He played with my boobs. We kissed passionately. He worked my sex so tenderly. Caressed my clit with the tip of his cock which made me come again. What a great sex session it was. Then he accelerated his motions and I received him whole. “Yes, fuck me, fuck me” I said. He finally exploded in me with a loud grunt. Receiving his cum was so pleasurable, warm, engrossing. We stayed connected for a while after his orgasm, kissing, him moving slowly within me.

Then he left my sex. “I am going to check the pictures, stay here and relax, I won’t be long”. I turned to lay on my belly, completely languid and sexually satisfied. I slightly opened my thighs and I could feel his sperm dripping a bit from my cunt. I heard him at the computer but did not bother looking at what he was doing. I just stayed there. I was in lust. Still horny. I reached down and caressed my clit. It was so hot! I though about going home to P and telling him what happened (we are always very opened with each other, though it would be the first time I would have to tell him I had gone to a stranger’s home and fucked with him on the 1st date). I still wondered if P had arranged the whole thing knowing what I would end up doing? May be or may be not. I was a bit in a daze.

I almost fell asleep. When I shook out of it, I was ready to get up when I felt a hand on my back slowly going down between my thighs. I had not intention to resist. My hand was still under me on my sex. I felt fingers joining mine and gently pushing them in me. I had Gilles fingers in me with my own. It was so arousing. I moved my ass as we jointly fingered me. Gilles’ other hand caressed my back. And he kissed my ass. Lots of kisses on my ass which made me moved my body even more. His fingers explored me, made me explore my sex. And I came again. Sweetly and gently. I wanted his cock again. I did not have to ask.

He arranged several pillow underneath me so my ass would be raised and my sex exposed and offered. I did not resist. I wanted his cock. He placed himself between my thighs that I had wide opened. And he penetrated me. Oh again, the sweet sensation of Gilles cock invading my cunt. And again he worked me perfectly. Pushing his manhood to the depth of me. I simply received him, passively but not without moaning, rolling my hips. I decided to simply let him take advantage of me and he did. “Do you like it” he asked. “Oh yes, I love your cock. Keep fucking me. Do what you want with me” I said. For long minutes, he came in and out of me. Slowly. Sometimes more rapidly. Sometime simply keeping the tip of his sex at the entrance of mine, then plunging inside me. I was fucking him, he was fucking me. He then accelerated his rhythm and I could feel he was ready to come. I again massaged my clit and made myself come as I felt Gilles come into me for the 2nd time. We both moan loudly, thoroughly enjoying the sexual coupling we were engaged in. He crashed on my body, still in me. What a hot session it was.

Then he disengaged, and we cuddled for a while. “I did not expect that the photo session would end up this way” I said. “Me neither although P had told me you were such a hot woman. I took some great photos. Do you want to see them?” “No, I will look at them tonight with P”. We continued to kiss and cuddle. Then it was time for me to leave. Gilles told me I could use the shower if I wanted to, so I did. I came out of the bathroom naked and Gilles grabbed my body. I could have easily fucked him again but I had stuff to do. So I dressed. We hugged and kisses. “I would love to make love with you again” Gilles said. “Me too” I replied simply responding to my own desires. Then he handed me a USB key: “There, all the photos I took are on this. You and P enjoy them”. And I left.

Driving back home, I had so many thoughts and feelings. Why had I fucked with this handsome man? Why had I not fucked with him again? What was I going to tell P? Mellow, sweet, languid feelings. At home, I did a few things then plugged the USB key to the computer. Lots of pictures. I looked at some of them and they were beautiful. Gilles had captured the essence of my womanhood, sensuality and sexuality. Did not explore the entire set of files though.

When P showed up that evening, I embraced him and kissed him. “Oh, did you have a nice time” he asked. “Yes, I did. But I have to tell you, I fucked with Gilles”. He smiled and grabbed me even tighter. “You did! You are such a hot woman and I am so lucky to be your husband”. We had a light supper and P said “Let’s go see the results of this photo session”. He took me to our large bedroom (the site of our most recent and wildest orgies with others). We got naked. For Christmas, we have bought another large TV screen for our bedroom so he plugged the USB key in it, we snuggled and he proceeded to play the set of pictures. Being next to him, after having fucked most of the afternoon, simply revived my sexual desire. I grabbed his hardening cock as we looked at my pictures in various state of exposure. Then he said “Oh, what are these video files”. He clicked on one of them….oh my!

Gilles had video recorded the entire session and had put those files on the USB key. The entire afternoon started to show on our screen. I was a bit awkward. I was also excited. From my arriving in the room, pausing in various outfits. Then P changed to another video file. It was when I had grabbed Gilles’ cock just before we got into a 69. The angle was a bit odd but it was very explicit….I could see myself sucking on Gilles’ cock with what was a lot of enthusiasm!

I have seen a lot of pictures of myself fucking other men (or of P fucking other women) but never a video…with the sound. As I said already, I get to be very vocal when I have sex. I could hear myself sucking on this man’s cock and moaning at the same time. Then I got into the 69 with Gilles on the screen. The angle of the camera showed me sucking on his cock while he sucked my pussy. Then Gilles places himself between my legs and he penetrates me and we fuck. I was mesmerized by the sight of me fucking this stranger while being in bed with my husband who had arranged the entire thing.

“Well, did you like fucking with Gilles?” P asked. I was so horny by then. “Yes, I did”. Then P made me take the doggy position, my face turned to the TV, and he simply entered me. There I was being fucked by my husband while watching a video of my sexual encounter with Gilles. P got into a rhythm while we both watch the video. The moment Gilles first came in me, my orgasms, all that heighten my own horniness at that moment. Then the video cut to the time where Gilles came back to the bed, placed pillows under me and entered me. It was even hotter. “Did he fuck you good” asked P. “Oh yes, he did. Fuck me now” I was able to say. I watched myself being penetrated by Gilles while being pounded by P. I reached between my legs and made myself come.

Then P got into the same rhythm as Gilles on the video. Same long strokes (P told me later that he had told Gilles how I liked to be fucked!). When Gilles entered me on the video, so did P. When he pulled back, so did P. It was as hot as it could get. I could hear myself on the screen receiving Gilles’s cock and moaned at the pounding I was receiving from P. Then the moment Gilles came in me. I came at that time from caressing my clit. P continued to fuck me. The video ended. P continued to fuck me and he finally came in me. A long orgasm and a lot of pleasure from receiving his seed. I collapsed on my belly while P continued to enjoy my cunt. As it turns out, this was the first of several copulation we had that night. I could not believe the amount of sex, sexual pleasure and sexual arousal I had experienced in one day (though I have had lots of sex in one night with several men). This time it was special because it was the first time I could see myself fucking with another man and hear myself coming.

Once we were done fucking (we did that for a long time), P explained to me the entire story. He had had the idea of a boudoir photo session for a long time. During one of our previous party, he had talked to Melanie (Steve’s wife) about it. She had mentioned she had done one such session with Gilles. A session that had started with a photo shoot and had ended in a fuck fest (just like I had enjoyed in the afternoon). Gilles was a gentleman who was respectful and would not force the “issues” so to speak, but rather would create sexual tension and would simply let the woman decide if the session would go from simply taking pictures to much more! P had contacted Gilles, directed him to our account and Gilles had commented on my pictures, saying that it would be a pleasure to take pictures. Gilles also said that he found me very much to his taste and if things went further, he would love to fuck me!

What a devil my husband is! He has awakened the hot wife in me. Though, he also has had his share of adventures with Melanie, Joy and others. But that was the first time he purposely sent me to a stranger’s home for pictures…and getting fucked if I wanted to! I must say that I had loved the experience. But much more, seeing myself fucking Gilles on our big TV screen while getting pounded my P. THAT was so HOT!

The next day I called Melanie. (Melanie is one of P’s preferred lover, Steve’s wife (a man I met alone with Ray, my 1st hot wife encounter) and also the woman who has initiated me to sex between women). I told her about my session with Gilles and she laughed. “Did you like it” she asked. “Oh yes, it was great. Gilles is a really good lover” I replied. Then I told her how hot it had been to see the video of me fucking with Gilles while I was fucked by P. Melanie thought it was so hot too and that gave her a very naughty idea. “Why don’t we invite Julian and Andrew to Gilles place, and may be the man you met at the bar before Christmas and we fucked with the four men but ask Gilles to video the entire party. maybe we can ask Joy if she wants to join us. Then we get together with Steve, P and Ray and Joy and we all watch our porn show!”. Again, wow! That was a wild idea but one that created a lot of desire in me. I shared the idea with P and he said he would love that.

So now we are planning this new “party” or parties I should say. First, get together with our “men toys”, get it videoed. Then will get together as three couples and watch the show. I still have the business card of the man who made me come at the bar and who I masturbated under the table before Christmas. We shall see if he is game. If not, no big deal because I am sure Julian, Andrew and Gilles will like the idea.

When it happens, I will make sure to write about it!

As for the photos and the videos of my very hot session, we are keeping them for close friends. For now 😊
Hot wife finishing the year with a bang :-)
Posted:Dec 30, 2018 6:35 am
Last Updated:Jan 21, 2019 5:18 am

The party was on!

Hi, this is T, the hot lady, hot wife from phiemicol on My husband, P, and I, recently decided to finish the year with a nice party. And this is how it happened!

I was in bed with P and we were talking about our recent sex adventures (which have become hotter and hotter for me). Then he said: “Let us finish the year with a bang”. “What do you mean?”. “Well, let us have another sex party!” So I said: “What kind of bang do you have in mind?”. “A gang bang” he responded. I have never liked the kind of sex marathon that you sometime see or hear about with a woman and 5 to 10 men or more. I like the sex intense but not that intense. Intimacy is important to me. And I told that to P. But he said: “We could invite Ray, Joy, Steve, Melanie and Julian like for my bday party”.

That was better and more comfortable for me. So we made plans. Both Ray+Joy and Steve+Melanie were game. Then Julian asked if he could bring Andrew a friend of his (of whom he sent some really appetizing pictures. Another gorgeous black stud!). It was getting interesting. I chatted with Joy and Melanie over text and we all concluded that if Andrew was as good as Julian, then why not invite him as well!

Then as the plans for our party developed, I had the idea to do something I have done a few times with P: exposed myself in public. I told him that I wanted first to go to a club with Ray and Steve and seduce some men, then come back to our place for the sex party. Steve and Ray, again were game. As was P since he was going to spend some time alone with Melanie and Joy. And we all decided that Julian and Andrew would meet us at the club so I could exhibit myself in front of “my” men. I found myself thinking I was going a bit overboard but what the hell!

It was the Saturday before Christmas.

The night of the party I completely shaved my pussy. I don’t do that often but this time I wanted to be completely exposed. And I simply put a dress on (mid thigh), showing a lot of cleavage and with a fabric thin enough that it would be clear I was completely naked underneath. As I prepared myself, I start to feel really horny. It was a delicious sensation. I anticipated with delight the sex we were all going to have that night.

Steve and Melanie arrived at our place. Melanie jumped on Philippe and they embraced passionately. Then Ray and Joy showed up. We all kissed and fondled. Good sex friends getting together again. I was happy to see Ray again because he is such a good lover. As for Steve, the one who has initiated me to anal sex, he has become one of my favorites.

The three ladies retreated to the bathroom to finish up our “preparations”. Joy got naked (she always does that). Melanie caressed my body (she is the one who has initiated me to bi sex). She had a small bag (sex toys and all). She took a little jar of cream and said: “This is going to make you really horny”. I did not think I needed anything but she lifted my dress, put some cream on her fingers and massaged my pussy with it. A sweet sensation of arousal and warmth invaded me. That was so good. Then she lifted my dress further and put some cream on my nipples which became hard instantly.

Melanie got naked as well. She passed the cream to Joy who also put some on her sex and nipples. And Melanie did the same. I was about to leave the bathroom when she said: “Wait, still one more thing”. Then she picked up a small butt plug (the one Steve had used on me some time ago), put some oil on it, and she delicately introduced it in my ass. “Now you are ready girl! Go get them!”. By now, I am somewhat accustomed to anal pleasure. The plug was comfortable and enhanced the sense of horniness I already felt.

We joined the men who were waiting for us. Melanie and Joy joined P and started taking his clothes off. So Ray said: “Time to go to the club”. And we left P, Melanie and Joy to what was going to be a special treat for my husband. Everybody was in a very good mood 😊

The three of us had long coats on (it is rather cold in Montreal at this time of the year). We got into Steve’s big SUV. I sat in the back. Then Ray came to sit next to me. That made me smile. Steve drove in. As soon as we left, Ray started kissing me. It had been a while since we had seen each other. He opened my coat and slid his hand between my thighs. My horniness got up a notch. Steve said: “Now , be nice. Party has not started yet”. Ray fondle my clit and found the butt plug. “Wow, T, you are getting hotter all the time”. I opened up his pants and started to fondle his delicious cock. Ray told me that Steve had shared with him the fact he had fucked me in the ass and he wanted to do the same that night. I said that we would see!

We got to the club. Ray and I re-adjusted ourselves. I was so wet, on the edge of my first orgasm of the night. The valet took the car and we entered the club. A bar and a place for dancing. Perfect. Without my coat, I thought I was very attractive. As a matter of fact, men turned to me while I walked in. My nipples were hard for all to see. We sat at the bar. I picked a high stool, turned to the crowd and slightly opened my legs. My wet pussy was also exposed for all to see. And there were a lot glares of lust in my direction. I felt so in control of my own sexuality and pleased of the envy I was generating. Kind of a Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct moment 😊

I asked Steve to come dance with me. There was a slow playing so he stuck his body to mine and put his hands on my ass. I felt his manhood on my belly. We kissed. Then I felt a presence behind me. It was Ray. I like to be sandwiched by two men. It does not happen very often in public. I could also feel Ray’s cock on my ass. It was sweet. Looking around the dance floor, most of the men where staring at the 3 of us. Some women were jealous (I could see that in their eyes) and some where envious. My though was: hey, get yourself two men and dance like I do!

Once the slow stopped, the three of us went back to the bar and I sat back on the stool. I crossed my legs and there was very little of me that was not exposed. Then Julian and Andrew showed up. I kissed Julian on the lips. He was as happy to see me as I was to see him. As for Andrew, he was as gorgeous as the pictures Julian had sent. I now had “my” four men around me and we drank and laughed, and I did not waste an opportunity to show as much of me as I can without being thrown out of the joint.

We all knew where we were going to finish the night (at our place having an orgy). But I still wanted to tease a bit more. So I went back to the dance floor. This time Julian and Andrew joined me. Kind of a slow rock dance so I can dance with very suggestive moves in front of my two black studs. Occasionally one of them would get close and grab me then I would escape. I was seriously horny, wondering which of the 4 men I would fuck first. That’s when a nice, 40ish gentleman came to dance in front of me. He was staring at me with intentions that were quite easy to guess. I moved closer to him. In no time, he had me in his arms. Julian and Andrew started dancing with other women. I could see Steve and Ray in talk with a busty gal at the bar.

The man had his hands right above my ass. Then they came down, he grabbed my ass cheeks and stuck his body to me. I could feel his hard cock on me. We looked at each other. He lowered his head and whispered to me: “I want to fuck you”. I looked at him with a smile and said: “See the four men I came in with. They are my prays for tonight. I don’t need another one”. Still, by now, I was in dire need of a hard cock and a strong orgasm. My nipples were really hard, almost painful and very visible underneath my dress. Then he said: “Let us go to my table”. He took me by the hand. I looked back to my herd and they seemed busy enough. I sat down at the table with the man. “My name is Rene” he said. “Hi, I am T” I said. At that same moment, I felt a hand on my thigh going up underneath my dress. “What are you doing” I said. ”Feeling you” he said. I now had his hands on my sex and his fingers exploring me. It was so hot. I was tense and completely concentrated on his hands at the same time.

The table hid what he was doing to me. He reached out for one of my hands and had it land on its erection under his pants. “Stroke my cock” he said. I let it all out. I unzipped his trousers, and reached down to his cock which felt really long and thick. Meanwhile, his fingers were playing with my pussy or pushing in my cunt. I was trying to keep a “respectable” stand and made sure the table hid what was going on but the pleasure was building up in me. Until I came. I came hard but at the same time I had to restrain my moans and the motions of my body (which are usually both very strong and suggestive). I accelerated my fondling motion until I felt his ejaculation. He came in big gulps and he too had to hide his orgasm. My fingers were full of his cum. I took my hand off his pants and cleaned it up with the napkin on the table. He finally withdrew his fingers from my cunt. I was red, wet, horny. And the butt plug had made my orgasm even more intense.

He handed me his business card. And we kissed. “I would love to spend a night with you” he said. “I will think about it” I said and I left his table to get back to my men. Steve and Ray looked at me with ironic smiles. “Well, here you go again, hot lady. We can’t keep up with you”. Julian and Andrew joined us back and we decided that we should get back to our place where, I was certain of that, P was having a great time with Melanie and Joy (he told me all about it later).

After we got our coats back, we all got into the SUV. Julian sat in front. I was in the back with Ray and Andrew. I was in heat. The butt plug kept sending me waves of pleasure in my body. But I needed a cock. When I get to this level of arousal, I simply can’t stop. I need to release my sexual energy in a long series of fucking and orgasms.

I took my coat off which was not easy in the back of the car with the two men. Then I opened Andrew’s coat. He let me do it. Julian said in front: “You will see, this is some very hot lady”. I opened up Andrew’s pants. His cock was erect. Not as long as Julian’s but thicker. I lowered my head and took Andrew in my mouth. Ray said: “Our lady is in heat. It’s going to be a hot night!”. Though the sensation of Andrew’s hard manhood in my mouth was delicious, I wanted more. So I push his pants down his thighs, straddled him and impaled myself on his cock while pushing my boobs on his face. I started riding him fast. The three other men were a bit startled but not completely surprised since they all have experienced my sexual hunger. I rode Andrew with enthusiasm while moaning each time he entered me. “Julian, I love your friend’s cock” I grunted.

We were arriving at our place. Steve parked the car. But I was not finished so I continued riding Andrew. Ray was playing with my boobs and I was kissing him. Then I caressed my clit between Andrew and my body. I made myself cum. It was hard and I let our a big moan, continuing to come up and down on my new lover’s sex. It was not long before he too came. He let out a big load of sperm in my cunt and I felt its warmth. It took a couple of minutes for us to calm down while Julian, Ray and Steve commented on how horny I was. I got off Andrew and sweetly kissed his cock. “Hum, I love it!”. Ray and Julian got out of the car. I put my coat back on. Steve, Andrew and I also got out of the car. We went up to our place. I opened the door and we all entered. Sounds for what was obviously sex were coming out of our guest bedroom.

The five of us walked to where the noise was coming from. And we entered the room. P was laying down. Melanie was riding him feverishly. Joy was straddling his face, her back to Melanie, sex on P’s face. Meanwhile, Melanie was fingering Joy. What a sight!

Melanie turned back to us with a smile but not missing a beat. Joy turned to us as well. I said: “Sounds like you did not wait for us to get the party started” which was a bit hypocritical of me saying that, given what I had done a little while before. Joy laid down on the bed, legs opened and said: “Julian, come fuck me now!”. Julian smiled and took off his clothes very rapidly, exhibiting his wonderful erect cock. And in no time, he placed himself between Joy’s thighs and penetrated her. Meanwhile, Melanie lowered her body on P and moved her ass around to take as much of his cock as she could while they kissed passionately.

It was obvious as far as these four were concerned that they were in sexual frenzy of their own. So I asked Ray, Steve and Andrew to follow me in the large bedroom. As soon as we got there, I took off my dress and the men got naked. Ray and Steve were hard. Andrew much less so since he had fucked me not that long ago. The three men explored my body while I kissed them and fondled their cocks. We could hear Joy and Melanie moaning in the other bedroom. I personally was delighted to have, again, three men for myself. I have clearly developed a taste for it 😊

I pushed Steve on the bed and he did not resist. His cock was pointing to the ceiling. I love his cock. He always shave very neatly (which is a must for me). I straddled him and simply let his cock enter me. What a feeling! Meanwhile I asked Andrew to come on the bed and he sat on his knee next to Steve and I. I lowered my head and took his penis in my mouth. I heard Ray leaving the room but I was so concentrated on fucking Steve (who was playing with my boobs) and sucking Andrew (who was also playing with my boobs) that I did not pay too much attention to it. That is until he came back with a bottle of oil in his hand.

He placed himself between Steve’s legs, took my butt plug out, put some oil on his fingers and started fingering my asshole. I jerked a bit since I understood where all of this was going. Ray said: “I do not want Steve to be the only one who owned your ass”. Soon enough, while having a cock in my cunt, and another one in my mouth, I had Ray’s finger in my ass. The Ray put some oil on his cock and place the tip to the entrance of my ass. I was torn between the feeling of getting DPed again and the anxiety of anal sex. Ray pushed a bit more and he was definitely in me. I stopped going up and down on Steve, waiting for Ray to be all in. It took a minute of gentle pushing then I felt him filling my ass completely.

We did not move. Then I raise my ass to go up on Steve’s cock. When I came down, Ray withdrew then came in again. I was having all kind of sexual sensations all over my body. I grabbed Andrew’s cock and continued to suck it as if my life depended on it. Ray pumped my ass several times. Then I went up and down on Steve several times. The slight pain in my ass had disappeared. Ray’s cock was nicely sliding in my asshole. It was amazing to feel again two cocks filling me, with one in my mouth. The glorious triplet: a cock in my cunt, my ass and my mouth. I let myself go and the boys did too. For several minutes it was just intense fucking. I felt a very strong orgasm building in me which soon exploded and ravaged my body. “Yes, fuck me. Fuck me hard. I love your cocks”. As usual, when I reach that level of sexual arousal, I am very vocal. Then I felt Steve’s orgasm coming. He ejaculated in me, lifting his body and mine so strong was his pleasure. Ray continued to work my ass and he also came in me, grabbing my hips as he poured his seed in me. Andrew had become hard again, seeing all this intense fucking and under my expert sucking. I rolled my tongue around the tip of his cock. I love doing that and several seconds later he too came hard, holding my head. Ray and Steve were still in me. I received Andrew’s sperm in my mouth and some dripped off my lips on my chin.

Wow! I was so wasted. My second DP. And getting the seed of three men. Andrew got up, Ray left my ass and I rested on Steve’s body for a while, his cock still in my cunt. Then we all got up and went to the living room. The fucking session involving P, Julian, Joy and Melanie was also over, to the content of all participants. We were all mellow in the large area by the fire place. Melanie told Joy and I we should go take a shower together. So we crowded the shower and clean our body, laughing, feeling each other, grooming each other. When we were dried, we came back to the living room and the men took turn going to the bathroom for a bit of freshening up.
I guess most people believe that the kind of sexual orgy we have is sex non stop for hours. That is simply not the case (at least not for us). There are periods of very intense sex then long periods of simply hanging around, chatting, also fondling and caressing. If anything, we want the men to get enough “rest” so they can get hard again to “service” the ladies. One thing we feel important in our sexual adventures is that the men focus on the women’s pleasure. That is paramount. So if you get invited to one of our parties, keep that in mind 😊

P put on some very languid music and we all started dancing. P danced with Joy. Melanie danced with Julian and Andrew. I was sandwiched between Steve and Ray. We kissed passionately. Steve was in front of me and Ray in my back. I was dancing with the two men who had “owned my ass”, as Ray put it. I really liked that expression. It was very appropriate for the kind of sexual copulation it involves.
There were a lot of hands exploring bodies, cunts, cocks. Lots of laughter. Drinks and snacks. Joy switched partners with Melanie who began to undulate on in front of P while Joy rejoiced in being the center of attention of Andrew and Julian. Again, we hardly invite single men to our parties but Julian has become a regular (and what a regular!) and his friend Andrew showed he was both an awesome lover and a gentleman. I teased Ray by pushing my butt against his cock. Steve bit my nipples. I turned around and then I had Steve against my back and Ray in front of me. “It was nice to fuck you in the ass” said Ray. “Well, you have to thank Steve for that, he is the one who led the way” I responded while kissing Ray’s mouth. Melanie was now showing off her ass to P who was grabbing as much of it as he could. Ray went to join P and both explored Melanie’s body. Then I asked Julian and Andrew to come dance with me while Steve joined Joy. The feeling of being between these two handsome young black men was exquisite. I reached down to their cocks. They caressed my ass, my boobs. Then P joined Steve to dance with Joy. It was a very sensual moment that lasted for a long while.

That is until Melanie, our “mistress of ceremony”, who was getting all worked up by all this kissing, fondling, biting, etc said “Let us do a women pleasing contest”. We all asked what she meant. She explained that the men would masturbate a woman trying as hard as they could to make her cum but each woman would need to hold to her orgasm as much as she was able to. Why not! So I sat down with Andrew on one side and Julian on the other side (I felt so sensual and sexual with these two studs on each side of me). Joy sat on the other sofa, with P on one side and Steve on the other side. Melanie pushed Ray in the left over chair. Then she reached for the jar of cream she had used earlier in the night. She came to me, put some cream on her fingers and delicately massaged my clit and my nipples with it. I did not need to be more excited but the cream again did its trick. Then she went to Joy and did the same thing. Finally, facing us, she massaged her own nipples. Then turning her ass to all of us, she showed us how she was putting cream on her own sex. She then went to Ray, sat on his lap and said: “Gentlemen, make your ladies cum!”

With that, she took Ray’s hand and directed it to her sex. Ray started gently massaging her clitoris and fingered her. I watched around the room. In front of me, Ray who had been my first full-swap lover. Melanie, my first woman lover. Steve, the man I had spent a night on my own with Ray and the man who had educated me to anal pleasure. P and Joy: my loving husband and one of his favorite lover. One on side of me Julian, my first black lover and on the other side, Andrew, who I had fucked and sucked just a short while ago. OMG! My nipples had gotten extremely hard and my sex was pulsating. I grabbed both Julian and Andrew’s cock and opened my thighs. I felt their hands on my breasts and then their fingers in my sex!
On the other sofa, Joy had also opened her thighs, had grabbed P and Steve’s cocks. They were fingering her. P and Joy were kissing with passion. On the chair, Melanie was enjoying Ray’s clit massage. The game was to built up a very slow but powerful orgasm in the three of us. We ladies were focused on our own pleasure but, at the same time, made sure that our men were receiving their fair share of cock attention. I was so delighted to have these two young studs by my side with their beautiful cocks I was getting hard as the game went along. I could see that Steve, Ray and P were now erect and ready for action.

Julian and Andrew were exploring my inner self with expert touch. I moved my hips forward to ease their task and made sure I would get the most of their caresses. Joy was already trashing on the other sofa. As for Melanie, she was moaning and her cunt was dripping wet on Ray’s fingers. Then P decided to cheat and he kneeled between Joy’s leg and took her sex in his mouth. “Cheater” said Melanie but that did not stop him. Joy put a hand on his head to get his mouth closer to her sex. Steve was now concentrating on her boobs. In no time at all, Joy came hard with lots of expletives of pleasure. P sat back by her side and she relished the after glow of orgasm while stroking P and Steve’s cocks.

I could feel my own orgasm rapidly building to what was going to be a delightful crescendo. The sight of these two beautiful cocks in my hands inspired me to lower my head and taste both of them. Then I raise my body and let my lovers attend to my pleasure. I could not care less to hold on. I came, like I always do, with waves after waves of pleasure, hanging on to the two men’s cocks. “Oh yes, I am coming, I am coming” I said. I collapsed back in the sofa, continuing my stroking motions. Melanie said “I won” but Ray decided to accelerate his clit massaging motions. Melanie’s perfect boobs indicated that she was close to come. She did. She always come hard and in a very exhibitionist way (not unlike I do).

The women had been satisfied but Joy suggest that now was the time for a cock sucking contest. A lot of cheers from the men. I got down on my knees and asked Julian and Andrew to stand next to me. Immediately I began the task of pleasuring them with my mouth. Joy did the same thing with P and Steve. As for Melanie, she got on her knees between Ray’s legs who remained seated in the chair.
I so love to suck cock. And I was in heaven with the two beautiful specimen I had at my disposal. Joy was also alternating between Steve and P. Melanie was showing off her wiggling ass while licking Ray’s manhood from balls to tip. All this enthusiastic cock sucking went along until Joy made Steve sit on the sofa and placed herself between his legs to continue her mouthing of his cock, thus exposing her ass to P who did not hesitate one second and entered her. I could see my husband’s sex coming in and out of my friend’s sex and it was, as usual, very arousing. That made me want to experience the same.

I pushed Julian to sit on the sofa, took the exact position Joy had assumed, grabbed his cock and continue to suck on it. I gave a look to Andrew that was not ambiguous as to my desire. He placed himself behind me and penetrated me. Oh the feeling! One big black cock in my mouth and another in my cunt! Andrew worked me up with long strokes while I enjoyed giving pleasure to Julian. That is until I saw P next to Andrew. He had a bottle of oil in his hand. “Why don’t you take my place with Joy” P said. Andrew did not mind and he went behind Joy, entered her. She did not mind either. Meanwhile on the chair Melanie had straddled Ray and was riding him.
P put some oil on his cock, then on my ass. It was all too clear what was going to happened. We had never much done anal sex, even after my first experience. But it appeared that my husband wanted to “own my ass” as well. It was only fair. So P pushed himself into my ass. P has a very thick cock which I dearly love. My two holes were wide opened. He was in. I was so happy that I got to feel him in my ass and also happy to offer him this treat. Meanwhile I continued to swallow Julian’s glorious erect penis.

P is an intense but gentle lover. He fucked me like he always does, long and slow. I put a hand between my legs to reach for my sex as well as P’s cock and balls. I had the tip of Julian’s cock in my mouth, sucking on it like a candy. The pleasure was intense, slowly but surely building to another orgasm. My caresses triggered P’s orgasm and he came in my ass with a very loud grunt. I was so pleased to receive my husband in my ass. It was deliciously romantic (I think). Then I made myself come as well. P withdrew which created a sensation of emptiness in my body. I asked Julian to let me lay down on the sofa. Then I told him to fuck me.

P was sitting on the floor, his face next to mine. We kissed while I received Julian’s cock. He was also going long and slow the way I like it. Meanwhile I was kissing my husband with passion. It was intensely erotic. “I love when you see me getting fucked like this” I told my husband. “You are beautiful” he responded. I massaged my clit, knowing full well that another orgasm would soon come. It did. Somewhat less strong that time around but pleasurable nonetheless. “I am coming” I said. Julian accelerated his motion and he exploded in me. I felt his seed pouring in my cunt, his member pulsating inside me. I was spent. At least for the time being. I kept Julian in me for a while, kissing P at the same time. Then Julian got up and P too. I stayed on the sofa for a while, watching around. Melanie and Joy had been thoroughly fucked as well and were glowing with sexual energy.

Again, Melanie suggested that the ladies retreat to the bathroom. So we followed her. Meanwhile, the men had drinks and chatted. Melanie, Joy and I had another shower. We were languid, content, sexually fulfilled. Once we were done, Melanie took both of us by the hand and led us to the large bedroom. The three of us laid down and embraced. It was sweet and mellow. Three friends who share their husbands together in the most natural way. We could hear the chatter in the living room, the men being men.

I had Joy snuggled at my back and was facing Melanie. Then Melanie started to caress my body. I responded in kind. Joy joined the sensual fray. Soon we were all kissing, exploring asses, boobs. I felt Melanie’s hand going down and reaching my sex. At the same time, I felt Joy’s hand do the same. Their fingers met inside of me. I responded in kind by exploring both Joy and Melanie’s intimacy. I had never really had sex with Joy though we have exchanged some caresses in the past. I could see that it was all going to change. Gentle moans of pleasure came out of our throats.
Ray and P appeared at the door. Melanie lifted her head and said: “It’s girls time now. Come back later”. So they left and soon after we heard some laughter in the living room. I turned towards Joy and kissed her. Melanie kissed me in the neck, her fingers rejoining Joy’s in my sex. I was so horny. And I felt the horniness of my two female companions as well. Our bodies waved under our mutual caresses. It was very sweet and sensual.

Melanie made me lay on my back and both women bit on my nipples while continuing to explore my cunt. I let them do whatever they wanted. My fingers were reaching out for their intimacy as well and they responded with apparent pleasure. Melanie and Joy kissed over my head then went back to my boobs. Then Melanie lowered her head to my sex and started to lick me while her fingers were still in me with Joy’s. Then Joy lowered her head as well. They took turn gently licking my clitoris. Sometimes I would feel both their tongues on my clit. It was heavenly.
Then Melanie told us to make a circle, me giving her oral pleasure to Melanie who was giving oral pleasure to Joy who was giving me oral pleasure. What a treat it was! It lasted for a while since we were not in any hurry. I made Melanie come (like me, she can come multiple time during an evening of sex). And then she made Joy come. Again, it was all sweet and sensual. I was the only one who had not come. So Melanie made me lay down on my back and both her and Joy got on their knees on each side of me and fingered me and licked my pussy. Their asses pointed in the air, offered.

That is when the men showed up, all five of them. They stood in a circle around the bed, watching us. We did not pay too much attention to them, especially me. I had my eyes closed and simply wanted to enjoy the pleasure that my friends and lovers were giving me. But I saw the men fondling their cocks and it took very little time for them to get hard.

Melanie and Joy’s asses being so obviously offered, this was an invitation that was hard to ignore. Steve got behind Joy and entered her. P got behind Melanie and did the same. Then Ray got between my legs and penetrated me. Meanwhile, Julian and Andrew got on their knees next to my face and offered me their cocks to suck on. The fucking had started again.

What followed was a long session that I don’t remember much of, except that we all fucked like crazy. The three women led the dance and the men complied with our demands. I was fucked by Ray, then Steve. Julian and Andrew took turn as well. Melanie and Joy had their fair share of fucking with the 5 men. It was orgiastic. We all came. Me, several times. Ray and Steve came in me. Melanie got Julian to explode in her. Joy did the same with Andrew. As for P, he came in Melanie. It was so so wild!
When all the fucking had stopped, we were all exhausted but content. It was also getting very late. Ray and Joy decided to leave and they took Julian and Andrew to drop them off home. We asked Steve and Melanie if they wanted to stay over and they agreed.

I went to sleep in P’s arms. It was nice and comfortable. Steve and Melanie slept in the guest bedroom. We woke up very late. I brought P to erection by sucking his beautiful cock and rode him. Soon, Steve and Melanie joined us in bed. I rolled over, laid down and opened my legs. Steve entered me. Meanwhile Melanie laid down by my side and P started to fuck her. We love to have some of our sex partners stay over after a wild night of sex. The intercourse the morning after is always very sensual, less orgiastic and very intimate. Steve made me come with his cock massaging my clit. I came hard while kissing Melanie. She made herself come. Both men ejaculated in our sexes. We watched them working our cunt with their cocks and rejoiced when they exploded in us.

After that we had breakfast together. Then Melanie and Steve left.
What a night it had been! We are going to take a break for a while, though I still have the business card of the gentleman who made me come in the club. Hummmm.

Happy new year!
Hot wife getting naughtier. I invited my husband watch me fuck two men!
Posted:Dec 5, 2018 7:42 am
Last Updated:Nov 3, 2019 3:50 am

Hello again to all our friends. This is “T”, the very naughty lady of PHIEMICOL. I recently became what you may call a “hot wife”. Had a very fun fucking session on my own with two men and not that much later with three men (including my first BBC which I enjoyed thoroughly).

My loving (and lover) husband P has been very “supportive” of my solo enjoyment. Though we recently had an orgy for his bday where he got to “taste” a new lady love (Melanie. Both of them really got into it).

Shortly after that orgy, we were making love. He was in me and he stopped to say: “I want to watch you fuck two men”. I laughed and told him that he had already seen me doing that. But then he said: “I just want to watch. Let us invite Steve and Julian and I will simply watch you fucking them both”. I was surprised, excited and intrigued. “Are you sure you don’t want to participate?”. “No, I will just watch and fuck you when they are done or you are done with them. I will take some pictures though”. That was a big WOW!

Truth be told, I really like Steve as a lover. And I do enjoy Julian, a handsome black man, who has a huge cock which gives me a lot of pleasure. We had a deal, so to speak.

Both Steve and Julian accepted our invitation to come to our place for what was to be a show for P and a fuck fest for me 😊

The date was set for last Saturday. All the while waiting for that night, I was very excited. Since my two sessions with men on my own, I have stopped asking myself questions. And since my husband was pushing me to debauchery for his voyeuristic pleasure, it was all good.

Saturday came. I prepared myself, wearing nothing under my Japanese kimono. Steve and Julian were supposed to arrive around 7:00pm. At 6:45 the bell rang. I went to the door to see which of my lovers had arrived. Surprise, surprise. Standing in front of me were Steve…and his wife Melanie! This was an unexpected and interesting development. “Hello, please come in”. Steve stuck his body to mine, exploring my ass and said “Melanie wanted to come watch with P, while Julian and I fuck you”. Oh my!

P joined us and was delighted to hear that he would have a voyeur companion for my own personal orgy. P had prepared some wine. We drank some, chatted a bit and then P said: “Let us go to the bedroom and let the party begin”. As soon as we got there, P undressed and so did Melanie. Steve and I were standing in front of the bed. P sat in one of the two chairs we have in our bedroom….and Melanie came to sit on his lap. They kissed. Then P said: “Your show” while exploring Melanie’s gorgeous body.

Steve took my kimono off. And I undressed him. He was already hard. I think he likes me 😊. I got down on my knees and started to suck his cock. Then the door bell rang again. Melanie stood up and said “I will take care of it”. Meanwhile I continued to suck on Steve’s cock, P watching. A minute later, Melanie, completely naked, came into the room accompanied by Julian who had a smile from ear to ear. P said: “You should join Steve and T. They are already getting started”. Julian took his clothes off and came to stand next to me, on the other side of Steve. I grabbed his cock and made him hard (which was not difficult) and I sucked on both Steve and Julian’s cock. Meanwhile, Melanie had gone back to sit on P’s lap.

I was facing P and Melanie, alternating between Steve’s cock and Julian’ cock. It was delicious. My legs were slightly spread and my pussy exposed. My nipples were already hard, the more so because Steve and Julian were playing with them, each taking care of one. My sex had begun to pulsate with lust and I was very wet. I would look at P and Melanie on the chair, making sure they saw how much fun I had. Meanwhile P and Melanie were making comments every so often. P was gently playing with Melanie’s breast and he was fingering her. Melanie: “I love to see T sucking on Steve’s cock. He really likes having sex with her”. P: “I can see that!”.

The “boys” were getting very excited and I was ready for feeling their manhood in me. I stood up and took both of them by their cocks. They followed me somewhat awkwardly to the side of the bed. Then I put my hands on the bed for support myself, offered them my ass and told them: “Take me”. Melanie and P cheered me while cuddling. First Julian stood behind me. He had to bend his knees because he is much taller than I am. He placed his cock at the entrance of my sex and penetrated me. What a feeling! I love his cock. He did not move for a while. The position was not entirely comfortable but the feeling of his large cock inside of me more than compensated for the lack of comfort. Then he started to come in and out of me. Steve was masturbating next to Julian and I. I could see that Melanie and P were watching the scene with intensity.

Julian left my pussy because his legs were getting cramped and he was replaced by Steve who had been eager to take his turn. Again, what a feeling. I love Steve’s cock as well. Not as big as Julian’s but always very “present”. He penetrated me and said: “Oh yes, I love your pussy so much” and he grabbed my boobs. He fucked me slowly, with lots of long strokes. I placed my head on the bed to better receive him. Yet, it was still not very comfortable for any of us so I climbed on the bed. Julian was already there watching the whole thing so I took his cock in my mouth. Steve had climbed on the bed too and had re-entered me.

I turned back to Melanie and P who were sweetly cuddled together. “So, do you enjoy the show” I said, moaning as Steve was fucking me. I was so lustful, so wanting raw sex. “Look how your husband is taking me” I said while looking directly at Melanie. “Yes, he fucks you good” she responded. I could see that she was very excited. Her nipples were hard as well but her and P had agreed they would not fuck until I was done with my “toys”. I plunged my head back towards Julian’s cock.

Julian and Steve switched places. I was then enjoying Julian’s cock in my sex while sucking on Steve’s hard penis. Then I said: “Fuck me both”. I remembered my first session with two men (one of them Steve) and three men (Julian, Steve and Ray) and how much I had enjoyed having my ass offered and feeling one cock after another feeling me up. I made sure that Melanie and P could have a nice view or my ass up in the air and Steve and Julian taking turn entering me, fucking me for a while and leaving the place for the other. I can lose all control of myself when I reach that level of sexual excitement. And I did. All I wanted was to feel these marvelous cocks in me. I was moaning, I was dripping, I was reaching out for my clitoris between my legs. It was so sexual.

Then I pushed Julian on his back and I rode him. I had my ass towards Melanie and P. I heard them stand up. They came close and started to take pictures. Julian was playing with my boobs. Then Steve stood up so I could suck on him. Melanie and P were busy taking close up pictures. [We may share some of them on]. I could see that, as Melanie was taking pictures, P was busy fingering her pussy from behind. So I said: “You two just watch, your promised”. P: “Yeah, we are just watching…but I can touch a bit”.

I asked Steve to lay down next to Julian and I switch to riding him. I love riding a hard cock. That is my favorite position. I guess I feel in control. I can set the pace and how deep I get a cock inside me. So I rode Steve and grabbed Julian’s cock who was laying down next to us. More pictures by Melanie and P. who were really being voyeurs while I was really being a slut (though this is not a term I believe is derogatory). I straddled both men, looking at each of their cock when I impaled myself on them. I was so lustful, trash talking the whole time.

Then I laid down on my back and ask Julian: “Fuck me deep and slow”. He put himself between my thighs and penetrated me with skills. I could feel the tip of his cock playing with my clitoris and then he was all in me. I turned to Steve and asked him to kneel down next to my face so I could suck his cock. I rolled my tongue around his manhood, licked his balls, grabbed his penis with my two hands while Julian was thrusting in me with long and slow motions. Melanie and P were again taking pictures, some from Julian’s cock in me, some from me sucking on Steve’s cock. Or of the whole thing. I was actually trying to show off when they took picture, raising my body, looking at them. I felt like a porn star.

I started to massage my clit while holding on to Steve’s cock who was pushing his penis in my mouth. I could also feel that Julian was getting close to cumming. His penetration of me got to be faster. So I looked him in the eyes and said: “Come in me”. He unloaded with a loud grunt pouring his seed into me which triggered my own orgasm. While Julian was cumming in me and my pussy was pulsating around his cock, I grabbed Steve’s cock with two hands, sucked him harder and I made him come in my mouth. I made sure his sperm was all over my face. Meanwhile, Melanie and my husband were taking even more pictures. I could see P’s hard cock raised to attention. It must have been hard for him not to push Melanie on the bed and fuck her on the spot. Her nipples were also hard. She gave a kiss to Steve: “I love to see you come in her mouth”. Julian got out of me, I reached out for his cock and rolled it all over my belly to have his last drops of sperm on me.

Melanie said: “Wow, that was a hot session. It is hard for me to not join the crowd”. P then said: “Do not worry, it is going to be out turn later”. I got Julian to snuggle to my back and Steve to snuggle to my front. I was sandwiched by the two men who had thoroughly fucked me and for a while I just wanted to lay there between the two of them.

I heard Melanie and P leaving the room and go to the kitchen, probably for some wine. While I was resting between my two lovers, I kissed Steve and the two men caressed me. It was nice after this hot fucking.

Melanie and P came back in the room hand in hand and they started dancing next to the bed. P’s cock was hard against Melanie’s belly. I raised my head and said: “No sex until I say so” which brought a good laugh to everybody. I got up to go to the bathroom. Once I had freshened up, I went back to the room. Steve and Julian were still on the bed so I went back to them. Melanie and P had gone back to the chair.

I saw a little satin bag on the bed. Melanie said: “A bag of goodies we brought for tonight”. Steve got up and went to the kitchen to bring some wine for myself, and Julian and himself. P said: “Why don’t you boys give her a nice massage”. Julian turned me on my belly, and he opened up my thighs. I was exposed to everyone to see. I was still in the height of sexual excitement. When we have a sex party, I can stay aroused for long periods of times and I always have multiple orgasms, sometimes one very close to the other.

Steve reached out for the small bad and got a bottle of massage oil. Then he and Julian began to massage me, having oiled my back, my ass, and my legs. I also felt their fingers in my cunt which was really nice because they were so gentle.
I was simply letting myself being pampered and sexually explored by “my” two men. I was hearing kisses and little giggles from where Melanie and P were seated. I was sure P would respect his promise to just watch me with Julian and Steve but I was also sure that Melanie and him would fuck before the night was over.

I felt Steve hands exploring my asshole. He has done it once already during P’s bday party. As I said, I don’t particularly like anal sex but that last time, when he put his finger in my ass while I was riding Ray (one of my regular lovers), I must say it brought my orgasm to an extra level. So I let him do what he wanted to do. He oiled my ass and started to finger my butt. He knows by now how to do it so I let myself enjoy his gentle penetration. Then I felt Melanie’s presence on the bed. Lifting my head, I saw her reach inside the bag and get a nice dildo. “Since I have to wait for your husband cock, I am going to satisfy myself with that” she said. She put some oil on it and went back to P.

Steve reached in the bag as well but I could not see what he got because I was busy kissing Julian who was caressing me softly. Then I felt something somewhat soft on my asshole and Steve pressing gently to penetrate me. I turned to him: “What are you doing?”. He then showed me a small, pink, butt plug. “I think you are going to like it”. I was really not sure about that. His finger was one thing, a butt plug was something altogether different.

I heard Melanie in the background. “Let yourself go, girl. You will see, it’s really nice once you get used to it”. I asked Steve to show the sex toy to me. It was not too big nor too long. I let my head go back on the bed and said “OK but be gentle and if I don’t like it take it off”. Steve then put more oil on my ass. All the while I had Julian’s fingers in my cunt. I felt the tip of the plug on my asshole and gently, very gently, Steve pushed it inside me. At first, I was uncomfortable and almost asked him to stop, but with the help of Julian’s exploration of my sex, I ended up raising my ass to get more of the toy inside me. Finally, it was all in and I felt a lot of pleasure from it, especially combined with Julian fingering me.

Steve asked: “Do you like it?”. “Yes, it feels nice”. I was very sincere because it seemed like the plug was raising the pleasure I was getting from Julian’s fingering me. “Nice job T” I heard Melanie say. She came next to me and took a picture then showed it to me. It was kind of weird to see this pink plug sticking out of my ass. At the same time, I had by then gotten accustomed to its presence in me and even felt nice waves of pleasure from it. Julian said “Turn around” so I did.

He placed himself between my thighs and started licking my pussy. Then Steve reached for another dildo in the bag, put some oil on it and handed it to Julian who proceeded to penetrate me with it. I lifted my head to see what was going on and I saw Julian fucking me with the dildo. On the chair, Melanie was on P’s lap, she had her dildo in her sex and she was fucking herself with it. Both P and her were watching me on the bed. The pleasure I was getting from the dildo was amplified by the butt plug.

Steve joined Julian and they both played with the dildo and also took turn sucking on my clit. I got wetter and even more excited. I raised myself on my elbows to watch my two lovers giving me pleasure while my husband watched with a gorgeous woman on his lap fucking herself with a sex toy (and P caressing her clit at the same time). I said to P: “Is it the show you were expecting?”. I had trouble speaking because the pleasure was getting so intense. “Yes, very much so but I hope it’s not over yet”. So I responded: “Me neither, I hope the show is not over”. Julian and Steve were devouring my pussy, taking turn and playing with the dildo. And then I came. I came hard, moaning, rolling my hips. The dildo and butt plug seemed to be enormous and I enjoyed both enormously. Julian took my all sex in his mouth and continue to suck me and swallow me and my orgasm continued for a long time. I put my hand on his head and pressed and push my hips forward.

I heard a moan coming from the chair. I looked up and saw that Melanie also was coming under the fucking she was giving herself with the dildo and the fondling of her clit by P. Her body shook. Her head was going from right to left and her nipples were extremely hard. She kissed P. I smiled at my husband, still being eaten by my two lovers. P said: “I am just watching but touching a bit”. We laughed. Julian took the dildo out of my sex. I reached down to take the butt plug off to but Steve said: “No, keep it”. It was not uncomfortable, far from it so I decided to keep it in for a while. I asked Julian and Steve to lay on the bed side by side so I could suck their cock. I placed myself between Steve’s legs and lowered my head toward his penis and balls. My ass was raised and every time I moved I could feel the plug send some waves of pleasure into my body. So much so that I was reaching down to my sex from time to time to raise my sexual arousal.

Licking Steve’s cocks and balls, then Julian. Then Steve. I just love their cocks. I heard P say: “Love to see this sex toy in your ass” and I twisted my butt to show my approval. The guys cocks were slowing getting back to a “usable” state (as far as I was concerned), though I love these guys cocks so much that I don’t mind sucking them even if they are not hard. Kinda like a candy 😊.

After long minutes of sucking, they got harder and harder so I laid down my body on Julian to feel his manhood at the edge of my sex. Then Steven laid down on me and I also felt his sex on my cunt. I still felt the toy in my ass sending waves of pleasure in my body. I reached down between Julian and I, took his cock and directed him to penetrate me. I felt Steve taking the butt plug off my ass. I felt an emptiness then though I had Julian’s cock in me. Then I felt Steve’s cock pushing against my asshole. I turned around and told him I did not want him to fuck me in the ass. But the lust was also too much to resist. He had oiled his cock and now was actively pushing into me. I surrendered. I was impaled on Julian who was not moving. Slowly, I felt Steve invade my ass. Then I had him all the way in.

For a while nobody moved. I was completely engrossed with the sexual lust of having Julian’s cock in my sex and Steve’s cock in my ass. It was a first for me. A double penetration including anal. I turned around to see P and Melanie on the chair. They were mesmerized. I began to move on Julian’s cock. Steve withdrew and entered me again. Oh my! What a feeling!! The three of us found our rhythm, my riding Julian, Steve fucking me in the ass. I came again. He was so strong. My cunt and my ass were pulsating on my two lovers’ cock. It was incredible. I trashed. Julian was playing with my boobs. What a great orgasm I had. I asked Steve to withdraw and he did. I felt an emptiness in my ass. But I still felt Julian’s cock in my sex. Steve left to go to the bathroom to clean up.

Julian sat on the bed with still me riding him. Then he took me in his arms and stood up. He is a pretty strong fellow. He was then standing and I had his cock in me. I wrapped my legs around him. [P and I have done that many times and I love it but it’s a bit difficult as a position though I can feel the cock in me so deep]. I kissed Julian while he stood there. I felt his hands under my ass cheeks to support me. Then he walked to the other chair in our bedroom, sat down and I sat on him. Melanie and P stood up and started to take more pictures while I came up and down on Julian’s cock. Then Steve came back in the bedroom. For a while, Melanie, P and Steve just watched me fuck Julian. Then Melanie and P went back to their chair. I turned to Steve who was behind me and I said: “I want you to fuck me too”. I got up, then I installed myself in front of Melanie and P on my knees. “I want you to watch them fuck me in front of you”. My sex craved cock. I was coming almost non stop as I do under these circumstance. Steve put himself behind me and he entered me. I moaned. He fucks me so good. Julian was playing with my boobs. He offered his cock to my mouth and I took it all in. Then I looked up to P so he could see me with this big black cock in my mouth while Steve was pounding me.

Melanie was installed over P with her legs spread, P’s cock almost in her. She had her hand fondling her clit and P’s cock at the same time. P was teasing her boobs. Steve was thoroughly enjoying working me in and out. And I was really enjoying Julian’s cock in my mouth. I believe I am a very expert cock sucker. I demonstrated my skills then by making Julian come strongly. He wanted to escape my lips but I would not let him then he exploded in my mouth while I look in P’s eyes while Steve was fucking me. I licked Julian’s sperm, rolling my tongue around his cock. His sperm was dripping off my lips on my chin. Steve kept pounding me. Then he reached out around me to massage my clit and held my body really tight He pounded me hard, he made me come and then he also came in me (which I know he really likes to spill his seed into my cunt and I really like to feel him come in me).

Steve left my sex then I pushed him on the floor and laid down on him. We kissed. I was spent. I just wanted to enjoy the moment, I felt several fills of cum in my sex. And my ass was so deliciously remembering the fucking I had gotten from Steve. I got down to suck Steve’s cock and did that very amorously.

It took a while for everybody to come of out of the sexual frenzy. Julian said that he would go. I got up and embraced him. Then Steve said he and Melanie should go too. Well, this is when Melanie said: “No, I am staying here. P and I have been watching your orgy but now it is our time and I want to stay with T and P”. That certainly was unexpected. P was delighted. I was very much OK with it, curious to see what would happen next. Steve said he was OK too, kissing his wife who was naked and horny. “Have a good time”. Then Julian and Steve left. Only P, Melanie and I remained.

I went to the bathroom to take a shower. Melanie and P got into the bed and stared heavily making out. I had a nice shower. I was still sexually excited. I imagined Melanie and P in the bed very near to me. I had such a good fucking session. I was mellow. Content. I was also amazed that I had been taking a cock in my sex and a cock in my ass at the same time. I told myself that under the right circumstances and with the right lover, I could enjoy anal sex. And I would try with P.

Finally, I went back to the bedroom. P and Melanie were face to face, exploring each other’s body. “There you are” said Melanie. I got in the bed on the side of Melanie. She turned to me. I have had sex with Melanie during P’s bday party. That being said, I am no bi sexual. That being said, she is such a sexual woman that it is hard to resist her. She reached out for my boobs, for my body. I did the same. P placed his body against Melanie’s back and explored both of us. Apparently, the night was not over yet. I found myself kissing Melanie. Timidly at first put she pushed her lips onto mine while entering my sex with her fingers. Then she took my hand and directed my fingers into her pussy.

Melanie turned toward P and said “Get the dildos”. So P left the bed while Melanie and I continued to make love. Shortly P returned to the bed with the two dildos, the butt plug and the bottle of oil. Melanie took the butt plug, put some oil on it. She kissed me, reached down and put the butt plug at the entrance of my ass. By that time, I was ready so I moved my hips and then the toy was in my ass. Then Melanie inserted one of the dildo in my sex. Then she had me reaching for the other dildo and put it in her sex. Again, I was so overwhelmed by sexual lust that I just went along. I actually did more than going along, I wanted to have sex with Melanie. She was getting the dildo in and out of my sex. I was doing the same. Melanie turned around to P and she said: “Fuck me in the ass”. P has always wanted to try anal sex but since I am not too keen on it (at least until that night), we have always kept it out of our sexual intercourses. Now he was invited to fuck this gorgeous woman in her ass as per invitation.

He put some oil on his cock, then put his penis to Melanie’s asshole. I could feel it while working Melanie’s sex with the dildo. He slowly entered her. He was in. Melanie moaned. She stopped fucking me with the dildo but I insisted she continued. Then I felt P coming in and out of Melanie’s while her and I worked our cunt with our dildos. I could see that P was very happy to invade Melanie’s ass. And for a while this went on. I was kissing Melanie. P was playing with Melanie’s breasts while fucking her in the ass. The dildos were exploring opened sexes.

Melanie came first. She had waited a long time for that. I made sure I worked her cunt with the dildo while she came. Then she made me come. Yet another orgasm for the night. I held her tight. P continued to fuck Melanie in the ass and then he exploded in her. He had waited for this treat all nigh long. Melanie received his seed with a great deal of pleasure. It took a while before he left Melanie’s ass but he finally did. Melanie and I withdrew the dildos. Then I took out the butt plug. Melanie and P left the bed and said they were going to take a shower. I was left in the bed by myself, reliving the entire evening. My body felt content. What a night. A few minutes later, P and Melanie came back. P installed himself between Melanie and I. It was very sweet. Then we fell asleep.

A few hours later I woke up and found out that P had a majestic erection. Melanie was sleeping, she had turned her back to us. P woke up as well. Sort of. I got on my knees and started sucking him. That clearly woke Melanie up. She saw what was happening and then she joined me in sucking on P’s cock. P was in heaven and he explored both our sexes, boobs, bodies. While this was going on, Melanie looked at me and said: “I want to ride him”. I smiled at her. “Yes” I just responded. So Melanie put herself over P (who was certainly not objecting to any of what was going on). She took his cock and place it to her sex and she simply got him in while sticking her body tight to him.

She moved slowly. She really wanted to enjoy my husband cock. P was caressing her ass and kissing her. I watched for a while. Then I decided to get a bit more involved. So I placed my head next to where Melanie’s sex and P’s sex were rhythmically meeting. Melanie was moaning. I looked at my husband cock coming in and out of his lover’s sex. It was beautiful. It was so beautiful that I lowered my head and started to lick both of them. I licked P’s balls. I licked Melanie’s cunt. I licked them both. And I reached down to my own sex to give me pleasure.

Melanie raised her body and asked me to plunge my head toward her clitoris. I sucked on her clit while she was going up and down on P’s cock. P put his hand between my thighs and I felt his fingers entering my pussy. Then Melanie caressed my back, reached to my ass…and then I felt her finger entering my asshole. It was wild! I know now that I love the feeling of a finger in my ass. I was munching on Melanie’s clitoris and P’s cock. I felt P’s fingers in me. I made Melanie come. Her body shook, and she took her finger out of my ass. I raised my body too and kissed Melanie, explored her boobs as she was doing to me. P made me come. I so much enjoy his fingers in me. Melanie continue to come up and down on P’s cock. P reached for her boobs. He was close and then he came making Melanie moan and trash. She said how much she wanted his seed in her. Then she crashed on his body. I kissed P. Melanie rolled over to the side. That gave me the opportunity to take P’s cock in my mouth and suck his sperm. And then out of nowhere, the urge to suck on Melanie’s sex came to me. I simply lowered my head towards Melanie’s sex, sucked her clitoris. P’s sperm was dripping a bit from her sex so I licked some off. Melanie caressed my head and my body. I then cuddled to Melanie’s body. We continued exploring each other’s curves.

I was discovering a side of my sexual self that I did not know. Melanie then got us into a 69. She made me get on top of her. She placed my sex on her lips and pushed my head to her sex. WOW. P did not want to be left out so he kneeled next to us. He inserted fingers in my cunt while I felt Melanie’s lips on my clitoris. Then he leaned over and he inserted the fingers of his other hand into Melanie’s sex. While I sucked on her clitoris, I saw P’s fingers fucking her. I would lick his fingers from time to time.
Melanie and I made ourselves come with the help of P. It was an awesome experience. Lips on my clit, my lips on a clit and my husband fingers in both of our cunts. After all that we crashed in each other’s arms. And went back to sleep.

P and I got up after a while. We were in the kitchen, naked. Coffee. Food. I took a peak in the bedroom and Melanie was sound asleep on her belly, her beautiful ass offered. I went back to the kitchen and ask to P follow me. He did and we looked at this beautiful ass for us to see. I got down on me knees and suck P’s cock to make it hard. Then I said: “I want to see you fuck her”. Melanie woke up and watched me suck on my husband cock. She was a bit in a daze. P got on the bed, and he simply penetrated her. I also got on the bed to have a first place view. P started to come in and out of Melanie’s cunt who was raising her ass, by now very much awaked. “Oh yes, oh yes, fuck me” she said. I kissed P while he had his hands on Melanie’s ass with his sweet cock coming in and out of her. He continued until he came in her.

He stayed in her for a while. She did not move. Then we all got up and went to the shower. Two women and a men exploring sexes. I fingered Melanie (I was hooked). She was fingering me. P was kissing us, caressing our boobs (P especially focusing on Melanie’s awesome boobs). And guess what, Melanie made me come and I made her come. P was not hard so we could not made him come but we suck his cock and his balls. Then we dried themselves off. We had coffee and chatted a bit. Then Melanie called a taxi. She left but not before P and her exchanged kisses and then I did too, exploring her boobs and her sex as she did the same to me.
P and I had a quiet day but at night we fucked like crazy.

The past few weeks have been quite amazing for my sexual self. I fucked 2 and then 3 men on my own. I had sex with a woman twice (the second time quite intense). I got fucked in the ass and found out that I may like it. I put on a show for my husband fucking two men (though it is not the first time I did fuck other men in front of him but never as a real “show”). My husband and I may explore anal sex together (we shall see). We are pushing the envelop of our sexual adventurous spirit. Not sure what will come next. I think for a while we will be “quiet”. That being said, we are having lots of fun and are opened to any opportunity. May be public sex? I know P wants to get together with Melanie again. I certainly want to fuck Steve and / or Julian. That’s for another day…

I enjoy writing about my sexual adventures. When I do, I have all the sensations of these hot sessions coming back to me and I get wet and very horny. I hope you like!
Again I have been a very naughty hot wife. I fucked three men in one night on my own!
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Last Updated:Nov 2, 2018 3:01 am

This is T, the lady of “phiemicol” on and P’s wife. A couple of weeks ago, I spent an evening in my home with Ray (the husband of Joy, a couple we have sex with on a regular basis) and Steve, a friend of Ray. The three of us had a wild evening of sex. How that happened, I already told in a previous blog. I had loved the experience. It was a first for me to have sex with two men without my husband present.

Joy had been a bit jealous of the fun I had had and it had been decided that she too would have two men for herself: P and a friend of P. It was only fair . As we made plans for her “night”, I started thinking that I wanted to have my two lovers for myself again. I guess I was developing a taste for being a hot wife (which still surprises me). So, with the approval of P, I asked Ray and Steve to spend the evening with me again, while Joy would enjoy her own “boy toys”. I must say that I was looking forward to have sex with Steve again. I had loved the way he had taken me and his cock is really delicious.

We decided that P and I would drive to Joy and Ray. Ray and I would then drive to a nice motel we have been many times. Philippe and Joy would wait for Pierre at Ray and Joy’s place. The motel is in the north of town. Perfect for sex parties! (Le Fabreville in Laval. Check it advertisement!).

I showered, shaved my pussy freshly. And I only put on a long dress, with buttons at the front with no bra or panties. I just wanted to go directly to the sex part so why bother. On the way to Ray and Joy, P and I chatted a bit and we wished each other a lot of fun but agreed that we should meet with a couple together for our next sex adventure. When we arrived at Ray and Joy, she only had a see thru negligée on. P and her kissed. I kissed Ray. Then Ray and I left for the motel, leaving P and Joy to wait for Pierre who would soon arrive. It was a bit odd for me to go thru this “plan” but at the same time, I could feel a lot of twitching in my sex and I was very very horny.

During our trip to the motel, Ray told me he was glad to spend another evening with me and Steve. The previous one had been so hot and he loved to fuck with me (as much as love to fuck with him). He moved my dress up on my thighs and caressed me. That made me even hornier. We got to the motel. We had reserved one of their suites: very large bed, very large jacuzi, mirror everywhere, large shower. As I said, check it out. If you live in Montreal or simply here for a short stay, this is perfect for a sex party. Ray told me that Steve would be arriving soon. He said that with a mischievous smile that I did not understand then.

As soon as we arrived, he opened a bottle of wine and we drank some. Then I simply took my dress off and he took his clothes off. We went to the bed and made out gently. We could have started fucking but I wanted to wait for my second “toy”! We heard a knock on the door.

Ray said “coming” but he also reached for a scarf and said “Let me blind you. Don’t worry”. I was not sure about the whole thing but I trust Ray so I let him put the scarf on my eyes. I heard the door open and someone enter. No words were spoken. I also heard what was obviously clothing being taken off. I felt Ray’s presence next to me. He took me by the hand to the floor in front of the large bed and asked me to get on my knees. Again, I was not sure but I was only expecting Steve as the only other man in the room. Then Ray took one of my hands and had it reach forward. I felt a cock. That made me even more wet. Then Ray took my other hand and had it reach forward. Yet another cock! What was going on! Ray, Steve…and someone else!

I had these two cocks in my hands and Ray was behind me. He then took the scarf off. There I was on my knee, with Steve’s cock in one hand and…the cock of a very handsome black man in the other. I did not know quite what to say or do. I was naked, horny, with three men, one of which I did not know and did not expect. Ray then explained that he and P had arranged a “surprise” for me. Since I was going to be on my own, why not get me something that is on my bucket list: a BBC (see one of other blogs)! P and I had fucked with a couple some years ago and the man had this very beautiful, long and thick brown cock. I had loved it and had wanted to have sex with a black man since then. Well, here was my opportunity. Ray said that Julian (the handsome black man’s name) was a “recommendation” of friends of his, was tested, very gentle and loved women. All that while I had Steve’s cock and Julian’s cock in my hands which were now quite hard. Ray also told me that if it was too much for me, Julian would understand and would leave.

On the one hand, I was a bit dazed by the turn of events. I had felt “secured” to meet with Ray and Steve because I had already done it. I had no idea what it would be like to include a third man in the mix. On the other hand, I was looking at a very handsome guy with a beautiful hard cock. A black cock. All this took a few seconds to run thru my mind. Still, I had these two cocks in my hand. And I was so horny and wet. I simply moved my head forward and put my lips on Julian’s cock. It tasted so good. I excited it with my tongue. It reacted with a twitch. Ray, Steve and Julian all smiled. “Girl, it’s your night. We have instructions by P to make you cum a lot and very hard all night. We are your sex toys”. He then placed himself between Steve and Julian. I had three cocks in front of me! Oh my! What was I doing?

I started sucking on each cock in turn, fondling the ones I was not sucking. Visibly I was doing a good job because the three men were very hard. Steve in my mouth, then Ray, then Julian, then Ray, then Steve. Nobody would be jealous. Then Steve made me stand up and I was surrounded by the three men (I love that). They explored my body, kissed me, fingered me. I was reaching for their cocks. I was getting lost in a sexual frenzy. I am usually a reserved person, but when I get to that state of excitement, I lose all control and simply want to have sex and enjoy it.

Ray said: “It is time for you to enjoy your surprise”. Julian left the group and went to lay down on the bed, his large cock protruding between his legs. Ray and Steve took me by the arms and guided me to the bed. And they made me straddle Julian. “Are you ready for this” asked Ray. I did not say anything, simply sticking my body to Julian’s. My sex was dripping wet. Then I took Julian’s cock and placed it at the entrance of my cunt. It is huge, long and thick. Then I let myself down on him with a moan of intense pleasure. I did not move for a while. Just wanted to enjoy this big piece of manhood in me. Julian was caressing my body, simply waiting for me to guide our coupling. Ray and Steve were on each side of Julian and I, watching, caressing my body as well. Ray was also taking pictures for “posterity” so to speak. I came up and down on Julian’s cock, making sure I could feel its length and thickness. It was awesome. Ray was asking me if I was enjoying myself. “Oh yes, I love his cock. What a nice surprise!” I raised my body, offering my boobs to the hands of the three men and feeling Julian’s cock in the depth of me. I kissed Steve, I kissed Ray. I felt like the slut I wanted to be that night. This went on for a while.

Then I dismounted Julian and said I wanted him to fuck me missionary. So I laid down on the bed. Steve and Ray came next to my face and I grabbed their cock. Julian placed himself between my legs, his cock touching my clitoris. I could feel the orgasm building up in me. Then Julian entered me. Again, what a feeling. He was very gentle, making sure that I felt as much pleasure as possible. Coming in and out with long strokes. Meanwhile I was sucking on Ray and Steve’s cock in turn. They were more than willing to let me have my time with Julian, knowing full well that their turn to fuck me would come during the course of the evening. I raised my legs to my shoulders (I loved to do that) and placed them on Julian’s shoulder. I could feel his cock even better and his long strokes felt even longer. I had three cocks to myself. Sucking Ray, sucking Steve, feeling Julian inside me. I then asked Julian to make me come by caressing my clitoris with his cock. He came out of me and did what I asked. Very expertly. The orgasm was very close. Sometime I would lower my head to see what was going on “down there”, seeing Julian’s manhood exciting my clit. He was smiling at me. Ray and Steve also. I would not let go of their cock. My orgasm came and it was so strong. I yelled more than I moaned. As soon as I came, Julian re-entered me and I could feel my sex contracting on his cock. It was animal. Julian continue to come in and out of me and it seemed like my orgasm would not end. Then I said to the three men: “I want you to come me in me, come on me. I want your cum”. Julian worked harder and I sucked harder on Ray and Steve’s cock. Julian came first and I felt his seed filling me up with gave me even more pleasure. Then Ray came in my mouth and I took it all. I turned to Steve and I made him cum in my mouth as well. I sucked on their cock for a while, enjoying their manhood and the sperm flowing from them. Meanwhile Julian continued to come in and out of me. I was full of cock, full of sperm, full of pleasure. I was in sexual heaven.

It took me a while to descent from my sexual high, so powerful the experience had been. Julian left my sex and I turned around to rest on my belly. Ray left the bed and went to turn the Jacuzzi on. I was resting on my belly, in the afterglow of raw sex while Julian and Steve were caressing me. It was such a smooth moment for me. I could still feel Julian’s powerful cock in me and his seed. I thought I would ask Ray to show me the pictures he had taken when I was riding my black lover.

Finally the hot tub was ready and Ray invited us to join him. So the three of us left the bed and entered the warm bubbling water. We had wine to drink. It was a bit weird for me to be alone in this Jacuzzi with three men. At the same time, I felt a lot of sexual hunger. We chatted playfully for a while. Ray and Steve commented on how much I had seemed to like Julian’s fucking who said he was always trying to please. Idle chat, mostly of the sexual nature. I told Ray I was wondering if Joy was enjoying her night with Philippe and Pierre. “She probably does but right now, we want you to have a good time and give us a good time”.

I started going from one men to the other, kissing them and rubbing my body on them. The reached out to my boobs, my ass, my cunt. I laid back between Ray’s leg and he reached out for my tits, I opened my legs and Steve fingered me gently. My hands were exploring under the water for Ray’s cock or Steve’s or Julian. I went from one men to the other, seeking their caresses and reaching out for their sex. It was an amazing dance for me. Three cocks and I could do whatever I wanted with them. But they also had ideas of their own. When it was Steve turn to receive my attention, I felt that his cock had gotten hard again. He took me closer to him, kissing me, and made me straddle him. It was clear what he wanted. So I reached between my legs, placed his cock at the entrance of my sex and simply impaled myself on him.

It was a reunion of sort (since the last time we had fucked) and I remembered the sweet feeling of his cock in me. I moved my body slowly, taking advantage of each inch of his tool. Ray and Julian were simply watching, certain that their turn to fuck me would come soon (that very thought going thru my mind as well: Steve was only the first of the three! What was I doing? Well, having sex with three men and enjoying it!). I really enjoyed that moment with Steve. We kissed very passionately as he explored my body. I was slowly building to another orgasm when I felt a finger on my asshole. Truth be told, I do not like anal sex, never have never will. But I am very excited by a man playing gently with my asshole while I fuck. As it turns out, it was Ray who knows exactly what I like, having fucked me many times. His finger was gently massaging my asshole while I was going up and down on Steve. I could feel that it would not be long before I came. Julian was by Steve’s side and my hand reached down and I grabbed Julian’s cock who was very hard again! Ray continued on my asshole, being more insistent. My motions on Steve’s cock became more rapid and I held on Julian’s cock. Then I came. Very hard. Ray and Steve made sure of that! My two holes were pulsating of pleasure. I continued my motions and I felt Steve coming in me with a nice moan of pleasure. I wanted to stay on him for a while, but two hands grabbed me gently.

Ray, who had played with my asshole as I was fucking Steve, pulled me to him. I had my back to him. He lifted me a bit, then made me come down on his hard cock. Wow, I said to myself, one cock after another. Ray put one hand on my boobs and with the other he started to caress my clitoris. I had barely finished my previous orgasm and I could feel that another one was not going to be long to come. I turned my face and kissed Ray who continue to caress me. We did not move much. Ray (like P) is an expert at fucking me. And I came again, a nice sweet orgasm. Then I disengaged and moved forward towards Julian who was stroking his cock while watching Ray and I. I asked him to sit on the side of the hot tub, placed myself between his legs and started to suck his cock. At the same time I offered my ass to Ray in a way that left no doubt to what I wanted. Ray re-entered me and came in and out of me while I was taking care of Julian. I licked his cock from balls to tip. He has a very long and thick cock. Very dark. I was mesmerized while feeling Ray working my cunt. From time to time I wondered what had gotten into me to be fucking in a hot tub with three men but the lustful feeling of delicious debauchery would quickly make me forget my question. Ray accelerated his motion and came in me which gave me a lot of pleasure.

When he was done, Ray left my sex. Then I asked Julian to take his place. I could not get enough. I felt so horny. I told him: “Fuck me now, take me”. He placed himself behind me and I felt his huge member enter my body. I did not move for a while and I simply leaned on the side of the Jacuzzi enjoying the feeling of his cock. Ray came to sit on one side of me and Steve on the other and they started playing with my nipples, making them very hard. Julian started to come in and out of me. It made sure that I felt every inch of his cock while he came in or out. Ray and Steve were playing with my boobs, asking “So do you like your surprise”. “Oh yes, I do. It is so good”. I reached between my legs to fondle Julian’s balls and then started to massage my clitoris. Meanwhile, Julian was fucking me nicely. I accelerated the massaging of my clit and made myself come. I was moaning, trashing, moving my body. Then I said to Julian: “Come in me”. He accelerated his motions and after a few strokes, he came very hard, plunging in my sex as far as he could and moaning very loudly. After a while, he came out of me.

Wow. I had just fucked three men in the span of less than an hour. In a hot tub. By myself. I was in a daze. I turned around and let the men caress my body. They were very full of attention. Ray commented on how hot this session had been. I kissed Steve and Julian. The hands of the three men were all over me. My orgasms had been so good. I could still feel in my sex the cocks of my lovers. Ray asked me if I was tired. I said “No, I am good. Very good”. So Ray suggested we take a break and take a shower together. We all thought it was a good idea.

We were all in the shower and I was the center of attention. They took turn washing my body, caressing me. But I wanted to have my way as well. So I washed the men, especially their genitals. Taking one cock, rubbing it with soap, fondling the balls. They were saying how hot I am, how much they enjoyed fucking me. It was very joyous and fun. Then I had Ray and Julian to my back and Steve in front of me. Steve went down on his knees and started to lick my pussy. Meanwhile, Julian and Ray were caressing my ass and my boobs. And they started fingering me together. I would move my body forward so that Steve could lick me and backward to respond to the fingering. I was certain I was going to come again soon (as I already said, I can come many times in an evening of sex, I love it and men love it). Steve’s was swallowing my clit while I felt Julian and Ray’s fingers in me. I came. Again hard. Standing between the three men. Almost sobering of pleasure. The men were happy that I was having so much pleasure. I was happy they were so dedicated to my pleasure. When I came back down to earth, we dried ourselves and went back to the bed.

For a while, we simply laid there. I had Ray on one side and Steve on the other side. Julian was above me. They were playing with my body, caressing my boobs. Opening my thighs and exciting my clit. Very gentle and smooth and tender. Ray had brought a bottle of massage oil so they oiled my body, reaching in all the sweet places. The oil had a nice tingling effect. They took turn entering my cunt with their oily fingers and it created a nice sensation of warmth in my sex and got me even hornier. They also oiled my asshole, being careful not to go too deep since I told them I did not like it too much. They oiled my boobs and it made my nipples even harder. Then they put oil in my hands and asked me to oil their cocks and their balls. It was all very erotic.

I told myself that I could end the evening then. At the same time, I thought I could get another good round of fucking. I was still horny. I had come several times already, had been fucked several times, had sucked their nice cocks. I started to reach for those cocks to see if there was still strength left in them. I kissed their cocks with my mouth, swallowing the tip. I had decided to make them hard again. So for a while I went from one cock to the other while the men took advantage of my body. The men commented on how expert I am at sucking a cock (I believe I am ). Then, after a while of sucking on their cock and my body getting caressed by their hands, the three men were hard again. I was proud of myself and ready for more. They seemed to be ready too!

I was in the middle of them and I said: “I want to fuck! I am still so horny. I want you to cum only when I tell you”. What followed was an hour or so of intense fucking with not many breaks. I cannot recall it all because of the various positions and combinations that took place. Once, I had Julian straddling me, I had his cock between my tits, I was licking the tip and another man (Ray or Steve?) was between my legs sucking me. Then one of them entered me and fucked me while I continued sucking on Julian and massaging his cock with my boobs. Then another cock entered me. Then another mouth on my sex and another sex inside it. Julian and I had locked eyes and he was enjoying being sucked while I could feel all kind of pleasure down my body. I got into a 69 with Steve, me on top. Then on a 69 with Ray, him on top. I had the three men in front of me and I sucked their cocks. I was on my back and Julian fucked me, then Ray, then Steve, taking turn very rapidly. I would arch my body to swallow with my sex the next cock who was pressing to penetrate me. I clearly had gone to the next level of sluttiness. I was just trying to enjoy as much of the three men as I could.

I rode them each reverse cowgirl. When I rode one of them, I would suck on the two others’ cock. Or I would fuck with one of them for long minutes while the two others watched. Then it was another position. All the while, I was murmuring all kinds of slutty words. “I love your cocks”, “fuck me good”, etc. Very unlike me when I am not having sex! I was on my belly with one man in me, fucking me, at times I could not tell who. Then on my back with another man sucking me while I sucked the others. I had multiple orgasms throughout, simply because they sucked me so well, or I came because of their fucking. It seemed that I had one very long orgasm that would not stop. They each took turn at massaging my clit with their cock. It was sweaty and full of the odors of sex. But all the while, the men made sure that I was the center of attention. When I sucked them, they slide their cock along my lips and my tongue was working their whole length. When I was fucked by one, the two others would play with my nipples and made me stoke or suck their cock. During the few short breaks, I rested but they always had their hands over me, on my breasts, my ass or my sex. There was not one instant were I was not excited by the three men who provided continuous sexual stimulation. I had Steve scooped behind my body, his cock in me and I was facing Julian, massaging his cock and kissing him while he massaged my clit. Or I straddled Ray’s cock and felt Steve with his hands on my ass guiding my fucking motion. Or Ray and Steve holding my legs wide opened to better offer me to Julian’s cock. On and on. Intense. Hot. I never felt used. I felt like a woman who simply wanted to fuck three men and these three men were there for me.

Finally I wanted to feel their cock cumming in me. So I got on my knees, buried my face in the pillows and said: “cum in my now”. My ass was offered to them and I wanted them to take advantage of it. So they took turn taking me. I received them not knowing who it was but guessing. Steve’s sweet cock, Julian’s long and thick cock, Ray expert way to fuck me. Steve was the 1st one to come in me. It was so nice to feel his orgasm. Then it was Ray. And then Julian who came again and again. After they had finished they took turn kissing my ass, turned me around and kissed my boobs, my lips. It went on for a while and I laid there, my sex pulsating, my nipples hard, completely content.

After all that we were spent. Steve and Julian decided to leave. I kissed them, massage their cocks, they told me how great it had been “Let us do it again!” They left. Ray and I rested gently for a while and we decided to leave as well but not before he came down on me once more, sucking on my clit and making me come one last time. On the way back, I was sleepy and we did not say much. I was still feeling in my body this awesome night of lust.

When we got to Ray and Joy’s place, P and Joy were in bed, naked and chatting. Ray and I joined them. I told P that I had liked my “surprise”. He was scooped behind my back and Ray was scooped behind Joy’s back, Joy and I facing each other. Joy and I discussed our evenings. Joy was jealous of Julian but Ray told her she could have her turn. P was happy for me and I felt his love. I also felt his cock getting hard and as we were talking, he simply entered me. Ray did the same with Joy. Neither of us had much strength left but for a while Joy and I chatted softly while our men fucked us. Neither of us came but it was very gentle. Then we all fell asleep.

In the morning, when we woke up, I made love to Ray and Joy made love to P, side by side. It was sweet. Joy and I simply switched side and rode them until they came. Then we looked at the pictures that Ray had taken of the night and the pictures that P had taken. My oh my. I really look like I had lots of fun and had been a real slut. Same for Joy. We will post some of Ray’s pictures in our album from time to time. Back home the next day, P and I had lots of time to enjoy each other. I told him in more details about my night while we were fucking. It was so exciting to tell him while I kissed him and felt his cock in me how much I had love to be fucked by three men. And he enjoyed pounding me at the sound of it and I welcomed his cock that I love so much, in me. He also told me a few details about how Pierre and he had spent the evening with Joy. She had a great time.

After all that, I have clearly developed a taste for fucking with men on my own. But I want P and I next sex adventure to include him. May be we will get together with Ray and Joy and Julian (since Joy was very envious of my own experience with this handsome black man). Time will tell.

These are the true confession of a very horny how wife who had a great night of very hot sex!
Our very naugthy lady's night with Ray and Steve on her own
Posted:Sep 17, 2018 3:57 am
Last Updated:Nov 5, 2018 4:34 am

Hi, this is T, the lady of our couple. I have been extremely naughty. I happened this past Thursday night. And I loved it, even more so that I did what I did with the permission and encouragement of my husband, P.

A few weeks back we became friends with a couple on from Australia: Glen and Shaz. Really hot couple. And I developed a crush on Glen’s cock. Go figure since he is thousands of mile away! At first, P was communicating with them, but soon enough I ended up exchanging emails with him. So much so that, during one of P’s business trip, I made myself come reading his messages and looking at pictures of his awesome cock. So much so that, not long ago, I was so horny thinking about him that I asked P to invite our long-time swingers friends, Ray and Joy, for an orgy (it was awesome, read about it in one of our previous blogs). P is well aware of my crush on Glen’s cock and does not mind.

Things got a bit more heated when Glen suggested I fucked a man without P being present. We have always swung as a couple and I have not made love to another man without him being around (or him fucked another woman without me being around). That idea was teasing me. But then Glen suggested I should fuck not one, but two men! Oh my! I discussed it with P who has always encouraged my sexual drive. He said he would be OK with it but one of the men would have to be someone we knew and that I had sex with before. Oh my! I had the permission from my husband to fuck without him.

So I called Ray and told him about my “project”. I called him because I trust him and really like having sex with him. He told me that he and Joy had recently had sex with another very nice couple. The husband’s name is Steve. So I asked him first to ask if this was OK with Joy and second to send me a picture of Steve and of Steve’s cock. Joy agreed to it all under one condition: that P and another man would fuck her as well without me or Ray being around. Ray was OK with that. Ray sent me the pictures I requested. Steve is a handsome man. He had send a picture of himself masturbating to one of my pictures and what I saw was a very nice cock spilling its seed on a table in my honor. I was very flattered and horny at the thought of it.

P was scheduled to leave on a business trip so I decided that I would had my private orgy when he was away at our home where I would feel secured. I was not sure about the whole thing. I exchanged several email with Glen who told me to go ahead with it. Still, it was a big step for me to take, even though I have fucked with other men before. We first scheduled the party for the Friday but then it got changed to the Thursday. It was coming fast and then Thursday arrived.

I had spent the day quite nervous. Some excitement and some anxiety. I had never fucked a man, let alone two, without Philippe being present in the room. And we had only played as a couple, until that night. I almost cancel the whole thing. Only thing that kept me from doing it was that I know Ray and I love to fuck Ray so it was reassuring. Truth being told, P and I once had an orgy with two other couples before and I have been fucked by two men other than P at the same time. Still, I was a bit nervous.

Ray and Steve (his friend) were scheduled to come at 8:00 pm. So about an hour before they arrived I showered, freshly shaved my pussy, perfumed myself, put on a very revealing thong (which, I believe, highlights my ass) and simply my red kimono (see my pictures on for the thong and kimono). I had champagne in the fridge…I told myself that if I was going to fuck two men that night, it was worth a celebration! Then I waited, a bit anxious though my pussy was getting very wet as I sat on one of our couches, mindlessly watching TV.

At 7:45 the doorbell rang. They were early. My heart stopped for a moment then I went to open the door. Ray and Steve were there. I let them in. Ray immediately took me in his arms and caressed me. When he was done, Steve kissed me on the lips and it was electric. He explore my body but not in the same way Ray had done. I guess he was asking for some kind of permission to go further.

We went to the living room. I got the champagne and glasses. Steve sat on one of the couches and Ray and I sat on the other. Ray served us all and we drank. I was still very nervous. Understand I have fucked Ray many times but I did not know Steve and I was alone with two men in my house without my husband, two men who were present because I had asked them to come fuck me. OMG!

We chatted a bit and Ray asked me what had gotten into me. I told him about Glen’s cock and told him the last time, Joy, Ray, P and I had fucked, it was because of the pictures of Glen’s cock. He laughed and said we all had a good time. Very true. But here we were and it was clearly the next step. Steve said that he was married and he and his wife were swingers and had played with Ray and Joy. Ray opened my kimono and said to Steve to look at my beautiful boobs. He placed a hand on my breasts and he kissed me. Let me tell you that my pussy got even wetter and I was so excited. I reached down to his cock which was rock hard. Then he said: “Look at Steve”. I turned my head and on the couch Steve had unzipped his pants, taken his cock out and was masturbating. So Ray said: “You should suck his cock”. I was still unsure of the whole thing but seeing this stranger’s cock exposed while one of my lovers encouraged me to suck on him was very arousing. I just let the heat of the moment take over me.

I kneeled down in front of Steve and asked him to stand up. I took his cock in my hands and wrapped my lips around his cock. Delicious I must say. Steve put his hands on my head and guided my sucking. I really got into it. Steve was gentle not wanting to force anything. Then I felt a presence behind me. It was Ray. He help me take my kimono off and I had only the thong left. He also had dropped his pants and placed himself next to Steve. His intentions were clear so I started to suck on both men’s cock. I helped them out of their pants, socks and they took the rest off while I was sucking on them. By that time, there was no turning back. I knew they were going to both fuck me soon. And I had no second thoughts about it.

Ray said: “Let us go to your bedroom”. I got up and he took me by the hand, Steve following us. I briefly thought about P and about Glen. They had me doing this, the devils! It was too late to back off. Once in the bedroom, Ray facing me, he stuck his body to mine and kissed me while Steve was behind me, pushing his cock in my ass cheeks and starting to finger my pussy. I reached back for Steve’s cock and also for Ray’s cock. I had only once been with two men of which one was not P. And I just let myself loose and gave myself to the two men.

We made out for a while. I still had my thong. Then Ray pushed me on the bed. When I was comfortable, he placed himself between my legs, pushed my thong to the side and entered me. I have fucked Ray many times and I love his cock. It was so pleasurable. Meanwhile Steve had placed himself by my face and offered his cock to suck which I did while Ray was fucking me. By that time, I had lost all control, all shame and all reservation. I just wanted to fuck and be fucked by these two men.
Ray left my cunt and signaled to Steve that it was his turn. So they switched place. I first took Ray’s cock in my mouth while Steve was teasing my clitoris with his penis while keeping my thong out of the way. I realized that I was seconds away from being penetrated by another stranger’s cock. Then he pushed and I had him in me. I moaned of pleasure. Steve is a lover full of attention. He began to come in and out of me slowly to make me appreciate the length of his cock. Meanwhile I sucked on Ray’s cock lovingly (as I have done many times). Then Ray said “My turn” so they switched place again. Before he entered me, Ray finally took my thong off. When he entered me he said: “Do you like it”. I was in such heat, I responded: “Oh yes, you guys are so good, I love it. Don’t stop”. So Ray fucked me for a while as I sucked on Steve’s cock. He lifted my legs to my shoulders for better access and that made me even hornier. I was licking Steve’s precum, he was so hard and so sweet. He was also playing with my boobs and my nipples. Then Ray said to Steve: “Come in her”.

So they switched place again and Steve penetrated me and started ramming his cock in me with big thrusts. I took Ray in my mouth because I love so much to be fucked and have a cock in my mouth. Then Ray reached down between Steve and I and massaged my clitoris. That sent shivers of pleasure to my body. Ray is so good at it and he knows all my “hot spots”. So while I received Steve’s cock and was sucking on Ray’s cock, Ray was rapidly bringing me to orgasm. It did not take long. I came so hard it was incredible. Steve accelerated his motions and I encouraged him. “Yes, yes, fuck me, come in me” which he did with a long last thrust. I felt all his seed pour into me and I received him with intense pleasure. He stayed in me for a short time, then Ray left my mouth, and Steve left my cunt. Steve offered his cock, still spilling sperm, to my mouth and I took it. Ray entered me and fucked me for a while until he also came, getting lots of moans from my throats….Ray stayed in me until he was all spent. Each men then laid down on each side of me. I was in sexual heaven.

As I rested between my two lovers, I could feel their sperm dripping out of me. They explored my body, my boobs, my sex. I turned towards Steve and kissed him with passion. Ray asked me how I felt and I told them that I felt horny and like a slut. I also told them I loved it. I did not think of P or Glen’s cock any longer. I just wanted to enjoy the moment. They continued to explore my body. I would kiss them turning myself to one and the other. They kissed my nipples. I reached down and grabbed both cocks who were full of my juices and masturbated them. Then Steve put a finger in my cunt to feel my wetness. Then I felt Ray’s fingers joining Steve’s in my pussy. I had both men’s cock in my hands and it was so hot. For the next little while, they continued to finger my sex and excite my clitoris. I felt the orgasm building again in me and it suddenly exploded while I was kissing Steve. I came and came and came. I held on to their cocks. It was amazing. OMG! My orgasm had been so strong after the fucking I had received.

I got up to go to the restroom to freshen up and came back to the bedroom. I looked at myself in the mirror and surprised myself how horny I looked. Both men followed me in turn. Then we snuggled together. I was in Ray’s arms while Steve had stuck his body to my back. Then I turned around and snuggled with Steve. I fondled his cock and I could feel it was regaining strength. Ray let me enjoyed Steve for a while, just caressing my ass and gently fingering my pussy. I was horny as hell, wanting more cock. I lowered my head to swallow Steve’s cock and made him hard again. Then he grabbed me and placed me over him, in a 69, me on top. His cock is very nice, somewhat of a white complexion but delicious to suck and fuck. He put his hands on my ass and pushed my sex towards his mouth. I could not get enough of feeling his cock in my mouth and grinding my pussy on his lips. I reached out to Ray’s cock and found out that he was hard again too. So for some time, I 69ed with Steve while masturbating Ray. I was so horny that after long minutes of getting licked and sucked by Steve, I came again. I almost bit Steve so intense was the orgasm. Ray then came behind me and simply enter me with his cock.

WOW! I was in a 69 with a stranger, his cock in my mouth, and my lover had just penetrated me while I was being orally pleasured by this stranger. Ray made me push my sex onto Steve’s lips even closer while I felt Ray’s beautiful cock come in and out of me. And I came again (I can have many orgasms in a single night of sex and men love that )

I was so lost in lustful pleasure. My nipples were hard. My sex pulsating with each orgasm. Ray came out of me and asked me to put myself on my knees with my head in the pillows (he has asked me to do that many times and I have been so ready to please him). He knows what I like. So I offered my ass to both lovers and waited for their cock to use me. Steve entered me and fuck me for a while. Then he left his place to Ray. I could not count the times they switched place, I was simply enjoying their cocks coming in and out of me, both different, both fucking me in different ways, me simply enjoying the moment like a slut I felt I had become. When it was Ray’s time, he reached out around me and excited my clitoris. When it was Steve’s time, he fucked me slowly, taking his cock out of me gently then putting it back in as gently as he could while Ray was playing with my boobs.

For long minutes it was Steve, then Ray. “Oh yes, fuck me both. It is so good. I want your cock in me. I want your seed in me”. I am not usually very verbose, although I am a loud moaner. But I could not help myself. When it came to Steve’s turn to fuck me again, I asked Ray to come in front of me and offer his cock to be sucked and he did not hesitate. I so relish his cock. Then I said: “I want both of you to come at the same time and fill me”. So Steve continued to fuck me while I sucked Ray. I was trying to figure out when one was too close to coming while the other was not. Then I said: “I want you to cum now”. So I sucked on Ray’s cock passionately while encouraged Steve to fuck me harder. I could feel them both being very close and, sure enough, within a few seconds, both men exploded in me, one in my sex and the other in my mouth. I simply went crazy so intense the feeling was. I hung on to Ray’s cock to take as much of his seed as I could while he moaned of pleasure while Steve was moaning as well as he filled my cunt of his sperm. It was not the first time that I had sucked on a cock while being fucked by another but it was the first time they had come in me at the same time. A night of firsts! And what a night!

We all needed some rest. So we went back to the living room and had a few drinks. I would sit on one of the men’s lap, sipping my drink while he would explore my body and we chatted and talked about the night so far. I told them how hard I came and how good they had fucked me. They told me they had loved the experience and what a hot woman I was. Ray told me that Joy was anxiously awaiting P’s return so he could come with a friend to fuck her as well. I said I would discuss with her how great that was going to be. I showed them my ass as a teaser. And asked them to kiss my boobs. I also kissed them and kissed their cock as tenderly as I can.

I was not done, though. Nor were they. So I wickedly asked them to sit side by side on the same couch while I laid done on the other couch and asked them to masturbate while talking dirty to me. I was still horny and I wanted to explore and enjoy as much as I could, though I have had many sexual adventures in the past (all with P so far). They obliged, asking me to exhibit my pussy, show my ass, and finger myself which only exacerbated my excitement. I rubbed my clit and began to moan. At the same time, I could see that the two men were getting hard again. So I came and laid face down on both of them. My breasts and face on Steve laps while my belly was on Ray’s. I took Steve’s cock in my mouth and asked Ray to finger me. He opened my legs and put his fingers in me while I swallowed Steve’s cock. It went on for a while. Ray is so gentle and after a while he gave me a very sweet orgasm. I could feel his hard cock on my belly and I had Steve’s hard cock in my mouth. When my orgasm was finished, I simply placed myself between Ray’s legs and sucked his cock while Steve watched. Then I moved to Steve and sucked his cock while Ray watched. That being said, my pussy was craving a cock and I wanted to be fucked again.

So instead of getting between Ray’s legs, I straddled him and rode him. Steve was next to us, caressing my boobs and my ass. I wanted to be in control this time. So I rode Ray like I know how to. He let me be in control, he too caressing my boobs and my ass. I rode Ray for long minutes. Steve was robbing his cock, mesmerized by Ray and I fucking. I kissed Ray then turn to Steve and said: “I will do you next”. I rode harder and felt the moment when Ray was about to come and I made him come inside me. He had not much seed to spare but still I felt his cock pulse into me. As soon as I felt he was satisfied, I dismounted him, straddled Steve and started to fuck him. “See, you just had to wait your turn”. Since it was the first time we were fucking together (although for the third time that night), our fucking was a bit more intense, more animal. I really like his cock and I could see he enjoyed my sex and my body. I grinded his cock, reaching back for his balls. He kissed my boobs and we kissed passionately. He started to moan so I kissed him even harder, not letting his lips leave mine, I rode faster and he too came in me with a big motion of his body grabbing my ass as he came. We stayed connected for a while. Then I dismounted him, asked the two men to make a place for me between them and asked them to get on their knees and to suck me together.

Again a first. It seems that this orgy was giving me all sorts of ideas to get more pleasure. So they both came down on their knees and managed to suck my clit and sex, taking turn. They reach for my boobs as well and fingered me together. Then I asked Steve to make me come and asked Ray to offer me his cock to suck. So Ray stood on the couch, I took his limp cock in my mouth while Steve, between my legs, was enjoying giving me oral pleasure. It was not long before I came again, keeping Ray’s cock in my mouth and pushing on Steve’s head to continue triggering orgasm after orgasm.

Needless to say, I was spent. And the men were spent to. We snuggled on the couch together for a while. They caressed me, fingered me gently, I stroke their cock but we were really tired and it was getting late. So after a while, we decided to call it a night (and what a night!).

I accompanied them to the door, naked, when they were ready to leave. My sex was still pulsating with horniness but it was time for them to go. They both kissed me and caressed me and fondled me. I told Ray we should get together with Joy and P sometimes (after Joy’s orgy). As for Steve, I had really loved him as a lover and had really loved his cock. So I told him I would like to fuck with him again. May be with his wife and Philippe or may be by himself or may be with Ray. Time will tell. But I told both how much pleasure I had had, how wonderfully sluty I felt and how much I would like to do it again. They said: “Any time”.

Then I went to bed exhausted but still feeling some sweet sensations in my sex. I had done it: fucked two men without my husband, one being a total stranger. I could not sleep that night. I relived the orgy I had had and it made me restless. In the morning I wrote down the whole thing and sent an email to Philippe and Glen. Glen said he was “proud of me”  and sent me a nice picture of himself ejaculating at the reading of my adventures. Philippe came back from his business trip. I was a bit nervous of his reaction but he was very loving as always. That night, he devilishly asked me to wear the same thong and kimono I had for my two lovers. And he fucked me crazy. While he did, he asked me to tell him about my night, about how good I had felt, how sluty I had been. I was more than willing to oblige as I received his cock where those two other cocks had been. We made love for a long time very passionately.

We now have to organize Joy’s orgy and P has to find a nice friend to accompany him. I have thought about Steve. And Glen. I do not think I would fuck Steve all by myself but I would not mind having Ray and him fucking me again like they did a few days ago. It had been such an exhilarating experience and I felt my sexual self completely satisfied. Time will tell but just at the thought of it, I feel very horny and wet so it may only be a matter of time 

And that’s the true story of a very naughty and very sexual wife.

I will post pictures of Steve’s cock and Glen’s cock ejaculating in my honor! Again a first...and I would not mind receiving more

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