Smoking is such a nasty habit..  

partygald 39F
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1/29/2018 3:04 am

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2/17/2018 7:49 am

Smoking is such a nasty habit..

Why does it feel so good though? 😝

I’m not proud to admit but, I’ve been smoking rather regularly again. Well, started when I got back to Bali this year. Thought I’d kicked the habit for good, and what’s worse, I thought I could resist the urges if and when they came up but ah well, I can’t 😏 I’ve always been a social smoker in the past but I guess this time I’m a little more social than

Anyhow. Today has been quite interesting. I spent the morning at the beach with a friend. He’s an American (I think) who has business here. Actually, he owns the gym that I’ve been frequenting in the last few months. That’s how we befriended each other. His girlfriend also works in the same gym and I’m quite friendly with them both. This morning I met them both at the beach to surf. Okay, they surfed. I didn’t 😋 I was the official bag watcher, meaning I watched all our bags while they both went out surfing. It was quite enjoyable. I took the opportunity to soak in some sun. I went topless, which officially isn’t allowed here but it was quite empty in the beach and as long as no one kicks up a fuss it’s uaually ok.

We were there a few hours, half the time I was by myself and I realised I actually missed city life. Funny how laying in the sun, spurred on my the sound of waves kinda take your mind to places it doesn’t normally go. But I digress. Yeah, I miss city life. Never thought I would, but there you go. When I wasn’t alone, my conversation with them covered many things, but at the back of my mind, I kept wondering to myself if I’d fuck them both 😳 Lol. It then also hit me, that I’m now “that” person who think about fucking their random friends. LOL

In my defence, the wind and waves and little clothing between us does carry your mind to particular places 😋 It was a nice day out til we spotted a few younger guys with their phones taking pictures (it’s so fucking irritating though, isn’t it? Like how do you stop them from invading your space like that? In actual fact, don’t think you can). So we left, grabbed a late lunch and I came back.

Also, the husband’s back. He’s in his study working at the moment so....hence my blogging 😏
He came back over the weekend and only got home early Saturday morning. He dropped me a text notifying me he was in his way and told me not to wait up. I did. It was drizzling quite heavily by the time he got back and I decided I’d meet him outside to help with his bags. I threw on a thin white tshirt with nothing underneath, and made it a point to stand in the rain a little longer than necessary. By the time he lugged his luggage to the gate, my tshirt was quite wet and I was admittedly quite cold 😝 (FYI - cold is quite a mood killer) He just smiled when he was me, and ran over to kiss me. He was grabbing my ass and sliding his hands up my back to remove the tshirt when I stopped him and told him to pick it up in the shower. That, was quite an enjoyable shower. I kept my wet tshirt on the entire time we fucked and I realised, it was such a simple thing to do. Personal wet tshirt show. Heheh...

We spoke a lot on a few things and I’m Glad we’re both in agreement on how we’re moving forward. It was a long talk that night but, we were playing with each other as we spoke. At one point I was alternating between sucking his dick, licking his balls and just stroking his dick slowly while talking about how we feel about fucking other people. It was the openness and the willingness to engage that was such a turn on for me. Heheh...

So yeah, anyways. We’re good for now. It’s going to be a few weeks before he travels again so I might not be on to blog that often.

Thanks for reading. 😘

partygald 39F
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1/29/2018 3:06 am

Also, I must add that I’m aware of how it doesn’t smell when you’re smoking, but the minute I decided I don’t want to smoke anymore, cigarette smell is like, the worst, right? 🤪 And smokers cum, good lord. Don’t get me started there...

partygald 39F
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1/29/2018 3:07 am

    Quoting partygald:
    Also, I must add that I’m aware of how it doesn’t smell when you’re smoking, but the minute I decided I don’t want to smoke anymore, cigarette smell is like, the worst, right? 🤪 And smokers cum, good lord. Don’t get me started there...
Sorry, I meant smokers’ cum. Gotta get me apostrophe in

ClitLickB4DickU 63M  
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1/29/2018 3:51 am

Yeah, this is the downside of this otherwise beautiful country. It's been law for many years that smoking is banned inside buildings, but NEVER enforced.

I also used to be a "Social Smoker" and wasn't bothered by the smell either, but now it blocks my sinuses and I have to take a shower straight after getting home.

The one time I really miss having a cigarette is with a cup of Bali Coffee in the morning

"The best 3 things in life are a Beer before, and a Cigarette after"

HollyChatsNJ 64T
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1/29/2018 4:30 am

You said it perfectly
I'm in the same boat...

Atlantic City, NJ

JohnGaltx1965x 56M
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1/29/2018 6:18 am

I cant stand smoking of any kind it just STINKS

LQQK7979 M
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2/1/2018 3:56 am

I absolutely love seeing Asian women smoking. It's the sexiest thing ever. Keep it up

discreteSteve62 50M
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2/11/2018 7:35 pm

Sympathy about the resumption of the nasty habit.

And good to hear the favorable news about the husband relations.

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