First hungover weekend in a loooooooong time. I don’t miss it  

partygald 39F
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3/18/2018 4:35 am

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First hungover weekend in a loooooooong time. I don’t miss it

What a confusing weekend. I’m a little hungover today, actually, a lot hungover today🙃. We’ve been out two nights in a row and I kinda pushed it last night a bit. That, plus I don’t drink as much so I can’t hold me alcohol anymore.

Friday night the Husband and I went out for dinner. Just the two of us and we decided we’d go somewhere nice. We put on some nice clothes, went to a fancy place for dinner and we ended up eating too much. So we had this bright idea of walking back. It was at least a 45min walk, which would have been okay if not for heels. Midway through I took them off and went bare feet and ended up stepping on a lot of stones. By the time we got home, we were both hot, sweaty and my friggin feet were hurting. So that kinda killed any notion of any kind of sexy fun time, which was kind of a downer cos we both started the evening looking forward to getting home and fucking each other’s brains out. But! Alas, that didn’t happen. I kept thinking about it while I took off my dress and got quite bitter about it. Lol.

Anyhow, so Friday night, wanted it to happen, planned for it, but didn’t. Saturday morning I got up earlier, and had an urge to play video games. 🤪lol. I know, it was weird. So I got up, brushed my teeth, made myself yoghurt and fruits for breakfast, then parked myself in front of the tv and got reacquainted with the Xbox. I was about half hour into it when I heard he Husband. I didn’t even turn around but I heard him hit the shower, then came round and sat on the couch behind me. I was sitting on a chair with the backrest in front of me, still a little engrossed. (I kinda miss video games, I don’t know why I don’t do that so often😝).

After awhile I thought it was weird, his just sitting there not saying anything so I paused my game, turned around and I see him stroking himself off! What the fuck?! I thought he was stroking himself off from the video game! Which was weird!! Lol. Turns out it had nothing to do with the game, but more to do with me sitting naked, butt sticking out, playing video game! Lol. Who’d have thought that was a thing 😝. After sorting the mild confusion out, we ended up back in the bedroom and, I didn’t even get to save my progress 🤣 lol

So that was unexpected but a nice surprise.

Shortly after that, we showered and decided we’d go to the gym. Which in itself is quite rare cos we don’t usually work out together. I was still feeling the pleasant mood from our morning romp, I had it in my head that I could lead us down that path again. 😉. So my grand plan was to wear booty shorts and a sports bra to the gym. He was already giving me the eye when we left home., except I wasn’t sure if it meant “that’s hot I’m gonna smash that” or “I disapprove but I won’t outrightly tell you”. I can never tell. And they say women are hard to read🙄

Anyhow, he didn’t say anything so we hopped on our bike and rode to the gym, except we didn’t make it there. On our way we bumped into some friends who asked us to join them for a game of Football (that’s Soccer, not the break your spine by tackling you kind). They were on their way to a kickabout. I wasn’t too thrilled but didn’t protest when the Husband agreed. That plus they needed a few more ladies in each team, so we went for Football instead.

I’ve played football before, although that doesn’t stop me from sucking at it😑. So I was a bit out of my element. Granted, I was still feeling the sexy vibe running, kicking in nothing but booty shorts, (which actually are perfect for Football. For most sports really. I mean, there’s so little hindrance) and a sports bra, until I got hit in the thigh pretty hard from just standing in the way of a shot😝. Lemme tell you, it fucking smarts! Then I also got hit in the head and face twice, and that kinda deflated all feelings of sexiness. I sat out the last half hour before we went back. Lol. Needless to say, nothing happened that evening.

Much later st night, we got a call from some friends of ours asking if we wanted to join them for a night out. I was still sulking mildly from my bruising Football encounter earlier but the Husband convinced me and off we went. It HAS been too long since we hit the clubs here. At the very least, we got to dress up again😋. It was soo hopeful in our prep cos we were picking each other’s clothes. He pick out a short, maroon dress I haven’t worn in awhile. It covered the front and half my back, and was sheer on the sides so underwear wasn’t an option. See, hopeful 😉.

I was a bit tired but when we got there, the music, pretty people around, alcohol mix got me going. We mingled and I ended up talking to this guy about short skirts. He was complementing me about my dress and was eyeing my thighs the whole time. I looked over and the Husband and I kept eye contact through the whole evening. The conversation started off nice enough, and got me going for a bit until, for some strange reason, this guy and I starting debating about how only Asian women wear really short skirts. Which was really silly. It got quite heated and that was a buzzkill so I excused myself and joined the Husband in his conversation instead, which was no better. They were talking about sports and work 😑

So I did the next best thing, I danced for a bit til I was tired, then started knocking back my drinks. I didn’t even realise how much I had knocked back until I got up and struggled to stand 🙄. Needless to say, we had to leave shortly after. There’s a point where you’re intoxicated, yet high enough to still enjoy yourself. Like those themes would be perfect for me to tell the Husband to take advantage of me😉. Last night wasn’t one of those times. I knocked out in the cab ride back, and when I woke to get into the house, I developed a huuuuuge headache. I went straight to bed, but was conscious enough to not be able to sleep, yet feel like I was carrying a thousand pounds on my back. Yup. Dumbass🤪

So yeah, there we go. Got up this afternoon in no mood for anything, let alone physical contact. I got so cranky I sent the Husband out to go catch up with some of his friends coz they had called and he was about to decline. Heheh. I’m just hydrating, blogging and watching silly videos. He better come home with food😝

Thanks for reading y’all.

partygald 39F
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3/18/2018 4:38 am

Shit. There was a point to all that. It was confusing as a weekend cos when I tried to go sexy, it didn’t work. All I did was play video game nude and that did the trick. It was weird. Heheh. Ah well. Different strokes and all (pun intended).
You guys have anything odd, or random to you, that you did but your partner find sexy?

fadey66 58M
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3/18/2018 5:16 am

You have a beautiful body and I have a beautiful and wonderful rod that can meet with some add friend thank you

partygald 39F
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3/18/2018 6:35 am

    Quoting YouMeIsUs69:
    Some weekends go that way. At least the thought and attempts to connect were there! Hangovers suck!
Yea, but it was more miss than hits though😝
Thanks for stopping by

MyBaffies 52M
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3/18/2018 7:36 am

so I paused my game, turned around and I see him stroking himself off! - Achievement Unlocked!

Hope the bruises are ok.


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boobwhisperer69 59M  
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3/18/2018 9:26 am

I bet you were HOT!

badteacherAK 65M  
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3/18/2018 11:15 am

Some people write blogs to highlight their apparently "super human" or unusual sexual exploits. Gang bang. Orgies. Supermodels. Whatever.

Yours read more like life. Opportunities taken or missed. Expectations thwarted. Surprises that arise in the moment. Somehow your life manages to be normal and sexy.

I like that. Seems like you do too. Mostly.

ClitLickB4DickU 63M  
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3/19/2018 4:36 am

I don't have a "different strokes" story that I can think of off the top of my head. But I do have a mood killer story........

Disillusioned with being let down by contacts made here in Singapore, I decided to invite an Indonesian friend of mine to join me on a business trip last year. The trip went well enough for me, sex after we arrived then before sleep and early in the morning But she was bored while I was at the office all day and quite grumpy (not sure what she expected from a business trip?) when I returned. The last night I told here to dress up and we'd "go out" for the evening. I wore my best shirt and designer jeans, she in a short but classy blue dress. She looked very eye catching and turned a few heads. I'd miscalculated somewhat and it was difficult to find somewhere that could accommodate us with a table, being Friday night, without a long wait. We were both hungry and so finally settled on an Indian restaurant with a view to eating and then hitting a bar or club. Big mistake. After filling with rice, Naan bread and heavy curry we headed straight back to the hotel and she spent all night lying on her back groaning......but from indigestion rather than sexual pleasure

For the record......I spent all night lying on my back groaning too

lesson learned.........light meal if you want to have a steamy sexy evening

discreteSteve62 50M
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3/19/2018 5:56 pm

You guys have anything odd, or random to you, that you did but your partner find sexy?

One odd thing that works for my wife is when I'm in the kitchen. It can be serious cooking for us, simple stuff like making her coffee, or even making myself a cup of tea. But if I'm in the kitchen, she wants to grope me, kiss me, and suggest something else we can do if there's no one else around. And of course I'm happy to indulge her.

But what does it for me? It's pretty simple, but if she bends over in my line of sight, it always gets my attention, even though she doesn't typically go around the house undressed. At first, I'd compliment her when she'd bend over in my view, "Nice bend!". Now, however, it's more likely that she'll draw my attention to the bend with the words, "Bend alert!" Then my typical replies are more likely to be, "Thanks; I already noticed", or just, "Thanks."

Another funny thing is that when she is in a state of undress somewhere in the house, she'll shout to me (assuming we're home alone), "Naked woman alert!" And of course I have to come and enjoy the view -- and sometimes more than just the view. That doesn't quite fit your question, since seeing one's partner naked is expected to be sexy, but it's a bit funny how we've developed those funny little customs.

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