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Its so fucking hot!
Posted:Jun 11, 2015 4:23 am
Last Updated:Jun 18, 2015 9:03 pm

I am PMSing. I must be. I'm having the craziest chocolate crave. Already went through an entire sleeve of chocolate biscuits and am now still craving for more. And it's been so damn hot too. It's so damn hot it makes taking off my bra at the end of the day feel like....what's the word...blissful. Yes. Blissful. I tried explaining to some male friends earlier today and all i got in response was bra and tit jokes. Of COURSE they don't get it.

An update: I have exercised my rights to veto my friend's parents-in-law from our upcoming trip. It's just too weird. FOr me. I guess. I figured I'll just deal with the repercussions, and I have. And will continue to do so. I wrote to the group, telling them, well, the truth. I'm just not at all ready to see them nude even, let alone being in the same house of fornication (which a few of us have labelled our villa). Then earlier this week, they (my friend's parents-in-law) texted me, telling me how they understood, and they'd hope we could continue being friends. They also left it to me to keep the knowledge of their extra-curricular activities from their and -in-law (which of COURSE I would). Don't you just hate it when they're soo damn nice about it? I sooo knew this would happen. Still, beats seeing them nude and fornicating in front of me

So that's that. It's the school holidays. Both local schools and international schools. The good thing is, public transport is less hectic. There's marginally more space in the mornings. The really good news, is that there is a remarkably noticeable absence of (I hate to use the word stinky..) sweaty teenagers in the afternoons and evenings, especially in confined spaces like, public transport. And malls. I have nothing against them. It's extremely hot and humid here. It happens. I'm just glad it doesn't happen for now
The flip side is, the beaches and almost everywhere else is f u c k i n g crowded. I didn't realize this and made the mistake of hitting the beach last Sunday. It was horrible. I walked around for a bit, and got overwhelmed and went back to my friend's apartment and lazed by the pool. Which was also, crowded. But anyhow, this has been a directionless rant. Did I mention I'm PMSing? I, have to go.

Til next time, thanks for reading. And have a good weekend.
Yup. My ass DID hurt.
Posted:Jun 4, 2015 5:29 am
Last Updated:Jun 14, 2015 5:36 pm

And it still does! For fucks sake, it's almost a week already. Damn this muscle soreness thing is a bitch.

The race was good. It was hot like a motherfucker (pardon my language...being in pain does do that to me...) but it went well. Or course, I only said it went well cos we got second. The two others I paired with did most of the work in the swim and run part. I just managed to hold on so no one overtook me in cycling, but I also didn't overtake anyone. LOL Still, that was still about 2 hours of cycling. I've cycled longer. I think it's the whole trying-to-cycle-as-fast-as-i-can thing that got my ass and thighs hurting like crazy. I could barely walk the following day and was even limping earlier this week. That wasn't the worst though.

A friend of mine suggested I'd strap on a heart rate monitor. In hindsight (which is always 20/20), there really wasn't a point in me strapping one on cos I never used it when I was training for this. But anyhow, a friend of mine suggested, and I figured there was no harm to it so I agreed. In order to get a proper reading, I had to put it on, and slid it under my sports bra, which was already fairly tight, obviously, to hold things in place. So the heart rate monitor went under the sports bra, I put on the watch, and did my thing. 2 minutes in, I was already feeling it rub against my skin. But we were in a race, albeit a friendly one, but still, a race. I ignored it and adrenaline must have kicked in and I forgot all about it, even after the race. It was only when I hit the showers that I realized that it had hurt when I was stripping, and It had given me a huge abrasion.

It's so bad that I had to go this whole week without a bra. Usually, I'd like the freedom of it. But throw in the physical pain, not been feeling too sexy, I must add So yes, braless week. It's working wonders for my creativity in having to mix and match clothes to deal with this. Ah well..

Oh yea, thanks for the well wishes, those of you who posted and sent me mails.'s greatly appreciated.

What else? Um..okay. An update, why not.
Mr Married and I made up after our HUGE fight last week. Actually, the fight lasted more than a week, but who's counting, right? So, this whole week, it's been a little touchy. Making up for lost time one minute, then getting all hypersensitive the next. On both our parts. We got into a little argument yesterday. I won't bore you with the details, but it was kinda my fault, and it was also something I wasn't ready to admit (yes yes know how it is. Its one of those...)

So last night, I had to work late and he had already left. Closer to 9pm, I was about to leave for home when he called, and in an attempt to smooth things over (even if it was my fault we were arguing ), asked if I had wanted to catch a movie. I've been wanting to catch the new Mad Max movie for awhile now, and he had booked tickets, and was on his way back to the office to pick me up. I thought, ok. He's trying, so let's do it. I jumped into his car and we had to rush cos we were slightly late. In the car, he said something, and I said something, and all of a sudden, we were arguing again. Yeah.

We were arguing amicably, if that makes sense. It was getting heated, but nowhere near the point of boiling over. Yet. Midway though, while he was still talking, I unbuckled my seatbelt, leaned over and kissed him. That almost caused him to swerve the car so he pushed me back. I then told him I'm not giving in on our argument, and as he looked over, I leaned back, reached under my skirt and pulled my underwear down my legs and off my ankles. (If you know, he's always had an underwear fetish. He's kept so many of my underwear I've had to replace them) I had wanted to stick it in his face, but figured I wasn't that all ready to crash in a car, so I reached over and stuck it down his crotch. That got a reaction
He wasn't talking anymore. It was obvious his concentration had moved in his pants cos it was pitching a tent. LOL

We got to the cinema, but never made it out of the car. We drove up to the upper levels of the carpark, and I suppose it was a week night, there were only two other cars parked a distance from us. By the time he parked, I had already taken my top off and was lying back on my seat. He pushed his backrest all the way back and was about to lean over, but I pushed him back, threw my leg over his head to get into the 69. It was surprising, and really pleasantly surprising, that he had managed to make me cum even before I could whip his dick out. LOL Score one for him.

I composed myself, got his dick out and returned the favor. It wasn't long before I noticed he had stopped tongue fucking me and fingering my ass. Then he had clenched his butt, and also, rather surprisingly, he reached down to put both his hands behind my head, held it down while he thrust his hips up. Wasn't long after that he blew his load inside my mouth, only to have some dribble down his shaft.

We laid there for awhile, before sitting up, and stilled drenched, dressed, and drove back to my place. And yes, he kept my underwear. LOL Heh. That's one way to win an argument
My ass is gonna hurt after this weekend...
Posted:May 29, 2015 1:19 am
Last Updated:Jun 4, 2015 4:10 am

There is no one at work today. Ok. There are people in the office, but only a handful. No one at all in my vicinity, let alone my department. From where I'm sitting, I can see only one more person, another lady at the far corner on the entire floor. I've seen a few others at the other side of the office, but I bet a lot of them have left too. This is nice. Kinda like an off day. Okay, maybe not. I'm still here. But still.

This weekend is a long weekend here. A public holiday on Monday, so a few people have taken this opportunity to travel. Main reason is that my company has organized an unofficial triathlon this weekend, and almost everyone is busy prepping, or has taken the day off to rest. I'm participating too. Yeah. You heard me. Me. In a triathlon. Okay...part of it. To prevent the jocks from winning everything, they've made it a group event. My part tomorrow is cycling. So yeah. Cycling. It's gonna be a field day out tomorrow. Should be fun Still, I'm anticipating about a 2-3 hour cycle tomorrow. Yeesh....I'll report back on how "fun" it actually ends up being.

Back to this. The main reason I'm still in the office is cos I'm expecting a delivery, and the FedEx guy usually only pops by closer to the end of the day. That plus I get to clear up on the miscellaneous stuff that doesn't get done when people are bugging me. So I came back from lunch (about 3 hours ago) and almost everyone was gone. It is scorching hot out. With no one around, I decided I'd really cool off, so I reached up under my t-shirt and removed my bra. I then slid back slightly in my seat, reached up my skirt and took off my underwear as well. Yeah, let it all loose, why not

Bout 20 minutes ago, I get a call from the receptionist telling me my delivery is here. She had called them earlier to tell them to deliver earlier, if possible cos she knew no one was going to be around. I was in the middle of my work, so I got up and made my way to the mailroom to collect and sign for my delivery. I get to the mailroom, and see this skinny Fedex guy, scribbling away at something. I receive the parcels from him, check through my list to ensure that everything has been delivered, and notice that he hasn't taken his eyes off my chest for one second. Then I realized, without even the need to check, that he must be able to see my nipples. I'm wearing a plain, light pink t-shirt. There was a whole 3 seconds of me staring at him, staring at my chest, and he didn't budge, not one time. I figured I'd get this over with. I continued checking my list, grabbed the parcels from him, stamped what needed to be stamped, thanked him and left. He took the documents from me, stood very still for a plit second, and then suddenly jumped back to life, like he was making up for lost time. It was really funny. I tried not to laugh...and left him in the mailroom. But yeah..that was funny as fuck. LOL I figured I'd include that here first before I forget.

Ok, this is what I really wanted to blog about.

I just found out that some good friends of mine (the couple I meet up quite often, with who now reside in Hong Kong) knows a few other people that I know. No big deal, right? Six degree of separation and all, even smaller still in this tiny island. But wait. HK couple knew them through a recent holiday in some resort in Thailand, and found out that they were a couple of seasoned swingers too. Again, no big deal, right? Um...this is where is suddenly got a little weird. For me, at least. So, HK couple told me of them before, and have mentioned that we should all meet up when they come over, which is often enough, a few times a year. Then I find out, through a few email correspondences where a few of us have been corresponding lately, mainly about our Bali trip coming up. It doesn't happen often, but once in awhile, some of us will introduce a few new people into the group. Of course, we make it a point to check with each other first and all. Which was done, I just didn't notice this earlier.

As it turns out, this couple that my friends are trying to introduce into our group (and also, incidentally, have invited them to join us on our coming trip), I know them as well. I've known them for a few years now. The real freaky bit is, I know them as my friend's parents!

I used to work with this Japanese girl who ended up marrying someone here. She has since moved on to another company, and we used to just be colleagues, but have since became friends cos we keep bumping into each other at the gym, and yoga classes. But anyways, I have since also became friends with her husband, and this couple is her in-laws. Fuck. I met them at their wedding, and have since spent a few dinners together. To find out that they are swingers is...somewhat surprising. Not entirely, cos you really never know anymore. But the very idea of....sharing more than a pool with them nude is....i don't know. Weird. Awkward. All of the above?

As I think about it, it has nothing to do with age, or anything of the like. I think it's cos I don't think of them that way...? For fucks sake, she nags at me like a mom does. She's a sweet lady, but really fucking naggy at times. And her husband is a nice guy, quiet though, but still. Dammit. I didn't realized it was them, even after a few email conversations. Then I freaked out when I first noticed their email addresses, then I called my friends in HK, I I go along with it? I'm not even sure they've noticed my email address and name and have put two and two together as well yet.

I mean, I hate to be the one that...denies anyone their fun. Cos I keep hearing how nice they are from my friends in HK. And they are pretty nice people. I don't know. They've pretty much left it to me to decide. If I'm uncomfortable, then they'll retract the invite. But what if I tell them I'm uncomfortable, and then they find out who I am, and....ahh...too many permutations! Maybe I'll continue freaking out this weekend, then decide. I still got an ass-numbing bike ride tomorrow to deal with. I'll go back and sit on it (ohh...see what I did there? Ass...sit? No? Oh nevermind...)

AAannnnnyyyyyohow, happy weekend all. Have fun, stay safe, and if you see cyclists this weekend, please don't drive too close. It still freaks me out and pisses me the fuck off.
Do people really change that much?
Posted:May 28, 2015 3:35 am
Last Updated:Apr 27, 2016 1:19 am

Mr Married and I had a fight a few days ago. A HUGE one. We haven't had this kind of a fight in a looong time. He was over and we were both tired. I think we were both also unhappy about something that the other did, so there was already something boiling under the surface. We were talking, then I can't even remember what triggered it, we moved to screaming, and I was flinging things at him. Then he got really pissed and smashed a standing fan (which cost us both a few hundred dollars, mind you), which upset me and all I could remember was crying, screaming and grabbing things and throwing it at him Okay, not my proudest moment. He then stormed off and it has been 2 whole days that we haven't spoken to each other. Sure, we see each other in the office, and we try to steer clear or each other. But damn....ah well.

Anyways. So I gave myself a day off today ( got me. I called in sick ) and spent the first half of the day hanging out with two of my friends at the pool. There were 3 of us plus her little girl, who's just turning one. Such a little darling. But anyhow. We even managed to make it a micro bikini day out at the pool too, and there was plenty of sun. So yeah, it was a good day. Some of the people staying in her compound weren't so approving though, and gave us "the look". When we had left after lunch, my friend texted me to say that some of her neighbours actually asked her if she could get her friends to "cover up" the next time we were over. Ha. Some people. Anyways, let's not get distracted. I wanted to post about one of our topics of conversation.

I've known them both for over ten years now. As a matter of fact, we used to hit the clubs together to pick guys up for one night stands I remember we used to book a room in a hotel in town for a night or two, prep there, hit the clubs at night, disappear for a while after we had our fair share of drinks and reappear with a guy or more of our own back in our room. LOL Ah...good times

So yes, I know how freaky these girls can be. I've seen them, multiple times. So one of the topics or conversation turned to sex, naturally. With one of them being married with , and the other engaged, I found out that not surprisingly, their tastes and preferences have changed, dramatically. Like I said, it's not surprising. I know mine have changed too. But what got me was the drastic change. One of them even admitted to not like oral anymore. Both receiving, and giving. My first reaction was, poor Tom (her husband) LOL

So the only place she and her husband have sex is on the bed, in the bedroom. This is coming from the same person, who I saw once holding her boyfriend's dick while he pee'd, tapped it and gave him a blowjob right after Initially, I thought it was different now that they had a , so I asked, and to my surprise, she has been like this for the last few years. The other girl too. She and her partner don't have sex as much, and for her too, gone are the days of, well, porn star sex. She still enjoys oral, both giving and receiving, but it surprised me that they changed soo much. Which puzzles me. How can two people, go from really enjoying porn star sex (ok, I think porn stars don't really enjoy it so much, but you know what I mean...) to being, well, sexually prude. Okay, maybe one of them is a prude. The other, not soo much. But you know what I mean. I understand that people change, along with it their tastes, preferences, etc. But to have changed so much? Wow. Hmm...something to think about.

Have you changed that much, as far as sexual preferences go? I'm guessing the people here aren't that drastic. Heck, most of you probably went from bad to worse! LOL
Fuck me til I can't walk straight. Umm...maybe I'll pass on that...
Posted:May 15, 2015 3:21 am
Last Updated:May 28, 2015 2:23 am

It's been a calamitous past couple of weeks, and I have had the time, but lacked the motivation or inclination to blog. So yes, it has been awhile. So now, as I sit my ass down and wait for my flight out (to Phuket to meet with the girlfriend for the weekend) from Bangkok (which, alas, and rather unfortunately, did not involve any banging of cock or cocks on my part), I'm parked in the corner trying frantically to blog before the battery of my laptop run out. These...motivations to blog always hit me at the most...curious, and not the most opportune of times. Don't you just love it though...

Let's start with a declaration. I haven't had sex in over two weeks. The fact that the boyfriend has been traveling, as have I, although he has been away far longer, has contributed to that. It has helped, actually. The girlfriend has been around, and things have somewhat settled into a routine with her. We've been seeing a lot of each other cos of my boyfriend's travels (as have been mentioned) and I suppose that has made things a lot smoother between us too. However, the real reason why I've been avoiding sex, or anything involving touching in the nether regions is, well, cos I had to let it heal. Let me explain.

About a month back, I was frantically trying to balance planning my annual get-together later this year, prepping and tying down dates with the boyfriend cos of his extensive traveling, and work. The girlfriend, who only a few months back, had had a strap on used on her for the first time in her life, decided to buy one of her own. Now, I'm not sure if it's the same for some of you here, but strap ons, at least for me, are bought with someone else in mind. Usually. So, she went out to buy one, and decided on a fairly large one with a realistic bulbous head that curves up. Could she have settled for something less...extravagant? Hmm...

Anyways. all excited, she didn't say anything to me until our date night that weekend. I got home late that evening and she came over to wait while I got ready. I waited for her to come up before hitting the shower and noticed that she had dressed up for a night out. I was pleasantly surprised, and we flirted a little before I went to shower. She was waiting for me outside the bathroom until I was done before telling me she had a surprise for me. I stepped out of the shower and there it was, hanging vulgarly from her hands. I laughed so hard at first. Naturally, I grabbed mine out from the drawer and we were both comparing and laughing like school girls. I stripped her down and we both strapped our strap ons on and it was hard not to have a little strap on dick fight. So we did. LOL

We then cancelled dinner plans and fucked each other out. I'd like to think I'm pretty comfortable using mine (I HAVE had years of practice.. LOL ) but the first time she was using hers on me was...awkward. I ended up straddling her and, had her nibble on my nipples while I rode her...well, actually more myself, into my first orgasm on her new strap on. Haha! I broke it in GOOD! LOL

The subsequent ones were what did me in. She was figuring out how to thrust her hips for maximum effect, and I suspect also trying to find her rhythm, when she decided to eventually get the whole damn thing in. Maybe I also should not have agreed to be tied up, hands to my ankles. Series of...not soo good decisions. be fair, I was on my back, and it....didn't feel like such a bad the time

SO yeah, I was on my back, wrists tied to ankles and her slamming her new strap on into me. Because of the curve, it was good...up til the point where it actually rotated and started hitting me at an angle. It didn't feel bad at the time...and this went on for awhile. Fast forward to the morning after, I literally couldn't walk straight when I got up in the morning. It was soo fucking painful we actually went to a Dr. Now THAT, was awkward. I had wanted to go to this particular Dr who has...dealt with some of my...other...sexual accidents before, but his clinic was closed. So...try explaining that to someone. But I did, and the Dr was nice enough to order an x-ray. Turns out its nothing super serious, and was quite badly bruised. All I have to do is let it heal. He also suggested I run through the various STDs testing, which I did, and it's all good. I thought it was quite funny, in an ironic way, that he tried talking to me about lubricants

So yea, I've always used the phrase fuck me til I can't walk straight. I'm not so sure I'll do that so often now
There will be a fair bit of action over this weekend, so that's something to look forward to. And yes, I have two tubes of lubes in my bag.

Happy weekend all!

P.S. - If you see two girls lazing by the beach in Phuket, and maybe even making out. Don't take pictures, and definitely do not disturb please. It's time for some quality time
Cameltoe shameltoe. Fuck it. I give up.
Posted:Apr 26, 2015 10:27 pm
Last Updated:May 4, 2015 7:32 pm

Two posts in a day?! What?!
I suddenly remembered what I had originally logged on to post about. So bear with me.

There are no ways to step out of a cab or car in a short skirt and protect your own modesty. None. I have come to accept that. In fact, it was years ago that I've had this conversation with some friends of mine. But! Once in awhile, I get a reminder of how much...or little, modesty one can protect in such situations. The security guards at the office building where I work. I have established that they have moved out in the mornings to stand around at the taxi drop off points for this exact reason. Cos other than in the mornings, they can be found sitting comfortably behind their desks inside the building. Some days I notice them looking as I get out of the cab. Some days I don't. On said days that I do notice them looking, they don't even notice that I notice them looking! But! Alas, I've since stopped bothering. It's only underwear, right? Ok...some days, even so, it's only pussy, right?

Still. What little modesty that you can save getting out of a car in a short skirt or dress, is automatically eradicated completely in a sports car. Of the fancy-schmancy, two-door, low seater ones. Two weekends back, Mr Married decided to take his out for a spin, which he usually doesn't as often. We had discussed our plans for the evening, which was nice dinner, some drinks, and a visit to some of our old trysting places which we haven't been to in a long while. Since his divorce, it's really just back to his place, mine, or back in the office, occasionally. Anyhow, we figured it'd be a little fun to do something different for a change. So, I was expecting some in-vehicle action, and decided I'd go for a short little dress and no underwear. Dress for the part and all

And I was expecting him to take his other car out instead, the one where we could actually recline the seats and have maneuverable space. But no. He decided that a low, two-seater convertible is best. I wonder about him sometimes...anyways, just by sitting in his car, he could see up my dress. I guess that was his point. If not for a strategically well-placed handbag, i'd have flashed most of the cars, buses and bikes we passed. Not to mention the valets and restaurant staff.

But yes, trysting places. I'm very sad to say that, they don't exist anymore. Almost all of the places we used to go to have been torn down or have it's surroundings redeveloped. There really isn't any privacy left on this little frickin island.
We did manage to get some in-car action, although, as I had expected, not too enjoyable since we didn't have much space to maneuver, especially with the top down. It was behind a church, smack in the middle of town Uh..i'm not even gonna ponder about the religious connotations there. It wasn't deliberate. It was the only spot we found with some sense of privacy

Oh! Another thing I've given up on. Cameltoes. Or preventing cameltoes. Exercise shorts and tights, both long and short ones, are impossible to hide cameltoes in. And I'm really not crazy about actually buying something extra to put into my shorts for the sake if that. So yeah. As much as I have complained about being blazenly shoved in the face with other peoples' cameltoes in yoga class, I have become one of them. Or "them" First, it was not-so-flattering VPLs, then cameltoes...if I bother, I'd be stuck at home not going for any classes at all! So there. I'm done trying. If it shows, I guess it shows. You've been warned. Look away, look away
Some creepy shit. Getting older, and a poll!
Posted:Apr 26, 2015 9:43 pm
Last Updated:May 4, 2015 7:35 pm

It's...been a fairly long while. I've been swamped, both in my personal life as well as professionally. But let's not get into that. I promised myself not to bitch (too much) are some thoughts.

This is one of the most...creepy/bizarre things I have come across of late. I know someone who has had her house broken into. Nothing was stolen. Actually, the person kinda left something behind. Somethings behind. This person is a friend of mine. She was travelling for an extended period of time and had check footage of CCTV at home via some website and found out that one of her ex boyfriends, who had made a copy of her house keys, has been breaking into her home and jerking off in her house. He's been caught jerking off on her bed, couch and even going through her underwear for....added motivation for his ejaculation. When I first heard this, I was more taken aback at the fact that she actually installed CCTV in her house! But I guess it paid off. Not sure what she's gonna do about it but I think maybe the police might be involved. Yeesh. Scary. I'm not even gonna start wondering about the places that he's been leaving his...deposits. I'm more freaked out at the fact that he's been creeping around in her house for god knows how long. Damn...

On to other news. I've been wanting to post about this awhile ago but I've rarely been one goes.

A few months ago, I befriended this girl who is in her very early 20s. She's one of my friend's new girlfriend. We got to talking and after meeting with them both a few times, I guess she got comfortable enough to tell me about her desire to be involved in a gangbang. I'm not sure if it's entirely her idea or my friend's (her boyfriend. Cos I KNOW he's very much into it). I listened to her without saying anything to sway her in either direction. I guess, at the end of the day, she's gotta make up her own mind. But yeah, I'm not sure if it's me being older (yikes!! ) but I found myself wanting to tell her to take her time and think about it carefully. I mean, she is still in her early 20s, right? Then I realized that I was exactly like that too, maybe even younger when I delved head first into it. That's why i kept my tongue and said nothing Damn...I AM getting older. arrrgghh!!

Speaking of which, I am in charge of this year's gathering in Bali (we rotate responsibilities. It's only fair..) and have thought of a theme. Ok, I've thought of a few but can't decide on one. Actually, I already am leaning towards one, but feedback from a few others have...kinda swayed my opinion. SSooo....I figure I'd settle it here, with your help (hopefully). Already, accommodation have been booked. I've got a 4 room villa with a fairly sized pool. I've resisted going back to my friend's place cos, well, I really don't want to meet her husband again. But that's another story. SO, theme: what I have thus far:

- CEOs and Office Hoes
- Superheroes and Villains (in line with the summer movies coming up)
- Toga (always fun)

I'm actually 90% decided on CEOs and Office Hoes, mainly cos most of us don't see each other in office attire. We see each other once or twice a year (ok, some of us more often than others) and it's always holiday mode. we haven't done this yet. We've kinda had the others in the past. There'll be other things going on...this will probably be for the first night. The OCD in me wants this to go well, but as it is, already we have a few hiccups. There was supposed to be 4 couples, but one has since broken up and...only one half will attend. Then I've got potentially two or three more, making it 9 or 10 people in a 8 people accommodation. Which is n't much of a problem. Accommodations-wise, i just hope they won't throw us out for showing up with more people than promised :S

Ah well...1st world problems huh...

Shit. There was something else that I've been wanting to write's been the topmost thought of late...but I can't remember now. Ah well...until I can. Happy week ahead!
Creepy neighbor, and a fuck-filled weekend. Downs and ups, I guess..
Posted:Mar 29, 2015 2:03 am
Last Updated:Apr 28, 2015 11:58 pm

Hi again. I wanted to bitch about my creepy neighbor again, but I feel, for some strange reason, I should relate my stories in chronological order..? Why? Why do I have this...compulsion to do so? You know what? Fuck it. I'll bitch about my creepy neighbor. Then the rest comes later. Or earlier. Ah'll figure it out.

Late last night, I was sending the girlfriend down to catch a cab back home. We had spent...most part of the day at home, frolicking nude, (and playing dress up for a bit at times) and satisfying most of our sexual desires. I'm really happy with that. Honestly. Hahaha! Sorry, that was self-indulgent. Anyway, so late last night, after making each other cum for the umpteenth time, she had to leave for the night. So she got dressed, and I threw on a thin light yellow t-shirt and shorts on, and walked her out to the main road to catch a cab. All was good until we got to the ground floor and we bumped into my creepy neighbor and his . I didn't bother looking up at him, but he enthusiastically said hello. The girlfriend replied, and I followed suit. We passed each other and was already walking out when we heard the lift, or elevator, beeping. The girlfriend noticed first, and turned around to look. She then tapped me on the arm and motioned for me to turn around, so I did. And I see him standing there, leering at us. His was already waiting in the lift. So we ignored him and walked on.

I walked her all the way out, and she got a cab pretty easy, and I walked back. As I walked back to my block, I look up and notice that there he was, standing by his window, peeping out. He had his lights off, but it's not that dark and I could see his silhouette. (First thought that came to mind was, he best not be wanking off...). I ignored him, walked back and took the lift up. As soon as I pass his house, he opens his door, jumps out and tries to start a conversation. He kept asking how I was, telling me how he's missed seeing me for awhile now, kept asking who that girl was. All the time, he kept licking his lips and stared at my breasts. (I actually think he doesn't realize that he was doing so. Like, subconsciously creepy or something..) He had positioned himself in front of me so I had to get in close to pass him to get to my door. I just told him it was late and I wanted to get back. It was when he didn't move that I raised my voice and told him I really wasn't comfortable that he was standing so close to me. He moved slightly and I got to my door, opened it and noticed that he was running his eyes up and down, and had one of his hand on his crotch. I wanted to tell him that he was disgusting, but couldn't muster up enough energy so I just slammed my door on him and locked up. Blech....eeeewwww

On to more pleasant thoughts. Friday night, the girlfriend had invited me to one of her work-related parties. It was held at a pretty fancy club. Seeing how this would have been the first time I was hitting a club after a fairly loooong time, and the first club date, so to speak, I actually bothered rushing home from work, showered, changed, basically, prettied up for it We talking about fancy underwear, short, backless dress, pumps and all. So, it was on! LOL

Got there, met her and the rest of her friends (half of which were so young..and I don't get their need to take selfies every 5 mins...sheesh...but that's not the point ) We got together, she appreciated my effort, and we managed to steal some time to ourselves. Not much, but here and there. Enough to..whet the appetite. Certainly whetted mine. Then she had to drop the ball on me. She told me she couldn't spend the night cos her was back for the weekend, and had wanted to spend time with him. And how the heck can I say anything against that, right? On the flipside, she told me she'd make it up to me by coming over on Saturday and spending the day with me, and she was to be at my complete disposal. Which she did. It was sweet. She even made me lunch Then she asked if I wanted to do anything, and I told her I had plans to use my strap-on on her on Friday night, and I still did. Mainly cos she told me earlier, when we first started dating, that she had never been fucked with a strap-on. Well, she has now! So yeah, we spent the entire Saturday at home. Very fulfillingly, i might add.

Which brings me back to Friday night. After she had left, I called Mr Married. Hey, I WAS all dolled up. WHy waste it right? Felt a little bad that I was using him for company (which wasn't all fun cos he really wasn't into the whole club/dancing thing. But he came along anyway, cos well, he's such a sweetie), which I did. He didn't seem to mind though. And I actually had a pretty good time. In the beginning, he kept teasing me about it, kept saying he's taking one for the team. But he wasn't complaining when he was shooting his load all over me the whole night LOL.

Which got me thinking too (oh no..) It WAS a team. Cos he's been my partner for a few years now, and officially, since his divorce last year, we are a couple. It's just now that his girlfriend, well, has a girlfriend. He's still wrapping his head around that one but he's been supportive enough. Think he secretly thinks he has a threesome coming up sometime. LOL

Oh! And this morning, I was in spin class, and took one of the bikes in front for a change. I almost, always pick one closer to the back, but felt like a little change today. So I took a bike in front, and for the first time, like first time ever, saw myself in the reflection from the mirrors in front. And I realized that exercise tops, aren't really good for spinning, or cycling in general. Most of my exercise top are padded, so I usually go without bra. Regardless, I realized that every time I cycled standing up, my tits were flying all over the place! Like whoa! I've always known that they did when I cycled standing up, but damn! To see it...yeesh. I'm sticking to the back of the class now. No wonder my male friends all keep checking back on me when we do outdoor cycling. Heh...

Hope your weekend's going well for you. Thanks for reading
Sex on a beach? Well, once bitten...
Posted:Mar 26, 2015 5:18 am
Last Updated:Apr 13, 2015 2:45 am

Ducked out from work mid afternoon earlier to go swim. I'm trying to "get my swim on", so to speak. Or rather, just trying to be a stronger swimmer to prep for this year's annual get-together in Bali. Granted, it's still a few months away. But still. This year though, I've been put in charge of getting our accommodations down so, got a bit more to do than just show up and fuck. LOL

Anyways, we're still trying to confirm how many of us will turn up so, it's an ongoing process. Did I mention I actually like browsing through online galleries to pick our villa? Wait...there was a point to that...ah yes, swimming. Last year, I joined this a couple to surf, for the second time in my life, and I actually enjoyed myself. So this year, a few of us got together and suggested we could do a little surfing vacation thingy for a few days while we're there. I remember it being a heck of a lot of hard work! I never would have thought...but anyhoot, so yeah. I'm trying to be a stronger swimmer so I won't, you know, end up drinking too much sea water! And remember to wear boardshorts. And a rashguard. Bikinis don't make for good surfing gear. They kept falling off. LOL

Oh, speaking of which. I ducked out to go swim. There was a swimming class that was done (thankfully!) right as I got there. We're talking about 11, 12 year-olds. And like, 20 of them. In the changing rooms, these girls were screaming their heads off. Fighting for showers, bickering. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, I thought it was hilarious! And a little icky (some of them were sharing towels, combs, etc. I remember doing that too, but just find it...icky now Go figure). I managed to ride the tide of , change, and get out. Once out, I realized that it must have been worse in the guys showers! Imagine 20 boys screaming! I'd go balistic, I think. LOL

The swim itself wasn't so bad. was bad. I need to swim more often Pool was relatively empty, but the downside to that was, I was the only female and some of the males in attendance weren't too...tactful in staring. Creepy fuckers, this lot. And I guess I've never really had this problem before, cos I actually never consciously swim laps. But my swimsuit keeps riding up and it's cameltoe galore. I end up having to keep adjusting after every other lap Maybe that explains the creepers.

Oh! And that reminded me of a funny story from a few years ago. I was on holiday with my then girlfriend and we had gone to a beach resort. One evening, we took a stroll out to the beach to do some "night swimming", was what we told the hotel staff when we asked for a recommendation for a safe but secluded spot. We found a spot not too far from our hotel, figuring it'd be safer for both of us, at the time, being in a foreign land. It was very close to pitch dark anyways, so we stripped and went frolicking in the water. We didn't get too far. One, for fear cos it was, well, almost pitch dark. The only light was coming from the moon. Two, we ended up laying on the sand, letting the gentle surf hit us as we tried to fuck each other silly. Which was, unbelievably romantic, you gotta admit.

I remember that was one of our first public forays, so we were both really excited and aroused. We were both already topless, and she had untied my bikini bottom (which i lost in the surf ), leaving me naked. She was working me up when I decided I'd even things up. I pushed her over and rolled over at the same time so I was on top. I was kissing her, and working my way down. I decided I'd leave her bikini bottom on and just slide it to the side (like in porn LO while I went down on her. It was waay hot, and we were both already soo worked up. Except when I went down on her, the surf kept splashing sea water into her. And being down there, and really trying to work it, I ended up swallowing a fair bit of sea water. And some sand along with it, for good measure. So at one point, I was trying to breathe, not drown, get her to orgasm, it didn't take long before I felt a little ill. I also felt like she was coming down from her high, so to speak, so I ended up trying harder to get her to cum. This resulted in me feeling sick after awhile. It came suddenly. I sat up, felt nauseous, and almost puked all over her.

At the same time, she also told me that she had sand, all up in her, and wasn't feeling all too sexy anymore. Buzzkill, right? Then it happened. Like an eruption, I keeled forward and threw up. LOL

Sand all up in her nether region, and me throwing up all that sea water I had swallowed. We were done. She helped me get dressed and we laughed all the way back to our rooms. Sex on the beach? Ha! What a joke
Thinking about someone else while fucking your partner?
Posted:Mar 23, 2015 9:58 pm
Last Updated:Mar 31, 2015 11:46 pm

I was away over the weekend. Decided to spend some quality time with Mr Married (after he's been complaining about us not spending a lotta time together lately). He was on a business trip and I got him to extend his stay over the weekend and I flew up on Friday. So this is...part of what happened. I thought this bit is funny, figured I'd share it. Plus, a thinking point to boot

Saturday morning, I got him up early cos I wanted to soak in some sun and laze by the pool after breakfast. We had spent the entire Friday evening in our room. Quality time We were lazing around when I notice him ogling at this lady in the pool. She was with her (about 3 years old, i think) in the pool, while her husband was playing with their , about 6 years old, in the play area nearby. Anyhow, her tits were huge. She was in a conventional one-piece swimsuit, and already she was popping out the sides, and threatening a full blown wardrobe meldown. LOL It was hilarious to see all the other dads in the area try to look, and try even harder not to be caught looking. It was disastrous

She was managing as best she could, re-adjusting, swimming, taking care of her . So I turned my head and noticed that Mr Married was ogling at her through his shades, which was sooo obvious. He was also spotting a hard on, and kept shifting in his sun bench. I laughed, and teased him about it. I told him if he didn't stop staring, he'd get caught. And of course, he categorically denied the hard on, and that he was staring. Shortly after, they left, I swam for a little, and we went back up. Walking back to our room, we were discussing our plans for the day and such, and he slipped his hand into my bikini bottom and was sliding his fingers deeper in. I was like, oh-kaay. More of that coming up We got back to our room, and I suggested taking a quick shower to wash of the smell of the Chlorine from the pool. We got into the shower, got all soapy and was rubbing each other around when he got me to sit on the edge of the bathtub. I thought he wanted a blowjob and was about to wash off the soap on his dick when he slid in closer, pressed my breasts together and started sliding his dick between them.

That surprised me a little cos it's..unlike him. Of the years weve been intimate, we've only done this a handful of times. I thought it was out of the blue, and liked it, cos he was really getting into it. I squeezed my tits together and he was thrusting so hard at one point, it knocked me back and I almost fell backwards onto the floor We stopped, washed the soap off and decided we'd continue in the room. That was the point that I realized something - and I don't know why I just confronted him about it. My filter must have been broken

It had occurred to me that he must have been aroused from the lady we saw in the morning, hence the breast fixation. So, the minute the thought came to mind, I asked him about it. He seemed stunned by the accusation, thought for awhile, then admitted it, smiling wryly. He then asked me if I was ok with it. And THAT, made me think about it. All the while, we were washing down, and toweling off. I told him I don't know, cos, at the time, I didn't. I then threw my towel at him, told him to let me think about it, walked over to the window, drew the curtains back, letting the sunlight in, dragged the dresser chair to the window and sat there, with my back pressed against the window, and me facing him with my legs apart.

He hung the towels up (yeah! That's my man! LOL ) and dashed over. I was expecting him to go down on me first, but he lunged straight into me and started slamming his hips into mine and grunting away. Him being him, he kept looking out to see if anyone was watching. I couldn't care less at that point To be fair, he DID alternate between his hip thrusts, to going down on me, then back up again, and so forth. Then in the middle of all that, I started the conversation going again about that lady in the pool. I asked if he was thinking about her. Ok. It started out a lot dirtier than that. Then it got a little awkward It went along the lines of,

Me - You thinking about her now? Huh? You thinking about her big fucking tits?
Him - Yeah..
Me - Oh yeah? You wanna fuck those big tits?

Me digging my nails into his back

Him - Urgh...oh yeah..I wanna fuck them.
Me - Ha! I knew it...and you denied it too! I can't fucking believe you were thinking about someone else!
(Talk about bad timing right..LOL )

Me - You were getting a hard-on cos you were imagining fucking her earlier right..?
Him - (slowing down a little bit, but not stopping entirely)
Him - But you're okay with it, right? I mean...seriously?

Awkward silence...him still sliding his dick slowly in and out of me...

Me - ...yeah. I actually don't mind that much. Just fucking tell me next time if I ask.
Him - Yes ma'am. (starts sliding his dick in and out a little faster)
Me - (I pinch his left nipple) You thinking about her now?
Him -'m thinking how I used to call you my little fuck toy...

Which I completely forgot about

Me - Hahahaaa! Oh yeah! I forgot about that...she DID have huge tits...even I was marveling at them. Hahahaa
Him - (starting to thrust faster and harder) Yeah...I wanted to slap my dick on her tits so bad...I wanna fuck her so hard her titties bounce
Me - ..... (in my head, I thought that was...kinda funny )
Him - (Slamming his groin into mine, and squeezing my tits and pinching my nipples)
Me - Fuck me harder! Make my tits bounce!

He came shortly after that He told me he wanted to cum while tit fucking me but never made it that far. LOL
We did later that evening though. That was not the whole conversation, but I thought that bit was hilarious. We talked about it after and I couldn't stop laughing

But! There was a point to got me thinking if I actually minded him thinking about someone else, or rather, getting aroused by someone else. Actually, more like, getting aroused by someone else, then having sex with me. I suppose, I am a bit, but not to the point where it's going to be an issue. One one hand, it feels like I'm being used, as an outlet. On the other, is it really all that bad? I mean, at the end of the day, there's really nothing you can do about it. And I rather him be honest about it with me. Cos, isn't that what watching porn together, or alone too, for that matter, is about? I guess it's okay, as long as he still finds me attractive, and I'm not some permanent substitute.

Plus, it is kinda hard to fault or get mad at him for it considering I'm guilt of it too. I'm sure we all are. I'm just glad we get to talk about it.

I'm not even gonna ask...I'm sure all of you do that at some point.
Would you put up a nude photo of yourself on your wall at home?
Posted:Mar 13, 2015 4:11 am
Last Updated:Mar 19, 2015 4:05 am

This is a short one. Promise

This is weird. Okay. To me it is. I met two friends for lunch earlier, and decided we'd head back to one of their place to hang out a little more. WHen we got to her place, she gave the both of us a tour of her place, showed us around. Then we got to her bedroom, and there on the wall was a poster-sized nude photograph of herself. Umm...what's weirder for me is, she's the third person I know who has a nude photo of herself blown up, no less, on their own wall. Really? Do you really need that?

I thought it was a bit narcissistic. Okay, I understand it's their home and their choice, and I am no one to judge. But....yeeesh. Heh...I still think it's a little...much. But that's just me.

What do you think? Would you, pay someone to take a nude photo of yourself, then blow it up, put it in a frame, and hang it on your wall?

Haha...sorry. I still can't stop chuckling to myself everytime I think about it...
Girlfriends, boyfriends, nasty cum and running away to an orgy. Hoo-yeah..
Posted:Mar 12, 2015 5:38 am
Last Updated:Mar 19, 2015 4:14 am

Amongst the myriad of random thoughts I want to put out, let's start with...

Clothing Design
It's official - I think men design womens' clothes, and women design mens' clothes. Ok ok, to be fair, not ALL of em. Definitely exercise attire. I think men design women's exercise attire. How else would you explain it getting tinier, and the materials getting thinner. I was out for a run with the girlfriend (our first run together, and my first run since....a good few months back) last week, and halfway through our intended route, we stopped (I kinda had to for fear of blowing out a lung ) and started talking. I guess like with so many other things, we've been desensitized by how small my shorts were. I certainly didn't give it much thought until she pointed it out. It's not only that it's barely covering both my buttcheeks, it's also cut very high, to the point where I lift my leg higher up and I'll flash someone. I suppose I understand why they've made it such, to increase mobility for runners. But still. hmm..

I was looking around at the other runners too, and a lot of them had similarly revealing attire. Some of the tights were so thin I can see through to what flattering and severely unflattering underwear they were wearing. Oh! Speaking of which...

Neighbor's mom
One of my neighbor is hosting her mom for a few months. They are not local, so her mom is making her tour to visit her family, before flying North to KL to visit her brother. This neighbor of mine is one of the few that I actually get along with. We bump into each other here and there, and are friendly, but it ends there. So anyhow, her mom has been here for about a month plus now and I've noticed that she has a habit of hanging around outside her apartment chatting with people, and simply watching the world go by. Fair enough. Except this poor lady likes to wear these night gowns that are not sheer, but the fabric's really, really thin (to deal with the heat, which I can understand..). Add that to a habit of not wearing anything underneath, it kinda makes things a little awkward for the rest of the neighbors. LOL

I find it fucking hilarious! An 80something year-old lady, who had a habit of chatting with whoever makes eye contact with her. I see her almost every morning and by gawd, I'm greeted with the largest, most unflattering, granny undies (literally) and 80year old tits, in all their glory. LOL I hope IF I ever live to that age, I have at least half of that free spirit

Relationship Status - Mr Married
I haven't been spending a lot of time with Mr Married. Which is an odd thing to say cos we actually work together in the same office. Well, it IS a fairly large office. Still. Had a bit of an argument the other day too. Clearly, he's unhappy about it. The lack of time we spend together, that is. At the same time, he's been very...understanding too, with me getting involved with someone else (the relatively new girlfriend). Well, since his divorce last year, we've been trying to make it official, as if it hasn't been official the last few years But I digress. Yes, trying to set it like a regular relationship. But that's never gonna happen, is it? I dunno. He wasn't too crazy with the fact that I actually got involved with someone else. Had an argument when I told him too. But he's less...possessive about the whole thing considering I got involved with a girl. Go figure. I don't know how that makes sense to him but hey, I ain't complaining. So we had a talk and he's suggesting (this is him being supportive. What a darling, right? ) that we should, or could meet up for dinner or something of the like. Ahh...see, for one reason or another, I'm not too sure if that's a good idea. At least now. So gonna play my cards separate for now. There's a Seinfeld joke in there somewhere about worlds colliding, if I remember correctly..

Anyhow, he's scheduled to travel for work next week and I've also booked my air tickets and will meet him at the end of next week. That should cover our catch up time. Which brings me to another issue. Of late, he's been asking to cum on my face or in my mouth. He was never really into that before, but I guess our taste vary over time. (I know mine does) I don't have a problem with that. Actually, I quite like it. The only issue is he's on some medication recently, and it's making his cum taste, well, nasty. (Urgh!) Like really bad. I've told him about it and we've tried getting him on plenty of fluids and pineapple juice the day before but the last time, it was still quite bad. So as a sidenote, I've been reading up on how to combat that I told a friend of mine and she suggested, "why don't you just don't swallow? Don't have it in your mouth?". LOL

Which, for some reason, reminded me of Sex and The City But yea, I'm not giving up on the research yet. I've got til next week so...let's hope I find something that works, eh?

Relationship status - the Girlfriend
A friend of mine dropped me a mail asking me to tell more about the girlfriend, and I realized I haven't yet, so here goes. She's in her early 40s, petit as hell (like 1.6m tall, 52kg maybe..?), works in the fashion/television industry and has a turning 19 this year. She saw me in a bar/club sometime last year and actually got my number from a mutual friend of ours She's also not crazy about the fact that I'm still seeing someone (Mr Married) while she and I are seeing each other, but I'll spare you that little drama for another time And here's the kicker - she doesn't do hair removal. So it's a full on bush down South, as well as under her arms. What's really odd? She bothers with hair removal on her legs and eyebrows. I've got friends who are similar, but I've never thought I'd be someone who had to deal with that. And, I guess I am okay with it. Ha..go figure

And in other news - I've been put in charge in booking a place for my annual Bali thingymajig with the group. I'm hoping a certain couple from HK will attend again (like last year) but we'll see. And this, damn. This will be difficult to deal with. Mr Married will give me the same crap he does year on year. The girlfriend will be a whole new ball game though. In any case, it's only gonna happen in a few months so let's deal with that when the time comes eh?

Oh!! Shit...this is getting quite long. last thing.

Sometime last month, a good friend of mine was leaving the country for good cos he was getting posted somewhere else. I had spent the weekend with him (it WAS his last weekend here..) and he threw a get-together party at his place. I knew some of the people that showed up, although naturally, I was closer to some than others. So I ended up sticking with him and another one of his friends the whole evening. One couple though,'m not sure how to put this, but they were a married couple. I've seen them around and know who they were, but never felt inclined to speak to them. It's one of those things, you know? Anyway.

The wife was clearly intoxicated, and the husband was also a lot tipsy, but still pretty obvious he had had a lot to drink. Or maybe they were on something, I don't know. Anyway, later in the evening, he kept bringing his wife around and asking, even goading some of the other guys to have sex with her. It's clearly not my business, but I thought that was a little off putting. I mean, his wife really looked out of it, like really intoxicated. It just didn't seem like..I don't know. Something I can agree with. Someone took up his offer and they disappeared into another room. Later that evening, he kept coming around trying to get with my friend and I too, which was never gonna happen. But yea, I thought that didn't sit too well with me.

Aaaannnyhhoooo....this turned out to be a long, and somewhat incoherent one. In my defense, I started typing this in the morning but somehow got distracted with work and other things, and I'm resisting the urge to hit "copy all" and "delete". So here goes. Another blog entry. I promise the next one will be a little more...coherent. I hope.

It's getting late. Gotta run.
Thanks for reading.
Oh to act like you're 20something again :P
Posted:Jan 31, 2015 12:36 am
Last Updated:Mar 19, 2015 4:15 am
16446 Views's the last day of the first month of the year! Just. Like. That. It's gone. Why am i in such a reflective mood? Hmm...It really makes me wonder what I've been up to the entire month. And sometimes, I think, I've done a lot! And at other times, not so much. Ah IS the weekend, and for that, I am thankful.

I met a girl recently. Well, I haven't actually met her, but we've spoken a lot, and texted each other a lot more since we began. (Did I mention this in my last blog? I think i did..) We were supposed to meet this weekend but I had to cancel due to work. Which sucked, on one hand cos I was (and still) really looking forward to meeting her. On the other, I'm also a little...ok, a LOT apprehensive on meeting know, I kinda have it in my head, a rough image of who this person is. I think I'm setting myself up for disappointment...or maybe setting my standards too high? I dunno. This is weird

ANyway, this is what I know of her. She's in her early 40s, so a lil older than I am. She works in the fashion industry, she's told me that much. She also has just been in and out of a serious relationship with a guy that didn't end too well. So she's bisexual too. We've spoken on many things, both of sexual and non-sexual nature, and last night we told each other about our first dick LOL
She mentioned the first thing she noticed when she touched her first dick all those years ago was how smooth and soft the skin was. Funny, cos I never thought about it that way. I told her my first impression was how hard it got, as in how hard it felt in my hands. At the time, I literally thought it felt like a stick.

The back and forth messaging had got me a little worked up. Naturally, I didn't disclose as much, but by the time I left work, I was really horny. So I took the opportunity to join some of my colleagues for dinner and drinks after work. I was with one of female friend at a bar when two guys showed up and started talking to us. I wasn't that all interested, but this friend of mine seemed like she was. This went on for awhile and I got bored, so I texted Mr Married, asking him if he wanted to meet. Like now. I texted him my whereabouts, and he decided he'd meet me at a carpark a short distance away. He didn't take too long to get there, and when he did, I told my friend that I was leaving. She, of course, asked me to stay She seemed like she was interested in the guy she was talking to, but didn't want to be left alone with them. Why can't it be straightforward, right?

I excused myself, went to the ladies and called Mr Married to explain the situation, and he reluctantly agreed to walk over. The plan was that I'd hang out for awhile longer and he'd wait for me at another bar a few doors down. I hung up, came out from my cubicle and realized the ladies bathroom was empty. So I thought, why not, right? It HAS been awhile...I texted Mr Married, told him where I was, what I had planned, and told him to run. Fast. I then texted my friend, telling her I'd be awhile, and asked her to hang on to my bag for me. She didn't seem too happy but, hey, I WAS staying behind for her...

I then hung around outside the ladies to make sure there'd be no one around when Mr Married showed up. He crept by, panting a little and I went into the ladies after him. We picked the furthest cubicle, and as I was locking the door behind me, he was already pulling my skirt up and pulling my panties down. I stepped out of my panties (which he conveniently shoved into his pocket and kept), turned around and faced him. He tried to pull my tank top off over my head but I resisted, and he moved his right hand down between my legs. I was already wet with anticipation, and parted my legs slightly for him, and he dove straight into me with two fingers. He just smiled when he felt how wet I was, then pressed me back against the wall and wiggled me to ecstasy I was already in the mood so it didn't take long. My legs buckled when I came, and I think if he wasn't holding onto me, i would have fell His entire palm was wet when he pulled hs hand up..I was still panting when he started undoing his pants. There wasn't much space so he spun me around and I stood over the toilet bowl, holding onto the wall with one hand and holding my phone and skirt up with the other.

I looked down, still a little dazed, and saw his pants around his ankle, and I noticed that I was smiling He rubbed the tip of his dick on my pussy a few times before plunging into me. He was slow at first, then started to trust faster. At some point, I was actually more worried my phone might slip from my hand and drop into the toilet. LOL Then a slew of thoughts came rushing into my head, all at once. My friend was also texting me from outside, asking where I was, and why I was taking so long. I was also concerned with us making too much noise. All this time, he was slamming into me so hard my head was almost hitting the wall. I was also suddenly thinking about my earlier text conversation with my mystery girl about what she said about dicks being smooth. I then told him to slow down, but just as I told him, I felt his grip on my waist hardened and him pressing his hips into mine. Then I felt the gush of warm...uh..his warm load exploding into me. He was leaning into me and I reached down to squeeze and massage his balls, which, were dripping with...what must be our combined bodily fluids. He pulled out of me, and we were both laughing when I dropped down and sucked him off I shoved his dick down my throat, then sucked gently, and moved to lick his balls...then was working my way back up to the tip of his dick when he spasmed a little and stopped me We cleaned up the best we could. I was tearing tissue paper to wipe up the inside of my thighs when my phone rang. I killed the call, and told Mr married I'd see him at my place.

I ran back out, apologized to my friend and told her I had a work call, which, she didn't seem to believe I sat back down at the seat but realized it was really time for me to leave cos I didn't have my panties on, and whatever was dripping out from me was kinda dripping down the inside of my thighs. I stood up, apologized to my friend and the two guys (whose names I really cannot recall) and ran off. I jumped into a cab and headed home, where Mr Married was waiting.

It was an impromptu thing, but dan it was fun. A little...ok. A LOT embarrassing...if I let myself think about it, but a lot of fun. Hope your weekend is going well. Til next time!

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