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A Big Weekend of Personal Growth. Hurrah!
Posted:Aug 23, 2015 7:12 pm
Last Updated:Oct 11, 2015 7:30 pm

Whoa...where'd the time go? I gotta run for a meeting soon but I started on this earlier and I'll try to finish it quick. Important moment for me here

I had an....interesting weekend. A real moment of growth here. I went out with the fiance and two of his friends on Friday evening. One of which I've sort of had a thing for for the longest time. No, I've never acted on it. But there have been a little flirting here and there. In the past, when we meet up, the flirting usually gets a little more overt when the fiance's not around. As in, when he steps away for brief moments. This has been going on for awhile now. I didn't think much of it in the beginning but I've also gotta admit I've been playing my part in it. The fact that I've always thought he was quite hot might have played a part in it. But anyhow.

So, on Friday evening, when we met up, everything was fine. There was a little banter here and there but I kept it more in the neutral zone, if you know what I mean. Then the fiance stepped away for awhile, and he started complimenting my dress, etc. Another friend was present as well, so it wasn't too overt. But every time my fiance stepped away, he'd asked if we were okay, and say something about how I looked, and what I was wearing. I thanked him for the compliments, and was very careful picking my reactions, making sure I wasn't reciprocating. To the point when we were alone for a very brief moment, and he started asking about my underwear. I was a little taken aback, and he must have saw my reaction, and quickly mentioned that he's looking for something sexy for his girlfriend. I thought it was an attempt at a cover up, so I let that go and we were talking a little about what he could get. I'm quite pleased at myself for being very careful to not flirt back this time round.

Then, on Saturday evening, I met an ex boyfriend of mine from a few years ago. We didn't end on a sour note so we've been quite close ever since. We chat quite a bit, and keep in constant contact through email, and even texting each other. He's been posted overseas so aside from chatting, I haven't seen him in about a year. In the past, every time we meet, we'd always end up back in his hotel room, or back at my place. The sex aside, we're still fairly good friends. Just so happens we enjoy the sex part too So Saturday evening, I met him and we went to the beach, had a picnic and hung out til it was dark. It was nice catching up and I had a pretty good time. As we packed up and left, he asked if he could come over. I told him he could, and I also mentioned that my fiance would be there. He joked as said he wasn't quite ready for a threesome and suggested we'd head back to his hotel to lounge in the pool. As much as I would have liked to, I actually declined. Yeah. Can you believe that?

I told him my fiance's only starting to warm to my current group FWBs, I'd rather not push it. We (the fiance and did agree on a rule that I'd tell him, at the very least, who it was that, If and when, I'd have fun with. He'd want to know. Fair enough. I didn't prep him for this meeting with my ex, so I'd keep it....non-physical. For now. So there. Two moments of self control and making (what I think is) the right decision, all in one large weekend of personal growth. Ha! Who'd have thought
How do you praise someone's partner without coming across as a douche?
Posted:Aug 20, 2015 11:48 pm
Last Updated:Apr 27, 2016 1:18 am

The fiance and I attended one of our friend's 's birthday party awhile ago. While we were there, they showed us around and we, together with 2 other couples, ended up seated around in their living room, looking through some of their photo albums. As with these things these days, it's all digitized and we were going through it via their tv, so all of us were looking at it. We went through some of their holiday pictures, some of which showed them by the beach, and a few other pictures of them really dressed up. Naturally, they were posing in some of their photos.

I thought they looked good. Some of the pictures were obviously taken without their around, showing the wife in a really skimpy bathing suit, and then showing them both really dressed up for a night out. When we came upon these photos, I teased them about it, and told them that they looked good. Then the male half of the other couple also praised them. I think it could be the way in which he said it, but there was an awkward silence for a split second, before we moved on. That got the fiance and me talking about it after. How should a guy praise his friend's wife/partner without having it come across as...lecherous? I guess it can be done, but it's a little tricky, isn't it?

On to something a little more straightforward.
There's this guy who lives in the same building as I do. I see him and his wife at times and when we do see each other, we make it a point to be friendly. We're neighbors after all. The thing about him is, he's always coming across as trying to hit on me. You know? What makes it even more obvious is, he's only super "friendly" when I bump into him alone, without his wife. A few days ago, I bumped into him downstairs and he was a little extra chatty. Asked me if I partied, where I'd go to party, if I wanted to go to the beach with him or not. I declined, and was about to run off when he insisted I take his number cos he has "house parties", and that "I should attend sometime". When I refused, he shove his card into my hands. Seriously, some people. I think it's a little...ok, a lot disrespectful to his own wife. I don't know. It's just me.

I was talking to someone recently and this term came up. That conversation reminded me of an old friend I had recently met on my very recent trip to Bali. I'm familiar with the term, but to have someone actually do it to you literally, I found it quite funny. This guy in question came up to me a few times from behind, and literally stuck his face up my butt, and go "brrbrrbrrbrrrr!" LOL I can understand it as a sort of a joke. But on a few occasions, in between foreplay, he'd do the same thing. Midway going down on me, or while we're fucking and he'd do it to my breasts. It's really not sexy. At all. LOL
Funny as fuck though.

There was something else but I'm running out of time. I'll blog again soon. I hope
Have a good weekend all! Happy fucking weekend! Literally.
Of soiled panties, and
Posted:Aug 19, 2015 4:52 am
Last Updated:Apr 7, 2016 9:37 pm

I had spent the weekend at the fiance's place and we went to work together from there. The weekend was...a little tiring. I usually don't go over. He spends time at my place instead. But with "the date" inching closer, I'd figure I'd try to ease myself into spending more time living together. And by god it was trying. We do spend a fair bit of time together, but we also spend a fair bit of time apart, doing our own things. The weekend, well, we got on each other's nerves a fair bit, but overall it was good.

Anyways, on the way to work Monday morning, inching ourselves through traffic, our conversation went back to my trip in Bali. He's trying to understand. He still doesn't fully agree with it, but at least he's trying. I was telling him about some of the things that we did there, and the reminiscing got me a little excited. I tried not to be too obvious and played it off, and we got to talking about sexual preferences. It wasn't a long conversation, but by the time we got to the office, we had got each other a little horny. I at least was, and couldn't stop thinking about sex in all forms the whole day. It didn't help that we were sexting each other too It got to the point where I suggested a quickie over lunch but he had meetings, so I ran out on my own. It was a fairly unproductive day for me

I was working myself up so much that day in my head, I kinda soiled my panties. It was so wet I had to take them off. I texted him to tell him and he asked if he could have them. I've never understood how that can be arousing, and actually have readily admitted that I thought it was quite repulsive, to me. But I also understand that to each, their own. So not for the first time, I placed them in an envelope and passed them to him together with a few documents, to him in his office. I left office early that day and went home, and was in the shower when he came by. He was stripping outside the bathroom when I noticed that his briefs were wet in front as well. I think this is one of those things that I find funny and disgusting at the same time. Like really? You spent an entire day in pre-cum stained briefs?! LOL Yes, he was scrubbed down before we had a satisfying few rounds.

SO yeah, preferences. I guess if he can try to be okay with me running off for a fuckfest, I can try to understand his little panty fetish

Speaking of fetishes. I think our little game of fucking and/or going down on the other while he/she is having a call has grown into a fetish. I suppose "fetish" in this case can be defined as something out of the ordinary sexual habits that most people have...? Ah anyways. I gave him a bj when he took a conference call at my place one evening last week, and last night, he bent me over the couch and was humping away when I was on the phone with a friend of mine. It was quite funny, when I think back on it, but I don't think my friend appreciated how distracted I was. LOL

Oh! One more thing I wanted to add - last Saturday morning I was up really early at his place and decided I'd make us some breakfast. I needed some eggs for that, and there was a supermarket a few minutes from his place. So I threw on a pair of exercise pants and tank top and went. It was early ona Saturday morning, and I figured there won't be a lot of people around so I didn't even bother with a bra. I was wrong. There were loads of people out and about (rather surprisingly, to me at least) but I managed to get my eggs and was on the way back when I heard someone calling me "Ms ____". No one I know calls me that formerly. I turned and I see this guy across the street with his (13 years old, I later found out) waving. I vaguely found him familiar so I smiled and waved back. He came jogging over with his sons in tow and introduced himself. Turns out, he is a parent of a I used to teach, when I was still teaching.

I'm amazed he even remembers me, let alone my name. His first , who I had taught, is already in the army, and he introduced me to his second . It was pleasant, and cordial. What was quite uncomfortable for me was that his , who was behind him, kept staring at my breasts. LOL You would think that with the internet so available to everyone, he's be a little less....gawky, seeing nipples poking through my top. It was barely a 5min meet and greet kinda conversation, but damn that boy could stare. That was a little weird.

Dang....there was something else I wanted to post with regards to different people having different perceptions on a similar event...ah well. WHen I remember then. Happy midweek all. Til the next one. Thanks for reading
How Stella Got Her Groove Back
Posted:Aug 9, 2015 8:04 pm
Last Updated:Aug 13, 2015 4:37 am

Ok, the groove never really left, but I'm getting back into the swing of things now with the fiance. Speaking of swing. We took the opportunity of the long weekend to really spend some time together. Catch up after my trip. One of these conversations, he actually asked me how it was. He always asks, and I always tell him it was good. I'm not sure how much he wants or is comfortable to know, so I keep it vague. Then he starts probing. Ok. Maybe this is a sign. So I tell him a little more. A LOT more. At one point I was explaining to him how lately, I really like sitting on my friend's husband's face and him wrapping his hands around my thighs, holding my hips down while he eats me out, and have a few extra hands caressing my breasts while I suck on a dick. Or two. (who can say no to a few extra hands...right? )

And he took it surprisingly well. Then again, he was in a rather good mood. We had gone out for dinner with a few of my friends and I had worn that particular dress he had bought for me. Couple that with a few carpark bjs and quickies, I suppose he had better be in a good mood He was running his hands up my dress the entire time. I digress for a bit - the dress that I had worn was a short, backless slinky dress. Its really one of those that was not meant for any underwear. When we got there, there was a table adjacent to ours that was filled with a family and the adults on that table were staring, giving us dirty looks. I didn't really notice, but later found out from the fiance. Anyways. At one point, I had gone to the ladies and was bent over at the sink washing my hands. This lady came beside me and told me to cover up. She had her family beside and said "for heavens sake, I can see your nipples now! Do you mind?"

I wasn't mad at first, and was actually rather taken aback. But what pissed me off was her hollier than thou attitude and, the fact that she was screaming in my face. I told her to back off and said that she can see my breasts and nipples cos she was fucking looking down my dress. If she didn't mind, can she stop looking down my dress? I dried my hands and walked off. She mouthed something but I ignored her. They left shortly after. Some people...

Shit...there was something else I wanted to write about but I have to run. I hope you enjoyed your long weekend. I certainly did (although I do miss those extra hands and bodies in the bedroom...). Will try to blog again.
Back with a bang! No...back and banged!
Posted:Aug 2, 2015 9:10 pm
Last Updated:Apr 27, 2016 1:27 am

I'm back. It has been too much eating, drinking, smoking (fell off that pretty bad), sun, and sex. Yes. I said it. Too much sex. At some point (ok, many points...) I was fucking just for the sake of cumming. I agree, that IS the point to many, but I'd like to enjoy the entire process of it. And. I think I may have carpal tunnel syndrome. I honestly do. This from jerking dicks. Like seriously, how do guys do it? I mean, it's an entire lifetime of jerking your own dicks. How do you not have this? Maybe it's the angle...ah well. My wrist and forearm hurts. Try explaining this to my Dr...

Anyhow, I promised myself no withdrawal symptoms (I have them every damn year ) but here I am, taking a day off from work to recover from...a holiday? Blech. So much to blog about, but I'll hone in on a few things. Not sure I'd have space otherwise.

To the uninitiated, I've just spent slightly less than 2 weeks meeting up with my regular groups of FWBs. From the get go, there were already hitches and glitches. First of all, a few of us had our flight delayed, or cancelled. Mine was delayed by a day, and then delayed further upon arrival. Good thing was I had two friends (a married couple) who had travelled on the same day and they waited for me at the airport, and we shared a cab to our villa. Turns out, only one other lady had managed to get there on time and everyone else was delayed. We had booked a 5 bedroom villa, and on the first night, 4 of us decided to bunk in one room. Needless to say, my friend's husband was the happiest one that night

There were supposed to be 15 of us, 5 couples and the rest (myself included), flying in solo. There were only 12 of us in all, and only 3 showed up as couples. The other two couples only sent one representative and unfortunately, they were there alone cos they were heading for splitsville, which is sad to hear cos I've known all of them a long time. Speaking of which.

One guy, Fred. He used to work here and I've known him for close to 10 years now. We've been meeting up consecutively 6 years now, I think. And we've all agreed early on, that there would be no photo or video taking, when we're in a group. Not all of us are comfortable with the idea, and we had all agreed. Fred, got caught trying to secretly videotape a few of us. One of the other guys caught him and there was a huge issue. It wouldn't have been that bad if he had just apologized, but one thing led to another and it came out that he has been doing it a few times now. We got him to leave. Which turned quite ugly. Fred, Fred. You will be missed for your humor, but not your integrity.

I also realized (ok, this is gonna rouse up a few feathers, but I'm just gonna say it) that a full week plus of sexcapades and debauchery might be too much. Ok, most of us had most of our deepest fantasies fulfilled. Most of us. One of my friends, male, has developed a fondness of watching girls in the toilet. Which is fine, it's his thing. But I'm not sure I want to get comfortable having someone watching me (and more often stroking himself) do a number 2. Eew. Not my thing. But I digress.

Back to it being too long. It is. I've come back not being very interested in sex. It happens every year. But I think this year, we pushed it a little bit far. You know when you're at a party, like out all night dancing, and it should end when the light comes on, or when the sun rises. But you push it further by heading somewhere else to try and extend the fun, and it doesn't become quite a fun anymore? Kinda like that. No, wait. Exactly like that. it'll take a few days, or a week or so to get back into getting aroused by anything physical. But I guess a whole week of seeing and experiencing dicks and pussies of all shapes and sizes can do that. Of course, mentally... I'm always good to go.

Overall it was a good trip. It always is. Nice to catch up with good friends. I'll sign off with just one more fuck up along the way. There were many on this trip. This is one.

On the 3rd day, I think. I can't remember now. But it was morning and I was on one of the outdoor pool beds with two others, getting acquainted. All of a sudden, I hear a scream. Of course I turn. And I saw this girl, probably in her early 20s, swearing and trying to cover her eyes with her hands, and storming out. First thing that came to mind was, how the fuck did she open our door? We had locked it, for obvious reasons. One of the guys got up, wrapped a towel around his waist and ran to close the door. A few hours later, I get a call (I was the one that made to booking, and thus, had given them my number) from the owner of the place. Apparently, we had scarred he friend, who had popped over to collect some things from the villa that she had needed. She was going on about how it was inappropriate of us. She walked in on an early morning orgy. Big fucking deal.

I was pissed about the fact that she (the girl who had walked in on us) calling us old. And! The fact that it was rude of her to fucking simply walk in, use her own keys, to open the main door of a villa that was occupied. There was a fair bit of raising my voice in that call, and she eventually apologized. She came by a few days before we left to apologize in person. What was funny about it though, she called before, then knocked on the door, then called again, to announce that she was outside. I bet this is going to make one of those horror tenant leasing stories.

Ah well. Happy Monday y'all.
Is it cheating?
Posted:Jul 22, 2015 9:08 am
Last Updated:Apr 27, 2016 1:24 am

I'm supposed to already be in Bali and, I dunno, fucking my the pool, probably. But my flight got pushed back to tomorrow morning. I'm a little bummed out, but am still glad it's not too much of a delay. The good news also is, I'll touch down about the same time as two others flying in from somewhere else, so. We'll probably get to our place around the same time. I took the opportunity to repack my bag, and also had a good friend over earlier while I did it.

She's a good friend of mine so, she knows where I'm going, and what I'll be getting up to when I get there. She even know some of the people I'm meeting. ANyways. We were going through some of the stuff I was packing and we came across a slinky dress that my fiance had bought me. It's a sexy little piece - backless, very short, with a slit on the right thigh. He bought it on the pretext that it'd be that dress I wear when we go out and I want to be a little raunchy. Which is usually when we travel. You know the kind. I like it. It doesn't cover much, but it covers what I want covered, and I can actually move in it. I've only worn it a few times, like I said, when we travel. But I'm bringing it now cos, well, aside from the obvious, I feel sexy in it. I think I might even go dancing in it this weekend (albeit, not too vigorously)

So anyhow, my friend saw it, pointed it out, and I told her about the dress. And she asked me if it's the same as cheating on my fiance. Ok, to make things clear, I didn't mention that I was going to bring this dress along. I didn't think it's "cheating" cheating, but I am now also thinking, maaybe it is a little...? Basically, she's given me a complex. Is it cheating if I brought it along? Should I leave it behind? Or bring it along and tell him? (Yeeeesh...i'm kinda dreading the second option. I mean, he's already not too crazy about me going...)

I dunno. What do you guys think? (Although I think, by the time I get responses, I'd already have decided on my own cos I'd already be out) But tell me anyways. Is it cheating?
Um..shit happens..when you play with ass...?
Posted:Jul 20, 2015 8:42 am
Last Updated:Apr 27, 2016 1:22 am

Hot damn! It's a Monday and it's been one hell of a Monday. It's past 10pm where I am, and I've brought work home. Yes, I did. I even skipped my workout for today in an attempt to try and finish this and send it out by tonight. BUT! Alas, I'm taking a break from it and lo and behold! I'm in here blogging

Shit, promised myself I'd bitch less, but...ah well. Ok, first up. My mojo, is completely fucked. The people washing the outside of my building started on the other side of the building early last week, and have now started on washing my side of the building. The last few days, they have been outside of the windows blasting the walls with their hi-powered jet sprays. This meant I had to keep the windows closed. I removed my air-conditioning a few months ago cos they had broken down and I figured I didn't need them. SOo..., no windows, no a/c. The fans were all on but it was still stuffy as fuck. What made it worse was, it completely messed up my routine cos I couldn't just strip anymore. I know a lotta people have far more serious problems, but shit! Not being naked in my own home, well, sucks. Not fun at all. Thankfully it was the long weekend and they took a break, meaning I at least, had 3 days of being able to do my stuff at home in my birthday suit. I don't know if they are done, but the cables and gondolas are still outside so...gotta be a little more aware.

Anyways. A slight reprieve coming up. I'm leaving to Bali tomorrow night for my annual trip. Wooo! That's also part of the reason I have to finish my work tonight (which I should be doing now, instead of blogging...hmm...) I'm all packed, at least. Well, we're not planning to be clothed a lot of the time, so not really much to pack. I brought some "fun" stuff too. I guess that's why, even with so little to pack, my bag is still....fairly large

But enough of that. something else I actually wanted to blog about. I've been wrestling with this for a few days now, not sure if I wanted to let this one out. It's fucking embarrassing, and pretty gross. So if you're gonna get offended, stop reading.

Early last week, the fiance and I had dinner with two of my friends (a married couple) who were in town. These are two of my closer friends, and they are also my playmates (playmates? Can I call them that?). Anyhow, they are part of the group that I'm meeting up with in Bali. The fiance have met them before, but never really interacted. So this was to be my big chance to show them who they are and to introduce him to...that part of my life. He's never been very supportive of that. But anyhow. Things started off cordial, then it got really friendly, which is extremely pleasing. For me. I thought the fiance was gonna flip at some point, but he didn't. And it was fun. The fiance drove us somewhere where we popped open a bottle of wine, sat in the car, and talked some more. Shortly after, my friends asked if we wanted to join them back in their room. I knew it was going to happen, but I didn't let up, and didn't say anything. I admit, I was a little apprehensive, and a LOT excited about the prospect. But I didn't say anything. The fiance just looked at me, then declined. Which was fine.

So we drove them back to their hotel, and dropped them off. After which, the fiance asked if I had wanted to join them. I told him only if he was comfortable with it. He just nodded. I then told him that I was still a bit high, and i still wanted to fuck. He then smiled, and drove us back to the office, which was 5 minutes from where we were. In hindsight, that was pretty dumb, but ah you know, hindsight, 20/20, etc.

He parked, I grabbed the bottle of wine, and we snuck back up into the office, and into his office. It was dark, but we've done this a few times before, so, we were fairly comfortable in the dark. We shut his office door, and started tearing our clothes off each other. It got hot and heavy pretty quickly. Before long, I was in his office chair, which we had pushed all the way back against the wall, and he was between my thighs, slamming his hips into mine. He stopped midway, to rest, and we were both panting, and I asked him to pass me the bottle of wine. He held it up while I took a swig at it, while he started thrusting his hips again. Of course I reacted. I made a muffled sound ( i had wine in my mouth, and the bottle was still on my lips), which, I think, got him excited (weird, I know) and he started thrusting harder, and faster. I finished the rest of the wine, and I guess I was in the mood as well, started sucking on the bottle. That got him off, and he then started to thrust harder and faster. And then he started with the dirty talk.

Him - like that? Huh? You like sucking on something while getting fucked? Is that it?
Me - (blowing a wine bottle) mmm-hmm
Him - yea? gonna suck Mirco (my friend's husband) off like that? Is that it?
Me - (thinking, hmm...this might be a tad touchy for now. So I didn't respond)
HIm - (Not skipping a beat) You like your holes filled? I know you do...which hole do you like getting filled..?
Me - You can have whichever hole you want...

He then takes the win bottle from me, then turn me to my side, and tries to ass fuck me with the wine bottle, while still slamming his hips into mine. I didn't think it was gonna work. Then again, I was quite high from the wine, and horny as hell. So naturally, I didn't say anything.

After awhile, he realizes that it wasn't gonna work, so he withdraws his dick, and goes all focus on ass fucking me with the wine bottle. At the back of my mind, a little voice shouts out, I don't think that's a good idea. Of course I don't listen to tiny voice. Instead, I hold onto one of my legs and turn a little more onto my belly. And very slowly, he slides the bottle in my ass. He works a steady rhythm, then slides it deeper, and slightly deeper. And then it happens. I feel something churn low in my belly, and I panic, and tell him to stop.

Me - fuck...stop...wait...stop.
Him - (doesn't stop)
Me - waitwait wait...stops stop...
Him - (hears the panic in my voice, but STILL continue sliding bottle in my ass) what?
Me - fuck! STOP!!STOPSTOP!
HIm - (finally panics, yanks bottle out of my ass)
Me - Nooo!! Nonononoooo....
Him - What?? What what what? You ok?
Me - Shit.
Him - What???
Me - Umm...I think, shit

Then the smells hits us, and bam. We take out phones for light, and I plastered the floor, and his office chair, with...uh..well, shit.

There was silence for about 10 seconds, before we both broke out laughing. That, naturally, killed the mood. After collecting ourselves, we snuck into the washrooms to clean ourselves up, then spent then next 2 and a half hours, trying to clean the shit up (sorry, I couldn't resist ) We wheeled his office chair out and disposed of it discreetly, meaning we dumped it in the dumpster of the office building beside ours. LOL And the next day, he just told the cleaners he stepped on poo, hence the smell. They came in and gave it a wash over. I still haven't stepped into his office. LOL I can't even look at him in the office without blushing, and giggling to myself.
I'll end it here. I'm still blushing from writing this down. LOL
A Day in the life...
Posted:Jul 18, 2015 9:08 am
Last Updated:Jan 21, 2016 3:55 am

I WAS going to blog about something real embarrassing that occurred very recently, but I think that can wait. Might leave me some time to think about how much I want to share

So, this is inspired by a blog post by ChocolateNinja1, who posted about what went on in a day of a blogger here. So, it's 11.54pm, and I'm cutting it close, so here's my day.

6.30am, got up, showered, packed, grabbed coffee and sandwich.

8.30am, went to the gym

10.30am, joined some friends for late breakfast

11.30am, ran errands

2pm, home to chill. Caught up on email, read a little

4.30pm, cleaning - usual routine of laundry, vacuumed and mopped my place.

6pm, cooked myself dinner, ate

7pm, skyped the fiance (who's traveling)

8.30pm, pondered about going out, but stayed home to pack for my trip instead

10pm, still not packed. Watched some tv

11pm, winding down, surfing the net, perving around, blogging

There we go. Not my usual Saturday routine, but that's my today.
Til the next one
Why are people juveniles in the office?
Posted:Jul 16, 2015 1:53 am
Last Updated:Aug 31, 2015 8:27 pm

It's the long weekend here and everyone's just about flocked out of the office. Well, almost everyone. Soo...I guess maybe, time to blog!

I work in an office. I know for certain that not all offices are alike, but I bet there are some similarities. Like, for some reason, I don't know why there's so much bitching. Passes the time, I suppose. Well, adding to that, here's my contribution for the day. Actually, week. One of the guys I unfortunately have to work with has hired a new girl to add to his department. Given, almost all of us are busy most of the time, and he, no doubt, is the same (busy, I mean, if I've lost you). So he hires this sweet, young thing. Or I think she's young. She looks it. Anyhow.

It has been two weeks since she has started and the work, at least from what I've been unfortunate enough to experience, has not gone any faster, or more efficient. The things that I've had to rush out, is still stuck in that department. I'm not blaming anyone (well, except the guy who hired her, cos he IS the head of that particular department), but with one extra head, you would think it would help. It doesn't seem so. So, I've surmised, that he's trying to get in her skirt, or she gives some hell of head to be able to get away with not having to do much, on top of having him take her out to lunch most days. See, I'm not making up stories

Hey, I'm all for fucking around in the office (I really don't have a choice on this matter. Of COURSE I have to be ok with it ), just get the damn work done! Right?

Another petty office incidence. There's a unisex toilet that is a stand-alone near the front of the office. It's larger than most and is made unisex mainly for visitors to use. We use it from time to time, and a few days ago, someone kicked up a fuss (not officially) about getting irked out by the presence of pubic hairs left on the toilet seat. Apparently, it was deduced that another male colleague of mine and I were the first persons who used the toilet before this irked out person did. Fuck. Getting confusing. Let's use their names

So Mary went in, got irked out, kicked up a fuss, and deduced that it was either Dave or I who had left pubic hair on the seat. Dave, being oh so...."magnanimous", accused me for it cos "he doesn't even use the toilet seat". Fair enough argument. I told them it really cannot be me. Like, it really can't. If it was a strand of long hair, like the ones we drop from our head, fair enough. But short curly ones? No way. I just kept telling them it can't possibly be me. And they were thick enough to keep asking why. I'm like, really? In an office conversation? Ok. Mainly cos I don't have any pubic hair. I can't drop or leave any behind if I don't have any. That shut them up pretty quick. It's just pubic hair. But it's amazing how much people can act like total juveniles in an office :S

On the similar topic of dealing with colleagues, I went out for dinner last night with my friends from Hong Kong. We're gonna be meeting again in Bali in about a week, but their flight got cancelled last weekend so they flew here instead. We'll now then be leaving together (I can't wait. And I'm all excited. Can you tell? ) I was lazing around at home before they called, so I just threw on a yellow sundress and went out. I bumped into a few colleagues from work and they got all awkward on me. It wasn't so bad, until I got in this morning. One of the ladies I saw last night came up to me and asked, well, she told me that my nipples were "very visible", and if I was aware. Um...I went, yeah. It's a yellow sundress. I told her I actually wasn't planning on bumping into them there, if it made her feel better. One of the guys I'm a little closer with dropped me an email saying I looked good in the light last night. I ignored them. Seriously. Like .

Riding motorbike in short skirt
Oh! I've been meaning to write about this for awhile now, but I keep forgetting. There's a lady that works near my office that rides a motorbike to work every morning. She's on one of those new scooters, and she wears the shortest of skirts and 6" heels! I've been meaning to walk up to her and ask her how she does it without incidence. Seriously, some people are superhuman!

AAaand last but not least, something closer to home. They're washing the outside of my apartment building and have advised us tenants to keep our windows closed, presumably they are gonna be coming up gondolas outside and blasting the walls with water. As much as I'm grateful towards keeping the outside clean and presentable, I'm a little bummed out that this will mess up my schedule. i'm all for being an exhibitionist and keeping with my routine, but considering I live alone, and have no grills, and have a habit of keeping my windows open, I need to be more wary stripping and staying nude at home. Which sucks. But better be safe and all that.

Ok, I guess that's my rant for the week. It's also time for me to run. Thanks for reading, and have a good long weekend, if you're in someplace that offers it
Manic Monday, and a few things to speak about
Posted:Jul 13, 2015 4:54 am
Last Updated:Apr 27, 2016 1:21 am

I started out in the mood to rant (I logged on in the morning and lo and behold! It's half past evening now.) but it HAS been a whole damn day and I'm a little too tired to be bitching about negatively so, here's me (still) bitching about, but in a purely neutral manner.

I ran out during lunch with a friend to a nearby pool to swim. It wasn't too crowded (thankfully) and I managed to get in a few good laps before it started to rain. I looked up at the lifeguard and he wasn't signaling for us to get out of the water so I continued. What surprised me was my friend actually got out. So did a lot of the other people. Which puzzled me. I mean, we WERE in a pool. We are already wet. Very strange. But it meant an emptier pool where I could actually do laps without having to stop or change lanes cos someone was in front of me. I later found out my friend was more worried about lightning, which I was too, but I figured the lifeguards would tell us to get the fuck out of the water if the threat was present. Ah shit, which reminds me, I've still got wet swimsuit in my bag...

Intense friend
I caught up with a friend over the weekend. She had called me out to bitch about whatever's going on in her life. Fine. She's my soundboard sometimes too, so, friends do what friends do right? She's dating a new guy now, but she's always changing them up. In the beginning, I've always thought she was a "player", so to speak. Until recently I found out that she's just....intense. She's actually looking to settle down and as a result, expects the same commitment level in her partner(s). Hmm...she's expecting a guy, who she's been dating for, say, a few months, to drop everything that he's doing, so that he can deal with her shit? Of COURSE he relationships don't last.

Ok, I'm being a little mean, but you know what I mean, right? And as a result, her relationships, usually, don't last. I've told her as such, but we are who we are ,so, I'll leave her at that. She's having some issues with work, so I've heard nothing on her current squeeze. Yet. ANyways. Yea...she is quite intense.

Exercise issues
Two issues here that are a little...contradictory. I usually wear any underwear under my exercise shorts, or 3/4s. They are mostly all tights anyways. But! Last week, I did. Wear underwear under my shorts. I was in spin class and my underwear started riding up my ass. I was the second row from the front too, so I resisted adjusting. I actually lasted the entire class with an atomic wedgie. I think my endurance is pretty high. Had to run to the bathroom to adjust after though. Not fun.

On another occasion, I was in a handstand in yoga. The place I go to switched the rooms out, so the class I'm in now has a full length mirror right in front of us. The previous one didn't. Anyways, I was in a handstand and I realized that, upside down, my shorts rode up and cameltoe was screaming "hey! Look here!". I was not very close to the mirror, and yet I could see my own. So I got down from my handstand, adjusted myself the best I could, then try again. Then I looked around, and realized, upside down, almost everyone had one! I've never seen it from...well, this point of view before. No wonder there's always an odd guy in class and he's always chirpy. LOL

Unexpected slap
I'm leaving for my Bali trip in a little more than a week. Mr whom-i'm-about-to-marry has, expectedly been a little more moody. It happens every year, and he's made it known that, although he's accepted it, he's not very supportive of it. So, the last few weeks, since his birthday, I've been pulling out the stops, trying to make it up to him.

He's always been a little more conservative sex wise. Case in point, his birthday weekend, I told him he could fuck me any which way he wants. And I was already mentally prepared for, well, most things. We ended up in missionary the whole time. I'm not complaining. It was also a relief, actually. I like good ol missionary. I was just expecting something else. So yes, he's a little more conservative. Last night, he was over and he crept into bed late. I was already half asleep when he started caressing my legs and kissing my back. He kept going lower and I was already woken so I flipped onto my back and he went down on me. (He DOES give good head, which I'm very grateful for ) Before long I was on top of him riding him quite vigorously. I had my hands on his chest while I was riding him quite hard, and he was squeezing my breasts when out of the blue, he slaps me. On my ass, I've come to expect it. But he slaps me across my face. Hard.

I wasn't expecting it, so was shocked for awhile (apparently I stopped for a good 5 seconds, according to him), then the anger kicked in. I screamed at him and was trying to smack him in the head (i wasn't aiming, I mad, I guess ) Then before I knew it, I was crying Needless to say, it was a mood killer. His absent sense of timing, and my reaction.
We sorted it out awhile later, but the mood was already...changed, even after laughing about it So yeah, sense of timing guys...yeesh.
There's something straaaange, in the neighborhood..
Posted:Jul 6, 2015 7:41 pm
Last Updated:Jul 13, 2015 2:17 am

I was traveling for work late last week and for the first time ever, got rejected by this bitch of a security lady, from entering the building. The reason? My skirt was too short. It wasn't. It was well below the midpoint of my thigh, even when seated. I had to call the person I was meeting, who then had to come all the way down to the lobby, spend 15minutes talking to the security team, another 5 minutes talking to their boss, and THEN, had to me up with, get this, two female security guards. What were they thinking I was gonna do? Seriously...

I was more amused than anything, really. And the meeting did turn out productive so. Some people are just fucking weird.

Speaking of fucking weird. I bumped into someone I had met a few years ago while out at lunch yesterday. I met him at a wedding I attended overseas. It was a nude wedding so, I think I'll always remember that. ANyways. I bumped into him while I was walking out and decided we'd grab lunch together. It took me awhile before I remembered who he was, but after that, lunch was actually pleasant. We exchanged numbers and he was texting me the whole of yesterday, on and off. He then asked if I wanted to grab dinner and that was when I told him I was engaged (it STILL feels weird saying it ). He backed off a little but still continued sending me texts. This morning, I find out that (well, he admitted to it) he was actually hanging around my office area hoping to bump into me. He had found out through a mutual friend of ours where I was working, and decided to look for me. Um....ain't that pretty much stalking? Should I let that become an issue? Damn. I told him that was fucking freaky. He then mentioned that he tried getting my number off our friend but couldn't. Um...still a lil freaky. I'm still replying his texts, but let's just keep a safe distance for now.

Last, and definitely not least of fucking weirdos - I was out jogging on Sunday night and I caught this , probably in his teens, hiding behind a car that was parked under a tree, jerking off. I thought it was a little weird for a to be standing in the dark, leaning into a car like that. I was across the street, jogging in his direction, and only when I got closer, I saw his arm frantically moving, with his hand down towards his crotch. First thing I thought was, oh damn. Really? Then I also thought, the poor car owner's gonna have some weird stains on the car tomorrow morning. I ran straight to the guardhouse of the compound right beside and told the guards. And! Apparently, I'm not the first person to complain about this boy. They've lodge a police report and have been on the lookout but haven;t been able to, uh...get their hands on him.

The crazies are out.
Maybe I'll stick to cycling in the mornings.
I'm engaged! Funny. Doesn't feel any different
Posted:Jun 28, 2015 7:50 pm
Last Updated:Jul 9, 2015 6:12 pm

Um...I'm engaged.
Not sure how else I should put it. As in, announce it. Not even sure if I should. But ah well. There it goes. I'm engaged.
I also wanted to rant about a few other things, but I figure I'd lead with that.

So....Mr Not-Married-anymore proposed. And I said yes. I didn't see that one coming. And somehow, I'd imagine it happening a whole lot differently (of COURSE I would.. ) But it was nice. I mean, we DID have a nice weekend. We were even joking around after, saying the French maid outfit really did it's job (See last post for more info, if you have to )

Odd though, cos I don't feel any different. LOL
I mean, I even broke the news to the girlfriend, and she seemed to take it really well too. She was really happy for me, and even we celebrated. DId I mention they don't exactly get along? This is all very strange.

Anyways. On to more...mundane issues. I got in this morning and was greeted with a mail from HR. We're supposed, or I'm supposed to draft a 10 things-you-didn't-know-about-me list. They've spent the last few months moving a few people around, especially in the region, and they want to feature a few of us in a monthly company newsletter. So yeah, I'm supposed to come up with a list. What do you put in these lists though? It always seems like those featured always come up with something cool to say about themselves. Right? I can't think of anything. Well, I can. Just not the things I want to include in the list!

Honestly, 10 things?! I'm up to 4 and I've got nothing else I can think of.

An xmatch version, now this is definitely more fun.
Here's what I can think of. And this is NOT going into that list.

- I used to have my nipples pierced. I have since taken the piercings out.
- I like my nipples sucked, pinched and nibbled on (amongst other things), especially when I'm about to cum. After the euphoria of orgasm has passed, I've had to go to the Dr a few times now cos they've been bitten too hard
- I am currently in a relationship with a guy and a girl at the same time
- I have three dildos. Black, cream-white, and blue. Black comes with it's own straps, and yes, blue is a strange color for a dildo
- I meet up with the same group of friends for a fuck fest of a vacation once every year. Most of us come from different parts of the world due to work and family commitments, and we've been meeting up like this for close to 10 years now
- I remove my underwear and leave it in my now fiance's office as part of a game we've been playing for years now.
- I've been caught having sex in the office twice. Both of which I've had to leave said office
- My first few sexual experiences was with girls, before branching out and discovering boys a few years later
- The maximum number of guys I've had at once was 6. It went nothing like how they show in porn, as much as we tried. It was exhausting.
- Just last weekend, I had sex in the sauna and apparently passed out. He carried me out and all I knew was, he was behind me one minute, and the next i was looking up at him.

See! That was waay more fun. Ah to get back to my less fun list.
Weekend plans, birthday nookie, and...ultimate surrender?
Posted:Jun 19, 2015 8:03 pm
Last Updated:Apr 27, 2016 1:21 am

i was supposed to have a really long weekend. Um..okaay. I still have a pretty long weekend lined up, but now find that I suddenly have time to blog. I've been wanting to blog the whole week, but found neither time nor motivation. So here I am, an unexpected opening this morning. Let's see if I can get all that I wanted to here. Brace yourselves....I hope it's not long...

Weekend plans
First up, let's run through the plan for the weekend. It's Mr Not-Married-Anymore's birthday this weekend. He's off golfing and left yesterday and will only be back tomorrow afternoon so, that's my Sunday and Monday occupied. I've booked a little staycation in a hotel that includes a spa package so, that should be fun. For me at least I'm also trying to make it a little more special for him cos I've got my "trip", (also known as a fuckation, I guess, if we're throwing our terms...) coming up in July that he's never been very happy with. So I guess this is me trying to make it up to him. So yes, the plan. He doesn't know it yet. He knows we're doing something. I'll drop him a message tomorrow to meet me at our room and I've dug out my french maid outfit (it's a few years old, and probably not in style anymore LO and will be "cleaning" when he gets there. He's still very much into tit play so, I guess that's on the menu too. LOL SO yes, that should set the tone. I just hope he doesn't come straight from his golfing. Hmm...then I'l really have to clean him up.

So that's one part down. This evening I've also got plans to attend a party with the girlfriend. She got invited to a party on a boat. I'm assuming it's a yacht...but anyhow, yea. Boat party tonight. I was a little hesitant but I guess in all relationships, it's a little give and take. I was planning to clean up yesterday and today, but I guess that will have to wait. It's gonna be tiring but I'm sure I can find it in myself to have some fun I was also contemplating cycling tomorrow morning, but that really depends on what happens tonight. Realistically, I doubt that will happen.

Oh! I also just found out that Monday is no panties day. I should be able to partake in that rather seamlessly

Moving backwards.
Last weekend, I was tasked by an old friend of mine to be her wingperson. She had come out of a relationship and that was her first foray back on the market and we went manhunting. I knew her last boyfriend too, and knew they had troubles but only found out the extent of it. He had seemed like a nice guy, and was always polite when I saw him. Turns out he had a nastier side. In the last year they were together, he had raised his hands on her. I know this friend of mine fairly well, and she can be a firecracker as well. No...she's well into dynamite territory. But anyhow, on numerous occasions, they fought and he hit her. The last one he gave her bruised ribs, a black eye and swollen cheeks. She made a report and now he has a restraining order on her and her family. That's pretty fucked up scary.

But that's that. It's been more than half a year since they split and last weekend we went manhunting. And it was funny as hell. I don't think I made a good wingperson. Funny cos I always thought I was a good wingperson. Guess I've been out of the dating game a looong time too. It was also slim pickings. She's in late 40s so she's looking for guys 55yrs and above. I guess not many guys in that range were out that night..? I dunno...but I'm sure we'll be out again. Guys in that age range here. Be wary...we are hunting, and she's hungry! Well, she is...i'm just her wingperson

There was a few more items I wanted to rant about, but can't seem to remember now. Ah well...

On a side note, some of the guys on this year's trip (the fuckation) have suggested wrestling. Shit...what was it...ultimate surrender? Yeah, I think that's the one. As always, we were mailing each other on ideas and suggestions and this one came out tops. I didn't know what the hell that was so after a quick search on the interwebs, I found out what it was. I, honestly, have never seen that before, until then. We then moved towards the possibility of mixed matches and whatnot, but the premise is the same. Wrestling. Well, not official wrestling, but you get the idea.

The first thing I though of (me being me) was safety. What if either one of us gets a little too enthusiastic and end up injuring each other? Then I also thought, what if I end up losing? Which then get me actually searching grappling gyms, and was surprised that I actually was considering taking lessons! LOL
Which then got me looking through the list of gyms, and icky I'd get lying on the floor in any of those gyms. about issues So anyhow, that's still up in the air. Taking lessons, that is. The whole wrestling grappling thing looks like it's gonna happen. I just hope we find clean mats or mattresses. I've seen some of the videos. Losing isn't half bad...

Annnnnyhow, that's my long weekend planned out. Something will probably mess up the plan somehow, but I'll try to have some fun regardless. Hope your weekend plans pan out well. Til next time. Thanks for popping by.

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