$%) Get a chuckle on?  

pal334 68M  
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1/5/2022 8:23 am

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1/6/2022 3:38 pm

$%) Get a chuckle on?

Enough seriousness for a little while. I think more than a few of us can use a chuckle. Step out of the Big Boy and Girl world, be silly and share something you find funny, a picture, a joke, cartoon or story. But PLEASE no Knock-Knock Jokes!!!. Just kidding , I am a Big Boy , I will some how survive another Knock-Knock joke if you insist. If you don't have anything to share, not a worry, just enjoy what is about to happen

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pal334 68M  
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1/5/2022 8:28 am

Him and her . [image]

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author51 59F  
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1/5/2022 8:29 am

Too funny Pal.......... Thanks for the grins and giggles...

pal334 68M  
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1/5/2022 8:30 am

Time continues to fumble forward. [image]

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scottv69 59M
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1/5/2022 9:27 am

Very funny

SimpleLatina 58F
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1/5/2022 9:48 am

I do love these, the chuckles are so good now days

in2oralfun69mm 74M  
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1/5/2022 10:12 am


Tmptrzz 59F  
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1/5/2022 10:50 am

These are all great but that BARTENDER one.. absolutely so true and PRICELESS..

Thanks for sharing these and I hope your day is full of fun laughs too..

Seduce the mind and see what a wonderful adventure the body will take you on..

spunkycumfun 62M/67F  
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1/5/2022 11:17 am

Here's my offering!


Sexaddkt70 71M

1/5/2022 12:02 pm

Fantastic. Loved the golfing one

sweet_VM 64F
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1/5/2022 3:27 pm

I sure needed a good laugh today. Ty. Too much snow here for my liking. Tomorrow we are in for more snow. Hugs V

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