Enjoying being a TV  

monicaLOLU 61T
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4/9/2022 8:44 am
Enjoying being a TV

Well I'm still here guys, leggy and booby as ever, ready to turn you on, and when I do, I am willing to take the consequences. I am no longer a virgin, haven't been for some time. I have satisfied many men's desires and taken everything they wanted to give me. I feel very comfortable with that and look forward to the next time I am unzipping a fly to expose a big cock, with lovely<b> balls </font></b>bursting to impregnate me with their seed. It feels very enjoyable to have the pulse of spunk being injected into me, either from behind or into my willing mouth. When He has finished on me and withdraws his long and dripping cock, I pull up my panties and pull down my mini-skirt. I then have a little snog with my randy lover, feeling my panties gradually getting wetter and wetter as the spunk that did not make it into me, dribbles back down. If he has impregnated me well, it sometimes overflows my panties and trickles down the inside top of my legs, as I am kissing him, I feel very owned, with a warm glow of being fucked and fertilised. Willing to let him have me again when he is ready. M xxx

justhavingfun69 58M
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5/1/2022 11:46 pm

Mmmmm your so yummy monica will pop round next time i am shopping in donny sweety x

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