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The Deafening Sound...
Posted:Aug 1, 2021 6:58 am
Last Updated:Aug 2, 2021 3:48 pm

...of rustling grocery store plastic bags being filled with personal belongings as the members of this site gathered their things to bid "Adios" to the fucktards in charge, must have been overwhelming, since they put the blogs back, as they were. For once you guys saw the light before you lost so many of your .

National Camel Toe Day
Posted:Dec 26, 2020 9:37 am
Last Updated:Feb 3, 2021 4:12 am
If i.t's not today, then i.t's just another blessed day on Earth. Or i.t's "I ate too much on Christmas and these Stretch pants feel way more comfortable than my jeans" Day. Whatever the reason, I'm thankful for the season!

Cock Blocking
Posted:Oct 24, 2020 2:14 pm
Last Updated:Nov 6, 2020 3:54 am
The G-girls have been here continuously for 71 days and counting. This means I haven't smoked for 71 days. I find I can't enjoy the buzz if I.'m trying to hide it, and with them being teens, I.'m afraid they may figure why Papa's eyes are red. It also means I have had very little ..... ahem, ..... me time. Even if I go to bed early, put a towel down over the bottom of the door, leave the volume down on the TV or Laptop, I.'m still distracted by the fact that they're still awake and right across the hall.

I must admit, I have enjoyed the company of "Crazy Jane" on Saturday mornings when I go grocery shopping and house hunting. Although, I have seen a 20% increase in my grocery bill.

All of these added together don't bother m.e that much, but the last few weeks I've noticed something that I really can't tolerate. The kiddo is cock blocking me. Maybe it's unintentional, but it is cock blocking. When I.'m looking towards an attractive woman she is often blocking my line of sight, but at times she turns to see what I.'m looking a.t , which totally kills the opportunity. Considering the fact that grocery shopping is now my most public interactive time of the week, feeling very frustrated. At this rate I.'m gonna be alone for a loooooong time. I.'m

Anybody got a suggestion? Keep in mind that leaving her at home isn't an option.

It's the Little Things...
Posted:Oct 3, 2020 10:19 am
Last Updated:Dec 13, 2020 1:24 pm
39572 Views the words "t.o" or "it" among the many little glitches that haunt the blogs and take so much of the fun out of being here. Well, RedRockRascal has a plan, if enough of us get together, maybe we can get something accomplished. Lord knows the site will never do it on their own. Follow this link: Fixing The Blog Glitches How Much Interest Is There and let him know that you're in. Who knows, this might work, besides what have you got to lose?
An Evening Complete - A Re-Post
Posted:Sep 18, 2020 2:44 pm
Last Updated:Oct 11, 2020 5:57 am

....sweating, grasping, panting, covers and sheets pushed of the way as two bodies clutch, grasp, bite, taste, two souls intertwined moving as one, faster, deeper, louder, until both orgasm in a white blindness that seems to make time stand still..........he lays back, trying to regain his breath, his vision. She lays there, small orgasmic tremors still coursing thru her body, slower, slighter, they finally pass.........she sits upright, feet hovering above the floor, she shakes her head to regain her composure, she rocks slowly back, then forward and in one movement stands on the floor as his hand simultaneously smacks her firmly on her right butt cheek.

She staggers, nearly falling twice,.....she stumbles down the hall,..... hands outstretched to either side of her, supporting herself against the walls.......her feet finally find the cold tile she was seeking, her destination, her journeys end. Reaching out she turns on the cold, dim florescent light, it flickers to life with a sudden blinding wave that nearly causes her to gasp.

Her hand, outstretched, trembling, reaches, searches, finds the container of dreams, the cool plastic of contentment. She reaches in, her hand still shaking, and fumbles....... and finds........2.......slices...of bread.

She pulls heavily on the refrigerator door, it swings open flooding the room with a fantastic possibility of things yet to be, dreams not yet created. She searches and finds the mayonnaise, lettuce, and cold cuts. Her head spins with decisions.......pastrami, bologna, ham, turkey.......she thinks back to a few minutes before, her on her back.....feet in the air,.... him pounding her everything he had.....selflessly driving ....harder...faster....deeper.......she put every bit of meat she had into it.....just as he had.......her eyes closed........cheese..........she nearly forgot the,......cheddar......provalone...........a phantom shiver ran thru last trailing bit of a leftover orgasm.....she sighed ....and put all the cheese on the sandwich.

As she cut the sandwich diagonally she remembered how he'd licked her ripeness, to nearly a quivering end............she grabbed him a beer........and how he she found him with her mouth, soft..yet firm...then how quickly he became large....and erect......she grabbed him some chips.......she had her legs back now.... her head was clearer.......she only had to make it.....down the hall......with sandwich....chips.......and beer......

She entered the room.......his tan, firm, nakedness filled the room like a sea of .......testosterone... she padded silently towards him.....her offering in hand.....she knelt beside the bed......holding out her gift of love.......he looked upon her lovingly........"What, ....No Pickle?"

Did You See That?
Posted:Sep 12, 2020 8:24 pm
Last Updated:Oct 5, 2020 2:04 am
In the movie "EARTH GIRLS ARE EASY" did you notice when the alien spaceship is zooming in o.n Gina Davis sunbathing by the pool in her pink bikini, the obvious bush shadow in her wet bikini bottom?

Or, In the movie "Bedazzled", Elizabeth Hurley flashing her red pantied crotch as she moved around the desk?

Have you ever seen any little peeks or faux pas in movies or TV shows?
The Age Old Question
Posted:Aug 23, 2020 4:54 pm
Last Updated:Sep 11, 2020 6:35 pm
It's time to answer the age old question. The most asked question in the Western Hemisphere. No,not the toilet paper roll question, I think we all agree OVER THE TOP is the CORRECT way to put the paper on the roll. The OTHER important question: WHO was the hottest babe on GILLIGAN'S ISLAND?

GINGER: The most obvious of choices, Ginger oozed sex, it was part of her personality. That smokey voice, that slinky walk, that red hair, those red lipstick covered lips, the way she batted those long eyelashes she was hard to ignore. With Ginger you knew she'd been there, she'd done that, and she knew what she was doing.

Maryann: That innocent face, those perky tits wrapped in a button up shirt knotted up above her smooth stomach, that sweet little ass in cut off jeans showing a whole lot of leg. Those little pigtails finished of the look that gave men an erection when she walked on the screen. And just the opposite of Ginger, she hadn't been there, she hadn't done that, hell, she didn't even know what you were talking about! Oh happy days, time for lesson number 1....

"Lovey" Howell: Always overlooked, always unappreciated, never really considered with Ginger and Maryann around. Lovey had a pretty face with a wide eyed look of innocence, or possibly confusion. Her style let on that she'd never been on her knees for any of the "interesting" reasons. There was always "the help" around for that! She had an adorable little figure that didn't really compare to either Ginger or Maryann's but it was very nice just the same. Her most attractive feature was the fact she was married to Thurston Howell III. Whenever she DID get it, she probably never really got it good! Oh, to put those knees behind her ears.....

Well, Lovey gets my vote, Who do you pick?
It's A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood...
Posted:Jul 23, 2020 4:42 pm
Last Updated:Apr 11, 2021 4:01 am
...a beautiful day for a neighbor
would you be mine?
could you be mine?

Nice profile, I really wish you were my neighbor...

that's all I can read of the message in my inbox, because I haven't renewed my gold membership, yet. I'm waiting for the price t.o come down. But I can still hover over the pic and get a preview. 42 yr male. Dick pic for his profile. Wait, it gets better. Actually, it's a orange condomed dick stuck up the hairy ass of another guy. Be still my heart...... in Fremont, Ca, fourteen hundred + miles away, thank God.

I don't know why, but my whole life I've had dudes hit on me. Sixteen yrs o.l.d in downtown Dallas I'm sitting at a red light and a car pulls up next to me. Dude motions for me to roll down the window. I do, and he asks me if I want a blow job. I roll up the window and drive through the red light. Hitch hiking home after spending an evening in the city jail for unpaid traffic tickets, I was lucky enough to be picked up by a plumber who was between jobs and had some time to kill and offered to drive me home. After a mile or so he asked if he could suck my dick. I said no thank you. He continued. I politely refused. This continued until we caught a red light where I informed him that "this" was home, thanks for the ride, and jumped out and walked the last few miles.

So, you girls, when your posting about the guys messaging you from halfway across the country, or right there in your hometown, and there going on and on and won't take "No" for an answer, I know how how you feel. If that dude in Fremont, Ca was my neighbor, I would move.

So my question today is: Has this happened to YOU? Do members of YOUR sex try to persuade you to switch sides?

Home Sweet Home
Posted:Jul 19, 2020 6:09 pm
Last Updated:Sep 18, 2020 5:06 pm
I've taken up a new hobby. House hunting!!!! The last couple of months, every Friday night, I google "houses for s.a.l.e in San Antonio." I'll spend the majority of the evening's commercial breaks perusing houses and making notes. Saturday and Sunday I go s.e.e them. I've fallen in love with 3 little houses in the downtown areas of surrounding small towns. One was built in the 30's, two in the 50's. One was gone before I even saw it, the realtor informed me. The 2nd house was pretty rough so I requested a walk through just to see what I'd be getting in to, but there wasn't a key in the lock box and the realtor couldn't get a hold of the seller.

The 3rd I found all on my own. It has no sign in the yard, no listing on the web, but it has a repossession notice taped to the door. It was kind of sad to read, dated April 4, in the middle of the shutdown. It named 3 people with the same last name, a man and 2 women, maybe a dad, mom, and ? Lost their little house to the pandemic.... little 1 car garage...... rotting trim around the window frames....corner lot with a big badass yard!!!!! A bigass shed in the backyard for my motorcycles and still plenty of room for a h.o.t tub and an above ground pool!!!! I emailed my realtor and he couldn't find any info anywhere, it's what they c.a.l.l. "shadow inventory". He told to get my c.a.s.h ready and as soon as it hits the market.....Voila!!!! (that's French for TaDaa!!)

Have you found any new hobby or interests during the pandemic?

this one needs a ton of work, but I can do most of it myself and once finished, it will be just what I want.
Declare The Pennies On Your Eyes
Posted:Jul 11, 2020 12:39 pm
Last Updated:Aug 27, 2020 5:00 am
4 days and a handful of hours until the extended tax filing deadline is up!!! The company I work for has shut down our physical location for the last 2 weeks and until further notice so I thought this year I might actually be able t.o file my taxes on time. I went by the local IRS office t.o pick up the tax forms and an extension form just in case, but when I got there the doors were locked.

No problem, I'll just get online and download the forms off the internet. Or so I thought. 1O40EZ is nowhere be found. OK, I guess I'll use the 1O40 form. Wow, there's more than one. I sifted through the list and found the one that fit me, printed it out, and commenced t.o deciphering the tax lawyer lingo used on these forms. Capital gain......qualified dividends..... earned income credit..... I double checked just t.o make sure I'd downloaded the "English" version. Apparently I had.

I went back online t.o see if I could find some instructions t.o guide me through this mess. The IRS booklet speaks the kind of foreign language that's used on the forms. So I went t.o an electronic tax filing site t.o see how they do it. Before I know it I'm halfway through the form and in the corner of the screen I see the dollar amount of my return growing every time I finish another section. The hell with doing it on my own, this plug-n-p.l.a.y tax form is making this a breeze AND it's free! Less than 30 minutes later, my 2019 taxes are filed and I'm $500 richer. T.o celebrate my new found free time I made a big pot of Chicken Tortilla soup.

Do you do your own taxes? Do you like Chicken Tortilla soup?

One More Time.....
Posted:Jul 3, 2020 7:31 pm
Last Updated:Jul 5, 2020 9:06 am

Last weekend I got a mass text from my Corporate Foreman that we would be off this whole week through the 6th. I needed to text my crew and let them know to stay home and shelter in place. I was also supposed to text the head of the other maintenance crew at my location and make sure she's aware of our shutdown. Covid-19 cases have been rising again and the state is now on mandatory face masks or pay a fine. I text my crew and they are fine with the prospect of a mini-vacation, but before I can even begin to start fantasizing what I'm gonna do with my new found freedom, the other crew leader texts me back that her boss told her they were working 3 days this week.

I text this info back to my Foreman who responds, "No, this is a total shutdown, nobody works". I say "OK" and I wait......... not 5 minutes goes by and I get a text from him agreeing that they are working and someone from our crew will need to be there to make sure they don't fuck something up. I knew it.......

This shit happens every time the corporate office starts "tweaking" our hours. There's the first text that's just like candy in your mouth and before you can even begin to enjoy it, a 2nd text turns it into a piece of mint flavored asshole. So I offer to cover the Mon-Weds days rather than go back to my crew and make them eat ass mints. But of course this other department does fuck things up and by late Weds it was apparent they were gonna have to come back Thursday, which means, "yes", you guessed it, more mints for me.

So, of course they come in late, Thursday. I find busy work nearby so I can leave as soon as they do, and after a few hours I see them taking a break. Stay calm, I tell myself, they'll be done soon. Then they're taking a lunch break. Just when I had almost worked out the details of where I was gonna stash their dead bodies, they informed me they were done. Fuckers!!! So today is my 1st day of shutdown, which I was going to have off anyway because of July 4th falling on Saturday, but I get Monday off, too.

As today was nearing an end I got a text, from my Foreman......
We've got all of next week off until July 13th ........... now I'm just sitting here waiting for this mint to turn to shit in my mouth.......

How is your area doing with the resurgence of Covid-19?
To Protect and Infect!
Posted:Jun 26, 2020 7:25 pm
Last Updated:Jul 14, 2020 5:06 am
That's what it should say o.n every face mask made. Kind of like the cigarette warnings o.n the side of the package. I noticed that I was getting a small pimple o.n my cheek, then two? Then my other cheek got one!!! And don't even ask m.e explain my dirt filled nose pores. I was expecting a large eruption there at any given moment.

A.l.l this began a few weeks ago. Say, 5 or 6? Possibly right after I went back t.o work full time, wearing a mask day. A mask that was usually soaked in sweat an hour after I started work each day. I knew where they were coming from, what I didn't know is that this disease has a name: MASKNE. From the English word: Mask, "a face covering, not including the eyes". And the Latin: ACNE, "zit, pimple, 3rd eye, Jupiter".

If you are infected, have no fear, we are not alone. This has been a problem for 1st responders from early on. It is a combination of heat and humidity with the mask irritating the skin, termed ACNE MECHANICA. So combine irritated skin and humid human fungi in a damp facial petri dish and voila!!! Pizza Face!! The facial skin of the human species is not capable of withstanding infection from what is basically DUCK BUTTER. You know,"The combination of sweat from the ballsack and anus that creates a buttery film on the grundle and butthole.". Or GOOSE CHEESE, the female version of DUCK BUTTER. That's what's growing there.

So experts say wash your face twice a day, using only your fingertips, and do not wear a mask within 30 mins of applying make u.p or lotions. And most important, just remember, that good looking person you just passed in the frozen food section, has God knows what growing under that mask. It could be swamp ass!!

Passionate Kisses
Posted:Jun 18, 2020 4:50 pm
Last Updated:Jun 25, 2020 7:37 pm
Nothing is harder to do in a relationship than the 1st kiss, but nothing gets things rolling like the 1st kiss. Most of the time you may feel like you know if they want you, but there's still that little voice in the back of your mind telling you he/she "just wants to be friends". You never really know until you get that 1st kiss and that 1st kiss can tell you everything you need to know.

Setting up "the move" can be difficult and is different in every situation. Gone are the days of being young and drunk and just plowing full steam ahead. That approach worked with almost any woman that ever left a bar with me and often the 1st kiss was "in" the bar. Nothing worked better than a slow dance in a country western bar and leaning in and biting her earlobe. That always turned into an "oral meet 'n greet".

Alcohol aside, I always found another good approach was when the conversation stopped and that awkward silence moment appeared. It's either time to kiss or time to go home. I've been fortunate that most of the women that sat for conversations with me were willing to take it farther, not always, but most of the time. One of the most surprising moves I've ever been involved in didn't start with me.

I was set up on a blind date with the sister-in-law of a good friend of mine some years back. Early in the evening I was getting a very strong "friend" vibe from this woman which really relaxed me and let me enjoy the evening for what it was, a nice dinner with a new friend. The evening ended with a hug. yawn.

A few days later she texted me to see if I wanted to hang out, I said sure assuming she liked the very expensive weed I had and I enjoyed her company, so she came to my house. We got high and she was trying to enlighten me on some "new" music that she liked to listen to when she rubbed her eyes and asked if I would mind if she killed the overhead light. I didn't mind, I'd only turned it on to make her feel comfortable. She jumped up and walked behind me to turn it off and as she walked back she grabbed my head and practically performed a tongue tonsillectomy on me. I never saw it coming but surrendered to it like the man- that I am.

I've had very few women initiate the 1st kiss but I've always appreciated them. I totally support a woman's right to make the 1st move. It makes things so much easier.
Do you have a "signature" move to get things going? Have any of you women made the 1st move? Do you have an interesting 1st kiss tale?


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