Mother Fuckers  

luv2suk1966 62M/55F
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6/4/2021 5:14 am
Mother Fuckers

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Have a great day, and be nice to one another.

Tmptrzz 59F  
107038 posts
6/10/2021 3:52 pm

I don't understand why you can't chat in your favorite group or comment hun? There was a site glitch and now it's fixed we can once again chat and comment on blogs and on the threads.

Today the cam icons aren't working in any room and the members are really riled up about that..I hope you enjoy your evening..

Seduce the mind and see what a wonderful adventure the body will take you on..

luv2suk1966 replies on 6/14/2021 4:05 am:
I can comment now. I think it was down for 6 days, and I was frustrated.

AlwaysUpNReady12 56M  
4 posts
6/10/2021 8:38 am

Love your look and style, I would love to connect. TGHere12 on kik

Never sure how to get connected on this site, but hopefully this will work....or email me here.

Tom 55, married, respectful, dominant, gentleman

luv2suk1966 replies on 6/14/2021 4:04 am:
Thanks for the message! You did it correctly. I might kik ya!

merlot5555 65M/55F  
1472 posts
6/10/2021 8:18 am

....f'ing f like the f'ing message.... now if only we could f'ing get some f'iing real f'ing in play that would be f'ing fantastic... have a f'ing fabulous day.... and please keep f'ing dropping your blog postings.... always a f'ing treasure....

luv2suk1966 replies on 6/14/2021 4:03 am:
Fuck Yeah!!

Go_Down_Cowboy_2 60M
1009 posts
6/8/2021 8:14 am

Hope you're still around, biker babe! Not sure if I could go on without you...

luv2suk1966 replies on 6/9/2021 4:44 am:
I'm here, Cowboy. You can go on with life now. hehehehe

author51 59F  
130010 posts
6/8/2021 6:45 am

LOVE the We are back in business my friend.xoxo

luv2suk1966 replies on 6/9/2021 4:44 am:
Woo hoooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

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