So hot making your lover cum  

lori2luvu69 53F
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6/30/2020 5:02 am
So hot making your lover cum

Topic came with some of my girlfriends, the less prude ones, about good sex, which then lead blow jobs.

Funny conversation, kinky conversation, daring conversation, hot conversation for sure. But some technique and style things cames , that a few never heard of or tried.

Basically one topic came to this: who does not get excited or hot watching their man--their lover get off???? Making him squirm, as he gets closer and closer to exploding and cumming. Better yet, sliding your mouth and down that shaft, pulling off it, and circling your tongue around the head, then lip locking on the underside and travel and down the whole length---- and then repeat, with an occasional tongue traveling and teasing a nut and gently popping one into your mouth. So the art and control of giving head can be even better when you have your lover twisting away toward an orgasm, mouth off and using hands ,just as it starts to happen, the head is starting to swell, stop...........and let a squirt of cum fly, and another, but not the full climax or orgasm. Wait about 30 seconds, and get your mouth back onto the cock and go deep to shallow and stroking on the shaft, and bring that cock right back to the crest of full cumming again........and another single jet of cum pushes hot!!!, this edging technique, some of the girls never heard of..........well i think it is hot, and have had no complaints. Finally you go down for a third time, doing what ever you like most, but a full mouth lip lock and stroking away is fun; this time as he is getting ready to cum, take you mouth off and continue licking and stroking, and let him cum completely, shooting his last smaller jets of cum. Men love to prolong cumming, and if they don't know how, teach away; practice makes perfect, and it is FUN. He will be totally drained. and what a rush. Enjoy

needscoffee 53M
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6/30/2020 11:28 am

WOW - sounds amazing. Haven't had that full experience - ever. Have enjoyed head and blow jobs for sure - but not this edging with repeated cumming. Hot ideas - keep them coming!

Allhard4u50 58M
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6/30/2020 12:26 pm

So hot.....where is Leawood ?

Mr00Fun4U 61M  
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6/30/2020 1:14 pm

Oh my you give meaning to that Aerosmith song...'Living on the Edge'. Damn I almost came just reading your techniques of making a grown man cum.

Thanks for your enlightening blog. You added to my day.

So hot making your lover cum

Kayak_Playmate 58M
130 posts
6/30/2020 2:24 pm

WOW.... you are a hot and sexy wonderful woman!

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