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Your Secrets stay here with me
Posted:Dec 22, 2019 6:40 am
Last Updated:May 31, 2020 2:23 am
You can tell me your darkest secrets and they will stay here between you and I, they are safe here with me.
May you all find happiness in your life. Enjoy your day.

Posted:Nov 25, 2019 8:10 pm
Last Updated:Jun 6, 2020 1:28 pm
I have meet a few on this site and had some great conversation and a nice meal, and others I have talked with said we will get together soon and gave all kinds of excuses. Then you ghost me . Then all of a sudden, you decided to come back around, what, for another night where you fuck , and I never here from you again till you can't find any else. If you were interested in me , you would have not left in the first place. I am good enough too fuck but not anything else and I am done. You tell me you want to take things slow, but you are saying I am just a fuck and that's all. Guess what, No More. You all can go find another fuck because Light is tried of putting her heart out their and be taken advantage of. I know what you are thinking I am nice and Light will be there if I can not find anyone else. Well good man you are so wrong this time around. I am tried of being nice and letting people take advantage of me. It stops now!!!! If I am not your first choice then you do not need me. I know I am not skinny, or a supper model but I would have been a good friend to you and when I see some one I do not go on that person, but you thought the grass was greener on the other side and now you want come around, not going happen. Most of you I have meet ghost me and there will not be another chance, so , do yourself a favor and lose my number. You all are not men, cause if any of you were, you would not be this low. No wonder you can't keep a women because of the way you treat her. I am so done being your fall bac
Sick of all your games. Most in this list are guys talk the shit and head games and I am calling you all out. Life is too short and u don't have time for the drama from any man. There are about four men on this list that I have actually been intimate with.
Update May 2020:
This list keeps getting longer and longer. You say you want to meet and we plan on meeting but you do not show up well, guess what now I do not give any more chances at all. I did give people a second chance but now it's come down to not giving you that chance. If you really wanted to meet ,you would have showed in the dang first place. This just tells me that you are not worth my time and I deserve better than this.

Letting go
Posted:Jun 6, 2020 11:57 am
Last Updated:Jun 6, 2020 1:31 pm

Today has been a hard day for me. I was laying out in the sun and this song came on and I thought of my one true Love. We were together as one in the D/s and Vanilla world. As most of you know that are into the D/s world, it's hard to find that connection into the Vanilla world with the same person. Daniel and I shared a life time of happiness and love till he past away 5 years ago. It's hard to go on without him but I know I must. Yes I miss the D/s world but I decided to give that up altogether after he died. Here is the song that made me lose it today and now I am thinking that it will take a hell of a man to come into my heart again.

Only You

I don't wanna another night
Trying find another you, another rock bottom
I don't wanna wear another mini dress
To impress, a potential problem
I don't wanna spend the night at someone's place
And fill the space that you used to walk in
I don't wanna know the number in my phone
To wanna hold at three in the morning
I don't want somebody like you
I only want you, I only want you yeah
Don't want somebody brand new
I only want you, I only want you yeah
Guess I had to leave, had to leave, had to leave ya
Just in need, just in need, just
I don't want somebody like you
I only want you, I only want you yeah
I know I'm the one who ruined everything
And made you think that it was all your fault
And I know the story's only just a word
But, when it hurts, it isn't that simple
But, I know that if you look me in the eyes
You can't deny there is something different
And I know I'm drawn looking for your kiss
Someone's lips to know that I miss ya
I don't want somebody like you
I only want you, I only want you yeah
Don't want somebody brand new
I only want you, I only want you yeah
Guess I had to leave, had to leave, had to leave ya
Just in need, just in need, just
I don't want somebody like you
I only want you, I only want you yeah
I don't wanna another night
Of trying find another you, another rock bottom
I don't wanna wear another mini dress
To impress, a potential problem
I don't want somebody like you
I only want you, I only want you yeah
I don't want somebody brand new
I only want you, I only want you yeah
Guess I had to leave, had to leave, had to leave ya
Just in need, just in need, just
I don't want somebody like you
I only want you, I only want you yeah
Searching for
Posted:Jun 4, 2020 10:48 am
Last Updated:Jun 5, 2020 11:03 am
A few things that I hope will happen in my life one day.

Sunday thoughts
Posted:May 31, 2020 9:59 am
Last Updated:Jun 1, 2020 7:03 am
I am strong and I have walk away from the negative people in my life even if it's my own .

Thing's I Miss
Posted:May 29, 2020 10:47 am
Last Updated:May 30, 2020 8:19 pm

Last night a gentleman and I were talking the site and we started talking about things we missed and it got thinking when I went bed. Needless say it was around 3 this morning when my brine finally wanted sleep. So here are some things that I miss.
Growing up we had a ice cream store called Tasty Freeze and they had the best ice cream around Lexington NC. Char's ice cream and shakes remind of that once favorite store. I miss having someone to come home to ,to talk with. Miss kissing and the whole imtanasy. Holding hands. When I am in the kitchen trying to get dinner ready, I miss someone coming and putting there arms around and give a kiss my nec Daniel would leave the toilet seat at night and it never falls, I would fall in and I would say Daniel and he would start laughing. Yes I even miss that. The laughs you share with someone. I miss going out a nice restaurant and interacting with others. Church was a big part of my life and since the virus I have not been able go and I look forward to that again. I miss seeing my grandson the most. I long for camponionship and I do miss having someone share my life with. I could go on and on but these are just a few things I miss. No I do not miss the BBQ, as I am not crazy about it. I eat it once a year and it's in the Winter time.
Posted:May 27, 2020 8:59 pm
Last Updated:May 28, 2020 7:51 pm
are both the candle

burning in the back of my mind

gently illuminating my every thought

your soft glow always guiding home

and the roaring bonfire

whose heat and light

are a beacon for miles around

drawing me irrevocably you

your pulse and energy

burn with a primal force

that makes my blood sing

and flames me life
Memorial Day
Posted:May 25, 2020 10:38 am
Last Updated:May 29, 2020 10:23 am
Let us all remember the fallen ones on this Day. My Great Uncle was killed in the War and I never knew him.

Memories of the Past
Posted:May 23, 2020 2:39 pm
Last Updated:May 23, 2020 5:23 pm
When He Touches Me_ We are together constantly but it seems only a few, brief snapshot moments where we share that intimacy. When we touch again, he catches my attention with his skin on mine once more; when he touches me, fingers through my hair, hand on my shoulder or round my throat, pulling me by my hips to sit on his lap or his fingers entwining with mine to give me a reassuring squeeze of his love.

There are the flashing, passing smiles and eye contact where we rendez-vous our illicit desires, dreams, fantasies; promises of what will be and shared memories of what has already transpired.

He removes my clothes with such ease yet such care, fingers moving to enter my clothing and come between the material and my flesh, separating me from modesty and raising goosebumps of lust and need.

I kiss him then; my mouth enclosing on his, travelling over each other’s faces and necks, exploring, nibbling and even aggressively biting the soft flesh there with a violent passion that sends my tumultuous, tired head into a frenzy of rapture and delight.

His fingers travel over , already knowing their route yet at the same time each touch is new, like the very first. It is a contradiction that I love to experience – he knows me, what I want and what I need, yet makes it fresh, new, exciting. Time after time.

My nipples strain now, needing his hot breath, his mouth enclosed around them, taking them in and drawing the blood painfully to the surface, my involuntray yelp cut off with his hand placed firmly over my mouth, stifling any protests yet also serving to heighten my salacious sensations.

My clit is aching with need, need not even to orgasm but just to feel his flesh pounding against mine, the skin getting hotter and wetter between us with each thrust….

First though I must attend to him… just as I have reached that point where I completely need him inside me, ready to beg, his hands are firm and heavy on my shoulders, pushing me to my knees. I gladly comply, loving the feel, sensation and taste of his cock deep in my mouth.

Not just the taste and feel but the effect on him… my every movement with my tongue travelling over his tip, licking my lips around him to moisten them and my throat swallowing and inviting … sucking in my cheeks to form the perfect seamless vacuum around his shaft, then loosening again to lick his pre-cum which seeps slowly as he moans above . Gasping cries a god neither of us believe in.

My tongue explores his head, round and underneath the collar, teasing, needing, yearning for him. Im moaning on him now, knowing both that it turns him on for need his cock so much and that the vibrations travelling through him balls cock tip will fill him with a need cum down my throat so great it will be painful hold back. I take him deeper now…

He has my head grasped with both hands. My hair tightly held within his fingers.. his fists. Clenched with sexual need, caught in the moment. Ramming my head back and forth with an energy so great he is actually fucking my throat. Not just against my throat but through it and beyond.

Pulling head all the way off him just ram back down forcefully, violently. His cock slamming into my throat with such force, Im gagging him, gasping for breath.

I cry. Im moaning and choking, retching… god, I’m going be sick… please…. control… please… mercy I need air….

That fight between giving good head and needing air is one he loves putting , feeling physically forcing myself choose his cock in my mouth over needing breathe… until the very point Im about pass out. He chooses that moment…

He pulls me off him, flips me over when Im at my weakest point, gasping in air which although required, is nowhere near as delicious as his cock in my mouth. I need him back inside me.

Im my front. My legs yanked apart. A bitten kiss my neck. A whispered, ‘I love you so much’ in my ear even whilst I’m still suffering, for him.

His hands my hips, they pull my arse , I struggle with my hands. Must put them out. Must raise . What is happening. My brain struggles rebalance.

I shake my head and I’m fours. Then…

He slams deep into my pussy. Deep… so deep. Violent. Hard. Needing.

I moan painfully, the pain is a combination of the physical feeling and the need. Need for more. The welcome back of him inside me when he has been missing so long.

His hand travels my back from where it was gripping my hip… move around my throat. Holding like an animal. His other hand moves around from the other hip my lower back, pushing down, down onto his cock even deeper still. Fucking like an animal.

In this position he takes through every single sensation one can experience during intense, intimate sex. Held at both throat and sex, placed be used for his pleasure, filling , fucking .

I’m snarling almost subconsciously, the instinctive primal, carnal need flowing from my mouth as freely as my juices around his thrusting cock.

His hand moves from my throat cover my mouth, switching between gagging my sounds and cover my nose as well, controlling my air, my life. His other hand is commanding remain still, moving from my lower back swipe around my long flailing hair, and grasp it within his strong fist in one, practiced, fluid movement. Yanking my head back even whilst I’m gagged and fucked thoroughly….

I think it is at this very moment, when he touches me, just before he cums in me, that I feel most happy, balanced, wanted, needed, beautiful… loved.
Down at the Beach
Posted:May 22, 2020 3:21 pm
Last Updated:May 25, 2020 8:45 am

It's a fantasy that I would love to see happen.

The beach was deserted
And silent
But for the gentle breaking of the waves
They were both naked
Her on her knees looking out to sea
He knelt behind her in the moonlight
Smelling her hair before nuzzling her neck
His hands were on her ample hips
His nuzzles turned to kisses
As his finger tips brushed
The soft flesh of her nakedness
His hands slid upwards across her silky skin
To caress the cupola’s of her breasts
And as his fingers teased her swelling mamilla
She turned her head toward him
And their mouths met
In wet hungry consumption
As passion intensified
He slid one hand slowly down across her belly
Fingers dallying briefly
In the lushness of her bush
Before finding the moist recess he sought
Her fervid response to his fingering
Brought her to the brink
And then bending her at the waist
He quickly pushed her forward
Until her head touched the sand
This presented her round buttocks to him
So he could see her open lipped pudendum
Glistening moistly in the moonlight
He slid his hands up and cupped her
Pendulous breasts
Caressing breast and teat
As he penetrated her heat
Safe word
Posted:May 3, 2020 11:37 am
Last Updated:May 16, 2020 8:18 am

Its funny how you put things in a special place that meant something you at one time or another and you stumble across them and that's what happened today I came across this poem that Master had written to my Master year's ago when we were together and all the memories and all the tears started coming back and how I miss him so much we had the best of both world's, the vanilla and the DS and it's hard to find that with one person again and a big piece of my heart is missing all of that. I guess a big part of me is searching for that again with just one person. I Know it's long and I am sorry for that but enjoy the read.
I enter the room, you have been waiting for me. You sit on a straight back chair in the middle of the room with your hands folded in your lap.

You are naked. As I approach you lower your eyes. I command you to look at me and hesitantly you raise your head. The room is dark but I see a slight glimmer from around your neck as the light of the moon hits your collar. I come to you and wrap your hair in my hand as I raise you from your seat. I whisper softly in your ear that you are a good girl for wearing it. My breath in your ear sends a shiver down your spine. You can tell by the hardness of my cock pressing into your back that I am excited to see you, at this point you are not sure if I am here to punish you or make love to you, perhaps both. When I finish whispering in your ear I reach up and grab your breast roughly in my left hand squeezing it tightly as I also pinch your nipples between my thumb and forefinger. My lips and teeth alternate between slightly nipple and gently biting your nec The hand that was squeezing your breast and pinching your breast now slides up your neck and pins you against the wall with you on your tip toes just barely able to breath. I of my shoes and with my free hand I loosen my belt and begin remove my clothes.

As I look into your face you struggle for breath and your eyes are beginning to close. When my pants are off I lower you until you are standing flat footed and my cock is pressing into your belly. I grab the hair on both sides of your head and begin to gently kiss you. I look into your eyes baby girl and I tell you that you are a good little slut, you smile and gasping for breath you say thank you . I lower you your knees and you eagerly take my cock into your mouth. It is warm and hard and pulsing as you slide your mouth back and forth over my shaft. While your sucking my cock I remove the rest of my clothes and then I take a hand full of hair at the back of your neck and start to force my cock down your throat. You start gagging as I begin to cum and my seminal fluids start to escape your mouth along with your saliva. I pull out of your mouth and have one last shot of cum that hits your face.

I pull you up to and hold you close as I begin rub my cum into your cheeks, your forehead, your neck and your breasts.

I raise you in my arms and carry you to the bed I throw you down on your belly and straddle your legs with the palm of my hand in your middle back holding you down. I see your gorgeous ass laying still before , I raise my hand and slap one check, you cry out that it is too hard , you squirm as I raise my other hand and I grab the hair at the nape of your neck and hold you still. I raise my free hand and slap your other cheek leaving 2 perfect palm prints marking your ass as mine.

I can feel the heat rising from the welts as I bring you closer and slide my cock into your silky sweet pussy. I grab a handful of flesh from each hip as I use them to slide you back and forth on my thick pulsing coc I take the flogger out and slide it into your hand as I rhythmically pump my body in motion with yours I grab your hair again and pull you close to arching your back just right where the angle of of my cock into your yoni makes you start to moan in concert with our motion. I reach around and gently stroke your inner thigh and lightly brush your lips with my knuckles as we rock back and forth.

I feel you start to tighten and I slide my hand to your throat. You begin to shiver and shake as the breath leaves you, you are cuming as you become light headed and I begin to cum in you as your body convulses with waves of pleasure I let go of your throat and I collapse on to you completely spent. I stay there holding you close to me until you begin to stir as you do I start to take you over and over again until we are both spent physically and emotionally. You come to me in the end and curl into my arms to spend the night.

The whole time I was taking you, you had the power to get away. Never once did you whisper, not once did you cry out, at no time did you whimper the word butterfly. A simple word that would have given you immediate release and comfort. Even the word mariposa would have set you free. I ask myself why, but then I already know the answer. I live in your heart, I own your soul, and now you have given your body to me
If you could have one.....
Posted:Feb 29, 2020 10:46 am
Last Updated:May 27, 2020 6:57 am

What would you want if you could have one right now
144 Comments , 1217 votes
Falling in Grace
Posted:Jan 15, 2020 11:00 am
Last Updated:May 5, 2020 5:42 pm
I’m falling for you.
And I’ve never seen your face.
You make feel
and infected
with something I
have never had before.
You are a danger my bubble
and I don’t know what do with you.
I know that I am alone
in this
these feelings
that you want no strings
I am not really what you’re looking for
and I accept that too.
A friend to you
I will e’er be
One you can turn to
One you can’t hide from
tho you’ve certainly tried
not without repercussion
to a point, on a lark
I know that you would
Never leave
in the dark
And that’s only a part of why
I’m falling for you
even having never seen your face

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