kurganyoshi 48M
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2/23/2022 12:25 am

Well, been on this site for about a week now
Catfish count so far - 17

I might act daft, and look daft, and BE daft, but, not that daft

The old saying about giving them enough rope and they'll hang themselves sums it up nicely

If you're a blonde haired and blue eyed white lass on your profile picture, and black haired and brown eyed Hispanic on the pictures you send me, I'm going to ask why
If you're a white lass on your profile picture, and an African lass when you send me a picture, I'll ask about it

and when I hear somebody say "it's my friends picture, they gave me their account" four times in the same day, well, guess what? I'll get suspicious about that too

Also, don't they know how easy it is to trace a<b> phone </font></b>number?
if you say you're in Yelets in Russia, but a<b> phone </font></b>trace says you're in Kazakhstan, that's 1800 miles away, theres a bloody issue there too

tip for anybody that reads this

BE.... BLOODY..... WARY!

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