KatysBeenBad 43F
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1/28/2012 9:48 am

I really enjoy having sex, and that's offensive to some people. Women are the quickest to call other women sluts, which is sad. I haven't met a lot of men who've said, "You like having sex? What a dirty you are!". That's because they wish their wives or girlfriends would have more sex with them.

Lynn1812 52M
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1/28/2012 11:41 am

Anyone that looks down on you for enjoying sex isnt worth your effort to consider. They are either prudes, in denial of something or jealous. Neither is a healthy POV.

KatysBeenBad replies on 1/28/2012 12:24 pm:
I agree with you.

BlackRose17 57M
1157 posts
1/28/2012 9:04 pm

My dear you shouldn't let that bother you much you know when the door closes who knows what their into? kiss kiss


luvs2giveor00 52M

2/3/2012 10:32 am

this is so true.

eskyyooper 43M

2/9/2012 11:04 am

I enjoy sex as well, and I will be in the traverse City area on Friday, know any women looking? Let me know how to reach you...

rm_dougx69 54M
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2/10/2012 11:46 am


rm_dougx69 54M
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5/31/2012 8:54 am


s2ndegree 63M  
9800 posts
1/29/2020 6:24 am

Guy's hate being called studs by other dudes.So they call themselves that.Talk about egos! I don't know what's wrong with sex.It sure scares enough people to not want to be associated with it.So much so that they even hide their faces.

Using more than all the road!

maybe69 52M/47F

5/14/2020 4:41 pm

I say fuck them bitch's, if they would take care of what they have instead of looking to see what everyone else is doing the world would be a happier place...

samabcus 59M  
22 posts
8/10/2020 3:54 am

I think most Women enjoy but are a shame to admit, so they miss out on all the fun times they can have
I enjoy women who are open and bold who love the teasing foreplan, and
love sex, enjoy life

cumwithme4469 60M  
125 posts
10/1/2021 4:23 pm

if they find sex offensive, that's their loss.
i consider myself a slut, and enjoy that in a woman too.
too bad you're so far away. i'm looking for a sexy slut like yourself.

merlot5555 65M/55F  
1472 posts
10/26/2021 7:42 am

,,,that's a simple truth....

...carpe diem....

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