Savoring every cum, and every afterglow  

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Savoring every cum, and every afterglow

Jules and I fully relish our wild sex days.
But we have ‘off camera’ days too where we just take care of each other.
Sometimes our post-sex wind down might end with me offering him a back or a leg rub, which I love to do, especially if he’s had a hard day. But unbeknownst to me, today was my day for star treatment.
Our lovemaking started off innocently as a Netflix-and-chill afternoon (yeah right, as Jules would say). We cuddled and stroked each other while watching a Steve Carrell comedy.
Stroking led to kissing, which led to outright raging horniness—at least on my part. Jules suggested we take things upstairs.
Eager for Jules to fuck me, I made it to the bedroom before him. He asked me to take everything off—no outfits, no role play today. Just bare skin on skin. Great, I thought! Get to the action quickly!

But first, he wanted to give me a massage.
‘Er, ok. With a happy ending?’ I playfully asked.
‘You’ll see,’ he teased.
Now I’m not usually a fan of receiving massages; I prefer to give them. But if Jules was in ‘pamper-Jill’ mode, I certainly wasn’t about to turn down the offer of his manly hands all over me.
He asked me to turn over to my tummy so he could focus on my back. He handled me lightly, caressing my troubles away with his touch. After a few relaxing moments of rubbing my shoulders, my upper, then my lower back, he stopped to put his lips on me, kissing the nape of my neck, all the way down to my ass crack. Every kiss felt like an explosion; the goosebumps were rising from the detailed attention he was giving my body.
Then he parted my ass cheeks and began licking the soft skin of my anus. It was relaxing, but also awakened my pussy. I lifted my ass to show him how much I was enjoying his tongue work. After a few minutes he reached his hand to feel my wetness.
‘Turn over,’ he said.
I did, and he held himself over me so I could see his fully hard dick. I felt flattered that him touching my body could cause such an effect on his dick. I opened my legs, ready to receive him. I gently held his dick and guided his hardness into me.
I don’t know if it was the first-class caressing I’d just received: the soft back rub, the lengthy kissing along my back, and the ass licking, but it took a few, slow deep strokes, until heat gathered in my pussy.
‘Do you want to cum already?’ Jules smiled, hearing my breathing going shallow and seeing the dreamy anticipation on my face.
‘Think so,’ I nodded. ‘Please don’t stop.’
Jules kept sliding in an out of me at a slow but steady pace. I felt I would go wild, until boom, the cum began to slowly burst from within me. He continued to move slowly in and out as he felt my pussy vibrate on him. When he could tell I was at the peak of the cum, he put his dick deep inside and held it there, so he could let me feel myself cum on his hardness. This felt amazing and as I was coming down from the first cum, I could feel my heart pounding. I was ready for another. But Jules gently pulled out of me, smiling.
‘Wait, I want more...’ I pleaded desperately.
‘You will get it in a bit,’ he assured. All he wanted us to do was lay skin on skin while he caressed and petted my reeling body.
Jules often gives me multiple orgasms, especially when I’m in that hot zone. But he also knows there’s something that is a great follow-up to multiple orgasms: the joy of afterglow.

Afterglow is a feeling I can describe as a beautiful, internal sunset within the body.
Blame it on the oxytocin, but there is a sense of lightness and tranquility that inhabits your body and your being during post-coital afterglow. It’s like floating through a cosmic dream.
Allowing your partner’s afterglow takes some measure of caring and control of course.
Jules didn’t say it in that moment, but I think his goal was to get me to have multiple afterglows!
He turned me onto my tummy again and kissed and stroked my back and legs. My body warm with desire, my pussy throbbing, I thought, please, give me what I want...another cum. But Jules merely said,
‘Press yourself against me. Get as close as you can get.’
So I listened, and it was as if we were trying to get our bodies to meld together as one. He held me like a baby and said, ‘See if you can fall asleep like this,’
I doubted I would since I was eager for more cums. I put my hand on his hard dick and could feel he wanted me too, but he was holding back because he really wanted to give me maximum pleasure in the moment.

Dick in my hand, and our bodies clung together, I felt the first afterglow overtake my body and myself drifting into sudden relaxation. I actually fell asleep for a minute or two! When I woke, Jules and I were still pressed very close.
It was time for another round. He turned me on my side, kneeled on the bed, parted my ass cheeks and slid his dick in my pussy. My pussy was so grateful to feel his dick inside me again, it wasn’t long before I felt another cum ringing its bell. This one felt more like a moan of joy coming from my pussy, ‘Oh yes baby!’ I exclaimed. Jules gave me a slightly deeper pounding this time, feeling that my pussy was even hungrier.
After my second cum he stopped again. He wanted to meld our bodies together again and feel my heart beating next to his and slowing down for another afterglow moment. This time I naturally draped my leg over his outer thigh, I could feet my clit erect on him, wanting to rub on his leg.
‘Do you want to bring yourself off on my leg?’ he offered.
‘Yes please’
I put my arm around Jules chest and began humping his thigh. It felt like a clit massage and I could have done that for ages. Jules became very excited by my animalism and asked if I could try to cum that way. I stroked his dick as I did this, humped his leg hard like a . He kept his leg strong against me and I could feel the hard gluteus muscle on my horny clit. I humped him harder and harder, ‘Cum on my leg,’ he encouraged. When I came, Jules felt the wet patch on his leg, he flipped me onto my back and plunged his dick into me, making me cum again.
Just when I thought he would take his cum then, he halted. He wanted to calm me down again, put me in afterglow mode and nap on him. This time we cuddled tight and he asked me to put his dick in me and try to fall asleep that way. I thought it was a cute and sexy idea and I put him inside me and lay on top of him. Jules held me until he felt my body go limp with relaxation. I fell asleep again. This time for a few minutes.
the end of our three-hour session, I’d had at least six cums and three luxurious afterglows. And little mini naps in between. Of course he had his cum, but like a true gentleman, after he was sure I was well satisfied.
Jules says he feels very close to me when we make love this way.
Don’t get me wrong, we like it raw and raunchy too and we like to show off and perform. But there are times when we keep the toys and slave outfits in the drawer, and just feel the comfort and joy of skin-on-bare-skin.
We realise this kind of control isn’t for every sexual encounter. I will say however that if you’re in a loving relationship and your man patiently often waits for you to reach your afterglow moments, cling to him tightly.

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Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for putting into words the Afterglow.

You see light dappling on the water and forget the deep, cold dark beneath.

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Sexy & insightful post. J&J

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Write on sexy!

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Thanks for taking a glance Apollo!

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