Nude beach exploring (UK Summer)  

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Nude beach exploring (UK Summer)

Rain. Sunshine. Rain again. Coldish. Warmish...The U.K. summer hasn’t been spectacular.

are home, and so are we. With temperatures ranging from -21 degrees, we had to choose our outdoor sex time wisely. Jules was feeling a bit down-in-the-mouth about the lack of heat. To cheer my horny husband, I thought I’d give him the best heat my hands and mouth had to offer.

I made sure to keep him happy with handjobs on the beach, blowjob finishes in the car and a little exhibitionism here and there.

Nudist beach – Day 1

Despite the bum weather (or shall I say cover-your-bum weather) we did manage to fulfill a few warm wishes. We located 2 naturalist beaches:

Amidst the white chalk cliffs of the south-east coast, lies The Gap. To access this beach, we had to descend an iron stairwell, move past tourists and families, from pebbled beach to fist-sized rocks -- a walk that made it difficult, but sometimes necessary to hold hands. During our bumpy walk, the temperature suddenly lifted from 21 to 30 and the slight sea breeze dropped. It seemed we walked for ages in the heat until we spotted a few nude sunbathers, who smiled to welcome us, couples and a few single men.

At last, we’d reached. However, there was no chance of a sea dip to reward our efforts. The Gap faces a battalion of mossy boulders that prevent access to the sea. The rocks and chalk on the shore were inhospitably large, but as we saw others setting up their umbrellas, we were determined (and frankly horny enough) to do the same.

Jules laid our towels and within seconds, unraveled my bikini and took off his own clothes. We lay down and began to sweat. However I couldn't resist grasping Jules's rod almost as quickly as I spotted it on display.

He had to give me the "Whoa Nelly" (or rather "Whoa Jilly") warning, asking me to give his over stimulated dick a chance to settle down. We were both getting too excited too soon from all our teasing and chatting in the car.

The sun overhead, we rubbed each other with sunblock, kissed, caressed and felt the welcome heat on our skins.

Although we missed having the light sea breeze on us, I liked the presence of the mighty cliffs behind us. A cum-coloured, sculpted backdrop to our horny fun.

The sea was calm and aqua glassy. There were a few power boats on the water and moved through the water, creating a ridge and a wake. It was a calming and peaceful day, and we couldn’t help rubbing on each other until we were both sweaty. All I wanted to do was take Jules in my mouth and drink his dick for hydration, but I couldn’t do anything but steal a few touches here and there.

“Next time, we should get an umbrella to shield from the sun, and maybe give us a little privacy so I can interfere with you a bit more,” I suggested.

Jules agreed, “We'll look for .”

Finally, the light teasing became overmuch and we returned, over the cakewalk of rocks, to the car for a cool down. A few gulps of water and energy drinks later, we felt refreshed.

Now we both desperately needed to cum.

We drove homeward, in pursuit of a place to get each other off. Jules found a working windmill on a hill overlooking a small farming town. There were rolled hay bales, tractors at rest and cows in the pastures. riders trotted leisurely uphill in the calf-high grass. We walked further afield, passing thistles and nettles until we found a knoll we could sit next to for privacy. We spread the blanket and lay down again.

I tugged at Jules, “Take off your shorts.”

“Not yet,” he smiled, with remarkable restraint. “I want a couple of cums out of you first.”

I knew that meant I would get a lovely fingering with his manly hands (for which I’ve developed a bit of a fetish). I laid my body into his arms and let him cradle me. He slipped his hands under my summer dress, then gently entered his fingers into my pussy. His finger work became stronger and deeper, searching inside me, until I came on his deft fingers. He waited a while then re-entered me, feeling around to see if he could bring me off again, “Do you have another cum in there for me?” I did.

I caught my breath, and asked for his dick. He pulled down his pants. He had grown full and thick from feeling me cum in his arms. He lay back on the blanket and pulled his pants down, so I could take his girth into my hands and salivating mouth. We both knew it wouldn’t be long before he burst. I gently wanked and licked him until I felt the spurt, “Mmm,” I hummed, so excited that my mouthwork was bringing him over the edge. He burst the rest of his dick-milk onto my palate. When he was fully drained, I lay on his pelvis to rest, to feel a soft breeze ascending the hill, the kind we needed earlier at The Gap.

“We could have used that breeze at the beach,” I shook my head.

“Then we might have got too comfortable, gone too far, and embarrassed the others,” he joked.

“Or made them jealous,” I shrugged.

“Hopefully inspired them,” he replied.

Day 2

The following week wasn’t ideal weather either, but there was a day with a very light breeze and clearer skies. This was the day we went to Rye to catch whatever rays we were lucky to get.

Jules likes to see me looking sun-kissed, but he’s not interested in me getting a spray tan. He wants me sunbathing ‘au natural.’ Secretly however, I like to slather on light bronzer or gradual tan cream, instead of taking the rays full on (especially at our age). Nonetheless, I can hardly resist a beach day. It makes me horny as a dolphin.

We parked close to the Rye Nature reserve and began our walk towards the sea defense cage. That was where the nude beach was meant to be.

Bike riders, walkers and families accompanied us along the tarmac trail. Then we walked a small incline to a pebbly beach with pebbles that were just enough to be comfortable underfoot. We discovered a spot close to some groins where we could have a little shelter and lots of teasing fun. As we looked around, we couldn’t see any other bathers, just a few more owners with their pups frolicking in the water. It seemed we hadn’t gone far enough to reach the naked beach, but we decided where we were was sufficiently quiet to set up shop.

Plus, it felt a little naughty to be on the periphery of where we were supposed to be.

This time we brought the umbrella-tent which would serve us well, keeping direct sun out. It was also good for concealment of what I was about to do. I was in the mood to slurp Jules’s dick, even though he wanted chill and cuddle time. Jules’s affections are always welcome, but I really wanted to make my man cum for me. After massaging, flirting, kissing, and ensuring that no one was focusing too hard on us, he let me go for it.

He flipped over, and I began to shift the foreskin of his full-grown dick upwards and downwards, as he vigilantly looked for strangers who knew we shouldn’t be there. Before long, Jules’s spurt was gushing towards my face. The dirty girl in me wanted his cum all over my hair and lips. I pulled off a little so I could get it all over my face and enjoy the walk back to the car, with cum drying on my cheeks.

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Wonderful too feel your ladies wetness supplemented with lots of hot french kissing …a perfect climax?? Mmmm

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Playalinda is a good beach to go to for a nude day at the beach

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Very nice post, thanks for sharing such a hot story.

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Very Nice!!

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Roll on summer here in NZ so we can get to our favourite nudist beach

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