Naughty schoolgirl, fantasy/reality lesson, and the joys of gagging  

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5/20/2021 12:32 pm

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Naughty schoolgirl, fantasy/reality lesson, and the joys of gagging

Sometimes, Jules and I go old school.

Because we’ve known each other since our teenage , we like revert one of our original role plays: Headmaster and Head Girl

We use this role in context recreate the first attractions of our youth.

My classic outfit is tartan red, white stockings, topped off with a starched blouse, and striped tie of course.

Miss Fuckley, the Sixth Form Head girl, has been called to Headmaster Hardwood’s office on account of her poor Biology marks. She stands to lose her title if she doesn’t buck up her score. Headmaster Hardwood is a young, gifted teacher. He wears a suit and tie which makes him fit enough eat.

Hardwood and Fuckley take a secret shine each other. He tries boost Miss Fuckley’s academic performance by giving her private lessons in his office. Her most challenging topic is reproduction. Hardwood has the task of explaining human sexuality to her.

“During a man’s orgasm, he ejaculates. That’s the opportunity for a sperm to enter the egg,” Hardwood reminds her of the facts.

“Sir?” Fuckley says dreamily, her lips slightly ajar.

Hardwood wishes to rub his dick on her lips and feel what it’s like inside that luscious mouth.

“Is the woman’s orgasm just as important as it is for the man?” she wonders, putting her fingers to her lips.

Hardwood can feel his dick swelling in his pants. He tries to keep his composure,

“Um, yes Miss Fuckley. Pleasure for both the woman and man is important.”

“What does penetration feel like sir? Does it hurt?”

“It may not as much the first time if it’s done gently”

She asks for a practice demonstration. She asks politely to see his penis which she has observed growing nicely in his pleated pants. She finds a textbook drawing of a penis inside a vagina,

“Can you show me like this, sir? Perhaps if I did the practice work, I’d understand the theory better.”

“Well yes, if it will help you understand,”

“Can I touch your penis, sir? I have never seen one up close. in diagrams.”

“Yes you may,”

Head Girl unzips Headmaster’s trousers and touches and feels his firm growth. She makes comments on how feels in her hands.

From they have steamy, but careful ‘virginal’ sex.

In response friends asked if we could dress-up on camera for the role , Jules came up with a update. Create an alter ego of Miss Fuckley!

Shall we her an evil twin? Naughty twin Fuckley is always up no good. She wears her uniform a lot more loosely. Her skirt is hemmed too high, exposing her ass cheeks. The blouse is black, see-through and hiked up above her tummy. She refuses to wear a bra so her nipples seem permanently perked.

She’s jealous of her brighter sister’s accomplishments and wants to win Hardwood’s favour as well. She barges into his office without an appointment, and will do anything to get to the headmaster’s dick to show up her subtler sister.

She offers to suck his dick for better grades.

She feels her breasts looking him in the eye, while talking about her issues.

She openly tells him she wants to him raw and hard.

She won’t take no for an answer, and Hardwood, unable tell the difference between the ‘twins’, is suddenly rock hard, turned on by ‘new’ Miss Fuckley’s brazen defiance.

Hardwood is aroused by her forwardness and her identical face and body resemblance the virginal Miss Fuckley, the original object of his secret desire.

Now as Jules and I explore this suspended reality, based on our past reality and amped up for fun, we think it's a really idea for other couples try something similar. Within this kind of fantasy space, we can let relationships that might be deemed inappropriate go too far on our private stage.

Couples can re-enact scenes from their love life, but amplify them in the form of other role plays (boss and secretary, lustful lawyers etc,) where both parties revisit sexy conversations, perhaps first dates, first time sex, as so on.

Fantasy and reality bites

As we’re on the topic of fantasy versus reality, we’ve heard a lot of accusations of people crying ‘fake.’ When I say fake, I don’t mean bots or actual fake profiles. Some members are getting outright angry when someone doesn’t tell them the ‘whole truth’ about their personal life and challenges.

But is it really your entitlement to know the full Monty about someone’s real life outside of I will adapt something a new friend said to me: “Some stories on here are fiction, but the sex is real.”

I will add to that, sometimes you have to accept that even the sex boasts are embellished, or at least one’s personal mental recall that might just be unreliable.

That’s not really my concern however. I think the important thing is respect: once you decide to meet with a couple or a single, you should try to keep your appointments and dates. And if you nervously change your mind, try to give ample notice. Disclosure about STDs and birth control or potentially dangerous situations is a must we thin And again, anything that might impact on someone’s safety. Other than that, what else do you need know?

In other words, unless your secrets infringe on our precious time or our plans, or affect our physical health or safety, who are we judge who you are and why you’re here?

We have a % rule on here. We don’t expect strangers give us the whole truth and nothing but. Unfortunately, we have also come expect a certain level of mind games that also comes with the territory. Often one person (a member of a couple or a single) might spin one story to Jules, then thread me a contradiction, then separately try to coax us to break our rules. Our insurance against these types of folly, is tell each other everything.

On here, we don’t necessarily have a right know people’s real circumstances and challenges. Nor what puddle of mud they must leap over every morning reach a steady path. their reality is so horrible, this is one place they feel free. However, that doesn’t entitle them treat you like their bitch either, of course (unless agreed upon, first).

Also it could take learn a person's true self, and even then, people can hold their cards close their chest for as long as they deem necessary. 's most likely disingenuous if someone is sharing every part of their personal life and past too soon.

For some people, this entire site is a kind of fantasyland haystack where they can say or do whatever they want. Jules and I remain on the fields for now because we think are a few golden needles be found.

Gagging for - deepthroat practice

On our recent livestream this week, Headmaster Hardwood took full advantage of Miss Fuckley.

One of the things we allowed viewers to see was my deep throat practice. I’m admittedly not great at it yet. I still gag...plenty. was a time I was embarrassed by . I think Jules was concerned he was making me uncomfortable.

Gagging is messy and noisy, almost the point of offensive.

causes me salivate. makes my eyes water. My nose runs clear. I hack, I heave. My stomach muscles tense.

This may sound strange to some, but I have learned to stop worrying and love the gag.

I like the core workout and Jules loves my reaction.

I may get better at taking Jules large dick deep in my throat, but for now I like the gargly mess we create.

Some friends have revealed that their gag reflex, which was almost non existent during oral sex, seemed to reappear as they got older, when beforehand they were expert deep throaters.

My goal one day is to give Jules a proper throatpie. But for now, I will continue to enjoy the joys of gagging.

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5/21/2021 8:43 am

Hot story. Love the pics too.

Feel like I’m missing out on the livestreams!

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5/21/2021 5:52 am

....and then some day the roles are reversed.... cool story....

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5/20/2021 2:52 pm

liked by me

Smokingchris1 58M
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5/20/2021 2:38 pm

Mmm we all like a naughty school girl

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