Misty Christmas morning sex...at the park  

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12/25/2021 3:18 am

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Misty Christmas morning sex...at the park

It's 6am on Christmas morning and the in-laws are here, yet still fast asleep.

We're being as hospitable as we can stand, but If it were up to me and Jules, we'd spend most of the morning in bed in between sips of Mimosas and mince pies at our bedside.

But this is our cue to steal some alone time by leaving the house for an early morning coffee and wal...which would unexpectedly turn into a quick but sweet Christmas fuc

It wasn't the prettiest of Christmas days. The dawn fog was finally clearing. The ground was thick with mud. But being there together, holding hands and witnessing the mist veiling the stark trees, it felt romantic. We sipped our coffee from a Thermos and continued our stroll.
Suddenly, I felt the strong urge to wee.
We went down a path, I pulled off my jeans, squatted in my wellies and let out a huge gush. Jules protectively checked for walkers and any other folks who might be surprised to see my naked ass on display. When I was done, he helped me up but felt inspired to do the same. "Your turn to be the lookout," he said. He unzipped his jeans and let out a healthy pee. I couldn't resist putting my bare hand in the stream and licking the tip of his dick clean afterwards. When we were done and well zipped up, to be a silly I held his hand with his pee still wet on it, "Merry Christmas honey," I smiled naughtily.

We got back to the car, feeling the spirit, especially after watching each other pee. Knowing we had no privacy at home, we knew what we had to do. Like a pair of oversexed teenagers, we took our desire to the backseat. Jules entered me immediately and burst a cum out of me, loud as a Christmas cracker. After two more cums, he ready for us to cum together. After all, the windows were fogging up and his tight bare ass getting chilly.

Jules basted me with his deep flood. The warmth made me cry out with yet another cum. To recover we blanketed each other up with jumpers and scarves and shut our eyes to the world outside and responsibilities ahead for a moment.

Within a few minutes, we were ready to head back home to face our busy morning.

At home the turkey is seasoned Gordon Ramsay style - butter parsley and lemon zest between the skin and meat. When it's oven-bronzed, we will take it out and let it rest. Unlike our urgency this morning, there's no rush to eat it piping hot as everything else on the table will already be...kind of like me and Jules.

I look forward to tonight, when we get each other warmed up again, then (like the turkey) finally have our well-earned rest.

Have a warm and Merry Christmas everybody!

RobK2006 55M  
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12/26/2021 3:43 am

That was really hot!

HARD6914 59M  
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12/26/2021 12:00 am

You’ve got it to do with guests!! Wonderful way to say Merry Christmas..mmm

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