Cum control, foreskin play, single guy annoyances and more  

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5/9/2021 3:24 pm

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Cum control, foreskin play, single guy annoyances and more

This week was a great one. Jules literally fucked the one-week gel manicure off my hands (see pic).

We also chatted to several couples and singles looking for fun.

This week’s focus included:

Cum control (less so on Jill’s part)

Foreskin play (love this)

Over-zealous single guys (don’t love this)

Premature pull-outs (not what you think)

Cum control

When it comes to cums, Jules and I are opposite.

He has pretty good mind over body control, and usually chooses when he wants to have his release, prolonging our sessions for as long as we want. He enjoys the road to the cum sometimes just as much as the cum itself. Jules and I agree it’s not always about the end, but the journey. For him it’s about enjoying the feelings leading up to the cum for as long as possible.

One woman from a couple in their 60s advised me if I wanted him to cum on demand, I should hold his dick base tightly and apply pressure to his balls. “Don’t!” Jules warned. This might work for some men, but not all. I agreed it sounded a bit heavy-handed.

Conversely, my cums are unpredictable and I prefer having several of them. Along with a few deep blowout ones I can feel radiating to the legs. The more regular our sex, the more quickly I can cum too. At first, I worried about wasting energy by having too many too soon. But with practice (and a few cum naps in between), I was able to handle multiple orgasms like a champ and keep going for hours.

This week, Jules has been doing a funny experiment on me.

He decided to start counting how many strokes it takes to make me cum. He’d try to gauge my mood and horny level and count how many thrusts it would take to send me over the precipice of bliss.

Of course, he’s learned how to play my body the way he does over the years, he knows how get me to cum quickly, whether it’s via a slow grind, a rhythmic beat or a constant pound. According to Jules, this week took an average of 8 or strokes for him to pump a cum out of me .

Jules believes he has my cums down to a science now. And I’m not sure I like his smugness. I want to change up and surprise him. And besides it’s a good practice for being ‘naughty cumslut’ when we play our bdsm games.

Sometimes I cum for my master Jules on command, but sometimes I will just greedily take my cum, while I know he has the task of holding his own cum back. I know that might result in ass-redness later. But I am prepared to withstand the consequences.

What’s the saying? Better to ask forgiveness, than permission.

One of the advantages of Jules having me in the multi cum zone, is he can go deeper with his dick. This is his opportunity to get me into certain positions he likes that are usually challenging for me because he goes so deep into my vaginal passage. One of the positions he likes is him kneeling with my feet against his chest or ankles just over his shoulders.

During one of our particularly intense sessions, we had the webcam on. It got so deeply intense, I cried out like a marathon runner feeling the burn, but knowing the finish line was in sight. One of our watchers got worried, “Sex shouldn’t be painful,” she typed.

I happened to glance the comment and tried to describe to her what I was feeling wasn’t pain but deep intensity. The explanation seemed to placate her, but it’s strange how easily someone can get the wrong idea. Jules does not force me to do anything I don’t want to do in or out of the bedroom. I enjoy it all. If in the moment it’s too much, he knows it or I say it. and we stop.

We played another control game this week where Jules challenged himself not to get hard for me. This is of course easier after he’s had one , which he did that particular . He asked to try to make him hard, while he tried not to get hard. So the game began as I licked his foreskin and he looked away from me, trying to meditate imagining looking into some kind of 'void' as he described it. It worked for a little while until I began a slow wank and lick.

Thus began his downfall or rather his uprising... “Alright that’s cheating now. You win,” he conceded defeat.

Foreskin play

I have discovered a new hobby: playing with Jules’s foreskin. Not for the purpose of getting him hard (although that’s a bonus). But we like it as form of pleasure worship. Plus, it helps Jules relax before facing the ahead.

When he isn’t fully erect, I like to slip my tongue between the foreskin and penis head and just go exploring around the frenulum and circle it and sometimes drag my tongue in and slowly, listening for his responses.

Sometimes I carefully place my forefinger inside, carefully circling the penis head and stretching the foreskin sheath a little. My nails are trimmed into short gels, which are blunt so no sharp digs ruin the pleasure.

As Jules might remember, the first time I saw his foreskin, I was quite frightened of it. I distinctly remember my ignorantly rude question, “Why haven’t you got rid of that?” I once thought it was a nuisance piece of flesh that most men had trouble cleaning thoroughly.

The men I knew before Jules were circumcised, so an uncut penis wasn’t something I was used to seeing. I apologized later for my blurted insult. He didn’t take it personally but instead explained to me that it was a form of shaft ‘protection.’ Plus, it was a pleasurable feeling to wank or fuck while the foreskin pulled against it, helping stimulate the dick.

When I realised how attached he was to his foreskin (literally) and how it could also be used as an instrument of pleasure, as well as protection, I began to see it in a new way. Jules is a man who takes pride in hygiene and appearance as well. He always cleans himself thoroughly and that was a terrific turn on. I never had to worry that he wasn’t keeping himself sanitary ‘down there.’ Thus began my love affair with the foreskin.

Single guys and dick pics

As a female stand-up comedian once said, you have to lead up to the dick. The dick is not something you reveal right away. Get to know a person; tell them about yourself first. Make sure they like you first before you offer to show the goods.

If you’re going to put a single guy profile pic up, make it a clothed one, a or partial one.

Correct if I’m wrong, a dick is actually not the first thing a gal wants to see. The numerous couple profiles featuring the banner NO SINGLE GUYS should be testimony to that. My advice to single guys is as follows. Show a selfie, even if it’s just partial , even you in a nice shirt—anything but the dick please. A man in a crisp, well fitted shirt is much more appealing than a bareback dick pic—no matter how well formed the dick is.

Again, I love oral. It’s one of my favourite things. And I worship my man’s dick daily. But if it was the first thing he pulled while we were still getting to know each other, Jules would have stood no chance of getting into my panties.

Now I say this on behalf of myself, Jules, and several other couples we’ve spoken to online this week. SINGLE GUYS, please control your enthusiasm.

We are finding that there are a lot of men who want to fuck wives, with or without the husband’s permission, without protection, and will to the husband politely as possible, then express their raging urges with no restraint whatsoever.

Even if you’re on here strictly prowling for pussy—whether single or married pussy, you still have the task of being a gentleman. Telling a man you’d like to lick the of his wife’s cunt isn’t going to fly unless you have led up to this in conversation (or ). Especially if the couple has distinctly said they’re not sharing. Even if they are, slim chance they’d share with you.

Also if you have pictures up of your ex/exes. but you're no longer together, we will delete and possibly report you.

Premature pull-outs

We’ve had some strange messages from couples who admired our photos and videos, read our profile and initiated friendly conversations. These ‘couples’ were previously eager to . But a few days and a few messages later, they suddenly decided we weren’t ‘right’ for them. In some cases, the suddenness of the cuts made us think that there are a lot of couples who aren’t consulting their other half as they . One couple member would tease, flirt and make suggestions and that may not have been vetoed by the other member of the couple. The dynamic of the conversations usually change quickly when the wife shows up. We actually had a couple who sought us , approached us first, to say later that we were too ‘ dominant’ for them.

Another couple who knew we don't swing but they enjoyed sharing their swinging experiences suddenly clammed up when I randomly asked them about anal. "We don't do that." the wife drew the line. We didn't hear from them again.

There are also folks on here who will try to get one member of the couple to to them alone and try to schedule a meet without the other’s knowledge.

Then there are couples who say they’re couples, and there are even a few photos to suggest that they are. But the other person has suddenly ‘disappeared’, or is no longer involved (if there ever was another person). We suspect there are a lot of single men playing the role of a couple and very convincingly so.

We’re getting smart now and running a few checks. Exchanging pictures is okay at times, but if they won’t show themselves live, included, we can’t continue to give ourselves away by doing private shows and exchanging extra pics.

We’re active and lively on here right now, but who knows how we’ll feel in future. We may reduce our photo galleries and restrict them to 'friends ' albums. Maybe we’ll stop broadcasting if it attracts too many creeps and clingers. But for right now, we’re trying to enjoy this ride, at our pace. Hope you do too. With much respect.

BruceWayne983 38M
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5/28/2021 3:59 am

Wait, Jill cums on average after 8 or so strokes?! Damn the you are lucky. I wish all women were the same as we’d all get to start off every session with a bang. I imagine this is after a good amount of foreplay and teasing but that is still bloody fast. Guy has barely got into his rhythm by then.

Btw thanks for commenting on one of my stories. For some reason I couldn’t see all the comments before so I missed it, but glad you enjoyed it

Mr_Eight 40M
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5/11/2021 9:41 am

Nice post.

The foreskin play is interesting. Not something I’ve ever experienced but would be interested to see what it feels like. I agree with hygiene. That’s something I’m always careful of with it and always clean under there in the shower daily.

The piece about annoyances is also interesting. I get a lot of scammers contacting me ‘flirting’ etc. Seems par the course for a site like this sadly.

Thank you for posting!

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merlot5555 65M/55F  
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5/10/2021 6:48 am

...a most interesting post indeed...

... the beauty in your control dynamic is the best..... a responsive female and a male with control can enjoy hours of bliss... each extracting the most delightful nectar that nature has to offer....

....your other comments are on point... the need for truthfulness and honesty and respect, and yes, a little intrigue go a long way.... and can turn what may be the mundane into the miraculous..... JMVHO.....

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