Blocked guy #2--how to lose friends on AFF  

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4/25/2021 3:03 pm

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Blocked guy #2--how to lose friends on AFF

Blocked Guy #2

It started off mildly enough.

“Hi and welcome, I hope you find what you’re looking for.” His messages labelled him as an ‘ambassador’. His profile said he was in a couple, 48M/28F. He tipped us chat.

He complimented my photos, said he ‘loved’ them. That I was hot stuff. He sent a friend request. He wasn’t sure at first which one of us was online, me or Jules, or both. I initially let Jules do the responding. The guy sent pics while chatting to Jules: twenty-something-year- women sucking cocks.

“Is that your gf/wife?” Jules asked him. No it wasn’t. He was no longer in a relationship and those weren’t even his photos. He wasn’t in them.
My radars went up.

Red flag 1: single guy posing as couple (not even bothering to clarify the revised status on his profile)

Red flag 2: sharing photos that weren’t his.

Red flag 3: women’s faces , none of the men in the act.

We looked his profile more closely. About 60 photos or orgies gangbangs and blowjobs, with lots of different women and different dicks, but no men’s faces.

Nonetheless, the guy continued to be fairly polite. least he admitted he wasn’t in the photos. The conversations continued. He asked how Jules and I met, what were we looking for et cetera.

But soon, he began to get more forward. He asked Jules if he’d share me. Said he’d like to “fuck my cunt full of .”

Now, I’m not opposed to anyone who wants that – this is after all the site to speak and possibly act upon your deepest desires. But Jules clarified that we were voyeurs and exhibitionists, mostly. We were new to this scene and not about full swapping. I wasn’t interested in hard with anyone else.

Soon--be-blocked guy seemed respect that choice at first. But as interactions continued, it became a frustrated, horny bee in his bonnet. He accused me of being “irrationally jealous” for not being open swapping. I ignored the comment and we tried continue being polite and explaining ourselves.

He followed us. He watched a livestream and messaged later ask “if all Jules did was take Jill’s tongue up his ass”.

He became coarser and more abrasive in his messages. Every time he knew one of us was online, he’d send a new dick pic from a different angle. No face of course, not even a chin. But that wasn’t the bad part. I don’t mind coarse language on a sex site, and an unsolicited dick pic is a bit pushy, but I suppose it’s par for the course.

What disturbed was how quick he was to judge and condemn us. What exactly was he trying to accomplish?

“Let talk to him a little,” I suggested to Jules. I hoped to soothe the savage beast in the anonymous guy who seemed bothered that I wouldn’t agree to take his cock forthwith.

He got very excited when he realised it was me online. He wouldn’t tell me his name, but he called me by mine. He sent me a dick pic again. “Impressive,” I said.

In response, I sent him back one of Jules’s generous package, “This is the dick I ride,” I boasted. That quieted him for a couple of days.

One day he messaged first as usual, looking for me. Very quickly, he began to challenge how much I actually liked anal. There were videos of Jules anal pounding me to and still pics of toys in my ass.

I didn’t like anal at first, I tried to explain. But Jules and I spent experimenting with training my ass, because he really wanted it and I naturally wanted please my husband and dominant.

“I love please my man, as much as he loves please ,” I said soon--be-blocked guy.

“Well you aren’t really sub then, ” he suddenly accused.

“How do you mean?” I asked, feeling confused. For what is more sub than doing whatever it takes please your partner, even if it’s not at the top of your favourites list?

“You’re allowing him to use you. That’s not sub.”

In reply I offered, “But what’s more sub than doing something to please your partner? I said I didn’t like anal at first but Jules gently eased me into it. I enjoy the feelings now. It’s just not my first choice for sex...I prefer dick in pussy and having my pussy licked, which Jules does brilliantly.”

But the guy had no interest in conversing about the nuances of being a submissive.

Instead he sent a pic of a pretty blonde in her twenties, ass gap wide open receiving a thick dick very deeply. It was a beautiful shot and could have been a professional studio shoot. The man’s was not shown.

“Do you like this?” he asked.

“Is that you fucking her?” I ventured. A question to which I already knew the answer.

“No, it’s just a picture I like. Do you like it?” he asked again.

Again, he using images that weren’t his.

“Prefer to see both of the couple.”

“Well, see you’re not really sub,” he crowed.

“I like the picture just fine but to clarify, I see sub another way,” I replied. “It’s about pleasing your partner, giving them what they want.”

He went into a strange tirade from there. And I realised we could no longer converse like adults.

He said we were confused people. We shouldn’t be on the site if I wasn’t willing to sub to other men. We were both fakes.

So I asked him the question I was waiting to ask for weeks, “How can you others fakes while using stranger’s photos? Have you even got their consent?”

There was no reply to that. He ‘LOL’ed and said I was changing the subject.

“And you tell no one your name or show yourself, but you want women to agree to fuck you in advance?”

He continued to confused and skewed in my desires.

That , Jules politely stepped in told him he’d become bothersome. Please don’t contact us further.

The guy went into a bit of a rage. He called Jules a cocksucker, dicksplash and other loaded names.

Up to now we don’t know what this guy’s looks like, nor his real name.

To us, he’s just Blockedguy02.

SonRoNewbies 63M/63F
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6/13/2021 8:28 am

Ridiculous…you shouldn’t have to put up with that from anyone. We’ve had our share of similar. Keep doing what you do so beautifully xx

Chase2278 44M
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4/25/2021 6:21 pm

Yeah definitely a Red Flag once he said he wasn’t in a relationship anymore. I’m surprised this was only the 2nd blocked guy. You both tolerated a lot more than most would.

Mdonson57 61M
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4/25/2021 5:18 pm

Best sentence read today.

wouldn’t agree to take his cock forthwith

Sorry you struggled with this person. Bad behavior spoils it for the rest. Have a great day.

Kiik Myonguy

Brownie202 65F  
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4/25/2021 4:34 pm

He is one of those who believe his way is the one true way when it comes to d/s. I did kink and BDSM. Never d/s. Was told I am not a real submissive. I never claimed to be. Profile at the time said I wasn't. One so called Dom said I had some nerve asking him if he read my profile. It was my way of saying if read it all he would of seen it said no men. A woman for my kink partner and myself.

Humans are the most dangerous animals on earth.

If only animals had the ability to know when to keep away from us humans they would be better off.

SomewhereSE 64M
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4/25/2021 4:30 pm

Single guy posing as a couple = Bi/gay guys that can’t admit they are looking for and in many cases begging for sex with men.

s2ndegree 63M  
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4/25/2021 4:20 pm

There's no shortage of people who start out lying their asses off and have convinced themselves that if they admit to it some people will overlook it.
It certainly seems to work or at least to a point.

Using more than all the road!

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4/25/2021 3:34 pm

"Red flag 1: single guy posing as couple"

to take advantage of Ambassador program is my guess

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