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N.B. Annoying glitch on here that interferes with sentence/grammar settings, deleting simple words like to, from, etc. I routinely try to re-edit my posts but it seems to be an ongoing issue. Hope you are able to get the gist anyway. Enjoy!
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First live stream teaser
Posted:Mar 24, 2021 11:28 am
Last Updated:May 24, 2021 8:55 am

Quiet pleasures...

It's hump-day, and yes we did!

Today Jules and I did two very short 'teaser' livestreams for the first time.

It was fun, but went so fast.

Jules and I broadcast from the bed. I licked his dick and when he was quite hard, he licked my pussy first from the front as I lay back, then he put me on my tummy so he could lick some more from behind. When the heat between us got intense, he put me on my back and made sure to fuck me quite hard with my legs spread wide, while he kneeled in front of me.

Jules and I can sometimes be chatty in bed but today we decided to express ourselves just looking at each other and mostly being quiet.

Many watchers appeared online during our broadcast (about 65+ viewers) and there were a myriad of one-liners, some complimentary, like "mmmm" and "stunning". One commenter mentioned I wasn't moaning enough, even while Jules was licking me so beautifully.

I found that an interesting comment, since in my opinion, a really good pussylicking session has fewer moans, usually when things are getting very close or hovering in a deep pleasure zone. I also admit that it was slightly distracting having to read comments while Jules and I enjoyed each other. Well-acted porn models might moan throughout an entire pussylicking episode, but real-deal authentic sex, like what Jules and I broadcast today, can be a much quieter matter.

It should also be noted that Jules and I were both feeling very laid back, in a serene kind of happy-horny mood today. We believe, that in a relationship where a couple are fully sexually comfortable with each other and have good communication, not every sex session needs loud vocals. Nonetheless, it was a terrifically satisfying day for us both.

Serene sex is a topic I will cover in my next blog post.

Jules says next time we livestream (which will be very soon), he'll lick my pussy and while I have the task of reading and responding to our replies. Now that should be an interesting challenge.
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I came on his balls
Posted:Mar 20, 2021 1:14 pm
Last Updated:May 24, 2021 8:55 am
I adore Jules' balls.

Whether he's smoothly shaven or bearing soft stubble, nothing compares being able handle them naked. In my opinion Jules has the testicles of a much man. They are firm and kissable, and I like to put my lips to taste them as if they were plump fruit.

But I never thought I could actually cum on them.

I've watched videos of women cumming during the dick-and-pussy-slide, which Jules and I have done many times during our lovemaking, but I didn't consider rubbing myself off on his juicy balls.

Commencing a particularly energetic master and slut-slave session (where I let Jules put me in any position and make me cum more times than I could count on my fingers), my pussy lips were still tingling. I decided it was my turn to get a move in. I felt for reverse cowgirl and was in the mood to film it so I could show off the new catsuit Jules got me.

As I mounted him with phone in hand, I stared into the mirror and caught sight of his full balls touching my pussy lips. After about two hours of and many cums from me, his balls looked over-ready bust. The sight and thought of all that sweet cum about inhabit my pussy excited me. I rocked and rubbed my pussy lips and clit on his balls, his dick still inside me.

"I'm cumming your balls!" I whispered with joy.
It was so sweet and intense of a cum I had put the phone down, so I could enjoy rubbing myself on Jules's balls, while I rode him.
I begged Jules cum with as my cum reverberated my pussy lips and clit and throughout my entire body.
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Anal bleaching - who's tried it?
Posted:Mar 20, 2021 4:29 am
Last Updated:Mar 27, 2021 2:37 pm

Jules and I have been talking about anal bleaching lately, possibly for both of us. But there's so little information about it on the internet.

Has anyone done it?
Was it painful?
Did you try it at home or professionally?
Did it enhance your sex life in any way?
Were you happy with the results?
How long did the bleaching effect last?

Would love hear your experiences with anal bleaching!
Jill and Jules
Yes, tried it at home
Yes, did it professionally
Never did it, but would like to try!
Never did it, not interested.
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Nurse and patient - role play script
Posted:Mar 17, 2021 2:58 pm
Last Updated:Apr 24, 2021 6:47 am

Jules and I were brainstorming the other day for a new role . I was thinking 'French maid gets fucked on the dining table.'

But he decided we should instead try 'Nurse Jill takes care of her patient's painfully full balls'

We looked at a few options for nurse costumes online. I was attracted the ultra sexy styles, cutout satin breast pieces and bustiers, whereas Jules found a very plain design he liked, similar a real nurse uniform. I commented, “Is that what you prefer?’
Jules answered my question with a question, “Are you surprised?”
“Yes, actually. Sometimes simpler is better. We can get a sluttier one later,” he assured me.

For role plays I like create a mood of sexual tension, where Jules and I outright flirt or ask each other loaded questions, then give each other the come-on here and there. I like the idea of stepping into another identity—another aspect of my personality, and Jules’s too.

Here is a version of one of our nurse role plays. Hope it gives you good inspiration and wet dreams.

Nurse: N Patient: P

Jules is laying on the ‘hospital’ bed completely naked with the white duvet covering him from the waist down.
Jill walks in the room. She is wearing a tidy, white minidress uniform with a red zipper down the middle, white lace stockings and candy apple high heels. He can see the imprint of her nipples rubbing on the dress. She doesn't have a bra on. Jules imagines how easy it would be to zip that dress down and suck on those nipples.

N: “Good morning sir," she smiles cheerily, pushing her tits out, catching his eyes on her chest. "I'm nurse Jill. The doctor tells me you’re having trouble with your balls.”
P: “Yes, I’ve been having a lot of discomfort”
Nurse Jill pulls the duvet down to see a very healthy looking dick and round juicy balls. She wants to dive right in and begin licking and sucking on each one to comfort him. But she remembers she is a professional and must maintain her composure. She needs to make her patient comfortable with her first.

N: “Can you explain your discomfort?”
P: “They feel very full and engorged”
Nurse Jill puts her hand over Jules’s balls very carefully.
N: “When last have you ejaculated?”
P: “About months ago”
N: “And, er, if you don’t mind my asking, did a partner help?”
P: “I did it myself.”
N: “, how unfortunate.” Nurse Jill puts her hands her cheeks and shakes her head in empathy. She’s eager help Jules who she’s had her eye since he first came the practice about his engorged balls issue. She's excited know he hasn't cum with another person, so she can get the pleasure of doing it for him.
“I know these things are sometimes necessary when you don’t have the help of a partner.”
P: “Yes that has been…challenging,” Jules nods.
N: “Not worry, I have a method of direct contact nurse-patient therapy for these kinds of cases.”
P: “I am listening nurse Jill.”
N: “I call it cum-draining therapy. It involves a lot of physical touch. But I might end using more than just my hands. Do you think you’ll be comfortable with that?”
P: “I’m in your hands nurse. And any other part of you, you wish.”
N: “It’s about your relief, sir.”
P: “I am ready”
N: “I am going touch you quite a lot now, is that okay?”
P: “Please go ahead. I trust your touch.”
Nurse Jill runs her hands along Jules’s balls. She remarks,
“I will have to clear all my appointments so I can drain your balls fully and properly. It’s going to take awhile. I hope that’s okay with you.”
P: “Take all the sweet time you need, I am glad to be in your care, Nurse Jill.”
Jules lays back, perfectly comfortable with Nurse Jill’s touch.
N: “Nurse Jill is going to take good care of these engorged balls and may I say, large dic But first I’m going have inspect them all very closely.”
P: “Yes nurse, I understand”

She runs her hands along his balls caressing and softly cupping them. She can see her patient is getting more relaxed but also slightly turned on. His dick is growing longer and stronger. She begins stroking in an up and down motion with one hand, using all her fingers. Travelling up and down, up and down.
P: “That feels very soothing Nurse Jill”
N: “Good. But do you mind if I begin using my mouth as part of the cum draining therapy?”
P: “Not at all. I look forward it”
Nurse Jill begins softly kissing and licking Jules’s dic She gently cups his balls in her hands.
P: “ Nurse, that feels…very helpful.”
She continues lick and suck him. Feeling turned on by her patient’s dick, she tugs at the zipper on her dress.
N: “I hope you don’t mind if I expose a bit of skin. It’s getting a little warm in here.
P: “Not at . It’s a pleasure watch you…wor”
Jules observes Jill’s cleavage display, bouncing a little as she moves. This makes his dick grow even longer in Nurse Jill’s mouth.
N: “Sir, your dick is growing so well,” she out. “This is a good sign.”
P: “It’s feels really good too, thanks to you.”
Jill continues her work, massaging Jules’s dick with her tongue and mouth, but stops to comment,
N: “May I say sir that you seem in absolutely perfect heath, your dick and balls too. Nothing’s wrong with you sir. Your dick just needs some regular attention.”
P: “I am all yours Nurse Jill.”
Nurse Jill goes quiet now, taking her time pleasuring her patient. She keeps her tongue action going. But after a few delicious minutes Jules stops her, “If you don’t mind, I’d like to do something else”
N: “Am I hurting you sir?”
Jules’s dick is rock hard, due to Nurse Jill’s expertise. But he doesn’t want to cum just yet. He really wants to reward Nurse Jill for her excellent efforts.
P: “Not at all, this therapy is amazing, but there’s something I’d like to do to make it even better for both of us. May I try something?”
N: “I’m open to anything that will improve my practice and bring you relief.”
Jules asks Jill to lay on the bed with him. He hikes her dress, revealing a beautiful pair of thighs clad in white suspender stockings. She is not wearing underwear. He parts her legs, and positions himself in front of her pussy.
P: “Nurse Jill, your pussy looks very swollen too, just like my balls.”
N: “Yes. I suppose I could use some cum therapy myself” she smiles.
P: “Let me help you with that then.”
N: “But we need to solve your problem”
P: “, we will. This will make it even more satisfying a session for us both”
Jill lays back and Jules begins gently licking the swollen lips of Nurse Jill’s pussy. He kisses and moves his tongue over her. It feels like a dream. She can’t help burst out,
N: “ sir, you are so good!”
Jules keeps moving in a light swaying motion from side side. He goes for awhile then continues licking into her inner lips. Gentle at first, but getting more concentrated as he sees her getting more turned on. She lifts her pussy a little feel the warmth of his tongue. It's been such a long time since she’s been licked so carefully, she is excited to feel the release,
P: “I want to feel you cum on my tongue for being such a good nurse.”
She raises her pussy closer to his mouth. He licks her more passionately,
N: “Sir I am getting close.”
He keeps the licking in a constant rhythm, knowing that will send her over the edge.
N: “Ohh” she effuses.
Jules has her in the cum zone. He licks and licks, not stopping the motion, as her body begins to shudder. She has a good strong cum on Jules’s tongue.
N: “Oh sir, please,” she tries to catch her breath. “It’s time to put your dick inside me”
When Jules comes for air, after about half an hour of licking Nurse Jill, he is rock hard. Nurse Jill holds his dick help him enter. It happens in one motion.
Jules starts off slowly grinding into her. He is the hardest he’s ever been now, but doesn’t want to hurt her pussy since it feels so tight from not having a dick inside in her for some time.
N: “Please don’t hold bac Please fuck properly,” she begs.
This excites Jules. He begins a light pounding. She enjoys it so much she stretches her legs wider and wider take in more of him. Her pussy passage has grown even longer from the pussylicking cum and now she wants a deeper cum from his dic She’s so open now, she puts her legs over his shoulders,
N: “When you cum sir, cum deep inside . That will relieve your engorged balls.”
P: “Are you ready for my cum Nurse Jill?”
N: “Cum inside sir!”
With that Nurse Jill feels Jules’s first cum spit, then an explosion.
The warmth of the cum explosion excites Nurse Jill, who cums on Jules hard dick in tandem.
Jules finishes his cum taking seven final strokes inside Nurse Jill until he is fully drained.
Nurse Jill and Jules lay together in recovery for a few minutes, holding each other for comfort.
After a few minutes, Nurse Jill sits and begins zipping herself . The first cum draining therapy was a success.

N: I recommend we make a second appointment in a couple of days.
Jules takes Nurse Jill’s hand and puts in on his dic It is semi-hard again.
He makes a suggestion, “How about right now?”
Creampie panty before dinner - backseat diary - episode 3
Posted:Mar 13, 2021 4:18 pm
Last Updated:Mar 14, 2021 9:19 am

Eager to complete what we started in the car (see episode 1 Backseat Pussylicking and episode 2 Pee time at The Dunes), Jules and I parked at a lay- close the sea. We missed having our usual intimate Homeaway holidays, which aren’t allowed now, of course. So the car would have do.

Slightly windswept from our pee time walk through the Dunes earlier, but still ultra horny, I reached over Jules for a kiss. I could smell sea salt and faint cologne his skin. It energized more. Again, we climbed into the back seat. I lay down under him as we continued kissing softly. After we’d teased each other so much that morning, I couldn’t wait to put his dick inside .

“Take off your jeans,” he suggested.

For the third time that morning, I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled it off, leaving my black panty inside it.

Jules was cautious not to let the car rock, preferring a slow grind into my pussy, instead of the vigorous pounding we both craved. I was very hot for him and opened my legs wider and wider with every turn of Jules’s hips,
“I want to put my legs over your shoulders,” I teased, knowing he’d want to but we might get too excited, cause the car to bounce and attract too much attention.

As a tease, he continued circling inside me and stopping. When I began to get close, he grinded deep as he could to bring me on again. He continued in this rhythm, bringing on a tremendous sloshy noise between us.
Jules was causing cream to literally pour out of me. I was enjoying his hard dick and getting so close, he could feel it,
“Do you want to cum?” he asked.

“Yes please,” I said.

“Cum. I’ll cum with you,” he encouraged.

I always find this a huge turn on, knowing he's hovering in waiting for my cum. I clenched my pussy tightly around his dick then released. I did this a few times and was soon ready to spray my cream on him,

“Now…now,” I let him know.

Jules said, “Feel the first squirt.”

I felt the first shot of Jules’s cum in my pussy. Then a full blast of cum along with his groan of relief. It was a healthy load.

When we were done, Jules had a naughty idea. He asked me to lay there while he slipped my panty and jeans back on.

“It’s going to be messy down there,” I warned.

“That’s fine, but we have to go shopping for dinner,” he smirked, knowing full well what would happen if I didn't clean .

Jules and I drove the Sainsbury’s and as we began walking, I could feel his cum slowly dribbling down my thigh and onto my panty. “I should ask to use the bathroom,” I suggested

“Please don’t,” he asked. “I want to see your panty full of my cum when we get home.”
I walked through the grocery as carefully as I could, feeling Jules’s juices trickle out of me. It was a tickly feeling and kept me giggling with delight.

When we got home, I desperately needed a pee. I reached the toilet, slipped off my panty and watched the lovely creampie spill we'd made. I released my pee and enjoyed watching the rest of our combined juices flow out of me.
Pee time at the Dunes - Episode 2
Posted:Mar 8, 2021 12:24 pm
Last Updated:Apr 17, 2021 1:59 pm

After a good pussy licking session in the back seat, which resulted in a terrific cum from me (see episode 1), like a true gentleman, Jules decided delay his own need cum. We had a sunny morning ahead, and he wanted take a drive. But as I climbed back into the front passenger’s seat, I realized I needed a good wee-wee. We contemplated where we should stop. Then Jules had a thought, “Can you hold it for about half an hour?”
“Er, I guess so.”

I didn’t understand why he wanted me to wait; we knew of a few public bathrooms close by.

But trusting Jules, I put my bladder needs on hold, as he did his cum needs. As we drove through a few familiar towns, I realized we were heading to the coast. Jules knew I liked seeing the sea, but there was a secondary motive. He was in search of a naturalist beach.

The naturalist beach was somewhat of an urban legend. It was supposedly at the far end of the main beach. But none of the town locals heard of it. We tried to gather clues of its possible existence in time for a hot summer day, when we could enjoy a place like that, wearing thongs and little else.

Jules drove us to the far end of the main beach. We parked and walked through an empty playing field, then through a brambly path which led to three and four-foot sand dunes.

"The rising sand reminds me of your dick," I flirted with Jules.
We strode up the soft, but firm dune rises, and then back down, trying not to slip into the bramble that laced through the dunes. We looked over a large thicket of bramble for more level sand that might have shown itself to be a perfect spot for the legendary naked beach. But we couldn’t see much past the bramble. It was the wrong time of the year for nude sunbathing anyway. We’d spy again when it got warmer.

Speaking of warmer, I reminded Jules about my wee-wee needs. The sand dunes would be the perfect cover. Jules walked the path ahead of me to push the bramble away from scratching us. We went far enough until we felt we were unseen.

There, Jules stood as the lookout while I pulled down my pants and squatted on the sand, holding his jeans for support with one hand. I closed my eyes and, opened my pussy lips to expose my urethra with the other hand, trying not to feel self-conscious that Jules was waiting. I finally relaxed and felt the wee stream begin. I watched the pee flow out of me, spraying my pussy and the sand below me. My first pee burst began to subside, and I rested a little, breathing quietly. “Is there more?” Jules asked.
As I began my second wee round, Jules knelt down facing me, “I want to taste it.”
“Go ahead,” I said.
He put his open hand to feel my hot pee stream wash over his palm.
Knowing his hand was there encouraged me to continue. When I finished that pee burst, he took his hand, wet with my warm pee into his mouth and sucked his own fingers.
“Do you have any more in there?” he wondered aloud.
“Yes, a third one.” I weed on his hand again, fully emptying my bladder this time. It was a completely comforting feeling, weeing on his welcoming hand. He cupped the last pool of my wee-wee carefully and sucked it from his palm. Some spilled to his fingers and he asked if I wanted to suck them too. I did.
My pee tasted light and appley.

Jules decided to pee too. So it was my turn to be the lookout. He helped me to my feet and pulled up my jeans. He stood and faced his back to me, while I kept track of what was going on around us. But being voyeurs of each other, I wanted to see him in the act.
The pee was taking awhile and I wondered if Jules might have trouble letting loose in the cold air, or maybe suddenly self-conscious around me. I hugged him from behind and waited, peeking over his shoulder to get a dick view. Finally it began. I kept quiet, watching his hearty pee stream, then when he was close to finishing, I offered, “May I clean you?”
“Yes,” he said eagerly.

I bent carefully so as not to fall into the bramble and with the tip of my tongue licked the pale ale flavour from his dick, inserting my tongue between the foreskin and head, softly sucking up the remnants.
My tasty work done, Jules zipped up and we walked down the dunes back to the main beach. We spotted a few other couples walking their dogs. I found two perfect cockleshells laid together that I wanted to pocket as a memento of Jules and me. I picked them up telling him I was ready to take them home. The environmentalist in Jules surfaced. He jokingly warned, “Put them back where they belong, or I’ll make you kneel here while I pee into your open mouth.”
“Hmm, that sounds more of an encouragement,” I jibed back.
I did not take the shells. Instead, we trekked back to the car laughing a little, but I could see Jules had a semi-hard dick, growing like a sand dune mound, that I would soon have to climb.

To be continued…
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Back seat stories-episode 1: Jules wants Jill's hairy pussy
Posted:Mar 7, 2021 5:19 am
Last Updated:Mar 15, 2021 12:22 pm

The other morning Jules and I had the mundane task of getting a new tyre from the tyre shop. I came along for the drive. But, what a hot ride it became.
The tyre shop finished their work within an hour. But it was such a clear, blue day (although a coldish 4 degrees), we just weren’t ready go home.

“This would be a great beach day. If it was warm,” I commented.

“This summer we’ll find a naturalist beach,” Jules promised.

“Yes," I nodded. "I miss seeing the sea.”

The car was going the market in a couple of days, as we wanted a newer model. But it had served us well over the years and was still going strong. I felt like we should make a few more memories in it.

“Since we’re replacing the car soon, why don't we get frisky in the backseat?" I suggested.

Jules thought it was a great idea.

So, Jules found a quiet lay-…where we could get laid.

We climbed into the backseat, well concealed the dark privacy glass. Jules made me lay back. He really wanted to lick my pussy. I undid my jeans and he helped pulled my black panty down with it. But I was concerned. Because of Covid restrictions, I haven't been able to the spa for a Brazilian wax (Jules prefers my pussy bald). Although Jules is always happy shave , I'd been avoiding it so my hair would be long enough in a month when the spas were open again.

However, my growing bush didn’t stop our desire. Jules kneeled into the backseat footwell while I lay against the car door, propping my head watch his sexy face take over my pussy. It felt like an act of worship. I opened myself with both hands so he could reach anywhere he pleased, also wanting give him access the soft skin the inner lips, where the hair doesn’t grow. He began licking my main pussy lips softly. They felt full and warm. His tongue was heavenly. As Jules felt getting hotter and opening more, I begged, “Spit in .”

In response, he ejected a warm spray into my pussy. The impact of the spit-shot made tingle.

Seeing how turned on I was, he rubbed his tongue on the area where he had just spit, then probed a finger inside, moving in and out, and continuing to lick. After a few minutes of watching and feeling him and closing my eyes to enjoy the sensations he was giving , I began get close orgasm, “Would you like get inside ?” I offered.
He looked up from his expert work, “Not yet. I want you cum my face first.”

It excited me so much hear him say that.

Within a few seconds, I felt my pussy temperature rise more (if such a thing is possible). Wanting get even closer his expert tongue, I thrust my hips slightly upward. He continued easing his finger in and pressing and sliding his tongue deeper into my pussy lips. My pussy grasping his finger with ravenous desire, I began to cum on Jules’s face and fingers. He kept licking and probing, feeling the intensity of my heat. After many seconds, when the orgasm began to taper slightly, but my pussy was still well heated and ready for another round, I breathily asked, "Will you get inside ?"

“Not yet,” Jules replied, with terrific control. For I could see the hard-on in his jeans.

Instead he pulled and held close him as I recovered from my cum. He knew I wanted more, but he waited for my heart slow down.

“Get your jeans and let's get back into the front seats,” he said. “I have a treat for you.”

To be continued…

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