Younger Girl for Daddies  

heyheylinds 22F
51 posts
7/8/2021 12:46 am
Younger Girl for Daddies

Need one or two

john889569 51M  
4 posts
7/8/2021 1:17 am

You can call me DADDY

nsnguystill 70M
428 posts
7/8/2021 3:05 am

to pay your way or to discipline you?

there is a world of difference between insane and stupid

Rtdsm75 47M
15 posts
7/8/2021 4:57 am


JL616nsa 24M
17 posts
7/8/2021 6:08 am


heartshapedcock2 39M
1870 posts
7/8/2021 7:18 am

Id love to drive to Chicago and fuck you.

forgotforgetting 56M
8134 posts
7/8/2021 8:23 am

Really? Just one or two?

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

KennethStLouis 33M  
9 posts
7/8/2021 9:30 pm

I can be that daddy. what up beautiful? hmu

sweetime523 64M

7/10/2021 7:42 am

I'm your man baby!

Seksmachine48173 38M
2 posts
7/10/2021 10:43 am

Hey baby girl, call me 😘

huaperrimo1 42M
9 posts
8/2/2021 7:54 pm

hey baby I want be ur daddy ?*

gentile_sadico 57M
1392 posts
8/7/2021 1:45 pm

Where does the line start?

Rich13782 43M
1 post
8/25/2021 11:46 pm

id love to fulfill all your needs get back at me anytime if you like

fortran9095 37M
33 posts
8/27/2021 11:08 pm

I'd love to be your daddy

Grizly144 62M  
216 posts
9/9/2021 9:11 am

Daddy says hello from sunny South Florida

Bikefun4u 41M  
2 posts
9/14/2021 10:56 am

What do ya need bby?

author51 59F  
130010 posts
10/8/2021 10:15 am

Go away...Get a fucking job and stop asking for handouts and Sugar Daddies..Your parents did a poor job at raising you..Get off the blogs...

author51 59F  
130010 posts
10/8/2021 10:20 am

I sincerely hope you do not have a daughter her age, which you easily could, seeing you are close to my own age..Disgusting...

CappyC 69M  
72 posts
2/6/2022 12:45 pm

you would find an extremely loyal, honest, caring and filthy naughty dad here in Florida if you wanted to have a distant daddy you could visit or could come see you. I don' t care if it could only be occasional it' s about the quality of who it is with!

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