Innate desire to be herself  

faroutmanzone 61M  
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10/20/2021 3:23 am
Innate desire to be herself

I'm not the one who is exposed, vulnerable, and scared. I've kept my desire to enjoy my submissive self fairly private and comfortable so, I am somewhat isolated from that cost of wanting to satisfy and enjoy myself feeling feminine. I do like fantasizing about being on the other side and, leaving my manhood aside, I allow myself the luxury of satisfying men when masturbating. Knowing that dildos aren't men, I only fool myself for a moment but, it's a wonderful moment. The cocks I feel aren't real but, they serve and answer a calling. The orgasm I taste isn't his satisfaction. It's my own but, I can enjoy it. I love feeling girly then cumming and being a little slutty with sperm on my face. I love feeling like a dirty girl and understand wanting to bottom and receive his pleasure. Publicly, I'm completely different. Privately, I'm allowed to wander and explore more... much more. Secretly I'm not exposed, vulnerable or scared. I'm free to be a sexy, free thinking, person. I adore what transgenders bring to the world. Crossdressers and others who feel sexy against the grain of society stay together and true to yourself. When I can, I'll catch up. 💋❤

Thanks for stopping by... it's always good to hear from you. Enjoy!

faroutmanzone 61M  
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10/20/2021 3:26 am

Yeah, what he said! Have you ever massaged someone's prostate and made them cum?

Thanks for stopping by... it's always good to hear from you. Enjoy!

author51 59F  
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10/20/2021 7:27 am

We are all free to be our sexual selves and remain true to who we are as individuals also.. Yes I have massaged many a lovers prostate and made him cum and will again and again and xoxo

faroutmanzone replies on 10/20/2021 11:23 am:
Thanks for stopping by and sharing a comment. Bless you for the commitment to your lovers prostate. Kisses!

InnateDesire 61M
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10/21/2021 5:12 pm

I've dressed before. I looked ridiculous but felt sexy with soft girl clothes on. I'm head over heels for my dildos too. I'm closeted but really enjoy my girl time.

CrazyDriven14U 62M
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12/10/2021 1:50 am

Penetration and dressing up make my own date nights a treat. Loving myself starts with the hair and nails. Dressing adds another level of personal intimacy. I don't look especially good or like the lady I feel like but, I'm ready for a sensual adventure. Lighting, aromatherapy, music and a collection of suitors in a box will pull together a wonderful evening and sometimes a weekend of self indulgent erotica. Ladies do it right getting emotionally involved with the physical activity. There are nuances that, once addressed, allow amazing returns. When one gets their mind into the game, their body flows so naturally into receivership. Clean, smooth, and manicured hands are less clumsy. Hair that smells good looks better. Ambiance and a glass of fine wine set a mood. Relax and enjoy. You are about ready to enter the erogenous zone.

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