this site is going down hill  

dgslover 62M
3 posts
1/1/2018 5:15 am
this site is going down hill

I'm wondering why this site has when down the path it has gone.When I first started on this site 21 years ago,you were able to do anything,now the only thing you can do is look,other than send three instant messages,and the ladies on here are soo shallow,it's not even worth becoming a member.Just wanted your thoughts on this,or if you have any other ways of enjoying sexy chat with someone.

sumthinfun4utoo 48M
42 posts
1/10/2018 6:56 am

I agree. I joined the site back in 2002/2003 under a different profile name. It was MUCH MUCH easier then to meet women and couples for fun. Ever since Penthouse or Playboy or whoever (and/or their affiliates) got involved, the site has become mostly a waste of time. Not to mention how increasingly expensive it has become. Not much of a value proposition being offered here: Why pay for a Gold membership anymore when even this does not guarantee that a Standard member can view your message, view your profile, and respond to your message. Let's face it, there are vastly more male Gold members than female so these changes are just additional "hidden" ways the site has become more expensive. If you don't pay the additional fees to "ensure Standard members can view and respond to your message" then what's the value/purpose of a Gold membership anymore? Site sucks now... most of the women here are now fetishists: looking solely for BBC, Dom's, BDSM scene, not much here for hot straightforward, FWB, porn style sex encounters anymore like the good old days. I wish I knew of a better hookup site than this garbage site.

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