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Thanksgiving Attitude of Gratitude..
Posted:Nov 23, 2021 12:27 am
Last Updated:Nov 25, 2021 9:11 pm
I reformatted make the weird marks I was seeing go away.

Wrote this years ago.
Still applies: With love.
Instead of a What I’m Thankful for List .. which me is obligatory and trite. I instead my list is of Gratitude and Gratefulness..

For friends near and far, lost things not lives, suffered, cried, watched as their realities shifted by chance or choice... most recently by chance, You are here, you ARE HERE. Homes can be rebuilt, things replaced, memories die if we stop telling tales... all can be recreated, rebuilt, renewed... is one YOU. YOU cannot be replaced, rebuilt.. you can be renewed phoenix from the ashes, flaming thunderbird... YOU are here. And crying with you instead of over you, laughing with you, creating new memories... For people, situations, and lessons... not things.

For friends new and old I’ve connected, reconnected with remind me “Calm the Crazy” keep me rooted, grounded when my head is floating about the clouds aimless like a balloon. friends whose lives diverged from mine, whose paths led them places bright or dark, continue learning... just as mine ebbs through peaks and valleys. And those reminded me that, as my will say “the road hell is paved with good intentions” beyond myself, take others feelings into consideration, when I forget to do so, and what I intended as a positive turns negative... to pause, stop and think before executing an action.

For relationships that taught me to really delve deep, reopen sacred scarred skin, remove the thorn that was healed beneath which had me believing that I wasn’t enough: Good enough, smart enough, generous enough, gracious enough, kind enough, loving enough, pretty enough, thin enough, sexy enough, selfless enough.... That I was to be used for a place to live, a means of financial support, be ridiculed, belittled, yelled at, called... Thank you for reminding me of what I am worth.. and what I will never ever put up with again. Your lesson is the one I value most..

the one I allow treat me like a toy, a doll, an object hidden away, prized as yours and yours unload deep within me, into a vault that no matter how many times you fill, remains empty, barren, a wasteland where nothing grows, no seeds plant.. took advantage of my kindness, my generosity, my love. mistook me for a stereotypical hippie.. Peace and love I’m a Deadhead.. Peace, love, and YOU. On the Venn diagram of life is an overlap..I’m just outside the lines The gratitude I for you is immeasurable...

So you all my undying gratitude, my love and well-wishes. If you think you are in this, if you wonder if I’m speaking you, about you..
Collectively, yes

Master and Servant… It’s a lot like life..
Posted:Nov 19, 2021 2:11 am
Last Updated:Nov 19, 2021 8:13 pm
“It's a lot like life and that's what's appealing
If you despise that throwaway feeling
From disposable fun
Then this is the one
Domination's the name of the game
In bed or in life, they're both just the same
Except in one you're fulfilled at the end of the day”- M.L. Gore

The dark angel returned
Walking in breathless her black raven hair teased wild by the wind
She looked at me with her cold dark guys licked her blood red lips and said
“I’m baaaaccckkkk”
She pulled some crumpled papers from her paint on black vinyl pants…
“ this should work for you and him“
Silver skull gleaming from her keychain as she hopped on her Harley and rode away..

A fantasy that is doable, but video would be for our pleasure only.
We get a room..
You get stuff set up( bed bindings, etc. but don't tell me)
you lay out an outfit you want me to wear, lingerie, school girl outfit, thigh high boots, whatever and a blindfold.
Leave me a note that says to put on the outfit and the blindfold and sit on the edge of the bed and wait.. do not move until I get there. No matter how long, do not move, I’m watching you.
I hear the click of the door handle open. I’ve been sitting there minutes hours I lost track of time in anticipation waiting taking shallow breaths so I almost looked statuesque..
I know it’s you.. I can hear the way you walk and I know you’re smelling like I know my own…
I feel your breath on my neck my skin goosebumps the hair on my arms stand up I’m trying to control my body shaking I’m not moving
Can you step away and I hear bag open items but I don’t know what they are and then I feel your breath on the back of my neck on the side of my neck close to my ear and you whisper
stand up
And grab each my wrists I’m bound but my wrists aren’t tied together so I can still use them later.
you guide me slowly towards a chair in the room one of the big stuffed ones and tell me to put my knees on the seat and you place my hands on the chair so my backside facing you…
The sound of velcro as you
Wrap my wrists
position my legs and bind my ankles

You tease my pussy..with your fingers.. but order me not to move or make a sound and I better not cum..
You bring me to the point of almost cuming and do this repeatedly.. I shudder..
the next thing I feel is strands of soft leather tickle my lower back
Then thwack
The deliscious sting
As you whip my ass
And tease my soaking wet pussy with gentle whips
And a loud smack as your hand spanks me over and over
I bite my lip to keep from moaning
I feel your hot breath on my pussy
You are so close
But won’t touch me
Your breath on my pussy
Then teeth
You nibble all around my thighs, my pussy
Give a spank every now and again…

The rest you fill in I am your slave..
( Tricky dark angel)
This is doable..
let's play Master and Servant✨
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Oops, I did it again…. Or Round 3
Posted:Nov 15, 2021 11:37 pm
Last Updated:Nov 17, 2021 2:12 am
For those of you have been reading my blog for a while I posted one recently about how love is one of those things we put ourselves through hoping for a positive outcome even after something really painful has happened…

Well, Either there’s still some lessons to be learned or I don’t know what else I’m glad to have my friend back…

Reestablish trust is going to be a challenge… But I think that’s for both of us. Stay tuned things are gonna get a little interesting…

Both of my Muses are on high alert…
Should make for some juicy erotic

Edit: This has bad idea written all over it.

Think…. ( No not Aretha’s version)
Posted:Nov 14, 2021 12:08 am
Last Updated:Nov 15, 2021 11:37 pm
While my muses are off playing…
Some musical lyrics, and if you are so inclined youtube Garcia, Kimock, and Vega 7/16/88 or
Jerry Garcia Band 9/1/90 ( the 90 version is amazing)

Lyrics: Jimmy McCracklin, Don Robey
Music: Jimmy McCracklin, Don Robey

I could give up
My friends I know
And in return
You could give up yours
Before we think
What would we do later on?
What kind of life would we have
Just in case we both were wrong?

I give up my woman
You give your man
But it don't make sense
To take the chance
Before we think
What would we do later on?
What kind of life would we have
Just in case we both were wrong?

Well love is a gamble
We know that's true
Why gamble on me?
Why should I on you?
Before we think
What would we do later on?
What kind of life would we have
Just in case we both were wrong?***

***Verse was skipped in the 1990 version.
Lovely Day
Posted:Nov 8, 2021 1:35 am
Last Updated:Nov 9, 2021 10:04 pm
There is nothing
Like spending
An entire
Day naked
Start the week✨✨

Love or Dante’s “Inferno”
Posted:Nov 6, 2021 1:31 am
Last Updated:Nov 10, 2021 10:59 pm
It’s a tricky thing.
Think about it…
We( universal “we”)
Put ourselves in a situation
Hoping for the best.. that this time it’ll work
That we show up better
That they don’t hurt us…
And we do it over and over again..
It’s gotta be the one of the levels of hell…
And one of the most masochistic things
Humans do.
And do over and over again.
I want to believe in Love
I want to believe “ amor vincit omnia” ( mixing my tales)
But these days
Is the thread
I cling to…
Life is short
Love one another.

It’s Back….
Posted:Oct 31, 2021 7:50 pm
Last Updated:Nov 22, 2021 1:31 pm
I thought I purged you
But no
Out of nowhere
Flooded in
Of body kisses felt
So deep
My heart
Your hand
On my leg, well my ass
Because you needed

Like a teddy bear fall asleep
Every stupid corny joke
Or trading places with me on the bed
Because I was cold by the window
And your body radiated heat keeping me warm
I see your profile and wonder
Is this what haunts you
And that’s why it’s back
I prayed
Done rituals( no harm)
Exorcism( mass consumption of bourbon)
Burnt Palo Santo
Please no more
Come forth
With love.

Better than sex…
Posted:Oct 25, 2021 3:26 am
Last Updated:Oct 26, 2021 2:15 pm

The feeling from the show I went to.. I can honestly say was better than sex.. and that’s a bold statement. But being in a small club watching these amazing musicians with a small crowd, everyone dancing, smiling, sweating, exchanging energy… my goodness I forgot how special that is… it was orgasmic, it was magic.. and when they played my favorite song, which they do without lyrics I felt every fiber in my being come alive..
If you’ve never heard of Zero, look them up.. and Melvin Seals( sat in with them)
My cup is full
Music is love❤️
Wave that Flag— or— Red Flag Warnings
Posted:Oct 18, 2021 5:36 pm
Last Updated:Oct 21, 2021 11:34 am
Never would I ever any person on this site..
and I block if my safety is threatened..
My list of “ OMG how did I miss that…” warning signs…
Feel free add on..

1) I’ve never met anyone on here… — my favorite of all time. A person has
Multiple names, profiles( I had two, but let people know) states they not met anyone on this site..

2) The Pusher— sends a and wants meet after one reply. And keeps pushing
meet… will , shame, or send derogatory messages if request to meet is declined

3) Multiple messages, before you’ve had a chance to reply—

4) “ I haven’t been with anyone in a long time”

Just a first round.. more to come

“One good thing about music, when it hits you Feel no pain“—Bob Marley
Posted:Oct 15, 2021 5:41 am
Last Updated:Oct 22, 2021 2:21 am
Fantastic, fabulous, Friday!!
The muses are resting
Writer’s block has taken its toll.
Thank goodness for music
For lyrics that touch the soul, give goosebumps, and express what’s trapped inside

This song has been stuck in my head and heart for days. A great version on youtube 7/19/1989

Looks Like Rain — lyrics John Barlow

I woke today...
And felt your side of bed
The covers were still warm where you'd been layin'.
You were gone...
My heart was filled with dread.
You might not be sleepin' here again

It's alright, 'cause I love you.
And that's not gonna change.
Run round, make hurt again and again.
But I'll still sing you love songs
Written in the letters of your .
And brave the storm to come,
For it surely looks like rain.

Did you ever waken to the sound
Of street cats makin' love
And guess from their cries
You were listenin' to a fight?
Well, you know...
Hate's just the last thing they're thinkin' of.
They're only trying to make it through the night.

I only want to hold you.
I don't want to tie you down.
Or fence you in the lines
I might have drawn.
It's just that I've gotten used to
Havin' you around.
My landscape would be empty
If you were gone.
Calm before the storm
Posted:Sep 27, 2021 5:24 pm
Last Updated:Nov 26, 2021 6:23 pm

“ But I'll still sing you love songs
Written in the letters of your name.
And brave the storm to come,
For it surely looks like rain.”—John P. Barlow

The perfect time for a nap
A storm slowly coming in
Pressure building
Electricity from your
You Zeus, my Grecian God
My body
rumbles, trembles, explodes
I Astrape , your Grecian Goddess
Every touch lightening electrifies me
My soul bubbling
Every rumble
Shaking us both
The pressure building
The bed
As the waters flow
A tempest
The rainbow
Darkness falls and seasons change—Bob Weir/ John Barlow
Posted:Sep 19, 2021 10:16 am
Last Updated:Oct 31, 2021 7:29 pm
Purged you out.
And I am ready to play
Maybe just for one night
To start
Ease back in
24 hours of
Bliss sounds delicious
My pussy is pulsating at the
Of fingers, tongue, toys, tease
And a big thick, yummy
I get the best of both worlds
Breasts, pussy, and a dick
Oh my a strap on
Being fucked by her or fucking her
And sucking on a dick
I need to grab my vibrator
It’ll have to do for now

I just can’t seem to let go
Posted:Sep 17, 2021 5:21 am
Last Updated:Nov 26, 2021 6:23 pm
I am stuck
Really Stuck.
Every trick I know to let go
Isn’t working
I have
Gotten rid of all presents given
I gave them back
I did what has worked in the past
Took the weekend( a few of them)
Cried, drank, wrote poems
Text(not sent, just written)
Stated my intention that you be
Purged from my heart after the weekend
But when I woke
You were still there
Spell work( with harm to none)
Smudged my home
My body
But you were still there
Prayed and pleaded
That my spirit be set free
But it remained in a chokehold
I can not breathe.
What lesson
Have I not learned
What more can I do
To break free from this
Never ending
I hate this
My soul is tired
My heart is crushed
Yet you still take space
What more can I do
You won
You put me out
Like trash, unwanted waste
Let my soul

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