take me part 594... edited, again.  

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take me part 594... edited, again.

We walked inside and I asked Irina and Ilsa what they needed and they both said peel and chop roots. Ilsa said that she didn't realize so many people would come in from town in this weather, she thought just their friends. I'll bring roots, and herbs, and chickens tomorrow, Irina. Irina shook her head and said no, that we are family and this house is closer to town so it's the place for the feast. The women from town brought what they could spare which was mostly vegetable and bread but there were two roosters, plucked and skinned, but that had seen better days, they were being put in a pot over the main fire, and rabbits, enough to make a large pot of stew and some for frying. There were also several cleaned trout wrapped in a cloth. It was obvious these people were grateful for the aid during the winter, and for the party. Irina pointed at the closet as she was putting wooden cups on the table. "There is a jug of mead on the floor, please get it for me." He did and held it, waiting. She put the cups in his arm and handed him the fish for the other arm. As she walked to the door, "Please take these to your Da and then come back after introductions and help Danael, understand? He nodded.

"I don't want to have to come find you." He said OK and walked outside. Irina walked up and hugged me.

"Ilsa says you rolled him like a ball." I told her more like a log and they both laughed. You don't need to help us, love, we can manage. You're making these women jealous." We all chuckled.

"He needs to learn that there is more to being a good man than what he has learned being alone, or has seen. We'll slice and chop and then we'll go outside so he can be with Hammish and the other men. He won't respect this work unless Hammish and I show him that work is work, regardless of what it is, since we are the only males he has in his life at the moment." He came in, picked up his knife and started to sliced, then chopped as we talked. Sofi walked up and hugged me as I put my hand on her belly and kissed her. "Are you looking forward to tonight and the feast?" She smiled and nodded. "Can you grab the slop bucket, love, put this in it for later.?" She nodded and kissed me, smiling. I would be content here. I looked over at Malinka and she was showing the women how clean the water barrel was now and was telling them about it. She felt me watching her, looked up and smiled before continuing to explain how to do it.

There were festivities and meals at various times during the year for planting, and harvesting, the solstices and equinoxes, births, weddings, deaths, but this was special because this type of naming ceremony rarely happened. It'd been a hard year for everyone, a lot loss and a lot of potential loss we avoided, and everyone was ready for winter to be over. It was why there were so many people here. "We're all as you curious about your name as you are. Are you excited?" He smiled and nodded. "Good take these water buckets to Malinka and grab your coat. We'll get more water before it gets dark and I'll show you the spring. We're all family and help each other so you'll be here a lot." He nodded. Malinka rubbed his hair and poured the water in. I took one and grabbed another as he stared at me. "What?'

"I can carry two." I told him it was a decent walk there was the snow. "I can carry two, Uncle.

"OK." I handed him a bucket and smiled at Ilsa and Irina as I put my cape on and we walked out front. We waved at Hammish. It was a beautiful evening, cold but not frigid like it had been. "Get your bearings and pay attention as we walk. It's harder in the evening. It had stopped snowing so the cap stone was barely covered. I'm sure there are many springs like this in the forest. It's the best water you can find. It comes from deep under the ground and bubbles to the surface. Someone lined this with rocks and did a good job. See how the water is swirling?" He nodded. "The water is coming in from the bottom and goes out here on the top." I filled our buckets with the ladle I brought. "Don't forget this if you get water. You'll be mad at yourself when you walk back to the house." He nodded and smiled. Also be careful about knocking dirt or stones into it, keep your knees as far back as you can and always remember to put the stone back on. We don't animals drinking out of it, or rodents falling into it." He put the stone back and smiled. "Good job, lad." We picked up two buckets each and headed back to the house. "There's no shame in taking a break because water is heavy. It's better to rest several times than to bring back half full buckets." He nodded. "Never drink water out of the streams unless you boil it first. animals die in the streams, and go to the bathroom in them, fish and frogs die, and it can make people sick, boiling makes it pure. Finally, in the winter you can melt snow for water, just make sure it's clean and especially not yellow." He looked at me laughed immediately. He was a smart .

We set the buckets down and he ran up to Ilsa and Irina and hugged them. Uncle Danael showed me the spring and told me water, and snow, and how to boil stream water. "Is that right?" "Yeah, and also not to use yellow snow to make water." They both stared at me. "Is that right?" 'Yeah, can I go help outside?" They both hugged him, said he did a good job, and that of course he could." He hugged me and went running outside.

"That didn't take long."

"He craves this and you showed him how much by rolling him in the snow. Thank you again because it was better he be angry at you then at Hammish, especially this day. I hugged them and went to help Hammish. The slop bucket was full so I grabbed it to take to the barn. It very was different living here than back home, although this was now our home as well. It was nice having both. Annie hugged me and we walked outside.

"Where did you all go?" She smiled, sheepishly.

"We went to Norway to check on things and then Sara went to Gotland and Chloe went to Iceland. Taiiko went back to Japan. She's staying to help get things ready in case we all descend upon them. We all discussed things over lunch before they left. Aya and stayed with me. We checked on things there and talked with Jacob and then we came back. They stayed with me the entire time, sweets. It was fine, but we can take care of ourselves." I nodded. "We'll all discuss thing things and talk about it tomorrow. I miss you mister. We all miss you." She kissed me and grabbed my balls as I nodded and she bit my neck then walked back to the house. I cleaned the pens and then fed the animals. The pigs were the happiest and would be even happier the next day. I walked to the stream to wash up as Wolf walked next to me.

"This is an important time for the boy?" "Yes." ""We can stay and watch from the trees?"

"Of course and you can come out after most of the town people leave. I'm giving him something to give you and your pack even if you may not need it." I told him what I was thinking. He nudged me, yipped, and trotted into the forest as I turned and headed to the fire.

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Another fine chapter you have written Daniel, even more balls in the air though.
All of the townsfolk are coming to celebrate the naming ceremony. I can't help but think there's another shoe about to drop. I'll keep reading & rereading so I don't miss anything, Goodnight to you Sir, JOE

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