Secret or public  

couple4fun8185 40M/41F  
61 posts
11/6/2021 3:41 pm
Secret or public

Are you secret about swinging or public about it?
Tell Friends
Tell Family
Tell Work (coworkers)
Keep secret friends
Keep secret family
Keep secret coworkers

seoulswing2 39M/28F
169 posts
11/7/2021 7:55 pm

the member of our swapping circle know and a few friends and family members, otherwise it's a secret

LordMandrakeJB 66M  
666 posts
11/7/2021 8:40 pm

After almost 20 years here, most of my friends are on! LOL

BigKyFun1088 35M

11/10/2021 5:11 pm

Secret for sure

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