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11/3/2021 4:55 am

Shine is used very much in a descriptive way or even as a noun. We are going to use it both ways in our Romance lesson today. What puts the shine on a Romance or the shine emanating from a person after a Romantic encounter. It is pure and simple ...lots of elbow grease and wet lips. A shine does not come easily, it takes lots of attention and passion to bring that twinkle out in a shine. Whether it is polishing those nipples, wet vacuuming the sensitive areas or whispering erotic is well worth the effort when that shine blossoms and the sparkle is blinding. Now don't forget, you can't put a shine on romance with out some effort [ or elbow grease] so get off the couch and enjoy.

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11/3/2021 10:06 am


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11/4/2021 12:46 am

Shine On! xoxo

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