Full Moon  

boodog50 60M  
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5/28/2021 6:07 am
Full Moon

Ahhhhhhhhh....A full moon has got me into pontificating about my two favorite activities, cooking and romance. Ok... follow me on this, so good cooks are always watching other cooks for hints and added ingredients in the pursuit of making their fare more delectable. Romance should take the same approach, never be satisfied with the way you are preparing a dish. Always be adding spices and varying the method of preparation....you never know what you might be missing by preparing it the same old way. So go out and howl at the moon and add a little "Bam" to your romance

author51 59F  
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5/28/2021 6:53 am

I so agree with you as variety is the spice of life when it comes to just about everything..It has been a Full Moon type of week indeed.. xoxo

boodog50 60M  
309 posts
5/28/2021 9:13 am

There is so many nuances.... more people should be smiling.

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