What is it with people looking at my profile all the time and not wanting to communicate?  

bigbananaguy 50M  
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11/7/2021 5:58 am
What is it with people looking at my profile all the time and not wanting to communicate?

What is it with people looking at my profile the ti and not wanting municate?

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11/7/2021 9:42 am

When you curse over a profile thumbnail pic, it generates a view - a fake view, really, but, according to the site a view nonetheless.

That may account for some, but not all views that your profile receives.

IS that cheesy of the site ? YES ! ! !

MyBaffies 52M
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11/7/2021 12:12 pm

As already mentioned, a "mouse-over" on a mini-profile can generate a profile view. But the site also seems to generate random views.

I get "views" from profiles in Columbia, USA, Africa, etc, from women I have not searched for and have nothing in common with. I suspect it is an attempt to stimulate activity on the site.

Same goes for the random hotlists and flirts which you may also receive.


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Brownie202 65F  
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11/7/2021 12:58 pm

Another reason is it can be is by accident. I would think if you are on the person's home page or it wouldn't happen often by the same people. I have no idea why some repeatedly view mine. People who going by what I had at one time will know I would not have any interest in them. Some still do it.

Humans are the most dangerous animals on earth.

If only animals had the ability to know when to keep away from us humans they would be better off.

PlaytimeBiU 62M  
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11/7/2021 4:15 pm

Sometimes people may just like what they see but figure that there is not a connection or that the distance is too far to have anything serious. I live in Montana where there are more cows than bisexual men or couples. I get views but they are from people too far away.

Then, there is always the 31 year old female with one picture who's profile says she is searching for her sole mate and lover to please. This site seems to have a lot of "fake" profiles.

Have fun and someday someone might click.

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