Male Multiple Orgasm ?  

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12/23/2011 5:16 am

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Male Multiple Orgasm ?

I do NOT get with just any guy, in fact, I've been "bi"
since I discovered sex, and have had male sexual connections with only 3 guys.
All could be considered somewhat long term, occasional.
I guess my criteria for choosing a compatible fuck buddy
is the reason for that.

I have always thought of myself as a bottom when with
another man. I believe there is a large psychological aspect to sex.

I’m not effeminate in any way but, whenever I’m with
a male partner doing sex It's almost complete surrender, much of
my focus is on his sexual pleasure and on being certain that
he or she experiences maximum pleasure(this is the same for me
when I'm with a woman, I enjoy being an un-selfish lover).
I suppose I seem somewhat feminine to him, and I like it. I
don’t mean dressing or acting like a woman, but the feeling
of being physically connected, in that way, I mean how
much more connected can one human being be to another than
by having him inside. I'm not a overly philosophical guy, but it’s almost a spiritual connection.
I discovered the pleasure of receiving anal sex kind of
early on, quite by almost accident. Thats a whole other
story. That lead me on the thought path to believing sex is sex,
with the same sex or the opposite, I mean why would it feel
so good in so many ways, if it is wrong? Just my opinion of

That said, when I do get with a guy, it's because I really
want to be there, all the way, this refers to the psych thing.
I don't expect anyone to understand this next part, I
have experienced what I think is an internal orgasm.
Not the usual male orgasm, way different. I initially thought I was somehow making
this happen in my head, but a bit of research and I find there
is something to this. Hm-mm, makes sense, why not? I'm
not talking just the prostate thing, I'm sure that's part of
it, but there's more. Even if I don’t cum in the traditional
way, I feel more than satisfied. I do have these “internal orgasms” and they are extremely powerful.

They come one after another during sex in waves,
my nipples are highly sensitive, and so hard it almost hurts, lots
of nerve endings firing off. No usual orgasm during this, no
cumming, and it can last for as long as he is making all the
right moves, the best way I can describe it is un-realistically
intense pleasure…like going to heaven for a fraction
of second and back. If this is all in my head, yeah for me!

If my partner is attentive to my penis, at the right
moment, it can add a whole other layer to the internal thing.
when I cum it is mind blowing, earth shattering. I would
not be able to stand up, I’m shaking short of breath, every
nerve is tingling. Words can’t explain it.
(I have experienced similar extreme orgasms with my wife,
but it seems to start in a different place.)

The usual hand job etc. is just like a whimper compared to
big big bang.

I really don't expect many to understand any of this,
pretty sure I'm not too far off from being a normal human
being. Also I'm pretty sure we people probably don't
know / understand as much as we'd like to think we do.

I can say. I am completely fine with who I am and trying to have
a whole lotta fun being me.

Help yourself, just not at somebody else's expense.

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