Labels, Needed ????  

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12/5/2011 6:29 am

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Labels, Needed ????

I can only guess why for others> For me,, as far as sites, such as this one, it seems a label is required, even tho 90% of the people here seem to just not see or want to see what we put in our profiles. I am sexual.... what does that mean? In my case, I am secure/ comfortable in my own skin. I enjoy sex, that's the way it's supposed to be, makes sense to me, I mean we're not writhing in pain during, after, or even when we're thinking about it.( if you are , you might need a doctor, maybe a psychologist.)
I never had any misconceptions about sexual pleasure. I love women, always have. Have a great,long marriage,great sexual connection with my wife. I realized early on, I really enjoyed my cock, cock is good....(grunt). I am sexually interested in cock.
beyond that, I am not, in my every day boring aspects of life, checking out guys, I am checking out women.....Hm-mm, nothing strange here, I love getting my partner off, love the fact that I am giving that pleasure, love the feeling of the sexual connection. For me it's totally natural to be sexually with another guy, as with all the other aspects of my life and how I live it. I really couldn't care less what anyone thinks of me. Well maybe a couple of people, but I know they know me and what I do in bed is not even a brief thought for them.
So what fits??? within the confines of this arena..
I am Bi. also bottom (with a guy) (guys, if you havn't been there, I can't explain.)
More notable, I am genuine, just being me, have had a bit of time to refine that. Totally fine with who I am.

Help yourself, just not at somebody else's expense.

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