I am bisexual, Feels right for me  

bbiguy2 63M
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12/30/2010 5:29 am

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I am bisexual, Feels right for me

> I think sex is at least 75% in our heads, wanting to feel desired in any way is just a human need, I have always been a very un selfish lover, with women and or men, although I think the self satisfaction for me comes from giving my lover a great expierience. I'm not really submissive, submission and surrender are two different things, and there is power in both. I am very cautious and selective when it comes to sex with a guy, the trust thing... some guys will tell you whatever, to get some. I keep this kind of relationship totally honest, of course you cant help feeling some kind of emotion with intimacy, It takes alot of disipline and self control to kind of keep it all in perspective for me. It's tough to find a guy that wants what I want. no drama, just honest sensual sharing with each other, Of course if I did'nt care about him , at least in the way he enjoys me, I could'nt give ,(surrender) . Just me lol. I'm sure it's different for every one. Me, just two people, enjoying sex, pure and simple. Get my lovin at home>>>
> I'm not the guy you would meet and think to your self " he's into sex with guys" not that I care what most people think, I'm totally secure with how I enjoy sex. LOVE being a bottom, Love thinking he is enjoying being inside me as much as I enjoy him being inside me. I guess knowing what it's like as a top, makes me a better bottom. Would be very happy to find a guy that fits my fantasy , (not likely lol) .
> So its a process, meet a guy, talk, try to get a read on him, hope he is being honest,etc. takes time to really know someone. As far as anal, condoms for me, if I get to the point where I'm going to go for it, I have a pretty good idea who I'm with, but I'm not takin any more chances than I have to. Still, at some point you have to trust what he is saying,or not, about who and or how many people he is playing with.I love giving head, but as I said if I dont trust the guy enough, he is not going to be in bed with me any way. That said, I have never sucked cock through a rubber, have never had a STD, but I've only been with 4 guys ever, really miss the long term arraingments.
> As far as how it makes me feel , when I'm getting fucked it just feels right, mentally its as natural as anything,sexually its very satisfying, physically it's an awesome feeling a very profound connection to feel him throbbing inside me, I'm pretty sure all that is due to the fact that I really want him in that way, I mean if a bunch of guys held me down and forced me, not gonna be liking that much, know what I mean?
> Always makes me hard,bottoming for my guy, most always stay hard,many times I have cummed just from being fucked some times at the same moment he came, and some times even without being hard.
I think any man that has not felt a cock inside him is missing somthing that just cant be described, weather they know it, or not. just my opinion.
> for me licking pussy, or sucking cock,or whatever, it's no different if you really want to be there.

Help yourself, just not at somebody else's expense.

funbeingnude 70M  
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1/9/2021 12:11 pm

once a man tries another cock your hooked for life

Handfull12333 68M
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10/4/2013 6:42 am

I guess the hard part is getting over the nervous feelings and just go for it. I think I a almost there. I do know I really want to try my Bi-sexual side I just have to find someone who can help. I was suprized by how many men are really wanting to try being Bi.

bishemalelover2 63M
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12/22/2011 6:29 pm

    Quoting bbiguy2:
    Nice to hear from a like minded guy, I believe whatever trips one's trigger, but at the same time, i'm thinking guys that don't at least try a little man on man don't know what they are missing.
So true I loved it the very first time I gave into it but I still love having sex with a woman! I can make love to a woman where I'm more into just having hot fantastic sex with a man. As long as the man I'm with is enjoying me sexually then I'm happy.

Longfucktonight 41M

12/21/2011 5:34 pm

Yup! I think many of us men are more BI than we realize. Just like in the last decade some many women have been socially accepted as more bi.

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