Still feel youthful and glam
I hope you enjoy my posts enough to comment and enjoy them,maybe not to everyones cup of tea but cannot please everyone,just an open and honest older lady who hates the thought of getting old and past my use by date,at least i still in good health and my libido for fun still there
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Getting use to
Posted:Mar 23, 2022 12:10 am
Last Updated:Apr 26, 2022 7:05 pm

The new dark side so my friends and watchers that is where i am posting my posts from now on

Before i forget
Posted:Dec 30, 2021 10:15 pm
Last Updated:Jan 5, 2022 10:35 pm

I would like to wish everyone who reads my blog and especially to those who leave comments to have a happy new year

I hope there will be an end to this worldwide virus and that we can get back to normal,as these last two years of it have come at a really bad time for some of us,who are sadly not getting any younger,i starting to feel as old as the hills but not ready just yet to up the dirt.

I really to make up for those two years before my libido and my health goes for good,but maybe not as wild as i use to get when i first noticed those hot cute adorable toyboys eyeing me up and making me feel great,it is with great thanks and good memories of especially those times when i first noticed them that has helped me the most during this pandemic

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Back in love
Posted:Oct 12, 2021 8:26 am
Last Updated:Jun 16, 2022 8:41 pm
With fishnets,all thanks to my somewhat part time toyboy lover Mehmet,who is growing affectionately on me from small beginnings as friends,think that is the best way to start a relationship.

Reintroducing me to the wonders of black hold up fishnets,like i use to love wearing them until a time they did make me feel as old as the hills in them,but thankfully he found these lovely ones with the lace tops,i was a bit apprehensive at first but loved teaming them with my new red heels,once i found where to buy them,though i should have bought more than one pair as he ruined them in his sexual lust to get at me,maybe i should not have been so easy but hey ho i did enjoy way he had me after i teased him just a bit too much,knowing my place with him is to tease the hell out of him and just let him take as much advantage of me as he wishes,certainly brought a sexy feeling to me despite the pain and shame i endured during our very heated love making,so glad i had him at mine as after the last time where he ripped my pink skin tight leggings open so thankful i had my lush silver fox fur coat to wear to cover me up as i tottered uneasy back to my car after leaving his place feeling his sticky deposits drip out of me

Would not like to
Posted:Oct 2, 2021 1:45 am
Last Updated:Jun 18, 2022 12:19 am
Teach an old new tricks but would rather enjoy feeling what the handsome young studs have learnt so far,in their sexual lives,i not here to teach them,but rather appreciate what they have to offer me,think their young bodies compliment my old body immensely,i get a lot of pleasure from their often awkward shy approach to me,but i try my utmost to alay their fears and shyness and get them ready and primed for what i hope is a memorable experience.

By way i tend to dress younger,i sure hope they appreciate my efforts,no harm in trying to knock a few years off my age,if i am able to,wanting to see if i can still turn them on and offer something they would enjoy,adore being on my knees and experiencing their hardness,same as i enjoy their young probing fingers and magical tongue as i look down at them between my stocking legs pleasuring me and getting me ready to accept what they have to offer without the use of lubrication out of a tub,but if needs must not adverse to using it for both our pleasures.

Needing a young toyboy to show me i not past enjoying sexual gratification to excite him so much that he prematurely ejaculates i find nothing wrong in that,nor fact they often ejaculate over my clothed body,rather stay dressed these days,anyway they tend to get hard again instantly which is a plus in my book and can often stay hard after ejaculating in my wanton old pussy,looking at them and thanking them,i willingly admit i not to every vision of a mature lady but what i lack in looks i sure make up in my willingness to try and please them,if all else fails i can always get myself an to get pleasure from

I still me,too old to improve
Posted:Sep 12, 2021 3:30 am
Last Updated:Jun 18, 2022 12:19 am
Well body of two halves big top sadly,petite waist down god knows how i manage to walk or stay upright tottering in my silly high heels but old age has robbed of valuable inches i can only replace with 5 or 6 inch heels feel better about myself,glad i can still wear them at my tender age,part of my make what makes and love be different and not act or feel my age often if i can help it,always being confused with younger from behind thank god for some mercy that i look younger from one side than the other and still gives me confidence look the part of a sassy lady,not dress my age where is the fun in that.

Apart from the dirty old men leering at me i totter past in the street and the too often nasty comments from other ladies,who looking at them could do with a makeover some even a wash and bit of make though i guess they more worried about keeping their men in check why do i get the blame,if they cannot control their partners gaze.Certainly not interested in them,or those with a girl already

I very old fashioned in some respects,love dress and please a lover get him wanting more,i guess trying keep him mine for long i can,before the novelty of dating an old lady wears off,i have tended be very weak willed and easily led by some very hot toyboys,god knows what they see in me,and,often question myself as i get older but not often wiser, but still enjoying their company and often adore what they pick out for me to wear or persuade me to buy myself as often some have a better taste than i do,though the length and fitting could do with some improvement but way they grab hold and kiss i know they made the right choice,still love being a girly girl and made glam maybe not so classy anymore but what the hell cannot have everything just thankful of the attention young still give ,though takes my body an age recover,i guess that is life,least have my health and libido more than many others have at my tender age.

Do so love turning boys into men,mmmm,to take what they wish sexually and through experience they certainly learn some very good tricks at such a hot adorable young age that still makes me blush and their willingness to try something new though the weather changing now so will have to think of wrapping myself warmer for those hot autumn days and evenings that i hope are still come my way

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The only time
Posted:Sep 4, 2021 12:45 am
Last Updated:Feb 13, 2022 2:09 am
I go without wearing any undies is when i wearing my skin tight leggings as hate to see the outline of a thong or g string spoiling the view,as i tend to see many ladies do when i out in the malls shopping,you cannot help but notice the top of their undies over their waistbands and some leggings are way too see through and what is it with not wearing same colour as your leggings,that is a fashion mistake,ladies what on earth are you thinking or have you just cobbled an outfit and undies together in your rush to get out,my god,take some time,put the effort in and take pride in your appearance

Oh that is a better feeling
Posted:Aug 23, 2021 5:30 am
Last Updated:Jun 18, 2022 12:20 am
To feel younger and more alive than i have in a while,thank you Pierre for a lovely time,i hope he enjoyed it as much as i did allowiing him to just take me as he wished,i think he did from the way he left with a huge smile on that cute young face of his,i am sore and very tender but very happy with the way things turned out,will live with this smile on my face for weeks and can still feel him inside of me,hours later if that makes any sense,now for me time to rest and relax,and saviour what he did to me over and over,his strength and stamina will i bet be a pleasure for many other ladies,maybe not as nasty or wickedly dirty as he treated me but i have come to expect that with toyboys,even if i do not see him again,he will be etched in my memory for a long time

Very weak willed
Posted:Aug 19, 2021 7:37 am
Last Updated:Jun 18, 2022 12:20 am
These days and very vulnerably fragile to a certain often taboo kind of ,mainly tall young and foreign this past decade or so,have always been attracted to young bad boys for many years and many reasons,those from the wrong side of town,making me become less classy over the years to their rather dominant side,falling in love and lust,allowing my libido to rule my head and heart,to the detriment of my well being and health.

I cannot put a reason for this,as i guess maybe i want to be punished for misdemeanors of my past,catching to haunt me so to speak in my tender old age,but i guess at time or other in our very demanding lives we do tend to totter off the path of life way or the other,even though we were once strong in our mental well being

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Out of the blue
Posted:Aug 11, 2021 12:43 am
Last Updated:Feb 13, 2022 12:20 am
I got a call from my ex boyfriend yesterday,it cheered my aching heart no end and he made me smile and felt happy for the first time in a while.

By sound of just his voice made my body tingle and way he said such loving things made me realise he was serious about coming over unlike many other wasted times,he finally had time for me,i quickly sent my lovely cleaner/housekeeper out for the day,gave her some money and my car keys and said i wanted her to treat herself away from me,she decerved it for being so caring to me,i think she could see i had a glint of happiness in me,off she went while i rushed about getting ready as instructed

He had not given me much time to get ready but thankful i had already taken my bath but time was against me,he be here soon,was already in area,found the clothes jewelry and shoes he wanted to see me in,glad i had recently got my hair dyed and went to work on pampering myself,was out of energy by time i was finished rushing about,like to be dressed glam and ready for my stud but it took its toll on me,in my haste i nearly fell down the stairs maybe putting on these heels in my dressing room was not a good idea but i managed it in my haste,i do not think being crumpled on floor at bottom of the stairs was my kind of pain i wanted to be in,nor the classy yet glam damsel in distress look i was going for.

I heard him shout out if i was there in his oh so sexy moroccan accent,which put a sexy smile on my face and aided the sexy strut the 6 inch heels gave me,could feel the tiny hem of my tight clingy minidress riding up with every step i made on the laminated wood floor announcing my arrival,even moreso as i entered the kitchen on the stone flooring,my hungry eyes searching out his tall frame,wondering where he was

Into the conservatory i went,the heat of not only the sun but the heat in my body rising,searching for his handsome frame,carefully stepping out onto the stone patio,tottering best i could in my heels when all of a sudden i felt him grab me from behind and ran his hands over my body,so glad i wore my hair up as with one hand he gently pulled the dangling loose hair from nape of my neck as he kissed me,feeling his other hand slowly going down my side and over my bum and between my legs which automatically spread slightly

Whispering such dirty wicked words into my ear as he began to nibble it,i was beginning to get lost in his touch,i was about to turn on my heels and face him but he stopped me doing so,i pleaded i needed to kiss his lips but he was having none of it,i then put my right hand behind me to grab his jeans,found out they were sweat pants went to grab him and leaned back then tottered back into his hard manly frame but he stopped me,i begged that it felt so long ago that i had touched him,at my tender age it was a lifetime,though in reality was only a few weeks,at most a month but after our play dates it does take me an age to feel myself again,takes a lot out of me,and he certainly makes up for it by putting a lot into me

He drags me from behind over the the outdoor bar he had just built before he cheated and left me,he had two drinks waiting for us,now i do not drink a lot these days,a few glasses of bubbly does me but he gone to so much trouble i thought why not,he handed me my glass from behind pressing me,sandwiching me between him and bar and i instinctively felt the need to lean back into him,i took a healthy gulp of the drink,little realising how strong it was,in mean time he stuck a leg between mine and i was enjoying the feeling,i felt light headed through the drink and his actions combined,he poured me another and as he was doing so let go of me and told me to go sit down,i tottered over to the nearest chair and more like fell into it i turned and was getting myself comfortable just as he was about to take his t shoirt off,my he was going to tease hell out of me.

He brought my drink over,i told him i hope it was not as strong as the last one,as i was handed it,my other hand instinctively went to grab his sweat pant covered lollipop,as i did so he stopped me and told me to down the drink,before he took the glass and went to refill it,i was just about to try and get up from the chair when i felt all woozie my legs did not seem to want to work,nearly fell over,but luckily he was there to catch me and placed me back in the chair,whether it was the heat of sun or the strength of the drink i not use to drinking but he gave me a hot lingering full on kiss,i open my mouth to the longing and we swapped tongues,i was wanting him to do such dirty wicked nasty things to me out in my own garden,i was his for the taking

I asked if i could take my heels off he said no and whispered in my ear that he loved the way i am dressed,told him as i slurred my words that i cannot totter about in them or stand he told me he loved the fragile vulnerable state i was in,that he did not think i would down that first or second drink down in one and that he thought i was thirsty,i told him the only thing i thirsty for was him,as it had been so long,he grabbed my feet and pulled me by them to him,lifting them up and up against his shoulders,pulled his sweat pants down,got me by edge of chair and just forcibly stuck his hot hard loilipop in my hot wet wanton old pussy and jack hammered away in it,i had to hold onto the arms of chair for dear life,think i had passed out

As when i opened my eyes,he had me laying on my back on wooded patio table,pinned down biting and sucking my nipples through my minidress me pleading and begging with him to put his loiipop back in me which he gladly did and did not let up fucking me hard and deep,by which time i had no energy left in me to respond,he used me like a rag doll,soon i passe out again by time i woke he had gone,i was still on table i tried to ease myself off but was in so much pain,felt my pussy,all sore and very tender,so was my bum,unbuckled my heels and took them off then as i got up,the pain shot through my body,but manged slowly to hold onto table then chairs as i hobbled inside and fell on to the conservatory sofa where i stay till early evening,

Youth serums
Posted:Jul 30, 2021 11:59 pm
Last Updated:Jun 18, 2022 12:21 am
I am one for buying anything that promises to keep me young,moisturiers,creams,serums,face packs almost anything as only so much young fashions can do,i got to feel and try out beauty products that i think work,i must be a beauty manufacturers dream,forever buy their products,i look at my bathroom cabinets and make up table and some may think i go over the top buying all the beauty products i can find.

I do like to test out the free products/test samples in the shop to see it i can feel any different but what i have found is that the free stuff is actually a lot better than the products i end up buying and finding most if not all does not promise what is is suppose to,i do kick myself often for falling into their marketing traps and ploys and most of it is very expensive to buy and does not last long as they tend to be tiny pots or tubes,though maybe i should not use so much at any one time,trying a quick fix to put a stop or slow the ageing process down.

But there is certainly one beauty product i have actually found to be true to its word in making me feel young again,sadly with this virus about it not that safe to come by but it has many positive attributes both mentally and physically for me but it is a very tiring process,it leaves me satisfied but very sore and tender,but that is all forgotten the way it makes me feel and keeps me smiling for weeks.

The answer is toyboys,mmmmm

It is rainy days
Posted:Jul 27, 2021 2:25 am
Last Updated:Jun 18, 2022 12:22 am
Like this that reminds me of past fun in the forest,being taken deep into it, off the beaten path dressed very untypically for the terrain at insistance of a young adorable stud,i tend to dress for fun rather than the places they tend to take me,mostly unbeknown at best of times where they want to take me anyway,i just go with the flow.

A little assistance is always required as my footwear not suitable for the terrain,anything to get him to grab me,mmmmm,though not in the places i want him to,to steady me and stop me falling flat on my face,so i tend to grab at him,does always make me feel terribly fragile that i going to hurt myself,do myself a horrible injury,what us silly ladies do for you very visual creatures in name of love but anyway i do love to look out of place,his sexy piercing dark devilish eyes on me i can feel them lustfully looking as i jiggle along in my heels trying to look sexy for him,his hands telling me i am teasing him just a bit too much.

Grubby hands like an octopus almost everywhere,i can feel with every step i take my hem of tight clingy mini dress riding so high,showing off more than the g string stuck in my ass crack,i bet i sound like a cow jiggling along my bling jewelry swaying in motion like my breasts are,the tiny shoulder straps of my dress hardly able to stay on my shoulders,as i stoop some feeling who ever comes across us will see my jugs bursting to get free of my top.

Until it becomes much too hard for my lusty hormonal stud to be all gentlemanly anymore when he spots a clearing and drags me off by a handful of my hair and sandwiches me between him and a tree and we start kissing and groping each other in a lustful craze,soon forgetting where i am,feeling the dampness bewteen my legs as he shoves a finger or two in me as we kiss,i feeling all woozy and vulnerable as i beg for him to let me lick his fingers of me which i try to do slowly and wickedly sexy as he uses his other hand to go exploring in me,before grabbing me by the hair and making me face the trunk and prises my ever willing legs appart,hearing him unbuckle his jeans and feeling him tease his hard lollipop against the willing entrance of my ever bald wanton pussy.

I begging him not to tease me any longer and just have me way he wantts,ravishing me and making me feel wholesome,minding he does not get the wrong hole in his excitement as that can get extremely painful if not played with beforehand,mmmm

We entwined as couples should,connected by love on my part lust or fantasy on his as i feel the first signs of droplets on my head then a sudden downpour,which i thought would stop him but no way he pounding me for all i am worth and more,i get lost in the moment,begging him for more,feeling him go balls deep in me,mmmmm,as i fall against the tree my legs going limp,but feeling i sinking in more ways than one,my feet heavy as i try to move them,i look down and see more than a downpour,the place we at has flooded he looks down and pulls out,i beg him not too,he has other ideas,he pushes me down onto my hands and knees and continues to demean me in the puddle of muddy water and presses my face into the mud,mmmm

Covid has a lot to answer for
Posted:Jul 24, 2021 2:14 am
Last Updated:Jun 18, 2022 12:23 am
I do love to be very flirty and tease the hell out of some hot young studs while i out strutting about unsuitable dressed for my age,a type of shopping foreplay,trying with great success to get a bit of attention is what i miss most

Oh generally did anything to attract attention from young men,feeling i was being stalked around the shops though sometimes would go in a shoe shop try on a pair of gorgeous heels and totter over to the lad and ask if they suited me turn around and go back and buy them,if he was still around would invite him for a coffee or if he was real dead handsome offer to take him to lunch.

Other times i would just be walking along minding my own business hoping i would bump into accidentally on purpose of course a handsome tall foreign stud,through my experience they have no hang ups approaching someone my age it did not take much effort on my part to seductively bend over and make sure the seam was straight in my stocking or if he did not take hint and walk over to me i would go to him and act as a damsel in distress or ask for directions and would he mind showing me.

This certainly worked in male domain shops like DIY stores,even tottering past building sites,many a time i have waited outside for a young toyboy friend to finish work before i suggestively ask him to take me somewhere close as i needed him to plumb my depths,to rid me of the nasty dirty thoughts i had of him,or car maintenance shops or garages where i took my car to be serviced of sorts,those hot young men in their oily and greasy overalls were a sight for sore eyes,they may not have given my car the same attention as those posh dealerships i tend to use,but myno better eye candy for me to dumb down every now and then

If i was in park reading a fashion magazine on bench and one would come and retrieve his ball i would enter into conversation and ask if his balls were as big or try to grab his ass as he bent to pick his ball up,while i parted my legs and allow him the view of my soaking wet silk g string and pouting and giving him a sexy smile and bold enough if he could give me some assistance if he was not too busy playing with his friends.
Oh maybe go for a walk with him,or find somewhere like my car to hang about in,maybe sometimes take him to one of my apartments if close by and see if i could corrupt him enough to take advantage of a somewhat old fragile and vulnerable lady in need of a major body servicing/MOT check,mmmm

Hot foreign object
Posted:Jul 22, 2021 3:00 am
Last Updated:Feb 13, 2022 1:47 am
Oh i really have not felt better than when a hard young foreign object has been forcibly forced between my ever willing spreadable legs and seeing the amount of joy i give my handsome tall hunk of an ex the pleasure he so has missed and hopefully will never forget once i finally over him emotionally and can move on with my life.

As the saying is true in these difficult times,the devil you know than the one you do not,and,i trying to stay safe as best i can but still have my needs to be fulfilled and made to feel i not past it just yet,not looking forward to that time when my libido and health goes,only so much masturbation can fulfill my needs,but a combination of both is what i want until i rid the thoughts i have for him,he will always have a special place in my heart


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