Back in love  

agelesssexylegs 79F
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10/12/2021 8:26 am

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6/16/2022 8:41 pm

Back in love

With fishnets,all thanks to my somewhat part time toyboy lover Mehmet,who is growing affectionately on me from small beginnings as friends,think that is the best way to start a relationship.

Reintroducing me to the wonders of black hold up fishnets,like i use to love wearing them until a time they did make me feel as old as the hills in them,but thankfully he found these lovely ones with the lace tops,i was a bit apprehensive at first but loved teaming them with my new red heels,once i found where to buy them,though i should have bought more than one pair as he ruined them in his sexual lust to get at me,maybe i should not have been so easy but hey ho i did enjoy way he had me after i teased him just a bit too much,knowing my place with him is to tease the hell out of him and just let him take as much advantage of me as he wishes,certainly brought a sexy feeling to me despite the pain and shame i endured during our very heated love making,so glad i had him at mine as after the last time where he ripped my pink skin tight leggings open so thankful i had my lush silver fox fur coat to wear to cover me up as i tottered uneasy back to my car after leaving his place feeling his sticky deposits drip out of me

4fun02003 51M
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11/1/2021 12:11 pm

Damn Iwant to kiss those thighs and lick that beautiful pussy

agelesssexylegs replies on 11/1/2021 10:04 pm:
Oh mmmm,do love a naughty boy who has a talented tongue

BicuriousCar 62F
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10/23/2021 10:22 pm

Great taste in clothes. You demonstrate that age is only a number!

You look great in fishnets.

Love the shoes but I have not worn heels like that in so long I would probably fall over.

agelesssexylegs replies on 10/23/2021 11:44 pm:
Why thank you,the clothing i love to wear tends to match how i feel inside still,yes they tend to be high as i only little lost a few valuable inches to old age but i mindful not to fall,that is so easily done at my tender age,though tend to totter than walk in them,much better to hold onto a toyboy when out but thankful for the hidden platforms

easyrider4008 65M
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10/14/2021 5:37 am

Who could resist you in that pose.

agelesssexylegs replies on 10/14/2021 11:29 am:
Well i glad i can still gain toyboys attention in whatever pose he wants me in

spunkycumfun 61M/67F  
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10/14/2021 3:11 am

    Quoting spunkycumfun:
    My wife doesn't wear fishnet as she hardly ever wears dresses or skirts.
My wife's wardobe isn't one I'd choose for her but I don't wear her clothes; she turns me on when she wears jeans.

agelesssexylegs replies on 10/14/2021 11:27 am:
One item of clothing i never have worn,my lovers always preferred me in a short tight clingy skirt or dress for some reason

4fun02003 51M
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10/13/2021 12:59 pm

Damn those are sexy. Id love to pull those panties down and eat that pussy and ass . Leave the fish nets and the shoes on and put those legs over my shoulders

agelesssexylegs replies on 10/13/2021 7:04 pm:
Oh yo as bad as my toyboy for wanting to keep them on

spunkycumfun 61M/67F  
41171 posts
10/13/2021 9:28 am

My wife doesn't wear fishnet as she hardly ever wears dresses or skirts.

agelesssexylegs replies on 10/13/2021 7:06 pm:
Oh what does she wear to turn you on?

Sonny992000 75M
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10/13/2021 9:20 am


agelesssexylegs replies on 10/13/2021 7:04 pm:
Thank you

spunkycumfun 61M/67F  
41171 posts
10/13/2021 4:53 am

I love fishnet!

agelesssexylegs replies on 10/13/2021 7:53 am:
Well i back in love with the black ones,does your wife still wear them?,kept the white and red pairs

author51 59F  
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10/12/2021 11:12 pm

Love your shoes and the nets.....xoxo

agelesssexylegs replies on 10/13/2021 7:51 am:
Oh think they suit and compliment what i wore for him,could tell by his rather aggressive side i just adore bringing out in him

Paulxx001 65M  
22616 posts
10/12/2021 12:47 pm

That lace DOES look good, and SO does the rest! 👍 😊 ðŸ”Ĩ ❗❗ðŸĪŠ

agelesssexylegs replies on 10/12/2021 9:01 pm:
Oh i still have worn white fishnets,but had thought at one time black ones just made me look desperate or old but looks good teamed with red

lindoboy100 59M  
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10/12/2021 10:08 am

Stockings should be mandatory, especially with pins like yours McLegs!!

agelesssexylegs replies on 10/12/2021 9:02 pm:
Why thank you kindly,never been a tights wearer

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